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  1. Bliss on a budget? It ain't happening! lolol Someone down this way in Dayton had a Linn table on fb Marketplace. No affiliation and clueless. Started @ 1800 and is now down to 1500. Who knows what he'll take but it's a great "lifetime" turntable that WILL hold it's value. Then drop it off in Ann Arbor for the factory trained tech on the way home! You'll find they don't eat much. It's just that first bite that hurts the wallet! Aside from that they're a great table! Might get lucky up your way though. Good luck!
  2. Dave1290


    Hang tough Steve!
  3. Trust me I feel your pain. Finished my Stihl collection today w/a nice pair of gas hedge trimmers. Spent the afternoon knockin the bushes down and cleaning up the mess. One end of the house done! Other end in a day or two. Trim one of those monsters then take a break and work on a Heineken. Garage stereo was cranked and the neighbors out walkin the oval I live in just waved and laffed at me watching them trim themselves. lololol Paying for it now though! Ugh!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That's just nummy! lolol
  5. I'm in a vegetative state tonight... Ugh.. Crashin early. Cleaned out the garage today and put an old stackable Technics system out there. Couple nice speakers and the stack from another auction find. Can't beat $40 for all of it. Just somethin for cd's and some baseball this summer. Place is a disaster actually!
  6. So sorry to hear Bruce! Hang tough!
  7. Any pictures of them? Fronts and backs?
  8. Chillin n enjoyin!
  9. I definitely did NOT need to read any of this thread! That is all... Looks ^^^^^ to Mr. Slippery Slope...
  10. Yea, just went back and was reading on their site. Won last nite. Fans in Cbus will tear that place up if they win. The die-hards have waited a LONG time for a contender and for them to knock TB out? Be like the OSU-❌ichigan football game this year... 62-39 rout and shup about that Clemson win a couple years ago! lolol This year at the U❌ spring game last Saturday someone rented a "banner" plane and the banner said, "Its ok Jim you and throw the ball on 1st down!" hahahahaha He wasn't too happy about it and neither was the University.
  11. @JohnJ Did the Jacket's play tonite? Just caught the tail-end of sports and was trying to read lips but they ran something about a sweep in Game 4 on Thurs. I know absolutely NOTHING about hockey. When I was shooting Ohio State sports they decided they wanted some hockey shots. Hardest thing I ever shot. That and boxing cause you never know when ur gonna get the puck or the broken nose. Today with all the auto-focus stuff out there it's cake. I do know one thing though Nationwide Arena in Cbus is amazing. Local kid here was the manager of restaurant concessions there. Had a great dinner there once w/my girls before a game. Seats were great too but I was still clueless. Free is always good! Jon's now the head chef for the PGA tour and feeds the players. Nice step up I'd say! Whoa! 3-0, just checked!
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