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  1. I see that now, I think I'll skip the spikes and focus on decoupling. So many opinions... having a very productive Friday reading up on stands. Thanks!
  2. Planning on doing some work on my Forte IIs and making new speaker stands is on the list. Right now I have a very simple setup with a pair of heavy old 2x4s, vertical, between a double layer of mdf on the bottom and a single layer on the top. Probably not important but they get the speakers up about 8-10" and work okay. One key is they sit on suspended wood floors. My current plan is to build a very solid box with a double layer of mdf (1.5" thick) filled with sand. I would put thin rubber furniture feet under the box, then spikes under the forte's to couple them to the box. The reason for putting the spikes between the speakers and the box is it seems like a lot of weight on the spikes and floor. I'm open to any suggestions. My goal is to bring the speakers up 8-10", not create a void under the speakers, and make them sound as good as I can. Am I on the right track with either of these designs?
  3. That's a good call too, they fit okay but not great. Adding a little extension to the wires would be all I need.
  4. I should clarify- the info I was looking at was over at AK but I thought it was here to, and I posted here because I would prefer the Klipschophiles advice I'll hold off, not looking to spend money needlessly. Thanks @JohnA I am just starting to learn about crossovers, I have the sonicaps from Crites but they are so crammed onto the original PCB I was planning to build a new crossover and reseal the cabinets and gaskets while I'm at it. If I could incorporate a crossover upgrade, great, but not in any rush to.
  5. Are you saying the stock inductor is fine for the crossovers? Thanks for the link, those are still pretty $$. I actually think I was getting more info over at AK and generally following SET12's process. I'm going to build new crossovers just cause they're all crammed into the stock pcb, I depending on the price I might upgrade one of the circuts(?) like a larger air core inductor and capacitor for the woofer.
  6. I'm starting to price out crossover upgrades for a Forte II and seeing a lot of recommendations for 12 or even 10 AWG air coil inductors for the woofer. The largest I can find are 14 AWG, like these: Solen 2.75mH at 14 https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/solen-14-awg-perfect-lay/solen-2.75-mh-perfect-lay-inductors-14-awg/ North Creek's site appears to be down. Would 14 be worth it, or is that not big enough to make much of a difference over stock?
  7. I reached out and got a response later saying they were sold, said it was a great price and they said " Yes I figured that out about 4 minutes after I posted it. Oh well. " I know it's the game but annoying that someone buys them to just flip them. As someone just getting into this hobby it seems like prices are going up like crazy. There's a very nice looking recapped HK730 going for $500 around here too. But hey, it's a great receiver and maybe worth that to someone.
  8. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-german-made-bookshelves/6922165580.html I guess Klipsch does German...
  9. I also saw the humor Thanks all! I got what I need, 16 AWG pure copper hook up wire it is. Appreciate it!
  10. A painfully basic question I realize but I'm going to make new crossovers for a pair for Forte IIs (very crowded with sonicaps from Crites), can anyone link to a specific wire I should use? I've read 12-16 gauge, larger for woofers. Sometimes people recommend very specific brands, gauges, types, so I'm hoping someone can say 'this here wire is a good 'un.' Not looking to go high end. They will be mounted on wood board very similar to the way you see Crites and most crossovers here. I'll redo wiring for- 1) Internal crossover connections 2) Internal wires to drivers
  11. iaRIVR

    Anybody ID this?

    Haha I'll pass on this one then. If anyone wants it for parts I'd be happy to pick it up and ship.
  12. iaRIVR

    Anybody ID this?

    Looks like an amp of some sort. If it's really cool I call dibs Kidding, but I am looking for a project. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/newport-tube-sockets-switches/6898585369.html
  13. Looking for a 655vxi for parts, or a 660 or 665 in any condition. Not sure what the going rate for these is, just a fan of HK stuff! Will be running some forte II's I'm in Saint Paul, heading to Chicago this weekend and Kansas City the following weekend. Thanks! Adding some background - I found a 655vxi that I really like, but can't get the DC offset to stabilize. Still working on it but I'm poking around in the dark at this point. Found one on ebay for about $100 shipped, I could swap parts between them but still a risk that I won't end up with a working amp. With the money I have into it, wondering if it would be better for my sanity to cut my losses and put that $100 towards something else and wanted to see if anyone had something similar. Or potentially another solid integrated, like a Luxman R-115?
  14. I check CL all the time here, can't believe I missed these...
  15. So that's where all the speakers went... 😀 Would be interested to hear what you have for crossovers after the buyer is set up with theirs. Mine are stock with new caps from Crites.
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