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  1. I would say no. The metal horns will benefit from dampening. The plastic will not ring. But try it anyway. It will not hurt the sound, just should not improve the sound quality.
  2. Klipsch went from 1/2” plywood, to 3/4”, to 3/4” MDF, to 1” MDF. That is evolution. Roy must have found the thicker wood offers some improvement.
  3. The Eminence woofers are made here. The Atlas mid drivers are made here. The tweeter is supposedly a Celestion product. Those were UK products. Might still be. The internal wire is Audioquest. Made here. The crossover components mostly likely are the only parts from China. And that may not be entirely true. There is a large resistor company here in Houston. Texas Components. Film caps are easy to make, there may be a domestic maker of the yellow film caps used today. Same with the chokes. It is a coil of wire.
  4. Not many brick and mortar stock these. If you get 20% off you got a real bargain. I am not looking, but see MSRP online. A pallet with the four boxes will go 550 lbs or so. Shipping will not be cheap.
  5. I sometimes use Hovland current pump amplifiers to drive my LS II’s. Cannot say that topology is better the voltage output. These are Mauro Panasa’s My_Ref variants. The Full Evo drove B&W 801 Matrix II very easily to high output levels. From reading reviews, the measured efficiency of DeVore speakers is lower than the factory specs. But seem to be popular with owners of low powered tube amps.
  6. I picked up a Sony 9000ES at a fund raiser. It quit reading the dual layer SACD discs. Found directions for adjusting the laser on line. This fixed it. Worked fine afterwards.
  7. I was using Marantz, 8260, SA-11, SA-15. Ripped the SACD discs to 96/24. First step is ISO files. A labor of love. The Sony players are nice. I knew someone who bragged on the Yamaha players. Some like the universal players. Dead media now. But a cheap source for hires files.
  8. I originally had my La Scala’s about 9’ apart and toed in about half way to facing sweet spot. After reading about more spread I moved them further apart with more toe in. Still a ways from the room corners. Will move back. I think they sound better when closer together. The 13 to 17 feet apart seems extreme. I could move them out that far, but it would require a lot of toe in. Center fill issues.
  9. I am in Pearland. It should be an easy fix.if you want me to look it over, PM me.
  10. I believe cables can make a difference too. But am really cheap. The most expensive Canare cable Is 1.00/ft.00. So the 14’ runs would be 28.00. This stuff may be pretty good. Several manufacturers use these. If you buy speaker cable from Benchmark you get Canare cables. Also Magico uses it inside their speakers. The cheapest Magico speaker is more expensive than the latest Klipschorns.
  11. I have many preamps in the attic. Tube, solid state, and passive. None in my listening room. A preamp and associated cables only degrade playback. Using pro interfaces that have four channel monitor output to drive main speakers and subs. Not many options out there for four channels with one volume control.. Like Edgar mentioned, Lyngdorf has been selling these since the mid 2000’s. I first heard one at RMAF around 2007 or 2008. Bought one in 2009. Still have a couple. Just hooked back up one one of the Focusrite Clarett 4Pre interfaces this week. Drives the amps and subs directly. Software based 64 bit crossover to set the filters.
  12. A straight up individual. His dedication to Klipsch speakers and audio in general is visible from a distance. All his recent pictures included grandchildren. Nuff said.
  13. As much as I like my LS 70th model, would swap for AL5. Without hearing or seeing them. The changes were made to improve the Sonics. But get a sub or four for either. The lows start rolling off around 100 Hz.
  14. Clean the terminals at the block and at the drivers. The copper oxidizes and contact resistance can go way up. Tighten the woofer mounting screws. They can loosen up over time. There is a gasket between the mid horn and compression driver. Definitely replace. They dry out and lose seal. These are all I know of that require looking at once past damaged drivers or failing capacitors.
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