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  1. And the final enclosure damped. Tighten it up so much. I'm sure the way it came from the factory is great for surrounds in a movie theater which is what it is designed for. All the damping added noticeable weight, 3+ lbs.
  2. The front of the speaker pictures before and after damping. It resonated too much for my liking but tightened up nicely. The horn didn't really need any damping but I added it seeing I had it cut already. The top portion of the woofer frame ringed when tapped on so I damped it too.
  3. Close up of the crossover and the enclosure with minimal damp and crossover mounted.
  4. And more pictures of me opening it up to work on. Heavy duty drivers for sure! The horn compression driver is massive and heavy.
  5. Good evening all. So I've finally pulled myself away enjoying my system long enough to write up a little review of the Klipsch 1260H from their pro line with info and pictures. For those who just wanted the bottom-line, the 1260H matches great with the Forte III! Tone and dynamics are very similar in large part due to the common drivers. Forte III has a bit more high end being a three way but the 1260H does will extending up to 20k hz and down to 50 hz where it starts rolling off.. It makes a great center. I put it on a little 9" stand and used rubber wedges to tilt it back as it tilts down 8 degrees out of the box. Seeing it's enclosure is made of plastics, that is ABS + 10% glass, it resonates too much. Perhaps it would resonate less if it was wall mounted. Seeing it's not I opened it up and used "Sonic Barrier 1-1/4" 3-Layer Acoustic Sound Damping Material" from Parts Express to damp it more. It tightened up the enclosure a great deal and really helped male vocals. There was a little quality control issue with the speaker as some plastic sheeting they used between the horn and the compress driver wasn't trimmed back properly. I was able to get it to lay down nicely and didn't need to cut it. Here are a few pictures. Over all I'm happy to finally have completed my system!
  6. Indeed I did! It's time for me to do a writing up with pictures soon! 🙂
  7. Ok UPS just got here with my KPT-1260H. Now to find a time I can sneak it upstairs and set it up so my wife doesn't kill me for buying yet another speaker.
  8. So I broke down and bought the KPT-1260H. Why? Same woofer, same mid-range as Forte AND...get this. I got it new for $650 including taxes and shipping. That and an 8" stand for $50. I expect this to be a killer setup. I'll keep you guys in the loop how it works out. Paul
  9. Anyone here heard the KPT-1260H and the Forte III to comment on the sonic differences?
  10. Interesting idea around two Heresy's as centers! That would be epic but I've never heard of anyone doing it before.
  11. Agree, wish I could just use another single Forte but it would be a major ordeal to make it fit.
  12. Whole system is 5.1.2. Just trying to get a good center for my Fortes now.
  13. I've been in love with my Forte IIIs for the last two months. Now I just need to find a center that will work well with the Fortes. People have thrown out various options but upon looking closely at the drivers/horns used on the Fortes and the KPT-1260H they seem to match. The biggest difference is of course 3 way vs 2 way. Fortes midrange is : K-70 1.75" titanium compression on K-703-M horn KPT-1260H tweeter/ midrange: K-70-G 1.75" titanium compression on K-703-M horn Forte Woofer : K-281 12" KPT-1260H woofer: K-281-ST 12" Based on the similar drivers how well of a match will they be? Any sonic reasons not to use the KPT-1260H up front in my system? Paul
  14. Yah I seriously consider one but it's the most expensive solution as well would make me redo my whole entertainment center costing even more money (to make it fit). I'm seriously considering a Pro KPT-1260H. Same woofer and midrange as the Forte III. Also way cheaper! It's unreal how cheap the Pro line can be from the right dealer! I can get the new Pro speaker for only $50 more then a used RC-64 II!
  15. Agreed, I just didn't want to buy a damaged speaker. He's going to fix it and I can perform a full test at that point (unless I break down and get something else). I'm looking at everything Klipsch has to offer now from their THX line, to the Heresy III or IV, and the Pro line. There are a lot of good options.
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