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  1. I picked up the Cinema 600 last week. I've got to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Great for movies AND music with the classic Klipsch sound and solid 10" subwoofer. I believe the best subwoofer in any sound bar yet. The surround settings really helps bring it alive in my view. A quality YouTube review here:
  2. Hi all! I just picked up a pair of these the other day on a smoking discontinued display model. They are in perfect condition and look amazing. After a few hours of listening I can't seem to dial them in and completely enjoy them. There is just some harshness in high brass (aka trumpets) during my jazz band listening. This effects other areas as well. I've tried running Audyssey, tweaked Audyseey, turned it off, toed the speakers in (bad idea) and left them straight (abut 15 degrees off axis to primary listening position). Have any of you experienced this? If so how have you addressed it? So many mod ideas in this thread! Also, it looks like the 160M is really have a 600M with an updated tweeter? Any try and retrofit the 160M with the updated tweeter?
  3. Did end up getting the RF-5 or RP-8000F? I'm currently debating between these two beats and would love your feedback.
  4. Lol well annoying yes but I can grab one of my extra AVRs, a couple of speaker cables, a 3.5mm to RCA to connect to my phone and lug it all along. Come to think of that it sounds like a lot of suckage but hey if I can get a killer deal on a world class speaker it's worth it right?
  5. LOL too funny. I wonder if this design is relevant in the age for Dolby ATMOS. I know dipole are dead with bipole just hanging on.
  6. Hi all! Say, the docs don't use this term but is the RS 7 a bipole or dipole design? If not what it is closest to? Paul
  7. Thanks so much for this wisdom! I'll need to get a setup I can bring along to do the auditions as the speaks in question are from people moving or in storage so not setup to demo.
  8. Well my 9 ft is much better indeed! You are doing near field listening. I was hoping not to have to spend thousands to find out but I just might end up doing that.
  9. Good day, is a 9 feet listening distance just too little for this speaker? My understanding (which could be wrong) is that often times Klipsch/horns need some distance to open up to really come together well. I'm overall just wondering if a 9 ft distance is too little for such a beast of a speaker. Thanks, Paul
  10. Great thanks guys! I was hoping for pro reviews with measurements, etc but I'll take what I can get.
  11. Reviews of the original RF-7 from 15 years ago? Do share. The old ones are better then the 8000s?
  12. Greetings all! I have an opportunity to buy a used front end (LCR) of either the RF-7 and RP-8000F. The RP is a little bit more expensive but not enough to make a big difference. How does the origina vv 3 s10l RF-7 stack up against the newer RP-8000F? I've read glowing reviews of the RP-8000F but can find none for the RF-7 I. Any guidance is welcome!
  13. Very interesting read about such technical details of the RF7. I was considering picking up a used pair of these but now I find myself disappointed that a flagship speaker has so many issues. Am I wrong to think that?
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