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  1. I'd give the guy a break and see what shakes out. He's sortin it just like we all would. To sell or not to sell. That's why I have a house full of stuff! hahahaha
  2. Eh, hit him again and try to pin him down. If it spins and isn't too noisy its a good starter for the money. Audition it naturally and if it sounds good pay the dude. Not sure if you can get an Empire stylus or not anymore. If you can just replace the stylus if not but a new cart. He prolly wants to sell it but who knows w/ppl anymore. I picked up an older oppo from a guy for $50 and he was happy to sell it. Heck, I was happy to get it! Possibly a jerk though. Sort it brother and go. They're out there.
  3. Dave1290


    What happens when you drink 10 oz of Magnesium Citrate? I'm glad you asked... 12:05 pm: It's time. You shotgun a 10 oz bottle like it's a lukewarm PBR and you don't want to be a ***** in front of your older brother's friends. It's suppose to be lemon flavored but it's becoming quite clear that whoever led the R&D team that day has never actually tasted anything lemon in their life. You are already regretting this decision. 12:06 pm: You deep throat a cupcake like you've been saving it for the apocalypse because let's face it...that time is here. It's going to turn to liquid form before it even clears your throat but you don't care. All is right in the world at this moment. Hold on to that. You're about to enter a very dark period in your life. 12:37 pm: First sign of life. The pressure is growing. You already have 5 lbs of impacted poop in your colon and you basically just drank the "safe for humans" version of Drano. You feel a poop coming on finally. You think it's time. You're wrong. You get a little snake turd as a teaser. Take note...this is the last semi-solid thing you will see leaving your body for the next 24 hours. 12:57 pm: That little science experiment you got cooking is about to reach it's boiling point. Your stomach is angry now. It hates you...you can feel it. You have exactly .3 seconds to make it to the nearest toilet but you can't run... NEVER run! You pray to god there is enough elasticity in your butthole to keep the gates closed 5 more steps as you start to preemptively undo your pants to save valuable time. Almost there. 3...2...1... 12:58 pm: Sweet Mary, mother of God...is this real life? Your cheeks barely hit the seat and all hell breaks loose. The poop/ water mixture you've just created comes out with such force that it actually sprays the back of the toilet bowl at a 45 degree angle thus deflecting it in every direction but down. Is that blood? False alarm. That's just the remnants of a cherry pie you ate at Thanksgiving...when you were 5. The smell is horrid...the sound is frightening. You try to clench what's left of your ******* to soften the blow but it's not working. The whole house just heard your liquid crap fart as it gurgled out of your ***. 1:06 pm- 8:30 pm: Everything's a blur. You have shit out everything you have ever eaten since the day you were born, everything your ancestors have ever eaten since the early 1800's, and your ******* now feels like you have a flaming hot Cheeto and the tears of a thousand Jalapeno seeds stuck in it. You're now curled up in the bathtub ugly crying because you have to remain within arm's reach of the toilet at all times. You have the poop sweats. You meet Jesus. 8:37 pm: Your family will never be able to unsee the things they've seen in the last 8 hours. You're broken. Your *******'s broken. Your spirit's broken. Life as you know it will never be the same. But...tomorrow's a new day. You're going to wake up, throw on the only remaining pair of underwear you have that doesn't have a shit stain on it, and you're going to run up to Target with the last shred of dignity you have left...and buy yourself a new toilet brush. You've earned it. Unknown
  4. Buddy stopped by to get the low-down on the shelf so here we go. Cross your ingers! lol Now the day has been officcially written-off Yea, I started it again so we're now cookin w/gas. I'm worthless I tell ya just worthless! 😂 Even nicer having a Heine listening to this one... It'll grow on ya. Sides 1 & 2 of the first album worked pretty well. It grows on ya too! Of course I had to. See what I did there? Still cookin too. Where's my beer? On a mission into the cosmology of nothingness
  5. Looks great and even nicer when you have to look into the picture. Then you can truly appreciate the nice job and the end result. Looks great and thanks for sharing. Thinkin maybe @dirtmudd could be hinting at giving you guys a commission to make an exclusive Rocky & Bullwinkle Xmas theme but don't know. Maybe a toaster themed Xmas might make ya some big bucks in here! 1 of a kind w/the profits going to the PWK house the guys are working on Get ya a write-off on your taxes maybe! 😂
  6. THAT would be one tough call to make. I've watched it 5 times and it still looks good but then it doesn't. The camera angle doesn't help since it's not right down the goal line BUT the official SHOULD BE positioned right on the goal line watching the play. I guess it's one of those "it's on him" call unless a photog has a series w/their motor drive running. The covid sideline restrictions come into play then. A couple shooters I know well didn't get credentials for ANY of the OSU games. They're both good shooters too. OSU has positioned and limited them to a specific area. This guys boss got a credential and has to shoot by himself from a lower box seat. It is what it is w/covid out there. Definitely a double-ugh for Penn State. We get a road trip to Happy Valley this Saturday, no white out which is good but it's still gonna be a ball game. Blue & Sparty? Another one that could be interesting. Glad the B1G FINALLY got it sorted though. Whew!
