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  1. I would give mike sanders at Quick Silver Audio a call. He likes and uses Cornwalls, plus he built your amps.
  2. I would suggest upgrading the 2uf and 5uf capacitors to Jupiter VT capacitors. I replaced Sonicap capacitors with Jupiters in My Cornwall type B crossovers. The difference was awesome, smoother, more detail, way, way better. I will never listen to my Cornwalls with the Sonicaps again.
  3. I put some Jupiter VT caps in the crossover. They have been in use for a couple of weeks. I also have a pair of 2uf Arizona Blue Cactus caps that I am going to try for the upper horn. I'm going to put them in, in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Hello everyone, I tried the Jupiter VT caps oriented both ways. I like the sound better with the outer foil towards the source. The music sounds smoother and seems to flow better, far more enjoyable. Regards, Greg
  5. Thanks every one! Sounds like the orientation of where outer foil is connected is not audible. I will install the caps in the same direction in both crossovers. Regards, Kreg
  6. Hello, I have purchased some new capacitors for a pair of Klipsch type B crossovers. I am looking for advise as to how to install the caps so that the outer foil is connected correctly in the crossover. Thanks, Kreg
  7. Thanks!!!! to every one for taking the time to reply to this topic, you are all awesome. So far I am leaning towards a 3.9uf Jupiter VT and a 2uf Blue Cactus. Parts Connection said that they will bring in a 3.9 Jupiter VT for me. I hope you all have a Grr8888888888 weekend, Greg
  8. Thanks for your reply Mark, I agree about Better gear. I use a Quick Silver Pre/Power, Audio Note Pre/Power, Audionote CDP and a Lenco Table, and I am considering vintage SS with V-fets. I use all Audio Note cables. I am looking forward to trying better caps in the Cornwalls. Greg
  9. Thanks Dean, I like the but part in your replie. For me I want to hear my new babies with caps that are more like the originals. I'm sure the originals when health were great!
  10. Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I won't be able to take you up on it, as I live in Victoria BC Canada. I will go to the garage sale section an take a look though. Regards, Greg
  11. Yes I understand what you are saying. I would like to now what the experienced klipsch forum members think are the best caps for the Cornwall's. I hope this will help me get things right and save me money by avoiding a lot of trial and error. Saving money and great sound is important to me. Thanks, Greg
  12. Thanks Deang, I really appreciate your help. Now I have have a few more questions before I place my order. - What combo do you think would be the best (A combo) 3.9uF Jupiter VT at the primary, Arizona Blue 2uF for the tweeter section would be better than (B combo) 3.9uF Jupiter VT at the primary, and 2uF Jupiter VT at the tweeter section. Would you explain why one combo is better than the other please. - Where would you suggest as the best place to purchase the caps? I usually order parts from Parts connection as I live in Canada, but for some reason they don't carry a 3.9uf Jupiter VT. I looked at Sonic Craft and they have all the Jupiter VT caps as well as all the Arizona Blue caps. - Do you think going from the Sonicaps to the Jupiter/Arizona is a good up grade? Thanks, Greg
  13. Hi Deang, you are not mistaken, there is no 4uf cap is made by Arizona. I would have to use two 2uf to make a 4uf. Do you think the Arizona caps would work well in both positions of the Type B cross over? or should I use something different? I noticed that Jupiter doesn't make a 2uf or a 4uf cap. It seems not many capacitor company make those values. Thanks, Greg
  14. Thank you to you all for your replying. How do you think the Arizona Blue cactus caps will work compared to the Jupiter and Jensen. The are reasonably priced and come in 4 and 2uf. Regards, Greg
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