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  1. By golly I think he's done it. Stumped EVERYone on this thread! Good job @thebes!!! Your toaster SHOULD be in the mail very soon!
  2. ALZHEIMER'S SUCKS! Yup 52nd year for the Bratwurst Festival here and my 95-year-old Mother is now in assisted living struggling with Sundowner's syndrome. FEW good days anymore so I started thinking outside the box. She loves her Buckeyes, took me to my first game LONG ago and wanted me to go there. So I wanted to jog her memory a bit. I could have asked former players I know who were in town but she wouldn't know any of them then I bump into THIS guy! Props to him for stopping in this morning to see my Mama and a few of the other residents there. Yea, she KNEW who it was. Who doesn't? What was she thinking? Sure haters are gonna hate and that's fine with me! She rarely talks anymore and when she does it's random thoughts. I almost missed the shot screwing around with my cell. A GOOD photographer captures everything in the photo. The fact she reached out to touch him and her small smile told me everything and truly made my day. Thankful I got the shot and didn't miss it. It's a forever keeper for me! ANYthing to see her smile anymore just kills me. It just doesn't happen. Normally I'd never share my mother in a picture here but the bottom line is ALZHEIMER'S SUCKS!
  3. CNN 2-hour special on Woodstock @ 9 EST if anyone's interested.
  4. Agreed! Trust me I SOOOOOO wanted to go and literally offered to pay for the gas and drive. Just ONE person to go with me that's ALL it would have taken. I begged people for two weeks to go. Everyone wanted to go but were afraid of what their parents would do to them when we came back. Grounded, no car or life scared the bejesus outta them. I was already a heathen cause I was immersed in rock and Motown. I'd met ALL the Motown greats and many rock legends by then. I watched the TV and had second thoughts, which were erased quickly KNOWING it would be the event of a lifetime. ALL the people walking forever to go in just to be a part of history. ALL of it plus Jimi was going to be there! Bill & Terry Hanley were gonna be there and that would be enough to get me in. I had to and have never forgiven myself for not going solo and taking the heat when I came home. Ugh, sucked to be a kid then. I'd done EVERYthing else but that just didn't happen. Truly a DUH moment in my life! Grrrrrrr...
  5. Dave1290


    Cat Scratch Fever?
  6. @bets82 Have you been contacted by Jeffrey D. Medwin here? I'm sure if the two of you put your heads together you could work out a nice deal.
  7. I liked the guy in the video w/his phone alllll the way out w/his selfie stick. May as well just walk down there and hand hold it. At that speed ur just dead if they hit you. I remember one year @ Indy. Shooting on the inside of turn 3 w/Rahal and Luyendyk in a battle for the win. I KNEW Arie was gonna come in under Rahal there. Looked back and flipped out. There's the ex layin in the grass INSIDE the fence w/me. Ya die oh so quickly there. No time to move. I got her outta there and here they come... Arie under Rahal for the lead w/32 laps left AND the win @ warp 3. People don't realize that IF there's a crash the majority of the car still comes at you @ THEIR speed. One moron got hit w/a pop rivet, which broke his arm one year. That's why they have WALLS to stay behind and trust me I'm behind them for most of the time. Ya see it coming and kiss the ground real quick. Selfie stick? hahahaha ur dead man.
  8. Looks great up there! Nice to see your Infinity's being put back in use. I've got just enough room in here for my old Ref Stndard 2.5's in here next to my LS. 2 of the 4 Emim's are toast and I'm just not into buying some from Graz for big bucks. Down the road I prolly will but nice to see your pair up and running. Lil change up is always good! Enjoy!
  9. Yea, what @dbomberger said! I''m running the small integrated and told him to check PL out so naturally he went crazy nuts! Smart man Del!!! I'm running the small integrated and it sounds great but I've had mine longer so the tubes are burning in. Ya want a bit more now and I'm sure the larger integrateds will shine. I'd never hesitate again going w/the PL. Dead quiet, clean, very revealing and sound great. The sound stage is there too. Added a Schiit Mani for the phono stage from my Linn table. It's paired w/my 81 LS and @Deang modded networks and Crites 120 tweeters. Love it!
  10. Those look great Bruce! Congrats!
  11. Nice to see Jim's got the "hood" sticking together as friends. Ya don't see that much anymore. Around here it's the "Neighborhood Watch" thingy every summer. Hot dogs and bring a dish. It's nice but then you're feeding all the cops and firemen too. They drive around the town foraging for the best food they can find. Not many out for this years "National Night Out." Whatever works though I guess. That's the way to do it though Jim!
  12. It had been years for me until this LF. who's a college English/Drama professor, wanted me to go see Clint Eastwood's last movie. The Runner or whatever it was called. I used my military ID and got the tickets on the cheap so the first thing she does is hit the concessions. Huge tub of popcorn and a half-gallon of sweet water in a cup, THEN it was about 3 boxes of "movie candy" as she calls it. I was like seriously??? She weighs about 100 pounds and just dropped about $30 on garbage? Gonna be a loooong time before I do another one but this one does look good!
  13. Thanks John. I enjoy it. The Crimson was misplace but I ran across it so went from there. Loved Janis too much and rarely played that Big Brother LP. It's such a great album. Chillin this evening but thinkin about that steak you ate. Bagels suck around here! lol The Marshall Tucker Band always works for me too!
  14. It sounded great. I was amazed at what I was hearing!
  15. You better hope Mama doesn't see that @dtel!!!
  16. Clapton, Winwood, Grech & Baker? Whew! 1969 as Blind Faith! Greatness imo! What's a pretty lil girl like me to do in 1968??? Kick some a$$ in San Fran w/the Boys that's all! One of the best you'll ever hear from those psychedelic years!
  17. Exactly what I'm doing right now! Jerry Garcia's 1st solo album from 1972 Rollin right along from 1974 with "Compliments of Garcia." .. Voila! 1971 Half-speed Master of King Crimson's "Island" Yum! Time to dig! I"m feelin it again! 😂
  18. Looks great Chuck! A switch-up is always fun. Downside with me is I'm always playin w/it all. Then you're right back where you were in the beginning going "What was I thinking?" lol
  19. Looks great and welcome home!
  20. I recorded a tape once on my high $ Sony deck in stereo of this dude I knew. I bought the deck just to record him. The ONLY reel I ever cherished and held close to my heart. He did it just for me and now he's gone. I went back years later to listen to it for the third time and it was a total waste. No sticky tape. More like glued together. Heartbreaking to say the least.
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