  7. Know you all enjoyed yourself. It's always nice to shoot a "fun" wedding with good peeps. Yup, ya got it figured out "A" IS for alcohol... 😂
  8. Kids WILL drive you insane and with me it's a short trip! Still have to be there for them in the tough spots but I can live with that. Well, kinda maybe!
  9. Well I'll attribute that error in fact to the B1G Network analysts. When they re-hashed everything last night is where I got it. It didn't sound right when they said it but who knows? Obviously you heard something different on the live broadcast.
  10. IF I could get my youngest daughter to listen to this box she'd NEVER part w/my LS or rig. Just finished it and it's freakin unreal in every way. The best of their "everything" and it's darned impressive. IF ya don't have all or a lot of their stuff I'd highly recommend it! Yea, it's THAT good! Clean? WOW! It totally cooks! Now back to my regular programming!
  11. Well, I don't know what I'm talking about that's for sure (shush the comments) but when and if the time comes I guess I'll find out! They're purdy! I know everyone will help spend my money IF the time comes. I might run outta years and ears first! I've heard them once or twice maybe! 😂
  12. Hahahahaha! I'd laff but no more reactions yet! Spot ON though!
  13. No more likes today John but Earl was a great man in so many ways. Soooo down to earth and man could he pick! Been itching to unzip this one. Their best on 4 albums, digital and half-speed. Early and not too shabby ! No box this time just slide them in and out of a box cover. 4 lp's, each with it's own cover & paper sleeve,
  14. Walking into a mess like that would be nasty but ya got a baller for a Coach so that will change. Next week we'll see if they can step up and knock blue off. Noticed blue running 3 offensive plays we use. I guess if ya can't beat 'em join 'em? OSU had a slow start but that's to be expected. You can always tell if a team has improved by the 3rd game Woody used to say. We'll see what shakes out in Happy Valley. No white out but after the IU loss they're gonna be gunnin lookin for the upset. On to the next I guess!
  15. Those ballers can ball at OSU! Yup, we won, blue won with a somewhat OSU looking offensive scheme, Penn State lost to IU and Rutgers beating Mi State? Come on @DizRotus, even w/a new Coach??? Rutgers w/their first B1G win? Ugh! Yea, @JohnJ Clemson won or was given another game. Bama losing their QB w/a broken ankle? Sad, just plain sad to see that happen to any player. He'll mend and Nick will be Nick with the next man up. Play of the Day? I've NEVER seen anything like this before in my life! Pinball anyone? A great watch so eyeball it. Ya don't know who won??? With THAT kind of luck?
  16. WHY did I know you were going to say that??? 😂 ✌️
  17. Happy Birthday Picky! Nice meeting you all last summer @ Neil's! Stay safe up there and looking forward to the next time! Eat more cake!
  18. Okies time for ni ni here. Stay safe everyone!
  19. Been in and out of both places many times but with someone else driving. Then again that was LONG ago and today? Ummm, nope not me. Has to be a nightmare. Last time I was in LA I couldn't wait to get outta Dodge. LF I know has a place in some "Tower's." Nice but small but the highlight of my stay there was bumping into porn king Ron Jeremy. Seems he also has or had a place there. That's been years ago. I backed away from him verrrrrry slowly watching his every move! lol
  20. Slipping into this box now. Eagles "Live at The Forum" with Deacon Frey playing in place of his Dad. Recorded in 2018 and just released I felt it was going to be special. I heard it was one of their best ever shows so yea... For a $90 4-lp investment initially it was a little disappointing. Regular old printed paper jackets for one and secondly lots of white/pink noise in the lead IN/OUT grooves. Come on man! Sonically though the first side and now the second side sound great. Nice and clean, crisp and detailed with an open sound stage. If you're not full after a 2 hour play and still need more you're in trouble. Sounds great though!
  21. Listening and yea I'd buy it again but if you hit youtube and listen to "Bad Trick," "Drink Til I See Double," "Outlaw Blood," "Fast Left Hand," those are all from his "Co-Starrring" LP that I have. Soooo shop 'em out brother! I'd love to spend your $$ but.... Your $$$! I like it though. Some renegade country imo! It'll fit quite nicely!
  22. He'll draw ya into side two... Side one highlight is the first track then the rest is good but when ya flip he kicks it into his mic'd up voice and sounds a lot like Dylan to me and it all just meshes so well. Lemme give it a second listen now and I'll fill ya in a bit more.
  23. Thinking it's Calvin Webster from first glance. He's from TX soooo maybe.
  24. @JohnJ I've heard RWH's stuff forever but had to pick it up since Joe & Ringo were on it. It's actually a great album and will totally draw ya into it. Lil foot stompin outlaw stuff! Thinkin it's time to warm things up and get into a bit of trouble here in the hood. 50's here and the neighbors are prolly glad my french doors are closed up! Thunkin it's gonna start getting cold while Paul is starting to warm up down under!
  25. Hey now Mister that's a heck of a way to recruit a newbie into our clandestine lil group! Just slip on in anytime Fido but remember DON'T TAKE CANDY FROM STRANGERS!
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