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  1. That is a ton of great information and very much appreciated. I'm clearly on the low end of the learning curve here, but trying to climb the best I can.
  2. S/N: KHAK5WL09260003 Lacquer, I'd guess.
  3. can a bad crossover cook diaphragms? repaired all the tweeters, now my k55x is dead on one speaker (tweeter still 3.5 ohms, mid range 3.5 Mohms)
  4. Thanks for the resize program! Yes, drivers disconnected. I edited the OP for clarity regarding speaker history.
  5. I have had my '09 khorns for a number of years and bought slightly used in the same year. When I set them up, I was disappointed with the sound ("muddy", maybe) and rarely used them. When recently setting them back up, I found out the tweeters were "blown"...no current passing across (infinite ohms). I removed them, opened them and found a k77f faceplate (gotta learn how to resize images to post the pics). Not unhappy with Klipsch at all, I'm guessing they are the same, just a different manufacturer? McIntosh MC 2500 amp and C34V pre-amp.
  6. oil/lacquer?...I guess I'm not sure. They are 2009 (per the s/n) haven't been changed in any way. I'll take a pic at lunch. the scuff doesn't go through the veneer (you can't feel it with a fingernail), it's just in the surface treatment (again, kinda like a swirl mark in the clear coat of your car that doesn't penetrate into the paint) ...and thanks for the kind welcome!!
  7. How to best treat? Not scratches but scuffs like a swirl mark in the clear coat of your car. Oak '09 khorns. Furniture repair vids seem a little extreme...suggestions?
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