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  1. At least i appreciate this guys honesty...
  2. That's the first pic I've seen of the forte III crossover, I wonder what the schematic is. I know folks here have been trying the ti mid on the forte ii (I almost did), but it's often considered too loud and not balanced. Think these extra components in the FIII are helping to fix that?
  3. iaRIVR

    RSW-12 For Sale

    If anyone in the twin cities is interested I'll be going through Amana (well close enough) tomorrow on my way up and could ferry it north. I'm tempted...
  4. May be interested in one of the amps, will you let me know if they are available?
  5. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-for-sale-matched-tube/7078903699.html $3000 with Crites crossovers and tweeters. Look fantastic.
  6. Gotcha. I would also agree about selling them as-is. There is a risk the veneer job doesn't turn out (not knocking your friend at all), and it doesn't add much to the value. When you buy a house that needs some work, you don't ask the owner to take care of it you ask for a better price so you can make sure the work was done the way you want. At least that's how I would approach it.
  7. Look very nice: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-klipsch-chorus-1-hh-scott/7056371406.html
  8. HiFi - Sounds like you got shipping worked out but I can help if you need, I'm in St Paul.
  9. Sold locally, happy to say they should end up in a cool set of speakers. We had them hooked up and I got to listen to them more, they really do sound good. A part of me would have been happy if he had decided to walk away but these just aren't in the cards now. Cheers all.
  10. Well hello! Greetings from St Paul. Patrick reached out yesterday and is going to try to come by tonight or tomorrow to check them out. I think he saw my CL ad and sometimes its hard to tell who's coming by, good to know he's talked to you. I was hoping to put a stipulation on the sale that I get to hear the final project and see what I missed, we'll see how that goes...
  11. Picked these up locally and decided I should start with a full range driver for my first speaker build. I had some crazy ideas but I have a lot to learn before I try to build anything around these. The horns have light scratches but they do not go into the fiberglass. I was going to prep and repaint if I kept them. I hooked them up and both played and sounded the same, and both measure very close in Ohms so as far as I can tell the original diaphragms are good. Prefer local pickup around MN, will be in IA around Thanksgiving as well. Asking $125 OBO. Would consider trades for full range drivers (around 6"), or modern high compliance MM cartridge with cash on my end.
  12. All good thoughts, appreciate them. Each step up feels like a relatively small jump, but going from reveneering to building a cornscala is a big leap. I do the same with house projects and end up ripping out walls. But I know a lot more about that. I'll start with the stands and continue to mod the Fortes. I will also keep my eye out for some 12-15" woofers to start playing with the DH1As, great call @Bubo to mock something up first. @Deang - what speakers are you thinking? I've clearly got bigger eyes than my wallet...
  13. I have them up on two post stands now, for me getting them up was a huge improvement. Well, maybe not "huge" but worth it. I read a quote from Mr. Klipsch about not having a void below the speaker, which is why I was going to make the stand as solid as possible. Another thought I had was to take the mid and tweeter out of the cabinet, seal and brace it to maintain the same volume, and then add a second box above for the mid and tweeter. I'd have to reveneer, but it would keep the woofer and passive at the original height while elevating the mid and tweeter as much as I like. Anyone seen anything like that?
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