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  1. It would have been so nice if someone had put a list of the caps.
  2. I have changed Cornwall 1 xover from B to B2, I am glad that I did. B2 provides substantial, very noticeable sonic improvement over B.
  3. Please, delete this topic; I have found the answer in this old topic. The Great inductor face-off - Page 2 - Technical/Modifications - The Klipsch Audio Community
  4. Thanks for the answer; I just posted a new topic asking exactly that. I am converting my cornwall B network into a B2.
  5. I have a pair of cornwall 1 that is currently using the B xover, I would like to convert the xover to B2. Per the difference between the B and B2 schematics, I only need to do the following: - Woofer circuit - add a 20uF in parallel. No Change to Polarity +/- - Mid circuit- replace the 4uF with 3uF. Change polarity to -/+ - Tweeter circuit - add a 245uH in parallel. Change polarity to -/+ My only issue is that I can't find a 245uH inductor in Canada, can a 14AWG 0.24mH (240uH) be used as a replacement? Thanks,
  6. I have forte I, chorus II and cornwall I, all in the same 18x14ft room. After listening to each of them almost on a daily basis for about 3 months, I kept the chorus II in that room, and moved the other two to different rooms. Performed the same test in a 11x15ft room with Heresy II included in the lineup, Heresy won hands down, and forte I was close second. This is to say that a lot depends on the room size and layout.
  7. Is anyone here using the Russian PIO capacitors in their Klipsch speaker crossovers? I have been rolling caps in my chorus II and cornwalls II, so far all of the boutique caps that I have tried, leave me wanting for more. I just replaced the 2uF tweeter caps with the Russian K75-10 hybrid-PIO caps in my chorus II x-overs, and I am quite surprised to how good they sound. I am so happy with their performance, that I just ordered more to replace the caps in my cornwalls.
  8. My chorus IIs are currently being driven by a Yaqin MC-100C, and the combo sounds amazing. The Yaqin is a lot of amp on the cheap.
  9. I currently own both -- cornwall II and forte II; while both are excellent and can't go wrong with either, but if you have to pick one only, I would go with the cornwall. Bigger soundstage, more open sound than the forte. Ex: with the cornwalls, you not only hear the bass, but you also feel it, with the forte you simply hear it.
  10. You guys have convinced me. I am in Ottawa Canada, the speakers are in Toronto, I am heading to Toronto tomorrow to pick them up. Thank you again for your advice.
  11. I do have bigger much bigger rooms with 9ft ceiling on the main floor, however, I never really spent anytime in these rooms; I spend most of my time in that basement working room, which is why I want them there.
  12. Thank you guys, I have the cornwalls as well. I just cleaned the room and tried the corns there; they sound fantastic.
  13. Hi Guys, I had the khorns before, but because of a few busy years I had no time to use them, sold them 3 years ago; I have been in constant regret since. I simply can not wait anymore I decide that I will buy another pair. But the problem is -- the only room I have available is my home basement office room, and it is only 15x11x8ft, not only that, it has a large desk with 3 large 27" monitors. Will that be acceptable if the khorns are placed along the 15ft wall and I sit way back at the 11ft wall? Ceiling height is just 8ft. See attached a picture of the room Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi Guys, Sorry, I already have someone local coming to see them tomorrow.
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