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  1. @Deang, @Dave A , @glens Got the L-pad parts in and want to make sure I do this right, just need a blessing...... This... Plus this Equals this right? Thanks for the help!
  2. Wish you were closer. We could do a swap, 904LF's for the 415's. 😞
  3. Not great but GREAT news! Sucks that he had one but he's alive and very treatable! You know the diagnosis and now can move forward with a game plan. My wife will be in the hospital for the next week but am not going to worry myself with her safety being there, might be the best place to be. So my prayers are with you and your family in these crazy times and wish your dad a speedy recovery. Things happen for a reason and we cannot control things that are out of our control, so don't fret Jay, he'll be taken care of. If he needs surgery, then he needs surgery. The Doctors aren't going anywhere and you live in an area of the country where you access to the top medical field. He'll be good. I feel for you bro. Head up.
  4. She had surgery a week and a half ago to get the big "C" out...but she went back in today due to some complications, has surgery again tomorrow. I not allowed to go due to the corona virus and there is 15 with it at the hospital the last I heard. Fun times!
  5. I'm good on ammo, might need one of those communal scrubbers for my butt though.
  6. I'm in downtown Chicago everyday. Its quiet, never seen the city so slow. Just worried about my wife getting this.
  7. It's an 8 ohm. Any specific L-pad you would recommend because I'm going to do this for the 3 crossovers I'm building then plug in the real resistor when it's dialed in.
  8. By the way I am currently building 3 crossover networks based on the schematic CANT provided. Just waiting on some more parts so I am living this with you bro.
  9. The schematic that CANT posted is my one crossover that doesn't look like OEM because there is no PCB. My other six have the autotransformer, polyswitch and resistor.....don't know why. One says KPT-904M-B the other six say KPT-904M. Do you have an xilica or access to one?
  10. Will ask. I'll get better pic's of the crossovers then. Might not be till this weekend. Thanks Dave.
  11. Wierd. Mine were made in 99 as well and it seems like there are multiple crossovers for the 904's.
  12. Dave what year were your 904's made?
  13. @Dave A Not sure if it's OEM since we bought the KPT-904's used, but the pic I posted above has a sticker on it marked KPT-904M-B. The pic below (which we have 6 of) is just marked KPT-904M. I am currently building 3 new crossovers based on the one pic above (KPT-904M-B) and off the scematic. I ran REW on both crossovers and found the M-B "THAT I HAVE" is 9db hotter than the M "THAT I HAVE". But what confuses me is that on the schematic, there is no resistor, autotransformer or polyswitch. I prefer the M over the M-B crossover but because the graph is smoother, but my brother-in-law wants his 9db hotter on the HF since he might put a screen in front of the horns.
  14. @Dave A I only have one KPT-904M-B crossover and it doesn't have the polyswitch.
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