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  1. I don't know a darn thing about any of them. Just tired of watching cat hair balls rolling across the floor like tumbleweed on a windy day. πŸ˜‚ Just looked at the thing and eyeballed the directions so have it on charge. Northstar unit didn't come on so I suppose it needs a couple C batteries, then a couple cases of Swiffer wet and dry pads and possibly a new battery ($20) for the unit. So yea about what I figured. πŸ˜‚ Also found an email exchange about not charging from 2016 and a paper w/the battery info with it so yea. Here we go! Where else can I have this much fun w/a $4 investment? Busy work for tomorrow!
  2. I've got a lady that comes in and cleans whenever I call her. So she mops the kitchen and bathroom and vaccums the stairs and entryway. Everything else is oak hardwood so I've been nosin the past couple months and almost jumped on a Roomba. Couple days ago I saw my fav on line auctioneer had one in an estate sale. A Mint, which only rates a 3.5 on Amazon and sells for 280. Price was right too. Auction went down last nite and I picked it up for $4. Stopped on the way home today and picked it up. Looks good to me and I don't think it's been used much. You use Swiffer's dust and mop pads with it. Things going to have a field day in here. hahaha Guess we'll see what we shall see!
  3. ALWAYS something @ our age grasshopper! Off to Cbus shortly for hopefully my last eye laser job. I remember just shaking my head when I heard people talking about this "old age" crap. First the eyes then the mind? Ugh! Kinda like that new nick!
  4. Make your list and check it twice! New Year's Day? blue and Bama? Gonna start my New Year the RIGHT way! Lafffin HARD! Lawd have mercy! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ GO BUCKS! 😎
  5. Let's see... Brown glass bottle w/250 tabs per bottle. Sighs πŸ˜‚ 😎 250, yup, that's it... 250
  6. We beat Clemson I'll send ya a Buckeye t-shirt to wear since you need someone to root for. πŸ˜‚ Think I have a nice new one here I was gonna give to Jimbo to wear for a day in Hope. But nope, no bet. Clemson's gonna be tough to beat as is LSU. I'll opt for the wait and see on this one. Clemson goes empty a lot as they have a ton of receivers. So it will be interesting to see if they use a TE more than usual. It's gonna take two men to keep this year's Nagurski Award winner n check. Additionally, IF they start switching him up from his DE spot he could totally screw up their offense cause he's gonna be movin sports fans. Then we might see a few holding calls on Clemson, which could tame things down a bit. Any way you look at it it's gonna be tough for OSU. Then another 2-week wait for the Natty in Nawlins. Now THAT'S gonna be a partaaaaay if LSU wins!
  7. Just sooooo much love in here!
  8. @bkwa1959at least you had a decent dealer. Drove an hour South to hear one at a dealer in Cbus. Walked in the place and they had everything BUT the PL. Macs and Harbeth's and nice gear but ONE PL. He said they had some coming in but from the looks of the place it was more home theater oriented. So he put an LP on to listen to and 30 seconds into the LP it started skipping and it was cranked. I let it go a while since it was his show then finally got up and turned the volume down. He came running in to turn it down, shut it down and that was it. THEN wanted me to write the check for it so he could order it for me. I was like seriously? Called Upscale and ordered mine anyway BUT before they could ship they had a question for me. Seems as though this wannabe salesman took my name and address then he turned it into Upscale and said I was their customer. I flipped out and went nuts w/Upscale and told them the story so they shipped it to me. That day I stopped in he gave me a business card so when I had lunch I was kind and dropped his card into the fishbowl @ Red Lobster for a free lunch. I figured he'd need one soon.
  9. Legend has it..... Joe Burrow knew he would win the Heisman at LSU back in 2005... he decided to attend OSU so that his home state/home team could claim him when he won it. πŸ˜‚ Yup, OSU/Clemson Dec 28th in Glendale, AZ. Where is my youngest going to be since she lives there? Here in Ohio for the holiday's. There goes my seats with my lil girl, lodging and designated driver for the game. I hate my life! πŸ˜‚ OSU had a lot of NOT good things happen on both sides of the ball in the first half. Day learned tons from Urb and just rolled out the battle plan at halftime. The Buckeyes have 3 weeks to prepare and get healthy. After the hit Fields took to that knee early on he wasn't right. That just wasn't him out there and it was obvious. Here's another tiny bit of info I found out about. Ohio State defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley apparently has an offer to become head coach at Boston College. If he decides the job is attractive enough to accept, that could bring some major adjustments into the Buckeyes’ preparation on that side of the ball. Time will tell.
  10. Nah, jumped into tubes from a 300w Perreaux and Perreaux SM2 Pre. Just a cheap Prologue. So impressed with mine I'm gonna go all the way up in the next year prolly. Love mine! Sounds great in my 2-channel w/vinyl on my Linn into an old pair of modded LS.
  11. I don't have the evo but have had the intregrated for about a year. I think it sounds as good and Mc's for a lot less $$$.
  12. I - O! NEVER A DOUBT! Mumbled a bit but that's normal. Second half? Ha Ha Ha! Hatin yet haters? ALL joking aside, OSU is gonna have to get healthy in 3 weeks and they're gonna have to take and PLAY their A game! Put those B1G pants on. Tonight was just a rematch w/a team we played a few weeks ago. We roll into that Natty we better be ready for both Clemson AND LSU. Their big, tenacious, and just plain nasty. They're also fast, fast, fast! LSU didn't play well the first half and Clemson is just Clemson. Joe Burrow is an incredible athlete, he can run well and he's smart. They're the total package. He's the Heisman winner imo. That team is LOADED as is Clemson. Clemson has prolly been the most physical team in the NCAA for the last 3 years. Dawgs on that D line, 6'6" QB who can sling it and a great back. Ya can't HATE anyone cause you're always gonna be behind your school. It's just a competitive spirit. Simple! Next year I might make a cake instead of cupcakes! πŸ˜‚
  13. @jimjimbo Ya just never know do ya? Joe's a good kid but now he's the opposition IF they meet up. Ya just play the game the best ya can. Someone wins and someone loses. LSU is fast, fast and fast. I've said that all along. BTW, Harb's gets a raise on 1 January. You're stuck w/him. Enjoy the beatdowns.
  14. Eh, I've fired enough Military weapons in my life so keeping my old Match grade Colt 45 and an old military M 17 38. I've graduated I think so moving on. Old guys are verrrrrry sneaky yanno.
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