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  1. lakedmb

    How much toe-in do you use

    Well, this seems unnecessary. We’re not 14 years old boys here.
  2. lakedmb

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    Personally, I think walnut finish is the best looking overall.
  3. lakedmb

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    They look great! Coming down south any time?
  4. lakedmb


    On second thought, they seem terrible, but don’t worry, I’m willing to help out and take them off your hands. 😉 Very impressive!
  5. That would be a great setup!
  6. lakedmb

    audio technica ath-m50xbt

    I have a pair without bluetooth and they are quite enjoyable. I've been curious about the bluetooth model and am glad to hear that your enjoying them.
  7. lakedmb

    Klipsch R-15PM No Sound

    This may sound stupid, but on the remote, have you toggled the mute option? You may have received a dead pair. I would likely send them back for an exchange. We have a pair in our bedroom and I do really enjoy them, but occasionally an input will act up.
  8. What kind of "umpfh" are you looking for? Do you have any speakers that you remember blowing you away? May help us direct you to a certain model to seek out. Also, what's you budget roughly? Will you need a receiver or amp as well? I have a set of Heresy II's with an SVS sub and Cornwall's with an SVS sub that have never lacked any power. I've never been that impressed with the lower entry level Klipsch speakers, but if you are able to demo their Reference or Heritage line, you will not be disappointed. I would imagine Detroit would have a store to demo some nice systems. Also, keep an eye on Craiglist, Let Go, and the Garage Sale section here on the forum. You may be able to get a great system for less money than you planned on spending. Not sure how far Toledo is for you, but this would be a steal. https://toledo.craigslist.org/ele/d/toledo-set-of-klipsch-epic-cf1-speakers/6763836010.html
  9. lakedmb


    They look great! Any pics of the interior? I’m curious about how the horn looks from the inside.
  10. Saw this while browsing Craigslist. I emailed the seller and recommended him posting it here since it may get more interest. While I don't need a headphone amp, though I kind of wish I did right now, Klipsch did design a gorgeous looking looking piece of equipment. No clue how the amp actually sounds or how the pricing compares to other listings, but it's the first time I've seen one pop up locally. Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp - ATL Craigslist - $350 https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/peachtree-city-klipsch-heritage/6747684012.html
  11. lakedmb

    Klipschorns, Belles, and Cornwalls in Vegas

    They look great!
  12. Where are you located roughly? Like someone mentioned earlier, one of us may be willing to let you borrow a receiver to see if that’s the problem if you are local.