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  1. ONE thing at a time. Try it.
  2. Will make someone a great system at a great price John. GLWYS man! Kids will be going WOW on Christmas morning somewhere! One heck of a deal.
  3. About 3 inches down along with the temps. Not gonna get any better anytime soon. High of 38 today supposedly and down to 24 tonight. Just the start of winter around here. Electric blankie WILL be on again tonight.
  4. ON it! Unziiiiiping a couple just for giggles! Tubes are pushin those electrons this afternoon while I sit here wit mah grin on drinkin mah coffee. Back to the LS this morning and getting serious Mon! Doyle Bramhall II? Tossed a few friends into this one released in 2018.. EC, Norah Jones, Derek Trucks and more slipped into his studio. His first solo release in 15 years and another new one out now. Still got an itch for some more Neil though. "Return to Greendale" is such a great album. Ya better! 😂
  5. One of those days again. It's time for a "fix." Started early and the quest continues. Lil Random Neil Young always works! Doesn't seem like 37 years since I crawled up in the 10' wooden rocking chair after that show in 1983.
  6. Try this just for giggles... Make SURE your speakers are wired correctly. Yea, yea I know ya know but check things out and make sure you're good. NOTHING touching to short anything. I'm running a Prima Luna and using a Schiit Mani from my Linn table. Sounds fantastic for $150. Double check the speaker wiring for phase and shorts. Relax and check things out. Don't stress. It ain't rocket science. Go right back to the basics with your set up. Step at a time. Start over if you have to and take your time. Cross your fingers too
  7. Sparty is gonna play tough this year.
  8. Drives done and the coffee should be too!
  9. Did I hear blue was pausing for the cause? Heard they might have problems Sunday but Harb's is locked down now. OSU has resumed w/some light work outs today for a few players. Crazy with Covid.
  10. Yup, those white go go boots... Those sunglasses... That's almost just too much to dream...
  11. I'll just drop this one right here. Slick!
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