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  1. For the life of me I can't figure out how OSU can be #2 in the nation and a month later be sitting in the #12 position in the B1G. Let ANOTHER one get away at HOME in the last seconds. Stellar first half and couldn't do a thing the second. 12 turnovers? Seriously? Holtmann is a great coach AND recruiter. Has two great prospects coming in next year and I'm sure turned some heads early on but man... ...I just don't get it! It's gotta hurt recruiting. Guess Imma gonna have to nose a bit cause it's killing me! hahahaha Kansas & K State? Why? Just why did it happen in the first place? You're up that much and go alley ball in the final second of the game? Come on man. No cause for ANY of that at all imo. Bench time now and there goes the season. Crazy!
  2. Got thru a couple more LP's after that group. Now outta that mode after a slight gear change and listening to another one the second time thru. Hate it when that happens but it sounds ohhhh sooo good!!! First time I saw them was on the beach w/a couple beer trucks sittin down there with them. WHAT a show that was. Just decided to do it and they did it! Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics with "Touch" their 3rd Studio album released in 1983. Great listen w/amazing seperation and a stellar mix & mastering. It's hard to believe this is the 6th and last Doors album, which was released in 1971. Jim Morrison passed only 3 months after it's release. The bluesy beat and sound mixed so well w/Jim's voice it took them to a new level imo. I have them all I think and saw this one so yup I had to. Two times through it and gonna hit it again tomorrow. Just sounds totally amazing!
  3. Grace Slicks 2nd solo album recorded in 1980 in NYC without any previous or current members of Jefferson Starship. "Breakout" by Spyro Gyra was released in 1986 and their 10th studio album. Peaked @ the #1 Billboard top jazz album that fall. 1973 and the Four Tops cranked out their 12th LP "Main Street People," which didn't sell as great as their previous 11. Couple hits and it went unrecognized until about 1982 when people realized just how good the material really was. A Soprano Sax? Who ever heard of such a thing? Not many until Kenny G broke into the contemporary scene. "Silhouette" his fifth studio album from 1988 peaked @ #2 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.
  4. On fb? Offer him $300. He knows what he's got already and lookin for a chump. He doesn't bite tell him if he wants to sell for that to let ya know. Eliminate YOUR stress factor on the overhaul. Just my .02 worth.
  5. In the past this has been sent electronically to students. This year it was again sent electronically AND posted on campus fyi. Years ago it was posted I'm sure.
  6. Atta boy John! I think that's the way to go sooo expecting mega feedback! Congrats!
  7. Recruiting must not be going too well for TTUN. You can walk on anywhere but to post this? It's a first and yes it's legit!
  8. @risingjay Dd the guy mention where they came from? I was watching a sound company auction in Cleveland about 5-6 weeks ago and they had quite a few that sold. A BUNCH of them that were filthy just like those in the ebay photo. 1 guy bought the lot w/a couple sound boards. They went fairly cheap considering. I just shook my head seeing them all. Just what I needed to do right before Xmas. Rent a truck drive to Cleveland and load up a bunch of those things to drag home. Ugh. I'm thinking like 10 pair w/the two boards went for about $3k. Then there were more maybe 16 showing as individuals. Think they went for about $100 each. They also sold 5-6 sound racks full but sold each item and you had to remove & battle w/morons. Crowns, dbx but EVERY thing was OLD gear and not worth what it went for. Everything was as is and untested too. I was too busy buying stage curtains for here, which I never did buy. lol Erie is only a couple hours East of Cleveland so wondering a bit. I'm sure a lot of it was or will be flipped by buyers. Those could have come from a cinema though. Who knows? Would be one heck of a Bingo system! hahahaha
  9. I'm sooo happy w/my networks Deang made for my 81 La Scala's. Told him to make 'em sing and I've got a choir here! Outstanding work from start to finish. Write the check and foget abouuut it! Hit him up here or check out Deang Crossovers on fb. Welcome to the Forum Scott!
  10. I can neither confirm nor deny that I listened to ALL of their music but I can tell you this, even though it was released 2 years after their split, is owned by me! Ha, and a great album it is with ALL of their prior hits to 1970. Really is a great old album though! Yeah, I KNOW you did too!
  11. This woman right here stole so many hearts and had 13 major hits in the 70's while she did it! Still enjoy listening to her stuff and this "No Secrets" album is STILL a go to as are many others of hers.
  12. Feeling like a Dentist now pulling out this one that almost EVERY one had to have in 1972. Seals & Crofts #7 hit "Summer Breeze." Easy smooth US stuff as we moved out of the British Invasion and tried to take root again here in the US. THAT never really happened though cause those pesky Brits seemed to hang around with sooo many great artists who are still here today thank goodness!
  13. Sam the Sham & the Pharoah's started pressing records to sell @ gigs in Memphis in 1964 and BOOM! "Wooly Bully!" MGM picked them up and shazaaam 3 million copies and their first Gold #2 hit right in the middle of the British invasion! The longest Billboard top 40 US hit in 1965 lasting for 18 weeks. Billboard's "Number One Record of the Year" even though it never hit #1. It held that spot for 35 years until Faith Hill's "Breathe" took it in 2000.
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