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  1. Good work, keep the updates coming!
  2. Thanks Gents..... I have done some quick maths and worked out the internal volume of my doghouse, plus the internal volume of the additional box. I'll see if I can find an online calculator where I can use these measurements, along with the specs of the K33 driver and work out the sweet spot for cabinet volume / driver response. This is all new to me so I will report back if I find anything of use.
  3. Thanks, I managed to find the size specifications. I suppose what I’m asking is does it need to be 10” high? Can the same effect be achieved with a shallower box? Raising the whole speaker by 10” seems rather a lot and I was wondering if anyone had modelled the mod using different sizes? From what I have read, the mod can be tuned to a certain extent using different length ports so could a shallower box be used and tuned to gain the same results?
  4. Sorry, I know this subject has been well covered but I can’t seem to turn up these specific details? What is the litre-age that needs to be added with the extra box and are there any other specific perimeters that need to be met? I.e. port length, port diameter? Thanks.
  5. 😂 I have a feeling the Cornwalls would be a far easier build! Unfortunately, I’m in the UK - which is why I built the La Scala in the first place. If I decide to go down this route I could always use the La Scala cabs as some kind of coffee tables...!?? I must admit, I do love them.....
  6. I love my clone La Scala and always feel very proud of the fact that I made them from scratch, but I can’t escape the fact that they are not ideal for use in my small lounge / listening room. This has got me thinking and looking at reconstituting the drivers and crossovers for use in something that may be more suited to my space and I’m leaning towards the Cornwall. Has anyone done this, or has anyone made the switch from La Scala to Cornwall? As I understand it, they use the same drivers but I would need a deferent mid-range horn and I assume I would need to make substantial changes to the Type A crossovers. Is there anything else I would need to consider? Thanks.
  7. When listening at low levels there is an audible background static hiss coming from the tweeters in my DIY La Scala and I'm beginning to think I may have gone wrong on the crossover somewhere. Does anyone else experience this or have I gone wrong somewhere??
  8. Apologies jimjimbo, I’m getting mixed up with the replies! But many thanks for the feedback. 👍🏻
  9. Sorry to resurrect this thread again, John. However, I am just now picking this back up again and it is almost impossible to get hold of 2uF film caps in the UK, would it be detrimental to use 2.2uF caps in place of the 2uF ones? Thanks in advance.....
  10. Looking to change my Type A crossovers to Type AA, so I need 2 x 2uf Sonicap Gen I caps. Shipping to UK. Anyone got a couple of spares lying around they can send my way? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks John. I’ll need to get the crossover in front of me to really understand how this works but from what I can see, all I need is another 2uf cap, a .35 mH inductor and a 245 uH inductor. One last question, is there any specific type of inductor I need - air core, iron core etc?
  12. I’m switching beyween two at the minute, a Bluesound Powernode 2i At 60w a channel and a Trilogy VTi, again 60w a channel.
  13. A new, more powerful amp has me thinking about the tweeter protection of the Type AA crossover. Is there a guide on how to change a Type A to a Type AA to protect the K77 tweeter? Thanks
  14. I can get these on eBay at $50 a pair delivered. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161827860935 These seem like the right one.
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