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  1. Note: the ONLY thing left of the Belle that's avail is the frames seen here. Shipping would be from Bremerton Wa. 98312 at an additional cost, badges seen are included (plastic) These are from my current Belle, which I've modified. Been hanging onto these should i decide to return to stock, though never will. Cloth is orig, and in ex condition. These Belle are 1978 i believe. I could check via the serial if its important. More pics upon request. Price is 150 plus shipping. Paypal friends and family check or MO accepted.
  2. Tractrix porting? No one I'm aware of. I've been keeping an eye out for sure. I've heard the port itself is some kind of ring add on. I look forward to actually seeing it, and hearing what it can do. The tractrix mid horn, and mumps though, that's been around a long time as I'm sure you know. I did read on the facebook Klipsch about the product demo of the New Heritage line, and I think if there that would have worth some airline miles to hear. I had no idea there was an identical voicing between the New Heritage though. Given the size of the horn in the Klipschorn/Lascala that sounds quite a feat for the Heresy. Meaning similar tone but not output? I dont really understand all the xover stuff, I just install what my wallet provides and see if I like it. Sounds like I might be pissing up a rope modifying my CW 1. But, it's a bit less expensive, and they will voice well with my Belle. I'm leaving the Khorn stock accept the xover. Perhaps in time the New Heritage line will be complete. For now there seems to be only 1 missing from the new production. Come to think of it, it's the only one without a version 2 even? The Belle?
  3. Plausible deniability that is does! And from what I've read here over the years, and witnessed via my limited personal interaction with select diy guys, they dont want credit anyway. They just want what I think PWK wanted? A clean accurate loudspeaker. I dont get out much, and dont post much, so I may not word myself in a way that's fluid. I simply felt and tried to relay that since it's clear to me the DIY group does influence, and Klipsch does pay attention, that from a sales perspective I thought it might be cool to see stock NEW models up against orig modified models. Either it would sway the diehard orig. Herritage owners over to new models, or just do nothing but tell me I'm not crazy for loving my own modded. What im learning is this passion on both sides seems to run REAL deep, and im coming to an understanding through this thread that modified (I dont say upgraded) Klipsch and Stock Klipsch shall remain independent of one another. Clauden you and your posts through the years have been an inspiration and a guideline. I mean no I'll intent to Klipsch, stock or DIY. I am simply trying to make my way through a host of choices avail. I do like to mess with stuff which is a curse at times. I've appriciated all the comments whether or not I agree or like. You've all been helpful.
  4. I look forward to auditioning a pair. But is seems it cant happen until some years go by and they turn up locally. I can wait.
  5. Not sure what or how that can be Claud. I've used your mods on my super Heresy and others. I'm entitled to think how I think. I'm allowed to call it like I see it and so are you. I've got stock Khorns, modified Belle, stock Cornwall, Shoer Heresy, and love and hated many Klipsch over 30 years. Not sure what makes a troll, or a hater, I like what I like and I will modify it to get there. I can see that without the DIY group here, there would be no CW4 at all. Its just a simple observation. It's not hate or troll or anything else.
  6. Yes, we can blah blah blah alright. After all, that's certainly where the ideas are BORN. Certainly glad they are still around to implement those ideas and iron out the "mumps"
  7. Exactly. Which is why years ago many found the 2"throat in Lascala Belle ect so lovely in the years gone by I would imagine. As well as the multitude of threads from years past on puting the chorus mid in the Cornwall 1 and 2. I'm glad Klipsch seems to pay attention to this forum and implement the ideas that were propagated here into the new designs.
  8. Until I get a chance to set a CW4 down next to my Belle, then I wont know which I will prefer. 1. That still wont make one better than the other 2. For anyone to say so without having DONE SO, is inaccurate. The CW is still designed to be DIFFERENT. With improvements upon ITSELF (it's own desighn) It not designed to be better than the other Herratige models. They are all meant to provide a different use and flavor depending on the APPLICATION. Just like they were back in the 50's.
  9. I guess my main point, to over simplify is accuracy of statements. A comparison of CW, Heresy, Lascala and Forte to me means little. One thing that's never changed about these designs (much) is the freq coverage. Meaning, since the Lascala wasnt actually designed for 2 channel audio back then, thennit still isnt. It was a center, and used as public address. Of course the CW may be PREFERRED , as it goes lower, and is more IDEAL for 2 channel audio, but that does not make it BETTER. They are still simply doing what they are designed to do. Using a speaker outside that parameter doesnt make it bad. Augment the Lascala and provide the lower freq that are missing or why compare? Same for the Heresy. Why even compare a Heresy to any if them? True, I've got altered Belle. Do I think they are "better" than anything else? They arent even better than my little James bookshelf. They dont have to be, they arent in the same class to compare. Because I personally PREFER one model over another doesnt make it BETTER, especially when I compare inappropriately. A MFSL lp is not BETTER than a 128kb mp3 file... At playing music while riding my bike. Its application, and preference. All my long winded blahs blahs aside, I would love to be in a position to hear all these and decide if I prefer the sound of a new model over my own altered orig, but I dont have the luxury. I've got a sneaking suspicion that since Klipsch themselves is here in this forum, and so is the builders of our boutique stuff, that what in the new CW is a combination of BOTH works. Of one thing I can be certain without hearing the CW4 I would likely prefer them hands down over my current model 1. Because, I know for a fact I prefer a 2' throat and tractrix design over the orig. Still , it wont make it "better" than The CW 2 as it does exactly what it was designed to do. Sit between 2 widely spaced Khorns. Accurate statement. The 4 is redesigned with 2 channel audio in mind, independent from the Khorn.
  10. "The Cornwall 1 and 2 dont even come close to the 4, No matter how you update/upgrade/change components" Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but That, is Exactly how the CW4 was conceived. They've taken the premise of a CW1 and built on it, incrementally over time, up through the models. I saw tractrix mid upgrades here years ago with the Chorus ll being installed in the 1 and 2. Klipsch LISTENED to the folks modifying the CW1 and 2, and built on it with a new design. The 4 IS AN UPGRADED CW1 is it not?
  11. Have a new to me set of Khorn, and looking for clarification on brochure info. 1980 version (ish). See picture, its states when placed in corner the "walls and floor" become part of the "extention". Given how room treatments effect things, and damping cabinets effect bass ect, I'm wondering if a simple sheetrock wall corner is fine, and carpet on the floor, or if these surface treatments can be altered for different performance (extension)
  12. Wish I had a pair of Fastrac cornwall horns... poor me. Anyone? Yea..I'm late. Story of my life
  13. This, makes sense and while actually addressing my question thank you. It was a bone stock Lascala that got my attention on Klipsch anyway, and now curious about the Cornwall IV. But I do have fear not having heard them. Also curious, Klipsch is "assembled" in the USA. Their words. Also, have "outsourced" parts. Does this mean chinese parts? I had the RF7lll here for a short time, and couldnt get rid of them fast enough. Sure maybe that sound just doesnt suit me, but opened them up like I have many hundreds of speakers and they looked cheaply made. I would hate to get a new Cornwall and have chinese parts. There, I've said it. Is this the case today?
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