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  1. They have gotten really expensive the last few years.
  2. BBQ trophies, forgot they were there.
  3. That's it! Great find! When I was kid my parents were in a bowling league. They would give my brother and I quarters to play the arcade games. There was a pinball machine there called High Speed and it always sucked my money up. So when I was done with my quarters I would just watch other people play it. Two years ago I wanted something to fill in an empty space in my basement so I decided on a pinball machine. After much research I bought the sequel to High Speed called High Speed II The Getaway. The creator of the original game got the idea for it when he was chased by the police in his Porsche. It was the first game that truly had a story line with a mix of objectives you had to complete to move on to the next level. What is funny is that the original game had a Lamborghini Countach but used the the exhaust note of the creators 1970 Pontac Trans Am since they couldn't get a hold of a real Lamborghini. You know, some people pop pills for stress, I play pinball.
  4. I've had my pre-teen niece's, nephew's and cousin's who are all into gaming online come play my machine. They we ALL blown away how fun pinball is! There is something about playing a game that is mechanical. Opening one of these babies up isn't for the faint of heart. Very intimidating at first, but if you know how to read a schematic all is good.
  5. Gambling....pinball machines where outlawed in a number of cities for the same thing back in the day.
  6. @mungkiman sorry about my lack of knowledge, but is that called Chinese pinball, I'm being serious.
  7. They are a challenge to repair, but that is half the fun!
  8. Yep, want to know about your silver Balls! Post a pic of what you have. I only have one due to space but would live to see how many Klipsch owners love pinball.
  9. Been browsing on that site for years now. Can't wait to get started. I used to do some completions, won some, but vowed never to do another comp until I get my rig up. I don't want to have it built for me, I want to do it and make it my own. There is nothing like cooking some awesome Q or steaks for people and seeing their reaction. Very satisfying. It's also satisfying doing a competition and having all your friends come out and support you. It's not about winning for me but the time hanging out with friends......and the beer. Ok....winning too.
  10. 27 years....now that just doesn't fit with today's time. You are supposed to have as many kids possible with as many women as you can so that when they get old enough they have no direction and go riot and loot as much as they can get their hands on. Get with the times bro.
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