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  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Just another old geezer hangin like a rusty fish hook! Ha! Enjoy YOUR day.
  2. @MicroMara that's pretty groovy brother! πŸ˜‚
  3. Dave1290

    The Other Discs

    Snagged one a few months ago. It's HER for sure. Great lp. What's a couple extra bucks? Full Range has a better chance of bumping w/her out on walkabout than I do unless we bump sometime w/Beck.
  4. Wait, I said "white out" @ Penn State... No fans so no white out. Soft? Pffffft... Gotta get there first. Kinda wish Clemson would move into the B1G so we could see how things are during a game instead of a scrimmage. hahaha
  5. Clemson might just walk in soft this year due to that "tough" schedule. Ha! Tough one for OSU is the Penn State game. Halloween in Happy Valley? Should be an interesting white out!!
  6. Just keep loadin up on those carbs John. Think you're going to need them. OSU's B1G Schedule came out this morning. The amazing thing right after it was released? A DL from ❌ichigan publicly said the B1G gave OSU an easy schedule. Now couple this w/Harb's earlier statement about OSU's Coach Day saying coaches were interacting w/players before they were allowed to isn't a good thing. That day Coach said he was gonna hang 100 on blue. Now this is a home game this year and again the final game of the schedule. Think they will? Gonna be interesting. Will be #9, #9, #9 in a row if we win this year. Lotsa ball left so we'll see. Heck it hasn't even started. I guarantee that the Brotherhood won't let down so you just keep thinkin about last years big win. We get there you're goin down so bulk up brother! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Just read your link and I've not heard or seen any video like that. Maybe it's there but I'm clueless. Eleven Warriors is just a rag and not affiliated with the University. I rarely read anything of theirs yet some do. Dabo's right though, could be one of the best teams ever walking out with the Natty this year. Still boils down to "on any given day." Don't like the tough start but it'll all shake out.
  7. Mossy! Good to see you again my friend! Spent the afternoon and most of the evening cleaning records. Going to be a forever kinda thing. Been on it a week and finally got thru the Allmans. hahaha
  8. Just had a flashback! Had to! πŸ˜‚ Took a while but... Great song! 😎
  9. Dave1290


    Yes, the struggle is real...
  10. I'm right there with ya @henry4841. The struggle is REAL brother!
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