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  1. A starting price is a reserve. A starting price + an actual reserve is a 'double reserve' in the auction business. No need to look that up, it's a thing.
  2. Those are mine. If any member is interested I'm a bit flexible. I did change the listing to $1200, not sure how to price these and decided I'd be happy getting what I have into them.
  3. If anyone is able to place an order for the KD16 will you kindly post the price? I have two recone kits from SS, but OEM and not having to recone is so tempting...
  4. Lol, troll much? you had no idea what was available.
  5. Thanks! That was a tough one, but sold. Please delete.
  6. Selling my restored Harman Kardon HK 430. Really an amazing amp but it's been sitting and I'm trying to not have keep things I'm not using. Tested close to 30 WPC, works perfect. Checked out by twin cities tubes in St Paul and tested great. Testing the waters a bit, let me know you are interested and have more questions. Thinking around $350, based on what I've seen them go for. -New filter caps -Nichicon FG caps in phono, pre, and amp section (everything but radio boards) -New thermal grease on output transistors -"noisy" transistors replaced, a handful of the originals are known to get noisy and cause issues. -New lights up front Stereo, amplifier, receiver
  7. This may be a dead horse but current info is that they do not sell a passive for the Chorus. They sell a passive for the Forte.
  8. I thought we just established that Klipsch does not make a KD16 replacement, so not sure what they can do. Has @Trey Cannon offered to be an intermediary for the Klipsch parts department? Good idea to make sure he's okay with volunteering him to help...
  9. Everyone please stop emailing me all at once and offering me hundreds over my asking price. Sold, mods please delete.
  10. One bump with price drop.
  11. Woah! I did not see that. Where did he say that? So glad I didn't spend the money on the FIIIs. He initially said very confidently they would work. The SS cones are pleated, and I trust them to know how to spec a proper replacement. Plus passives seem much simpler the drivers with a few basic variables (area, weight, material, surround). https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-speaker-passive-radiator-recone-kit-rk-klpkd15.html Not pushing that option but after much research is the way I went.
  12. I have not done it yet But yes when I do I will transfer the weight.
  13. I ended up going with the recone kit from simply speakers, although in retrospect I might have gone with the Forte III just to know they are up to spec. Really can't get a better authority on compatibility than Ray. I would not hold your breath for OEM pleated ones, they are few and far between. Let me know if you end up with a KD-16 basket, I'm still looking out for another donor to recone.
  14. Very nice 115 wpc integrated amp with phono stage. Works great, looks and sounds fantastic. Small mark on the left side of the faceplate. Very hard one to sell. $300 plus shipping OBO. Was using it with Chorus II, very enjoyable. I can send more pics if interested. What Hi-Fi best buy amplifier in 2002 (£500-£800).
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