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  1. There are quite a few established designs for tube amps, this is the one I almost pulled the trigger on: http://tubelab.com/designs/tubelab-sse/ But, I will say the cost of parts is still up there and chassis/housings are surprisingly expensive. Plus your time. I just finished an Aleph J build, and even reusing a Hafler 220 chassis I got for $20 it took quite a bit of fabrication. Not trying to be discouraging, but as someone that has been trying to find high-quality DIY designs and build them cheaply it always takes way more time and money than I expected. Still fun. Another thought is the ACA, also a Nelson Pass solid state design. I know it's not tubes, but you do get 8 WPC class-a and the full kit is around $350.
  2. Having been down this road (thank you to the patient folks on this forum) I really don't think there can be a good answer as it is subjective and there is no way to know how they will work with your personal taste unless you try them all. Lots of good recommendations so far, don't lose sleep over whatever combo you go with.
  3. I finished an Aleph J recently and I don't see using this for awhile. Great amp, works perfect and sounds amazing. Not a ton of reviews out there but they are very positive. Possibly open to trades for/towards heritage like Forte II. Asking $750, not a lot of used pricing but seems reasonable for a top of the line 200wpc amp. Less than I paid for it.
  4. It's just comical when people clearly don't like something because they don't understand it. Giving up an 8th world title to boycott? That's a bit daft to even suggest.
  5. @geezin'What's the point of these two pictures? Good for Hamilton for calling it out.
  6. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/ele/d/zimmerman-klipsch-cornwall-iv/7403953553.html
  7. You might check the passive radiator and woofer to make sure they are in good shape, I've seen a few with small punctures in the passive. If any of the drivers have been taken out (damaged screws would be a clue) they may not have a good seal. Definitely play with positioning, if you want to rule out the room/positioning you could switch the speakers to check if it's the room or the speaker.
  8. Well, a monumental improvement from the last one at least. Also- they double as saw horses!
  9. Seriously did someone get this?? I'll send you $150 for it 😜 It is interesting that it's still there, bit of a red flag as almost any basic receiver is listed for over $100.
  10. I reached out as my father in law is in peoria and offered to pick it up, but the seller updated the listing and wanted to meet at the police station. Which I completely understand, but I don't feel comfortable asking my FIL to bring cash and don't think they'd be up for a complicated transaction. Bet that balance control need a shot of deoxit and it's good to go!
  11. I wasn't at Kinnick for that one but do remember watching it. Tough one. I was being sarcastic about underranked!!! I need an emoji for that. We are having a good year but 3rd in the country?? It really doesn't mean much this early in the season, and we have a lot of tough games coming.
  12. Go Hawks!! Will be a tough slugfest. Iowa is woefully underranked, it's a shame My dad has been getting season tickets for... yikes 50 years I bet? I try to go to one game a year, I could have picked Penn State for some reason I choose Colorado. Kinnick is going to be electric!
  13. A big issue with BT on AK is that with so many posts, people would have a discussion that kept bumping it to the top, often going off on tangents not related to the sale at all. . I haven't felt like that's an issue here, but a set posting length (3-7 days?) would make sure new posts get more visibility. On the other hand, seeing someone resurrect a year-old for sale thread that is still available is fun. Also- I think i'm going to start low-balling more. I fully support people asking top dollar, but I missed out on a local pair of LaScalas because I thought offering $500 less than asking was too low.
  14. Thanks all. If I could find them for $1k I would grab those in a heartbeat! CW are something I feel like I should try. I miss Klipsch. Maybe I should have spent more time with the Chorus IIs, I think at lower volume in a smaller space it felt like a sports car stuck in traffic just begging to be unleashed. I'm also watching for a pair of Forte's, those seemed to fit the space a little better.
  15. That would have been perfect, too bad I didn't even see it though you have about 10 minutes to respond on CL these days. That range works for me, I've seen lots listed at 2-3k and that is more than I would pay. Thanks, and if you see some close let me know. Going up north to grab those La Scalas?
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