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  1. I do something close now. Feed two channels of a stereo amplifier with one output. Passive biamping because there are too many amps sitting unused. Think it sounds better too. You might look at the listed input impedance for amp and sub. As long as both are 10K or higher the preamp should drive them fine.
  2. I used to live in the suburbs outside Baxter TN. Consider Volti a local manufacturer. The lake here is fantastic.
  3. Psychomed radio is GONE. They had six streams running, all at 320 k. Great music selection. I noticed it a month ago, hoped it was technical issue. Guess it was a financial issue.
  4. Back when I had Altec horns, my nearest neighbor was at least 500’ away. She called at 2:00 am demanding to “TURN IT DOWN. Said her kids were crying. That was with a lowly Carver Cube. Early 80’s. Today I am sure one of those headphone amps or a 45 tube amp would be plenty loud. Seems that 1 watt gets plenty loud. The MyAmps surprised me. Purchased one because I always like Micromega products. And Accesories4Less was closing them out at 229.000 USD. Matched up so good with LS II that I ordered a couple more. Tried stereo connection, balanced bridged, currently passive biamp. They are easy to integrate into system with active subs.
  5. I asked Dave about an Eliptrac 400 a few months ago and he had at least one pair. Could not bring myself to butcher the La Scala top hat to mount. DaveA, what is the machine time running on these masterpieces?
  6. Please do not laugh. But try 2 Micromega MyAmp integrated amplifiers. Only issue for me is they only have RCA inputs. Doubt if the bass bin needs more than 60 watts. If you do, that is shakin’.
  7. Since you are in Germany, look at Sommer Cable SC- Club Red Zilk and Club Black Zilk. Neither is available in the US. Both are excellent and less than a dollar/ft.
  8. I need to look hard at your comments on polar reflections. My system must have this issue. Speakers are in a loft with 3/4 hardwood over 5/4 decking. And there are flat 8’ sheetrock ceiling over speakers and listening position. The reflections from both should be strong. I have REW, but only used it to run sweeps on electronics. Never graduated to the big boy capabilities.
  9. What are you using for a computer? I have a 8 year old Mac Mini. Using the Thunderbolt port to connect to a Focusrite Clarett. There are Corning optical TB cables that are not length limited. I use a 10 meter cable. But have a 30 meter that works just as well. Dug an old dac out that has DRC to try with the LS II. It is FireWire connected. So 5 meters max like USB. Actually DAC works better with 2 meters or less. Running 10 meter analog cables to reach the amps. Have used single ended and balanced. Both work fine. So you can run a long pair of cables from a dac to your tube preamp. Have not tried streaming, but am sure it works very well. Just seems complicated.
  10. Build up a NUC two years ago. For this. But was running a dac with Thunderbolt. Went with an optical TB cable to get isolation. But looking at Qobuz. May resurrect the NUC. Using four channel dacs, current has Room Perfect DRC but a FireWire buss. Got to move forward into 2020.
  11. My recommendation is the Lyngdorf TDIA-1120. Does EVERYTHING.
  12. If they sound good and all drivers are working offer 350.00. Split the difference. I would shoot semi-gloss grey.
  13. Too bad you are so far. I have a cherry pair of H III in Cherry. Maybe a 100 hours. Liked them so much I bought LS II’s. Been boxed in closet since.
  14. One great option is the H IV. Deeper bass than a La Scala, still efficient, and small.
  15. La Scala is always a good choice. It is hard to beat them. Add a sub too. 3,000.00 should cover a pair of La Scala’s And a sub or two. Many play in a room close to yours. But LS are 2’ x 2’. Figure a foot off the wall and they are 3’ into the room. If your ears are 2’ off the wall behind it is 5’ from the speakers. I think that is why Klipsch made Belles. Firing longwise is an option. Even placed in the corners and toed in, less than 5’ between the speakers.
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