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  1. Make sure you get a chance to give them a listen. Depending on the type of gym they were in, they could have been pushed pretty good. Condition looks good.
  2. Definitely need a few more pictures of both speakers and a rough location.
  3. No affiliation. “Set of Klipsch Chorus 2 heritage line speakers, the best of the best, can demo. Sound incredible and look incredible, wood is golden oak and risers are black, covers are excellent as well. Has titanium diaphragms in the tweeters and new passive radiators. Features 15 inch woofers with 96 ounce magnet, and 15 inch passive in the back, can handle a maximum of 1000 watts per speaker, very efficient and can run on small tubes as well. Asking price is $1000...the best serious offer takes them home. Any other questions feel free to call for details and more photos. Must pickup, I won't deliver as these are 100 pounds each, I am 45 minutes from Asheville NC. Call or text.” https://asheville.craigslist.org/ele/d/bryson-city-klipsch-chorus-2-speakers/6853472642.html
  4. No affiliation. Listed at $1000 for the pair. “Used Klipsch RF 7 Cherry. Very heavy. Specs listed Price is for 2 speakers. Awesome speakers. They have been barely used since I purchased them. They look brand new and sound amazing. We are moving and won’t need them in our new home.” https://greenville.craigslist.org/ele/d/travelers-rest-2-klipsch-rf-7-tower/6855287631.html
  5. I remember reading it was going to be late spring or summer for preorders. I thought we may have heard something by now about a preorder timeline.
  6. Came here to post the same thing. Cornwall III - $1299 each La Scala II - $2199 each Klipschorn - $3299 each
  7. It really bothers me that the center channel appears to be a slightly different color stain or veneer.
  8. Has anyone heard any updates on the new T5 true wireless earbuds? I’m starting to get an itchy trigger finger for some new wireless earbuds, but really want to wait for these. Thanks.
  9. When you run directly to the sub from the Freya, without being connected to the Adcom, are you able to get a usable signal? It could be the efficiency of the speakers. This is may sound dumb, but is your crossover turned up on the sub’s plate amp? I’d also make sure that none of the settings on the sub are set to THX. How much do you have the sub gain turned up on the plate amp?
  10. Well, this seems unnecessary. We’re not 14 years old boys here.
  11. Personally, I think walnut finish is the best looking overall.
  12. They look great! Coming down south any time?
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