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  1. Panelhead

    Heresy II lack of highs?

    Good job!
  2. Panelhead

    Backs on Klipschorns?

    Maybe Roy can comment on the new Klipschorns and how they handle loading when not flush in a corner. Even with a back the new ones shoukd load the bass best when flush in the corner. How much will depend on the placement. Adding back panels to older models may not be the same as the new models. I suspect there is more to it than screwing some plywood to the back.
  3. I would also try to use similar amplifiers. At least topology. A low output impedance amplifier would be better on the bass. The mid amp less critical. I use a current output amplifier. Feedback lowers the output impedance.
  4. Panelhead

    La Scalas and time alignment?

    Rather than getting another K-77D, try a BEC CT-120, or a MAHL with B&C -120. Aneven better option, a large MAHL horn and B&C DA-10. I thought about going with a set of the large MAHL and the cheaper 10 driver to set on top of the LS ii. But it is too large to install inside either the LS ii or the H iii. I am not sold YET on a horn, compression driver, and stand contraption sitting on top of the beautiful LS ii. Plus wiring. Kind of detracts from the monolithic wood appearance. Do not know why, but wife complained about B&W 801’s, a taller sub that was above the window sill, large active monitors that had power cords and interconnects, and some Omni speakers that needed to be out away from the wall. She has never acknowledged the La Scala ii. Must be she secretly likes the veneer.
  5. Panelhead

    Heresy III are here!!

    I suspect you are correct. The retail end of the business is broken. In my mind, Bstock is close to internet direct.
  6. Looking forward to seeing these. Should be able to playback at rock concert levels. At home I hear a little hardness sometimes at jazz club playback level. Think it comes from the K400. It is at less than 100 dB, should be less than 1 watt amplifier power. Might be the source material. Some discs are overloaded.
  7. How much are you picking up?
  8. Panelhead

    overdriven amplifier

    If you go with one of the XLS models I have two suggestions. 1. Drive it from a balanced source. Many comment about issues with normal efficiency speakers and hum or noise. The amp generates some strong fields in the back of the amplifier. Some RCA cables pick it up. 2.Terminate the speaker cables with Speakon connectors. The EU binding posts are the worst. With a balanced source and Speakon connectors the amps are nice sounding. Everyone one who had negative comments on sound quality used RCA cables and the binding posts.
  9. Panelhead

    Heresy III-No sound

    Also check how you connect. The connections on some receivers are confusing. Check the balance control also. When you swap speakers if the same channel continues to play it is the receiver that is damaged. If the playing speaker moves channels it is the speaker.
  10. Panelhead

    New Deang AA's with Jupiters

    These look great. I rebuilt some crossovers and used foil inductors once. Went back to wire after. Not sure I could hear any difference over just coiled wire construction. But they sure are pretty. Maybe in ten years I will look at the crossovers in the LSii and Hiii. That is why I bought new. I would diddle with older sets instead of listening. If I had an older set ALK, BC, and you would be tired of the inquires by now.
  11. I have no idea how to measure the cables either. That is how I know they are exactly 114.25 inches. It is starting to rub off on me.
  12. Panelhead

    Wire connectors quality

    If someone does go with spades or quick disconnects there are nice ones available at reasonable costs. You have to know the size of post connecting to and the gauge of the wire being used. Or buy a bunch. They are made in the USA and constructed from copper. Definitely softer than the audiophile types I have tried. They were brass. The ones from Home Depot, Auto Zone, and other places may be steel. They are very hard material. If looking search eBay, spades or quich disconnects and USA connectors should return hundreds.
  13. I really enjoy the fresh ideas. Jeff has allowed a maybe one page topic grow to 29. Got to say many ideas do not appeal. The GTO caps, rats nest wiring, old VOTT speakers are all of no interest. I gave up on SET amps a long time ago. Two have two in the attic. Do not like the distortion and colorations. Many prefer the effect over solid state. Will not make a three wire cable for use in the system. If one was made they would be braided together. The 8 ga single cable used by Decware is not the same as two 12’s and a 16 ga tied together. Decware is way out there also. No golf balls, tape rolls, or pavers. There are ideas of Jeff’s I did implement. The composite 8a wire made me look at the 16 ga used initially. Paralleled two 16 ga to make 13 ga for the woofer and two 20 ga wires for a 17 ga to mid/tweeters. The length needed to be 9 -10 feet to reach from the amp to the speakers. So made them a multiple of 57.1235 at 114.250 inches. Not sure how you measure this. So mine are exactly 114.25. I think the system does sound better. Cannot pinpoint if it is using a Star Quad speaker cable now, larger ga wiring, a length close to the magic length. But without Jeff’s sharing of ideas I would still be using a 9’ pair of 16 ga cables on each speaker.
  14. Panelhead

    Heresy III w/ integrated amp?

    I am partial to Marantz gear. Never heard any of these, so it is just bias.