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  1. Greyhill 81073, to make a 3 position, stereo source selector utilizing all 132 contacts.
  2. This is the Greyhill rotary switch I started using. Eleven decks and 12 positions. Paralleled five decks for each channel and grounded every other position to reduce crosstalk from capacitive coupling. Got a couple installed and wired. Will look for one. Do not know contact metallurgy. or other details. But with five contacts connected in parallel it may not matter. Ace Electronics had a pile of these at 20.00 a pop 10 or so years ago.
  3. Loosen and retighten all the connections. Including to the driver. Then recheck for sound quality.
  4. Good to see these. I am sure they are fine sounding. Do not believe in the standardized wire length thought. I would use shortest possible to minimize wire loop area. Less of an antenna. You being back posting will increase the activity here.
  5. I took Roy’s lead and rewired my La Scala’s internally with StarQuad cable. Used Canare 4S6 for the tweeters and 4S8 for the mids inside the top hat. Left the stock 14 ga zip for the woofers. Routing the cable out of the top hat to the bass bin is best with thin flexible wire. Would use 4S11 if redoing and wanting to use StarQuad for all three drivers. Cost was maybe 4.00 USD for the pair. Biwiring between speakers and amplifier with 4S11 for low frequency and 4S8 for the mid/tweeters. This was around 40.00 USD due to wire size and length. Used Canare instead of AQ because it is what I have been using for a long time. Read that some high dollar, more than LS5 and AK6, speakers use it for internal wiring. Plus if you order speaker cables from Benchmark Media you get Canare 4S11. That is a high recommendation. In theory this is better than zip cord. Not sure if you can hear difference.
  6. Sounds good. New caps may fix you up. The new tweeter driver and horn will be SMOOTH.
  7. Plus you really need to measure out in the room. The effects from floor loading are more pronounced. The output at the mouth should be increased, but not relative to 15’ away. That boundary effect continues all the way to the listening position. Same concrete floor.
  8. The pallet has most likey compressed two inches by now. It was bulging in the fall.
  9. The bass bins laying on the concrete floor really couples the wave launch to boost the bin output. If you stood them up, it might be better flat.
  10. Try some golf balls. Much better sound quality than tennis shoes.
  11. I will chime in on improving on the La Scala II. Mine are almost new, voided the warranty in the first three months. I looked at what the Newest changed, bracing for the top, internal wiring, and tweeter. Did all three to mine. For the tweeter used B&C DA120’s. DaveA made a set of horns from walnut. They are wider than the MAHL, the cutout in the motorboard is much wider the the normal K-77. He said he would make a set of the new Super MAHL for LS II when time permits. I may have to go sit in his laboratory while they are cut again. He made mine to get me to leave. I doubt if my dampening the top hat and rewiring the top hat with Star Quad Cable made much difference. Replacing the K-77 with a DA120 and walnut horn was a very audible improvement. Made the mids seem smoother. I spent some time listening with ears very close to each driver to hear what each did with familiar music playing. The K-77 did not sound musical. The Dave horn was an improvement. When listening at normal distance the new tweeter seemed to impact even the woofer sound. I have heard the use of a super tweeter can make an improvement in bass response. I use a single sub, crossover at 65 - 70 Hz and differing slopes. Usually filter the sub at -6 dB and the Las Scala at either -12 or -18 dB/octave. Still playing with the sub setup. Always seems improved after adjusting frequency and slopes.
  12. I am very OCD. Those caps would be replaced in my crossovers. They are defective, mechanically now. Who knows later. Solen seems very cavalier on this. May think it is abuse from high temperature environment. Would not think the zip ties could damage them. All I have used are solid construction. Remember comments that zip ties are bad for sonics. Is this why?
  13. Try forgetting your six and reconnecting new. My son had a problem like this with a Marshall Wootan. Got where he thought it was blown up. Reinstalled and volume came back to normal.
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