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  1. Is it just me or is the resistance to these caps palpable? And I don't mean electrical resistance 😛
  2. iaRIVR

    Safe Space

    Can I get a copy of the Butthurt form? I will need someone to mail it to me. Please include a pen and return postage.
  3. iaRIVR


    Not titanium diaphragms, I think they are these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Style-Speaker-Repair-Diaphragm-K-73-K-75-K-85-Others-D-417/111975849274?hash=item1a1247dd3a:g:UiUAAOSwCgNbrWMc
  4. iaRIVR


    Edit- meant to post in Garage Sale, these are mine.
  5. iaRIVR


    Pair of K-79-KP I didn't end up using. Pulled from working speakers. One of the corners was tightened down and slightly pulled the horn out at the top, not much but it's there. Tried to capture it in the pictures but I can take more if requested. Diaphragms are replacements, motors are in great shape. $80 shipped.
  6. We have two cats, a german shepherd, and a baby so I'll let you know how they look in six months 😜
  7. And Harley endorses that and makes a ton of money off it. My point with the bike was looking for an example where there would be more agreement if something was an upgrade or a downgrade. The bike is originally designed to a price point, market, etc, but most designers would chose lighter and faster if they were not constrained by cost. If you told Klipsch (and thinking of Chief here) to use fancy Dueland film capacitors and air coil inductors for the new Forte IV, would he be excited? Or sigh and say 'fine but now I have to rework everything to get back to the sound I originally wanted with caps I spec'd in the first place.'
  8. Right I'm saying sold by Klipsch, I doubt they make money off of JEM performance sales. Leverage their buying power to get the caps cheaper. Maybe not a big enough market to be worth the hassle though.
  9. Ugh, the variation in the lambswool looks way better though 😀
  10. I love that look! I went for something similar with mine I refinished, couldn't find lambswool but Midwest Speaker had a similar look that was available locally. I like the square look over the chamfered grill.
  11. Curious why Klipsch doesn't sell approved recap kits, decent potential revenue stream if you can sell a $100 cap kit every 15-20 years. Was watching a video by the Chief and he made a comment about 'going for the 20% other people don't' or something but it made me stop and think about how much testing and refinement goes into a heritage speaker until they say 'this sounds exactly the way we want it to.' And clearly they know what good sounds like. I can also add a jet kit and new suspension to my motorcycle and the original designer might say 'that's not how we intended the bike to ride' but 99% of people would say it's faster and handles better, how is that a bad thing?
  12. That post got me thinking as well, not sure how often he weighs in but don't think he would waste his time unless he felt it was important. I wonder if that is more in reference to the overall culture of modding or as specific as Sonicap (as an example) do not sound the same as "Klipsch approved" capacitors. Shocked that I just found out about "Klipsch approved" caps now.
  13. If anyone ends up with an extra for a K-79-K I could use one too. Thanks!
  14. Shameless bump, this is the K-79-KP, if there is any chance for an "official" view on the specs compared to the K-79-K 😉 Trying to get a Chorus II back to stock, hoping these will work!
  15. No actually K-79-KP, which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere.
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