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  1. This, makes sense and while actually addressing my question thank you. It was a bone stock Lascala that got my attention on Klipsch anyway, and now curious about the Cornwall IV. But I do have fear not having heard them. Also curious, Klipsch is "assembled" in the USA. Their words. Also, have "outsourced" parts. Does this mean chinese parts? I had the RF7lll here for a short time, and couldnt get rid of them fast enough. Sure maybe that sound just doesnt suit me, but opened them up like I have many hundreds of speakers and they looked cheaply made. I would hate to get a new Cornwall and have chinese parts. There, I've said it. Is this the case today?
  2. Oh, so like the designers of ALK, Crites, and Volti do?
  3. And what of the turn on noise? Has it gone?
  4. I've been trying to decide on a pair of CW IV, but since I cant demo a pair or look inside, I figured I would ask here. The Cornwall looks to have the larger mid, like I saw over the years in this forum used from the Chorus ll. Was Klipsch listening? I had a pair of RF7lll I got form a deceased friend. Looked inside, listened, saw what i thought were chinese parts, heard what i felt was not the Klipsch i knew, and sold them in a week. I have had Lascala, Belle, and Heresy for years, so maybe I just like the Herritage. I know the RF is for different purpose and taste. My Belle have Volti Audio wood 2" throat mids, Volti xovers, bms mid drivers, EV t350 driven with a 300b amp. Curiouse, on the new Cornwall IV am I pissing up a rope here wanting to put a set up against my Belle? They retail for 6k. With "outsourced" parts what am I looking at? Has it come down to a speaker designed to hook a Herratige lover, offering little by way of off the shelf advancement over an upgraded original? My Bell for example, is not longer old. Likely no longer Klipsch. Can anyone explain the benefits a new speaker would have over an upgraded old model?
  5. Am i one of the exceptions? If it has, may i ask to what address?
  6. Awe shirt yeah, these are nice! Rendered.
  7. Thanks Dude, i did want it to be reasonable enough to move them along, and make it a painless as possible. Glad a member here had some use for them. If they sit on the shelf a while before a project, then i figure the price helps it sting just a little less. Ive enjoyed this Klipsch process!
  8. These are 1.5 years old, first used in my Lascala last year. I then ran these in my Belle for a while, and have now gone a different route for the Belle. The 5800es can be used in other applications, as im sure the ap12-500 may as well. Lots of info on these at Alk website. This being my second system did not see much use and are in the same condition i got them in. Pic of my Belle or for reference only as they...are not included;) While you may desire me to seperate these so you can use the 5800es in some other application thats not going to happen. Unless 2 people jist HAPPEN along and want both sides, i will not separate. I am no spring chicken here, and can ship safely quite easily. Cost of 4 pieces for 2 speakers is 550. Free shipping. Friends and family only.
  9. Love the Belle, best of luck!
  10. Ok, snds good. Pm if still avail. 85 for all four.
  11. I have the crites hip xover (think they were) yet to be installed. Did receive instructions from Bob on how to attenuate the mid, which i will likely do as i understand they run hot normally? To my ears, less mid automatically lends itself to bass being heard more. I will try them with the front stock port. I do run Belle Klipsch as well, and in time may use the HIP For rear channel if i can find a quiet enough multichannel amp so bass wont be an issue (would have a sub) My Krell is just to noisy on these. (So was the lexicon) I will pull the info you gave on the damping of the box as well, as the HIP are in queue for the makeover next after the mc-60's for which to run the Belle. Wish the boxes of these HIP werent fugly bed liner pro version stuff, but oh well i guess. Found them listed wrongly on local craigs for 150 so diddnt care to much. I greatly appriciate all your feedback, research and design on the Heresy line.
  12. Can i ask again for benefit of others with HIP, as far as the port is concerned, the already ported HIP will be an OK cabinet to use for the Super Heresy
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