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  1. Looking good. Assume each section could get smaller as you stack it up. The pictures of the Fastrac Kit looked that way. Would save some board feet of lumber. Lastly, if overall is 10” from 8” horn and 2” adapter will this get down to 400 Hz? I think the Belle squawker is about the same depth.
  2. Resale is always driven by what the buyer is willing to pay. The low cost models like VTV usually hold resale better. If it drops 500.00 in a year that is a lot. If a 3,000.00 amplifier drops 500.00 it is peanuts. The VTV build quality may have ramped up recently. They seemed to be at the bottom. But are put together here in the USA. Cheap price and US assembly usually do not go together. The Hypex modules measure better than Pascal modules. But at least one manufacturer uses the Pascal in a really expensive integrated because they feel the output filter can be less complex. Which they feel sounds better. All Class D amplifiers have a filter on the output to remove the high frequency artifacts. Most of the published measurements are made with an additional bandwidth limiting filter to ignore leakage past the output filter. But no one listens with the filter that is used for measurements. One hard fact is there are a lot more products using Hypex, Ncore, and iPurifi modules. I guess that means they are better. I wanted a VTV iPurifi and a Pascal amp. Cheap and USA built. Also wanted; Benchmark AHB2 MacIntosh 462 Orchard Audio BOSC Denafrips Hyperion This week added the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 to the list.
  3. As I sit mesmerized by the Atlas drivers in my LS II is there a reason to swap? Guess it is one of those you do not know what you are missing until you hear it. But I would be the last person to doubt the quality of Italian compression drivers. The B&C DE-120 drivers made a large improvement. Has anyone replaced recent manufacture Atlas drivers with K-55G?
  4. The Hypex modules used are first rate. I am sure the Marantz engineers are wringing excellent results from them. Still have one or two Marantz SACD players in the attic. Still a fanboy. But the Marantz integrated I want is several times the cost of this one. And the disc player would go straight to the attic. Do not play the silver discs. Only copy the files.
  5. The latest integrated/dac/streamer to catch my eye is the new Lyngdorf TDAI-1120. About 2200.00. Very functional. Not as pretty as the Mac.
  6. Looked great and found the amp for 2,500.00. But read the specs, Class D. I am sure it works great, but I want Class A/B. Old fashioned. The other thing is the posted pictures do not match exactly the ones on The Marantz website. The units look normal. The pictures here look chunkier, the height and width ratio is changed. The list of products I want keeps growing. But not this one.
  7. The three new models seem very similar. The specs are almost the same. So is weight. Pricing seems to be the main difference. Stereophile recently reviewed the top model, A S3200. The reviews are always worthless. But the technical testing is first rate. The amplifier section had a measured S/N ratio of 70 dB! Bandwidth limited and A-weighted this improved to 82 dB. The published spec for all three models is 110 dB. Do not know if there is a reason. But 28 dB higher noise than spec at these prices is noteworthy.
  8. Alnico demagnetizes over time. 35 - 40 years Is plenty for this to happen.. The new one should play louder. How much magnet strength is lost depends on use. Plus storage temperature. But all the really old Lowthers I owned were weaker. People say the alnico K77 drivers lose top end and output. Like down to 8 - 10K Hz. Would think the K55 does the same.
  9. The options are all good. Pull the motor run caps and save for your refrigerator and central air compressors. Replace with a quality cap, Parts Xpress has a good selection. Any film cap beats the originals. More on this. Replace the K-77. Easily the weak link here. Whether a CT-120 or a DaveA horn with B&C DE-120. I think once the K-77 is banished the need for expensive caps in the crossover is gone. Also I think the reasons so many want to go two way is the K-77. When K-77 is replaced with a better driver the three way can sound really good. And figure out how to implement a sub. Replaced a sealed 12 inch active sub with a 12 inch push pull sealed active sub last weekend. Added CRUNCH. The single driver went deep, but no crunch. A three way La Scala with crunch sounds amazing.
  10. I use the hospital grade outlets and power cords. They are low cost and very well made. Should outlast us. One of the surplus stores here had a bucket full of Hubbell isolated grounds wall outlets for 2.00 each. Still installing these when needed. Use Eupen cords for low current apps, and 14 ga hospital grade cords for big amps.
  11. One recommendation. Micromega MyAmp. Accessories4less has one left. Dead quiet, 30 watts into 8 ohms and 60 watts into 4. Great volume control, good dac, analog inputs, and Bluetooth. Sounds great with my LS II. Cannot tell if it is powered with ear against tweeter or mid horns.
  12. The speakers will be a wash. Just keep your sub. I used a pair of HIII with sub in a loft that is open to two large two story rooms. Pressurized the whole house. If you only need a power amp (AHB2) the Benchmark will be impossible to top. Best amp built. But 3,000.00. And if you change your mind it will bring 2,750.00. Digital switching amps are available that are close to the AHB2. Higher power and cheaper. Purifi based amps approach the Benchmark. Orchard Audio has a unique pair of amps for 1500.00. Denafrips has an AB Class amp that close also. Doubt any integrated approaches these amps. But if I had the room a MC962 would be sitting in my loft. They eat up as much floor space as a LS II.
  13. Qobuz has a lot of hi-Rez. 15.00/month or family for 25.00.
  14. One comment. You will never know how good they can play until the changes are done. There are many areas. Crossovers, drivers, horns, source, amplification, and last room effects. All can make a difference,
  15. The days of picking up a new SL-1200 Mk II for 400.00 is long past. The GAE models seem to have advanced the offering.
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