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  1. They have a 30 day refund policy. Need to go get the H IV’s I want. Will stick my 100 hour H III’s in the box for the return. But back to reality, it is good to see increased exposure. We need Klipsch to stay around for our grand children.
  2. Passing through Hope tomorrow. Any restaurant suggestions? The Parking lot was full at a Mexican restaurant we passed going to Tailgaters.
  3. Good to know. Building looks great. The ladies knew the factory is out HiWay 29. First time to stop in Hope. Did not see beer any signs. Tailgaters needs an old Klipsch sign for the wall.
  4. Figured Hope was a good place to stop this afternoon. Wanting on our food. See signs for a museum. Just not the one I want. I-30 is calling us back.
  5. My first Klipsch speakers were original series Epic CF-2. Read the specs and assumed they would work well with high powered tube amps. Used in a very large room. 24 x 30, with vaulted ceiling. They were less efficient than the 87 dB rated Vortex Screens in that room. Plus about a half octave less bass. Sold them quickly. Buyer really wanted to return them, but he had already modified these brand new speakers. Think he damped the plastic horns and rewired. Did not try raising or adding polyfill. I might have fallen in love with if raised up, added fill, and braced the cabinet.
  6. I have never heard he AL5. But after replacing the K-77 tweeters in LS II with MAHL horns and B&C DE-120 drivers the sound quality improved. Much smoother top end. Some feel the K55 is the weak link. Looking at what Klipsch changed points to the K77. Suspect the new tweeters used in the AL5 are responsible for most of the change in sonics between the two speakers. Doubt the updated wiring and thicker top hat walls are very noticeable.
  7. I have, at least the factory shipping cartoons. A Surburban, maybe. Pickup truck with tarp load.
  8. Life is always better with a sub.
  9. The two midrange driver magnets look different. Might be the lighting. I think offer 800.00. Go up to 1100.00 if cabinets are okay and the woofer outputs match. A used mid driver and crossover should not be too bad if needed. If you can use a VOM check the dc resistance of at least the woofers and mids. Tweeter too. This will not catch a rubbing voice coil but will find if windings are open or shorted.
  10. I finally installed the walnut Super Tweeter horns in my LS II a few weeks back. Really was audible. Might have added some sparkle at the top end. The blend of mids and highs is seemless. Think the crossover in the LS II was optimized for this. The original MAHL for LSII were installed before. Same B&C DE-120 drivers. The high frequency coverage is wider, sitting outside of sweet spot is about the same, just sweet spot is wider. Definite step up.
  11. Never heard the Sony. I am more of a diy amplifier builder. But give the Sony the ear test. Turn volume up to 75%. Place your ear near the tweeter and midrange horns. Turn it off and do again. If it sounds the same your Sony is fine, if not find something quieter. The MyAmp is 279.00 from AccessoriesforLess new. I ordered one when they were 229.00. They list for 649.00. Was blown away, did not need an amp, just felt right. It has been one of my better purchases. A used one sells for more, 350.00 - 400.00 range.
  12. Wish everyone trying to quit the best. Lost my father to heart disease and stokes, mother to breast cancer. Both died young. Both were chain smokers. One of my best friends from childhood is slowly dying with COPD, hypertension, and has lost all his teeth in the last two years. Three or four packs/day of the cheapest generics he can find. He helped me quit, I asked him for a nail one night while splitting a 12 pack I had purchased. He looked in his pocket and said he only had a half a pack. Needed them for the next morning. I got pissed off and never smoked another. Never wanted one after a month or so. We were 16, I had been smoking for three years. By then up to a pack a day. They were 35 - 50 cents a pack. I got lucky. But it is never too late.
  13. You did not mention if an integrated amp is what you want. But if I was looking for a power amplifier only there are three that are on my radar. 1. Benchmark AHB2 - the best, but 3,000.00 2. Denafrips Hyperion - Great specs, under budget 3. VTV iPurifi stereo. Half your limit. But Class D. To me a Class D amp is like owning a Peugeot. Great ride, just hope your friends do not see it. All three will be dead silent. You will not know if on or off with ear against the speakers. You will need either a dac with volume control or preamp. I prefer a dac with volume. Used is hard for me, most want 60 - 70% of MSRP for current products and 50% for 20 year old products online. The GW and CL options are there. Where I live is an audio wasteland. If a new integrated under 2,000.00 is what you want. There an option way under cap. Love mine hooked up to LS II. The Micromega MyAmp is low power, but is plenty for H IV. Dead quit, cannot tell if on. Great preamp, dac, Bluetooth, and remote in one package. Has trickle down technology from the Micromega M-One series of 5 - 7K integrated amplifiers. Plus sub out. (This MAY be of interest in the future) Is available CHEAP.
  14. I was sitting in a friends apartment in maybe 1971. Read an article in a Rolling Stone magazine about how good the Heritage line of speakers were. I did not have space for speakers this large and expensive. High school kid. After reading the article touting Klipsch as the worlds best loudspeakers it took 45 years for me to come around. Grew up in Nashville, no one I knew had Klipsch. Japanese main brands mostly, but some JBL and Altecs. Carried and set up a lot of PA cabinets, no Klipsch. I would hear about Klipsch, just never saw any. Would check out bar speakers and saw more Bose. Especially 901’s turned around backwards. A friend in 1982 had a pair of Heresy’s. Liked my big Altecs better. Finally purchased a pair of Klipsch Epic to pair with tube amps. This was late nineties. Took a month to find a buyer. The Texas Bottlehead group had many La Scala owners. All heavily modified. One even had new, more rigid cabinets. All had crossover and driver mods. None a sub. Listened to the many variations. All needed a sub. The turning point for me was buying a pair H III’s. Liked them so much I bought La Scala ii. Read that if you like H III, you will love LS II. Feel like the Bottlehead guys. Finally got around to pulling the DaveA MWHL for LS II and installed the SMWHL ((Super Machined Walnut Horn Lens) this last week. Cannot help tinkering. Roy now is partially my inspiration. Whatever he updates in new models I try to follow his lead in mine.
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