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  1. You guys are soooo NOT right! R.I.P. George Chambers. Great guy!
  2. "Their Satonic Majesties Request" from 1967 their 6th... Gateway to their psychedelic studio sound!
  3. UGH! Guess I can sleep in tomorrow! hahaha
  4. Why not? From a bit earlier this evening. Rollin..
  5. Chillin with a lil CCR and some NCIS on da tube! Whatever works!
  6. TMI πŸ˜‚ Now THAT would suck big time. Eh? πŸ˜‚ With the birth announcement at least we know what you do in the winter waaaay up there! Bundling up can be a good thing
  7. Congrats to you BOTH brother! "The times they are a changin!"
  8. @BigStewMan will be crushed if you take out all the taco joints... Also don't target the ketchup plants WB! You can have the Wal-Marts
  9. Diz, I actually thought Sparty would play a bit better than they did against OSU. They didn't. You're right on the Wisconsin game in two weeks. Next Friday it's NW then Wisconsin the following Saturday. ANYthing can happen from here on out. Gonna be a grind for OSU from here on out. JL, Some of the OSU fans are posting a meme of Justin Fields standing w/the caption: UGA Fans You Miss Me Yet? Kinda funny but I'm sure he's not discussing it. Was kinda nice to see them go down though. Bama's STILL the real deal as is Clemson! Who knows???
  10. Rare Earth, billybob. I cheated and hit youtube! ANOTHER great version on an OLD song! Heard them do this one MANY times back in 1905! hahaha Holy crapola! I was RIGHT earlier too! Bonus points for me! hahahaha Another great version! Yanno, at times I scare myself! πŸ˜‚
  11. Mid 60's I'd say. Solid state slowly progressed into the mainstream in the early to mid 60's but haven't really researched it. Just know from luggin stuff around back then.
  12. Welllll, the tomato plants are now history as are the impatiens in the front flower box. Front coming thru and then it's looks like mother nature is gonna take her first dump of Fall. Rain & 58 for a high tomorrow w/overnite temps hitting 35. I think the party is over. Almost time to rake/blow/sweep all the neighbors leaves. They're all too busy to do their own so they just let them blow over to me. Think I might go on strike this year but then I'd be buried and have NO grass to mow next year. I could be onto something... Should have posted a pic of the guy across the street. 9, yes 9 huge oaks about 35+ feet high. Talk about a mess? I have one old honey locus tree with very small leaves that disintegrate quickly in my yard and just had the boys trim it last year. The dude across the street? Ummm, NEVAH! UGH!
  13. Thanks for that string billybob. NOW you've got me thunkin again, which isn't good. Someone else did a stellar job on Tobacco Road so thanks for that! Now it's stuck in my wittle head. lol Blues Magoo or someone. Hmmmm Might have to check out youtube before I go insane trying to remember. That stuff kills me! lol EJ's always a great place to go. Met him on his 11-17-70 tour. Great guy, all business and very professional. No jokin, not much of anything with anyone. Did his thing and killed it and I'm sure he hasn't changed. What he says goes or you do I'm thinkin. Babel is a great tune as are many of his others. Barry White huh? Hard to believe Paul... Hahahaha He's ALWAYS been so waaaaay smooth meltin the crowd. I'd tend to believe that though. Think I'll do a salad then lite 'em up and see what shakes. The running around can wait!
  14. Saw that same auction listed a while back on a different auction site. Same auctioneer just a different auction site. Same photos. Trying to remember the site I saw it on. Gonna be a feeding frenzy Imma thinking. Maybe not. Who knows til they go. FWIW. @dirtmudd, was just scrolling back and saw your "alerts" comment. Maybe it was there but I know I've seen the same pics somewhere before. I had this vision then but... hahaha Nooooooo!
  15. @DizRotusI wouldn't count Sparty out. Although they do have a good QB Taylor is just one dude. Sparty might just step up. Gonna have to watch that one also and jump back and forth hoping to settle in somewhere. I don't count anyone out ever. Wait, I take that back ❌ichigan maybe. lol
  16. One could hope but most I know just love, love, love their Bose 901's. I'm insane for having Klipsch cause they never heard of it BUT when they sit here they're smiling the entire time. Then they go home and listen to their old blown out 901's again. lol duh!
  17. Brain fart on my end. Don't know why I was thinking Melbourne when I knew you were in Brissy. Great lookin pouch too btw. Gonna have to keep my eye out for something like that. I look for ppl w/collections though and fill holes like everyone does. THEN I start more holes on my own it seems when I see something I THINK is good. So yea, never ending. Make a pile and grab the tub! lol Last guy I hit was about to cry totalling stuff up @ $3 or 4 each. hahahaha I hit him HARD and left the rest for the others. Most of which were clueless. Wish I'd have been first instead of second in there. Saw what the first guy had and was ready to jap slap him and put them in my pile and run for the border!
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