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  1. The factory wiring in my La Scala II was 14 ga. Seemed fine.
  2. I agree, this is a fun forum. We all have idiosyncrasies that might offend others. Let’s all agree to disagree.
  3. Go good stethoscope is 20.00. Most medical supply stores have them in all ranges. I can see the splitter size causing an issue. They are there to couple the chambers. Can you cut them to match the other LS you have?
  4. I subscribe to Stereophile to look at two of JA’s measurements. First is the dac measurement of a -90.3 dB1K Hz sine wave with a 16 bit signal and then again at 24 bit. The drop in noise floor in dB can be divided by 6 to see the resolution of the dac. The other is the impulse test on speakers. The tests on the Forte III and the AK6 are the worst I have seen for impulse test results. I guess the people here who say the Klipsch Heritage speakers sound better with the tweeter physically aligned with the mid driver may be on to something. May try his on my Heresy and La Scala. But, not surprised by the listening results. The reviewer used to have his own rag. All hair shirt gear. Art Dudley must have tin ears. All the gear he really praises seems to get a “sample may be broken” when JA measures them. Total distortion and noise generators. The listening with the AK6 away from the corner gave expects results, limited low end. The tests done in the driveway are not as bad as you might think. The standard for speaker testing is an anechoic measurement. No walls. An AL5 might do much better in AD’s driveway. Do not know distance from the speaker to listener, but I think my LS II are better integrated when they are 8 - 10’ away. And 8’ apart. Toed in about half way to listener.
  5. Build my own. Neutrik or Amphenol plugs. Canare, Sommer, or Gotham wire. Costs more than Monoprice but never had a failure.
  6. A friend had a giant pair of Fulton’s 25 years ago. Looked like armoires. He never hooked them up when I was around. He used some Linn Isobaric speakers mostly.
  7. I am in the minority here. Never used bananas. But purchased a Croft OTL that only had banana jacks. Definitely low mass. The British are big fans of banana connectors. I think bananas are the worst. Tinned bare wire is the best. But fiddley if changes are done. Plus going around and retightening the nut from time to time. Speakon are as good. But your amp and speakers do not have these. There is a reason recent manufacture pro amps have Speakon. Installed crimp on spades this year. Good ole USA tinned copper. Cuts connection time by 75% compared to tinned bare wire. And I use Canare Star Quad for internal and speaker wire. This must be Roy Delgado’s choice too. The latest Klipschorns and La Scalas come internally wired with some Audioquest Star quad. Good enough for Roy is good enough for me. Magico uses the Canare Star Quad in their speakers. Their standmount 2 ways costs more than AK-6. So cost is not why. Benchmark sells speaker cables too. Canare Star Quad.
  8. From other companies products of the same era the parts quality used was variable. Some smaller pro audio equipment companies were rushed into oblivion by failures in active speakers. There were plenty of filter cap failures and also overheating output stages. Many products contained early Class D amps that just blew up sometimes. Build quality has come a long way in the last 15 - 20 years.
  9. There is always lobing in the crossover region. Depending on microphone placement there are additions and cancelations of the combined response of the two drivers. I am not sure being phase linear solves this. Depends on the frequency and driver spacing even if there is no time delay between the drivers. Plus mic vertical height.
  10. It is great you are able to fix equipment. Plus find parts on a Saturday. There used to be multiple stores here that sold both new and NOS parts. Down to a couple now. Support them if you still are lucky enough to have one.
  11. Ward, I think that veneer you used used is too much. Such depth. For edges, I have put blue painters tape on the surface to sand the adjoining surface even. Always trimmed a little long. I used 303 or something spray adhesive. The iron on looks better.
  12. At least this is reversible.
  13. I have a couple amps that came with Speakon connectors. If not being afraid to modify my La Scala’s I would install a four pole Speakon for single cable biwiring.
  14. I get the distinct feeling that most posters are hoping to sell something at elevated price.
  15. I rewire a set of crossovers recently. Decided to use what Roy is now using.
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