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  1. I like the European Solid state amps. A Job (gone) is great. I am using Micromega MyAmps to drive my LaScala’s. There are many options.
  2. Hard to know where to start on critiquing the factory mods. Where is Medwin when you really need him?
  3. You are voicing the speakers. The K400 in my LSII are fine with the stock caps. Could be PP, PO, or Mylar. Whatever Roy went with. I did not personally like the sound of the K77. Edgy and harsh. Changed the driver and horn instead of the crossover caps to soften and extend the top end. Roy changed the driver and horn used in the latest version of La Scala. No longer a K77.
  4. I have been drilling over the TDAI-1120. The rated power is more than enough. Currently using a dac/preamp that has Room Perfect. A 12 year old product. The amplitude and phase adjustments implemented are limited. But the difference it makes is huge. Using a pair of LS II and a single big sub. You still have to get the levels close on the sub with mains. Using the sub out from the unit. A dac this old is less than optimal. But the Room Perfect offsets this. I think Lyngdorf figured out Room Perfect a long time ago. Then he worked on his dac, then power amplifier design. Every step is unique. He is a partner in Purifi and Steinway. The 1120 adds streaming and other up to date connectivity options.
  5. Dale makes a 0.536 ohm, 5 watt LVR resistor. These work great as an output in a current amplifier,
  6. My listening varies over time. Recently it is all classical. Love the dynamics and power. Think the LS II are better at playback of classical than any speaker I have owned.
  7. I use Howard Clean N Feed on everything. It does darken a little. Even the LS II, 70th.
  8. I think Roy could add that it sounds better. If you have the tweeter for the change.
  9. Usually plastic film caps last a long time. If value is in spec, ESR should be also. Never thought of pouring sand in a capacitor tube. Seems there are better options. Like potting material.
  10. Order one. Tom would like another happy customer. Should drive any Heritage model to thunderous levels. With almost no distortion. It is 180 from a SET amp. No audible distortion.
  11. It looks too simple. A friend ran this sweep on an AP analyzer. This is with a linear power supply. Notice how low in amplitude the charging spikes are at multiples of the AC line frequency.r
  12. I have used current source amplifiers for many years. All were variations on the Mauro Penasa My_Ref project. The amplifier was an extension of a Musical Fidelity amp. The output stage has a voltage gain of 1.The current gain is 1000. But the output impedance is not high due to feedback loops, several. It has local and global feedback. It drives my LS II very well. Also HIII’s. My_Ref_FE - Schematic 1.5.pdf
  13. Looks to have been stored outside or in a basement for a couple decades. I always ended up with these having poor channel matching. Hoped it was. the be the volume pot. Never was.
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