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  1. Heya Paul! Remember that big hole I had? Welllll it's just about gone. Will finish it tomorrow. Gotta get some stuff done in here now that the weather is turning cooler while you're warmin up. Won't be long for either of us it seems but we'll survive. Always do!
  2. @JohnJJim Dandy & Black Oak? Great guys!
  3. Yuuuuuup! A little Free! & some Froghat!
  4. Hahaha, there's NO way I'm doin anything except finishing this room up SOON! All that space in the photo is gone and any space I have left is gonna be FULL. Tough judging what you have when sliding stuff backwards and having to leave room on the shelves. Second shelf starts w/Petty and ends w/the Stones. Sooo, sliding it all backwards to get maybe 5 inches on each shelf in the cabinet? By the time I finish shoving what's laying here into the spots there won't be much room left I'm thinkin.... Got a lil helper workin w/me now.. Love this woman cause she just let's it allll go!
  5. I'll reward myself later when I can get that bottle of Scotch out on top of the left cab. I'll thunk on it. Looking at things right now and thinking the only way I can add anything else is to go UP! THAT truly scares me! lolol
  6. Cold, drab day here so yea I may as well. The struggle is real... That big hole??? Ha, ha, ha. Gone in a heartbeat. Sooo tired of making room then filling it right back up. Moved out a couple tubs and two old milk crates full. Classical is gone now. I hate my life! lol
  7. @Shiva would definitely give a system a run for it's money! Good stuff! I might just have to!
  8. You guys are soooo NOT right! R.I.P. George Chambers. Great guy!
  9. "Their Satonic Majesties Request" from 1967 their 6th... Gateway to their psychedelic studio sound!
  10. UGH! Guess I can sleep in tomorrow! hahaha
  11. Why not? From a bit earlier this evening. Rollin..
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