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  1. When listening at low levels there is an audible background static hiss coming from the tweeters in my DIY La Scala and I'm beginning to think I may have gone wrong on the crossover somewhere. Does anyone else experience this or have I gone wrong somewhere??
  2. Apologies jimjimbo, I’m getting mixed up with the replies! But many thanks for the feedback. 👍🏻
  3. Sorry to resurrect this thread again, John. However, I am just now picking this back up again and it is almost impossible to get hold of 2uF film caps in the UK, would it be detrimental to use 2.2uF caps in place of the 2uF ones? Thanks in advance.....
  4. Looking to change my Type A crossovers to Type AA, so I need 2 x 2uf Sonicap Gen I caps. Shipping to UK. Anyone got a couple of spares lying around they can send my way? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks John. I’ll need to get the crossover in front of me to really understand how this works but from what I can see, all I need is another 2uf cap, a .35 mH inductor and a 245 uH inductor. One last question, is there any specific type of inductor I need - air core, iron core etc?
  6. I’m switching beyween two at the minute, a Bluesound Powernode 2i At 60w a channel and a Trilogy VTi, again 60w a channel.
  7. A new, more powerful amp has me thinking about the tweeter protection of the Type AA crossover. Is there a guide on how to change a Type A to a Type AA to protect the K77 tweeter? Thanks
  8. I can get these on eBay at $50 a pair delivered. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161827860935 These seem like the right one.
  9. On certain tracks I am hearing some funny cracking coming from one of my K77 tweeters and I am assuming they may be in need of new diaphragms. Looking on ebay, there are various different diaphragms available (Electro-Voice, Simply Speakers, generic chinese etc) and ranging in price, can anyone provide guidance on which are acceptable replacements? Obviously, cost is a factor and I am based in the UK, which greatly increases shipping and import costs, but on balance I would like to get the right replacement first time. Thanks.
  10. My initial thought was that they were too close together. The best I can do separation wise is about where they are (5ft), maybe a tad more. Other than that, I could bring them in to the room and toe-in to my hearts content.
  11. Due to the current lockdown I have done a lot of listening to my clone la scala and have been playing with position and toe-in. I don’t have buckets of room to move them around (roughly 5ft apart) but I’m finding the central image is very tight. Sat in my listening position (roughly 12ft away) I can find the central vocal shifting from left to right just by moving my head a few inches left or right. Is anyone else using las scala in a smaller space? Have you experienced this? Any hints or tips?
  12. The horns are very rough and only held in place with a couple of wooden blocks. To be honest, because I have a set K401 on their way (whenever they turn up) I really didn’t take too much care with the construction and finishing of these, however, they seem to be doing the trick. They are certainly allowing me to experience what the la Scala can do and I’m mightily impressed. At some point I may take the time to make a another set that are properly finished.
  13. Spotted that, I may fo that at some point. Like these....
  14. They sound fantastic! First impressions are very detailed, plenty of bottom end for my taste. The braces have done a great job of taming the cabinet resonance which really cleans up the sound. They seems to bring the best out of a well recorded track but as ever, poorly recorded or mastered music sound as bad as ever. A very honest sound.
  15. Its been a short while since I updated here so for anyone that may be following the thread, here is a brief update: I have now installed braces to tame the resonance of the bass cabs and have knocked up a pair of wooden horns to use until the proper ones turn up...... whenever that may be!
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