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    "What to do with your CD collection when you switch back to analog" or "Cheaper than a paint job"? Found in Ann Arbor, ❌ichigan!
  2. @billybob you sly dawg you! Congrats! I see you man!!! 😂
  3. Cool here today and I think I hit the yard w/a bit too much fertilizer. Hit it w/the crabgrass preventer/fert the first part of May then followed up w/the weed n feed a couple weeks later. Mowed Thursday and have to hit it again today. Then a trip around w/the lawn sweeper for the clippings with no where to put it. Trimming the bushes on both ends of the house next week so have to save the xtra garbage cans for that. How the heck can bushes grow 2 feet since last summer? Yea, quite a bit of rain but this is nuts! May as well get it started before the temps start going up again. Yea, it's true fat people sweat a lot. Sucks to be me! Time to git er done!
  4. Yup, clean, tight, airy and Rush! Nice package!
  5. It's the 180 audiophile 3-LP w/the complete 80 tour on it. Gonna see in about 5 minutes! lol
  6. Slipped back out into the garage this afternoon to catch my pretty lil blonde USPS carrier outta the truck and putting a box full of LP's in my office chair. She was as shocked to see me coming out of the house as I was seeing her putting the box in the chair. We both started laffin. I've always told her to NEVER get outta the truck because then people expect you to all the time. Yup, busted and we both started laffin. Gonna be unzippin that new Rush 40th Anniversary box shortly!
  7. Every "vinyl man" cracks once in a while but since his stuff is only on CD I caved. DAMN Skippy what a box set! Better jump they're goin fast! Some GREAT stuff right here!
  8. Well I may as well have at it! Angus is great!
  9. Smoke? Someone mention smoke? Live @ River Plate from 2009 smokes!
  10. Thorens 125 table is showing sold here. Wonder what the askin price was.
  11. Honey, what ya doin??? Nuttin I'm in the jacuzzi! https://thehooksite.com/you-can-now-get-a-mini-jacuzzi-for-your-balls/?fbclid=IwAR3ny60oDN1rYBDPJejU7-oMltqPLJEr0_Ax_Ht-GP_7nK8DSNLPz6PFSY4 Had to! 😂
  12. Now don't bite off more than you can chew. hahahaha
  13. Don't blink big boy or I'll have a few of those I've seen! You got some nice stuff!
  14. Older guy down the street passed a couple years ago so the kids had a "tag sale." Just put a price on things and opened up the house so people could buy what they wanted. One of their friends was an auctioneer's helper from Cbus who came up to help them price things and make sales, etc. They used a local auctioneer to sell what's left so they don't have to pay him as much. Saw a shelf in the garage w/quarts and half-gallon cans of ALL" the good stuff. Asked the woman if all that was for sale and she said sure how bout $5. Gave her the $5 and she gave me a plastic tub for everything. I have an entire tub full now. Half-gallon jug of malathion, chlordane and stuff I haven't even looked at. Bring on those man killin hornets or whatever they are!
  15. The big dawg is runnin! We're watchin!
  16. This coming Saturday @ 3PM EST. Adjust your times accordingly if your interested!
  17. Yabba dabby do! Yes dear, I'm hung up in a tree... Geez!
  18. Welcome to the forum! Many of those here are into the home theater scene so you should be able to get some great advice. Unfortunately I'm not into home theater. The resident guru is @Youthman who surfaces occasionally. He also has quite a few youtube videos up to drool over. They'll surface! Have fun and by all means enjoy!
  19. Coffee is goin down smooth this morning. Haircut in 1 that is ONE hour! Lil scarey thought for you all to mull around this morning: Weird out-of-context fact: Rick “Super Freak” James was in the same band, the Mynah Birds, as Neil Young. Carry on!
  20. I thought it was verboten to play any Zep in this room? 😂
  21. 😂 😂 Funny, I thought this was put to bed a few days ago but kept seeing comments so naturally had to peek in. hahaha
  22. Ya HAD to tell him that? Geez ya just made his day. hahahaha Edge retention? First time I ever heard anything about edge retention. Just a knife to kids. The torch was the tough thing to handle! lolol BTW did ya'll notice Tarheel finally rolled outta bed? hahahahaha
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