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  1. When I get to Heaven I'm gonna shake God's hand.Thank him for more blessings Than one man can stand.Then I'm gonna get a guitar and start a Rock and Roll band.Check into a swell hotel, Ain't the 'afterlife' Grand. When I get to Heaven . Rip John Prine.
  2. Dave1290


    Corny can sometimes be good though. Blame the cabin fever!
  3. Absolutely! WHAT a crew! loll
  4. Dave1290


    A dude here in Ohio came up with this lil Covid 19 idea on his own for the Gov. & Doc to use as an intro to their daily pressers. It's actually quite good I think. Just gonna leave it here
  5. Yup, so "THEY" say. Prolly true though.
  6. Was only in one movie I know of. An Indian's game. The one with Charlie Sheen in it. Signs @ every entrance releasing them from "rights" if you entered. Yea, there was the back of our heads behind home plate for two seconds. Guess I really did miss my calling in the movie industry. Ketchup you say? Yanno what gets me about ketchup? Ya open a bottle and and put it in the fridge then 3 months later you go back to the bottle and it's all a gunky brown looking. Right? Now IF you have a lil packet of it laying in a drawer or in the fridge it's fine two years later! Things that make ya go hmmmm? Prolly NEVER a problem @ Steve's!
  7. Good luck everyone. I'm soooo darn glad I'm retired! Amazeballs is the only thing I can say after reading this thread. Again, good luck.
  8. Steve IF we can get you on the Dr Phil show would you go? Asking for a friend.
  9. @MicroMarawith a statement like that I just had to jerk your chain just a bit. These guys in here ALLLL love tweekin others. 😂
  10. Skunk you say? Had some baby skunks under the mess hall @ Ft. Benning once. One of the cooks said he was going to take the scent bag outta one of them. Naturally we didn't believe him. Had a guy in our barracks who had a habit of just flopping down on his bunk. We'd taken the springs out of it a few times and got him but a skunk scent bag? Somehow we alllll happened to be outside one night and the dude went in to flop. Yup, he was a bit late finding the scent bag partially under one of the metal legs. Glad I had a room downstairs. Nasty just nasty.
  11. Oh, how I'm grinning! Felt a lil bluesy so pulled this one by Melissa Etheridge. A bit different but still the same old ME carrying side 2 like a champ! No regrets un-zippin this one after that. Felt the need for speed! GREAT 1980 album with some early Stevie Ray!
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