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  1. Ok you guys have made up my mind. OMW to go get some Chorus II's! Thanks!!
  2. I've read all the related threads a ton of times on here and other forum's. Just looking for new input. Sounds like everyone today is recommending the chorus II!
  3. So after a lot of bugging people and scouring ad's I have found a pair of Black Chorus II's and Oiled Oak Cornwall II's about 10 hours away in different directions. I am going to buy one this weekend. After spending the last couple months researching these and reading every thread and opinion I can find I can say without a doubt that I have no idea which one to buy! Help me!! I listen to lots of music of all kinds from classic rock to indie to rap to edm all equally. Upgrading from KG 5.5's. Please tell me which one and why, I need someone to slap me in the right direction. Heading out to get the Chorus II's. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. Hello! Me and my gf have been looking for weeks for a good deal on one of these speakers. Im a broke college student and my budget is only about 500-1500. I do desperately want a good pair so im willing to drive up to 10 or so hours to get them from wyoming. Please let me know what you have and what city your in. I am aware of craigslist/audiogon/facebook/ebay etc. I just havnt seen anything that works for me yet within driving range. Please let me know! Hoping someone will be willing to cut me an ok deal on a pair that wants a warm home and lots of attention! Going to get the Chorus II's from Texas. Hope the drive goes by quickly!
  5. Very interested! Was looking for speakers but my tn 300 needs to go soon too aha. text me at 714-404-0714 if its still for sale! :)
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