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  1. Certainly but I'm not able to wax poetically about audio I'll do my best. The other day I want to my local Revel dealer, US Tube Audio in Scottsdale, AZ I was able to listen to the F208, F228Be, and the JBL 4367. I thought I'd share my impressions. F208: Sounded fine to me, good low end, midrange sounded natural, top end was nice, over all nothing special. F228Be: Sounded better to me, less low end but more defined maybe, midrange the same, top end seemed more defined to me. Most likely as a result of the Be tweeter? So, I wasn't super impressed with either, not to point where I was willing to pull out my wallet. I thought it might just be a crappy room. Next up the JBL 4367. From the moment the music started my jaw was on the floor. Everything sounded real, alive, in the room. The acoustic guitars, clarinets vocals, you name it sounded amazing, accurate, and life like. Bass was amazing and tactile. It ran circles around the Revels while still having great tone, clarity and smoothness while at the same time completely natural. Unfortunately, they were out of F328Be and Salon2 so I couldn't compare. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the horn loaded compression driver that is crossed over at 700 Hz that gives it the life like sound? The high sensitivity? Both? I'm curious but I've got to know at this point as I've got to have speakers that do this, but I can't afford the $16k! The closest thing I've heard this type of experience from was the Forte III. I don't recall the Cornwell IV sounding like this and certainly not the Hersey. Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know of published messurments anywhere? Anyone have in room REW messurments? Thanks, Paul
  3. I heard these the other day. Wow, indeed to die for!
  4. Yes sir indeed they will be shipped on a pallet as then came to me.
  5. I sold my Forte IIIs and need to ship them. From the factory they came with rubber washers around the grill magnets which I removed and didn't keep. Any thoughts on what I can use to protect the grills? Think I can get away with shipping without them? Thanks, Paul
  6. Me neither, so I am right, it is in it's own line. 😵
  7. Totally agree! Thus my conclusion, with your guidance in the FB group, that it really is a different beast.
  8. Perhaps but lets look at Klipsch's own messaging. You are certainly right, the RF-7 is the flagship speakers of the Reference line. Should be end of story right? Note here it's the flagship of the Reference line. Reference Premiere is said to be their flagship line. From here: https://www.klipsch.com/blog/reference-vs-reference-premiere-whats-the-difference "The Reference Premiere series was released early in 2015 and then was reimagined in 2018. It is widely considered our flagship series of home theater speakers. Many of our other premium home audio product lines get their sonic signature and tone from Reference Premiere as well." "What makes Reference Premiere (RP) more kick-*** than other flagships we’ve released in the past?" So one could get confused by Klipsch messaging. My conclusion is that the RF-7 / RC-64 are really a line of their own, no matter what Klipsch marketing says. Why? Styling similar to the RP series but with real wood, compression drivers like the Heritage and Pro lines, and made in Hope like the Heritage and Pro lines.
  9. Wow, heavily modified, beautiful! Are those external crossovers you are running?
  10. I know totally cool timing eh? Sally only a few my questions answered in it.
  11. Thanks! I've viewed all those videos sometime ago, I'll look to rewatch. Do you know if they videos answer any of the questions I posed above?
  12. Good day, I'm curious to know if the RF-7 III was designed in Hope or Indianapolis? I know it's built in Hope. Other then the nice compression driver and wood finish how is the quality of components different? Is it's crossover higher quality? Paul
  13. Thanks for the post. Note the material that came with my set said they were special edition. See attached photo
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