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  1. Marvel, I intend to listen to them they are just too new yet to find in my area, yet anyway. My only close dealer who stocks the heritage line is in Vancouver a full day's trip away with ferry's from Victoria where I am. so i'm doing some research first before I make the over night trip also to see if its even a path I want to pursue. That said i'm really liking the heresy 3's that's why i'm thinking of going up the line more. I have the other components to make the more expensive speakers shine, really wish I had the room for the K horns but I don't even La Scala's are possibly too large. This is my first endeavor it to horns in my system so its a discovery of new for me. I've owned all sorts of cone driver speakers some ESL's (ML"S) and open baffles over the years so I'm just getting used to the sound of the horns and really liking it so far. I think its the speed, immersive sound stage as your in the middle of it and the immediacy that got me. time will tell if its a long term love or love of the new. I do know there is a loss of some warmth that I may miss in time. I also have an opportunity to listen to a set of older La Scala's in my room, I feel they may be to large but the midrange is what got my ears perked with them. new La Scala's are a little pricy IMO though.
  2. That's good to know, I'd really like to hear the new midrange driver too I bet its an improvement over the 3's versions.
  3. I think NOS can be great if you actually find a NOS tube and its really what they say it is. That's getting harder every year now. I also feel NOS small signal tubes are the sweet spot, power tubes NOS are far and few between ( haha Western electric 300b's at $10k each joke IMO what people will pay for stuff) I have also found new production tubes are getting better all the time. the Genlex Gold lion 300b's are a great tube the reproduction Chines WE 300B are good as well, I prefer the gold lions for the extension in the highs and lows though. I also agree the NOS rectifier tubes are much better then the new production tubes in my experience. new ones seem to fail far to often IMO then the older versions. I read somewhere a few years ago one reason (many think or are) the NOS tubes from the 1930-60's are better built is primarily due to the materials used that are banned now due to health reasons in the workers building them. Its very hard to get some of the rare metals and chemicals they used to use that have proven to be unhealthy for both the environment and people. I like the idea that there was more R&D money years ago for tubes as well.
  4. Finale Audio -Triode labs excellent amps at reasonable costs made in NA, Toronto, Concident again out of Toronto makes some wonderful amps ( Frankenstein 300b), Deware another respected low power tube manufacturer. then there are the many over seas amps like prima Luna, Line magnetic, AudioNote, AudioNote Kits. ok that's enough. 300bSET will give 8wpc great sounding tube if the amp has good output transformers. I've heard some 45 tube based amps driving my friends La Salas (2wpc) and they sounded wonderful I really like the 45 tube but limited on power but not an issue with La Scala's. 45 tubes are detailed and have great bass for the power, 300B's little more power and there seductive midrange. El34, are great options as well. I use a Finale Audio f3008 FX 300b based SET 8wpc on my Heresy 3's with excellent results mind you a little over kill putting a $8000 amp on $2k speakers mind you.
  5. I just posted a thread about the new Heresy 3 and the Cornwall 2 (1988 vintage) and to be honest its no comparison the older Cornwall is not great IMO ( that said I don't know the state of the crossovers in these older Cornwall's). The newer tweeter and midrange horn are considerably better IMO, in the newer Heresy 3 anyway, I'm going to assume they are better in the forte and Cornwall as well. I'd go for the newer 3's or 4's if I was you I believe it will be more satisfying with the updated tweeter and midrange drivers (Titanium I believe). I have a very revealing system though so your experience may differ. I have zero fatigue, zero tweeter sibilance and smooth midrange with the new heresy 3 so much so I'm rather pleasantly pleased at how well they perform for the money.
  6. one note I noticed is the power output is only 4wpc not the typical 8wpc of 300B SET amps, probably a typo but something to consider. I've never heard of those transformers the Edcor so can't say how good they are, binding posts pictured are not great either. Hammond makes some excellent transformers though. Looks interesting but the price seems really low for a quality 300b SET. I'd have to listen to it to see if its sacrificed some of the extremes for the price point as we all know output transformers make or break a SET amp.
