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  1. Not reversed. Again from just a single speaker this is reversing the compression driver Is it my imagination or are you right? I did not know you had to reverse the polarities on these. I bought these used so I wonder if anyone has done anything to the passives.
  2. My biggest concern is the drop from 400 to 1Khz. Could this be due to old passive networks? Would going the active route correct this? I know the spike from 100 to 150hz is big too but we're talking a difference of 50hz and not 600hz! There is a lot being missed here and I tend to believe it's not the room. Again measurements taken from 1 meter being careful not to get reflections from the room. Any direction would be helpful.
  3. Not at all an expert but this looks like dog poop to me! This was done on 904's with mic 1 metre away, sound panels on either side of the speaker past the mic, carpeted/padded floor and sound panel ceiling. Outlaw audio 990 with Sunfire amp
  4. @garyeandersonWhen the weather breaks I will be veneering a set of 904's in walnut and this thread will be the inspiration. I didn't know what direction I was going to go with until now. It won't be cheap to do but it will make the wife and I happy. Thanks
  5. First thank you for taking your time out. Second, you're right in that I was taking my measurements at the listening position. I thought searched enough threads about the subject but I guess not. Here is what I intend to do: 1. Take measurements 1 metre from the speaker. I have carpeted floor with padding, 95% of my ceiling is made up of acoustic paneling. I will also put two acoustical panels on the sides of each speaker and take REW measurements this weekend from varies heights. 2. Evalutae the data. 3. More than likely buy a Xilica vs. a new passive xo after I buy @Westcoastdrums amp next week if it doesn't sell by then. 4. Hide both the amp and Xilica from wife. 5. Play with it. Make wife jealous. (Please no jokes here) 5. Have a CRAP LOAD of questions. 6. Smile. 7. Work on a Subwoofer....or two and piss wife off. 8. Fly @Chris A (and pay$) to listen and evaluate. Dinners will blow you away. 9. Finally have the system where I want it. 10. Start all over and build some 402 MEH's! Thanks Chris.
  6. @Chris A This what I was watching Chris. I'm trying to get educated on REW somewhat before asking any questions so I don't sound dumb......to late. At least you clarified that for me. Now I can take that and run all new measurements this weekend! Thank you for your help. I try not to burden the forum with dumb questions.
  7. They only have a week though, then it's mine.
  8. I'm sorry, my last quote was in reference to buying the QSC unit from Westcoastdrums. I posted it here to give a bump to Rockhound. Read above posts and you'll see whats goung on☺
  9. @Dave A Did you ever get this resolved? I also have the the same speakers but no crackle. Everything is currently stock but feel something is missing and am leaning towards the digital crossover vs getting a new passive for it. When I run REW it seems the HF is not hot, but then again I watched a video on REW (still learning) and they said anything over 500-700HZ you should disregard in a home environment. Not sure how much truth there is to that though.
  10. Gotta love Danny Carey, one of the best drummers ever!
  11. And I will say, if your amp doesn't sell in two weeks, I'll buy it.
  12. Two great amps! Two great prices! Not mine!
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