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  1. The school is just a couple hours down the road from me. Haven't stopped in yet but it's on the bucket list when I'm in the area and they're around. Sounds like a great place where kids that "want it" can "get it!". Thanks for the posts Paul.
  2. Yup, I got the fevah!!! lol Found this from 1971, Half-speed Master of "Island"... Sounds great! Been spinnin alllllll day! Pat Travers band dropped this one in '79 to mixed reviews but I had to have it. My old buddy from Black Oak Arkansas Tommy Aldrige was a drummin. Pa rumple da dum... Tommy's always been a fav kickin those double bass drums. Great guy. Runs 5 miles a day and does 500 sit-ups. That's 5 miles and 500 more sit-ups than I'd do! Boz Scaggs ya say? Don't ask me? It was laying there in a pile so I tossed it on! lol "Middle Man" was released in 1980 after picking up Steve Lukather and some of the guys from Toto as session musicians. Tossed in Carlos Santana on a cut and others. It was described as "white soul" music for dimly lit bars or something like that. hahaha Nice and smooth though. Got this a week or so ago and wanted to unzip it but waited until today. Yup, it's Peter alright and pretty good for a "Live" LP. Ha! See what I did there? 😂
  3. That's one great album from "74 ^^^^^^ and you'll become a repeat offender listening to it. Sounds amazing here! Always nice to have someone to listen with who appreciates Fripp and company. See what you started? Ha! Life's about Discipline. Kinda maybe Now I'm thinking about going back into the 60's... Arrrrgh. lol
  4. Ditto! White one here. Got about 4-5 inches of snow here. Think I should fire up the big snow blower @ 0530 and go for it here in the hood? Bwa ha ha Firing up the coffee pot instead!
  5. Hahaha ESPN reported tonight Justin Fields finished 7th in the Heisman voting today. hahahaha Didn't play enough games w/the covid bans entering into the picture according to ESPN. Bet he goes quicker than most think. We'll wait and see. Kirk Herbstreet's son is also "preferred" walk on next fall @ OSU.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy and stay safe!
  7. @Tarheel how much per minute is she charging his card this year for the calls or should I ask? While I'm in here I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Kick back and enjoy the next couple days. Calling for a high here of 20 tomorrow so we'll see just how many are out running around. Youngest caught a red eye sleigh ride in from Phoenix last night and stopping by soon. Haven't seen her in a year w/covid out there. Hope she doesn't bring it along with her! Enjoy it all! Merry Christmas!
  8. Glad everything worked out for you today @grasshopper. KNOW you're enjoying them now steer clear of your wife's LS. hahaha Ask her nicely if you can play them. Merry Christmas to you and the fam!
  9. A week or so ago they announced they were putting an Aldi's here in Duckburg. 13k people? 3 forms of "Family Dollar" stores here already, Walmart Super Center and a large Kroger. They must be seeing something I'm not in their marketing. They open I'll be there shopping for records first!
  10. Going to share a note from Mark Chatfield I just saw. Mark always said he was going to play w/Bob Seger. I always laffed and told him to keep workin. He did and he did. He had to be a pup when he saw Leslie w/Felix and the boys but everyone has their Kodak moments. Leslie was a great guy and will be missed. From Mark: RIP Leslie West. I can’t even describe the effect he had on me as a player. (I got fired from my first band in early 1970 , because I wanted to learn Mississippi Queen & they wanted to learn Hitchin’ A Ride” !!) From using Les Paul Jrs since 1974, to some of my playing style and tone ( though there was only One Leslie West and the only one with “that” tone.) There are few guitar players out there instantly recognizable after 2 or 3 notes. He’s at the top of that list ! I still think the live side of Flowers of Evil is some of the best Rock guitar playing and tone ever recorded. I’ve heard his licks/style from other players , but never have I heard anyone say “He/She sounds just like Leslie West”. Don’t think it could be done !!! He was truly One of a Kind. RIP Leslie West.
  11. Dave1290


    One more trip out and I'm done! Then gonna warm the tubes up! Ya just NEVER know...
  12. Let the games begin! 😂 😂 😂
  13. Hope they get it straightened out in Phoenix. Youngest daughter is on a Wednesday red-eye into Detroit. Said she'd be here mid-afternoon Christmas Eve. She had Covid last fall so I hope she brings it to me so I can give her that Christmas cash she's expecting. Sounds fair to me. NOT! IF I'm lucky she'll take these Heresy's outta here along w/an amp.
  14. A Big 12 crew will officiate the CFB Playoff semifinal game in the Sugar Bowl between Clemson and Ohio State. This may be of some interest, especially after the controversial field calls and replay calls made by an SEC crew in last year’s Fiesta Bowl, which Clemson won 29-23. Big Ten officials will officiate the Rose Bowl in Arlington Texas, between Alabama and Notre Dame and a Big 12 crew also will call the national championship game on Jan. 11 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Bingo!
  15. Some good stuff right there! ^^^^^^^^^ Thanks!
  16. Heard yesterday that "someone" took a video of Coach Day going ballistic in the locker room after the NW game. One or Two profanities, which prolly means an entire string of them and doing some trash talkin about Dabo and Clemson. Although my buddy hadn't seen the video he said it existed and was spreading on social media. Perhaps that's why Dabo voted them 11? If it really exists someone in the "Brotherhood" is in totally deep doo doo. I'd tend to believe it was an outsider that got into the locker room and was laying low taping it all. They'll get to the bottom of it IF it really happened. Time will tell. Jimmy Olsen cub-reporter signing out!
  17. No asterisk needed.. As far as OSU getting into the playoffs the NCAA made the decision in conjunction w/the B1G. The late start for the B1G, covid cancellations and the NCAA wanting a B1G team in the hunt were the factors along w/5-6 wins. "It is what it is," seems to be the motto for 2020. Monday's coaches poll tells the story with the exception of Dabo's voting OSU 11th. hahaha Ballers ball and that's what all teams want to do. Covid could take any of the final four right outta the playoffs in a heartbeat. It'll all sort hopefully and we can get them all on the field.
  18. Well at least you guys are posting. This laptop needs an exorcism! Norton tells me I'm fine but if I use my ladder up top to log into sites where I could have a bank card stored I get the old fake window. "That link isn't working. Follow this link." Seriously? Yet Norton says I'm OK? Called them tonight on two diff occasions, waited forever to get thru then both times when I got a live person they asked what was going on so I tell them then they just disappear. NOW I'm starting to wonder IF I'm even calling Norton at all. It's totally freakin insane. Just got booted from everything a bit ago. Couldn't go anywhere. Showed "www.jdoqocy.com server IP address could not be found on several different sites." Blinked a couple times 5 minutes later and then everything worked. But... Yea, I know... Stop laffin!!! 😂
  19. Not over yet... NW is ballin but at home. Kinda nutso but 9 left so plenty of time. Better srart soon though or IZ will be going ballistic.
  20. @DizRotus you watching NW? Hope IZ got things straightened out at half-time...
  21. The road to South Beach goes through Clemson in the Sugar Bowl !!!!
  22. blue play anywhere today or was that just an echo I heard back there? 😂
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