  7. Good day my fellow audio friends, I asked a couple weeks ago about buying a new set of Heresy 3's or wait for a Cornwall 2-3-4 most of you said wait so I passed on the deal I had for the Heresy 3's. since then I have stumbled into another very good deal on a new set of Heresy 3's that were miss delivered to my local dealer, I got them for almost dealer cost. So I bought them, I also have a friends set of 1988 Cornwall 2's in my house. I got the Heresy 3's for $1600 Canadian New in sealed boxes. that's $600 less then retail here in Canada. Reason I bought them was I figured I could sell them for little loss and I could try out the newer tweeter and midrange horn. So I have both the New ( about 100 hours on them now) Heresy 3's and an older set of Cornwall 2's in my house and I've been quite surprised at the sound of both. To put this in perspective I just sold my $9000 Living Voice speakers so I've got a very good reference to compare to. I find the Cornwall 2's really unlistenable, yes they have more bass then the Heresy 3's but really surprising is that the new Heresy is not that far behind the much larger Cornwall 2's in the bottom end. Were the new Heresy's out right tromp the older Cornwall's is in the midrange and high frequencies. The older Cornwall 2's have an annoying high frequency issue like S Sssss's have so much sibilance its not even close to any hifi speaker I've heard, I also find the midrange quite recessed in the older Cornwall 2's. On the other hand the new tweeters and midrange drivers in the Heresy's are surprisingly good and detailed and not at all over the top like I expected. I'm really liking what they do in my room specially for the money invested. I've also thinking maybe the Cornwall may be too much speaker for my room and maybe the Forte 3 maybe a better choice for my room. Now the question. I feel maybe the older Cornwall is maybe in need of some crossover love or other as I can't believe they are that loved and that flawed at the same time. in your experience do updated crossover parts solve the harsh and not very detailed tweeter and do they allow the midrange to be fuller (I'm aware of Crites)? If not then I don't think the older Cornwall is suited to me, if the newer Cornwall is much like the newer heresy then I feel this is going to be a stellar speaker same for the forte 3. Do you all find the newer versions of the Cornwall and Forte are closer to the newer Heresy or not? I'm not sure if they use similar tweeters and midrange horns or not. I also know the new Cornwall 4 and upcoming Forte 4 may be even better. I'm thinking a new set of Forte's maybe the sweet spot but I don't want to discount the new Cornwall just yet. La saclas are an option but I feel too large for my listening space...maybe but cost is a consideration. I do not listen at high volumes mid 60db's to low 80db most of the time its around 75db (condo type living) I do notice I do listen a little louder then I used to though must be the horn effect. The horns also do what I hoped by dispersing into my living space better then the cone drivers I've had in the past. I live in a loft that's all open with 18" ceilings so larger space to fill but the listening space is smaller compared to the room size. I sit about 11' from the speakers, but get good width for them. I run 300b based SET amps 8wpc. thanks for all your advice in advance cheers. glen
  8. I'll toss out another manufacturer to consider, I've put this in another thread but here is again. Triode Labs - Finale Audio out of Toronto all made in North America with some really great gear IMO better then the two the OP's thread, I've listened to both a SET LIne integrated and a prima amp and ended up with the Finale audio F 3008 FX. It just had better parts and sounded wonderful ,much better extension in the extremes then either of the other two and that's from a 300b based amp compared to a Push pull and a SET 811 amp. Glen
  9. Another great north American manufacturer you should also consider is Triode labs / Finale Audio out of Toronto, they make very good sounding tube gear. They have price ranges from just over $1000 to well over 10's of thousands. I have the 300B based integrated F 3008 that's wonderful but there are more powerful options available they also allow for some customization with upgrades like Hashimoto transformers etc. They make some very good gear with outstanding parts. I think they will have something for you with the high efficiency of your Klipsch's. note Finale audio and triode labs are sister companies triode labs focuses more on SET were Finale dabbles in PP SET. SET, parallel SET. http://www.finaleaudio.com/ http://www.triodelab.com/
  10. I get inflation and the reason the new offering are so expensive but dam me if the older ones are selling for twice three times the original cost now, I don't get that they didn't become like the new ones all of a sudden. People dam greedy driving the prices of the older models up to silly levels. if a 20 year old speaker is 50% or more the cost of a new one i'd buy the new one, granted all things being equal.
  11. Well looks like I'm waiting. thanks a whole lot my friends. I may have a line on some old first gen La Scala's that are in need of some TLC could be a project I suppose. may do until I can get a set of the newer ones in a nicer finish. thanks for the help again cheers glen
  12. Good day members I am new to this form but have been doing audiophile stuff for 30+ years, I've been an active member of the A-gon forms for a decade. I came here to ask you pros on Kilpsch heritage line some questions. I have been thinking seriously in buying some Cornwall 2's maybe 3's if I can find a set for reasonable cost. I find all the older models are going threw the roof in prices lately. I run currently Living Voice Avatar 2's ($8000 new 94db) for some years and love them but I've been taken by a friends Le scala's, so I'm looking to move into horn or hybrid horn system. the Cornwall caught my eye mostly for the bass response but I have to say the le scala's did not leave me thinking there was missing bass. I can not afford the new Cornwall 4's and newer 3's are even a stretch but doable if I can find a set used. Today I had an offer on a set of Hersey 3's about 6 month old so basically new for $2k Canadian pair . I'd like some advice from you fine folks on if I should buy the Hersey 3's or wait ( for who knows how long) for Cornwall 2's or possibly 3's I doubt I'll find 3's anytime soon. I know the main difference is in the bass response. I'm aware of and able to update crossover parts if necessary and any mods deemed necessary. I know the desire to listen before buying but that's not an option but I have heard Hersey 2's and Cornwall 2's so I'm familiar with the sound of those. granted this was month apart and in a different system. Are the Hersey 3's that much better that I should look at them and maybe a sub if needed over the older Cornwall's? Eventually I'll probably look for some nice le scala 2's but that's down the road. Equipment is; Triode labs-Final Audio F3008 FX, 300b SET integrated , Garrard 301- Jelco 759L- van den Hull MC 10, Denon 103r Gold Note PH10 phono stage, Schiit Audio Gumby Multi bit DAC, Siltech speaker wires and AudioNote uk silver interconnects. Sansui TU 717 tuner. My room is a smallish listening area in a huge space I sit about 10" back from the speakers ( currently but my LV's are about 2.5 feet from the front wall) but I live in a loft with 18" ceilings and open to a huge area so bass has always been lacking in this room due to the size I have to fill, one of the reasons I feel a horn system will be better in this room. My equipment is good with excellent detail, its not harsh so I'm not worried too much about the top end with the horn tweeters but it is a consideration I have. So what do you fine folks think? should I grab the deal on the new Hersey 3's or wait for a used set of Cornwall 2's possibly 3's. In the end is the newer tweeter and midrange worth it over the extended bass response in the older Cornwall. Sub's are an option but not right away. Also my Living Voice speakers claim 35hz but in my room I'm lucky to get 40hz and have been happy with that. Glen Victoria BC system picture below.
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