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  1. Wait what??? ICU nurse says vaccine is bad, therefore vaccine is bad, scary and dangerous. Pulmonologist says COVID is bad, and he's not credible. Because he works in a major hospital in a city of 350k and has been training in medicine for 35 years. Good luck man. With that, I'm done here. Yikes.
  2. My FIL is a pulmonologist that sees the effects of COVID every day. His take is the risks of COVID, long and short term, far outweigh this risks of the vaccine. COVID has been downplayed, although it has killed hundreds of thousands. Not saying the vaccine does not have risks, but I am way more scared of COVID.
  3. I've heard that too, and so far I would say it does great with power. My experience is limited, but that big ol woofer can use the power to really control it and keep it tight. Maybe dampening factor is more important that watts. Mid and highs are great with anything. I've gone from 25 watt HK430 to 120 integrated, now at 150 watt NAD and 220 watt B&K. Kinda liking the NAD at the moment. Edit - revising this post as I have no idea whether that woofer has any bearing on anything, that's something I read and it made sense. Trying to get away from speculative hearsay.
  4. Got mine yesterday, my arm was sore! Shot's rarely bother me but this one did. No effects today. Unfortunately we live in a time when information is so plentiful anyone can point to "experts" that are trying to make a living writing clickbait articles. The way our brains are wired we gravitate towards the most salacious headlines and only read the articles that fit within our worldview. We didn't even attempt a nation-wide lockdown, or have anything remotely approaching a national strategy because people would not listen to experts. This, as every topic, quickly got couched in politics and "freedom." Thanks to all who are getting it.
  5. Sort of sounds like a carnyx. Why do you need to know so badly?
  6. In Minneapolis but on ebay- $5k though https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Klipsch-Sanui-vintage-set/353403408196?hash=item52487c0f44:g:XGUAAOSwBUdgO8rk RARE Vintage Klipsch La Scala Speakers & Vintage Sansui Stereo System with Custom Shelves. Selling full set up - original owner - great condition - includes: Sansui AU 719 Amp Sansui TU 717 Turner Sansui SE Equalizer Sansui X-9 Turntable Sansui 3330 Cassette Player Sansui GX-5 Rack Sansui 881-EEE Needle (2) 1979 Klipsch La Scala LS-BR (2) Custom shelves
  7. I have a VM540ML and it is fantastic, I picked that one after a lot of research looking for best bang for the buck in that price range. Don't have a lot to compare it though. There's no right answer, so in the end you can't go wrong!
  8. Fresh paint though...that's worth something...
  9. Just for giggles- the author of that article is in no way a medical expert and is clearly just pulling random facts from all over the place. This is not a good article. Stephanie Pappas is a contributing writer for Live Science. She covers the world of human and animal behavior, as well as paleontology and other science topics. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of South Carolina and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has ducked under a glacier in Switzerland and poked hot lava with a stick in Hawaii. Stephanie hails from East Tennessee, the global center for salamander diversity. Follow Stephanie on Google+. Although I do agree on cloth masks, I get early on when there was a shortage but now the higher the better. No one is saying masks are the solution, but they are definitely part of the solution. Along with vaccines.
  10. Absolutely pre-existing conditions are a factor, but people are dying because of covid. I have no idea what science is behind CA not opening gyms, as I said when we look back we will find (gasp) states on both sides were wrong. Where is this fact? So if the CDC are not 'experts' who do you trust the next time we have a pandemic???? I don't get it. Even if it's 2%, that's a lot of lives and it slows transmission rates. So it's better. And it's not hard to do.
  11. What? Can you explain that? I can't find anything along those lines. I do hope we learn a lot from this about managing epidemics in the future. In retrospect I bet we will say some states were too restrictive, some were too loose, and no one handled it perfectly. We will probably use the US response as textbook case of how not to handle things in the future. It will be medical experts that do that work, based on science and data, not armchair journalists pulling together a few random facts to make clickbait. This is also why we need competent professionals in places like the CDC. It is frustrating and frankly scary that many of the states that did not impose regulations did so not because they had better science, data, or medical opinions, but because for some reason people thought being asked to wear a mask in public is infringing on their personal liberty. Anyway, rant over! Here's to things opening up and my god I can't wait to have a beer on a crowded outdoor patio with no mask. 🍻
  12. And what's the alternative, we just wait until there's a vaccine everybody feels good about? If you're eligible for the vaccine and don't get it you are basically asking everyone else to get the vaccine so you don't have to. Good chance 90% of the products we touch every day are horrible for us, and they are inventing new chemicals faster than we can figure out which ones are killing us.
  13. Not going to pretend I'm an expert on vaccine development. My point is that the development builds on a lot of medical development and research, so while it is newer it is based on a solid understanding of what is going on. I wouldn't say it's a radical departure and it has followed very well established guidelines for development and testing. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/different-vaccines/mrna.html
  14. That's where I'm at. I do not want to get the vaccine, but I will to get this country going again. I'm not very worried about getting sick myself, but I wear a mask and distance for the people in my community. Yes there are issues and unknowns, but 500k have already died. Same with masks, they don't protect 100%, but they help. There's no perfect solution, and I'm not waiting until they 'know everything' about the vaccine. This is also based on, what, a century of modern medical research and practice? This is not some radical departure from established procedures for vaccine development.
  15. I think there are 2 pair of Heresy in the twin cities for 1K and 1.2K or something like that. Yikes!
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