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  1. Thanks, the woofers are eminence kappa 15c. I think the clearance looks a little more that it is but yes, I made the motorboard 400mm wide to make sure the woofers fits comfortably.
  2. Already got K-77 and K-55 drivers, just waiting on a pair of K401 horns so I can complete the project!
  3. Inductors installed, crossovers are now done!
  4. Just about to finish my Type A crossovers with the inductors and was wondering if there is a right and wrong way to connect them? Obviously, there is an inner and an outer wire on the winding so do I need to connect them in a specific way or does it not matter? Thanks.
  5. Well spotted, they are the very same 1.5watt SE OTL monoblocks. They were professionally built but not by me! Turntable is a Garrard 401 in a homemade layered ply plinth with an Acos Lustre GST 1 tonearm.
  6. Both bass units now done. Will give them a few weeks to fully cure before knocking them back and giving one more coat of polyx oil.
  7. Crossovers almost finished, just waiting on the inductors. Not the prettiest but should do the job.....
  8. Evening all, I sat down this evening to layout the components for my Type A networks. Massive thank you to @mboxler for help with the parts (FOC no less), so I am using the 3636 (crites) autoformers and was just hoping someone can confirm the correct connections, as I’m not the best at reading schematics! As I read it: The negative input goes directly to pin 0 The positive input goes to pin 5 via the 13uf cap (which is in-turn connected to the positive connection for the tweeter via the 2uf cap) Pin 4 is connected to the positive terminal for the squawker. Is this correct?
  9. I believe it’s Douglas Fir. It does look quite nice with the medium oak stain.
  10. Just a quick update for anyone interested, the La Scala clones are getting there....
  11. Good Evening all, I was wondering if anyone has experience of using La Scala on suspended wooden floors with carpet?? All being well, I will soon be installing my La Scala clones, which has got me thinking about the best way to isolate / couple / decouple them. Although the wooden floor beneath the carpet is suspended, it feels fairly solid. However, this will be the first time that I have used large floorstanding speakers on a suspended wooden floor, as my last house had solid concrete (we moved just before Christmas). Do any La Scala users have experience of this scenario and can comment on the best method of isolation or coupling the speakers for the best acoustic results? Thanks
  12. I will be building matching high frequency cabinets much like the La Scala II, to house the squarker, tweeter & crossovers. I have just routed out the recessed opening for the woofer binding post’s and the recess’ for the feet to sit in to:
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