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  1. New Honda Mower

    Wellllll, guess it's time to get a new battery for the Cub Cadet and see what shakes. 0 productivity today so far. The struggle is real. Ugh!
  2. FS: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    You're a good man Charlie Brown! Thanks for that, I think... Sorry, just can't bring myself to say "Go Hogs" so that type is about as close as you're ever going to get! A little TLC and those LS WOULD be very nice! Great price and best of luck w/your sale. Someone's gonna be VERY happy with them!
  3. FS: Klipsch Lascala’s $900 - Arkansas

    Would ALMOST be worth the trip South to do both the LS and the pilgrimage! Yup, I'd hear about it... "4 Dad??? Seriously??? You only have two ears so I want them for my apartment @ THEE OSU..." Sorry HOGFAN I had too!!! Great price on a very nice pair of La Scalas! Yea, you owe me one HOGFAN...
  4. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Haven't listened to them in such a long time... Now into the show @ Red Rocks, which came up after... Love that place... Santana was incredible in there a couple years ago. Thankies JohnJ!
  5. What I Got Today!

    I'd turn it into the local Police/Sheriff departments after notifying your bank about the misuse/fraud. They'll investigate it since it's a felony because it's banking related. Back to the old adage Federal = Felony. I believe it's a 5th degree felony.
  6. Reduced---- Heresy III's -- Cherry - $575 (Santa Fe)

    They look great! Enjoy!
  7. The Sixes are enroute!

    Understood and do agree... She'll figure it out and let me know I'm sure. She always does! lol
  8. The Sixes are enroute!

    I was a breath away from buying those for my youngest daughter who's graduating from college in May and that's one of the things that stopped me. She's a lil geek who'd have them hooked up to everything and the first time something happened we all know who she would call... This morning she told me she didn't want the Heresy's either.. Too big and too much stuff! Yet she wants my LS though... lololol Hope they work out fine DizRotus!
  9. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Hopefully things take shape soon but... You could be onto something
  10. PBS documentary "Soundbreaking"

    HAHAHA My thought process too! Ya never know but now I do!
  11. PBS documentary "Soundbreaking"

    PBS has the Blue Ray of all episodes for $100. Since it's PBS you might check with the local Library... We have a lot of PBS stuff here.
  12. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    What if you're already semi-bullet proof? Go for the gusto???
  13. new La Scala's, serial numbers 1 and 2

    Wipes just a bit of drool from his chin...
  14. PBS documentary "Soundbreaking"

    Good luck. I caught a couple of them the first time around. Some nice footage and comments though. What's $100.. Ugh!
  15. Show us your great photography thread!

    Sure you can... I had my 2 channel system and just went the route of photography too. IF you read your manual about 3 times you'll start to get a grip. Once you have that go get 'em. I just reached "burn-out." Everyone wanting all kinds of stuff. Weddings and there were 20 ppl shooting my poses over my shoulder. Can't beat that and I'm not one to tell them to leave so I can be "creative." Just time to settle back into my 2-channel and enjoy!