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  1. Tnx! Really like to hear someone who has one of the Lyngdorf amps with RP on a Klipsch.
  2. No lyngdorf users here 🙂
  3. Dear all, I hear different opinions on digital amps + Klipsch... Would the TDAI-1120 from Lyngdorf with the much loved "room perfect" system be a good match for a Klipsch Heresy IV speaker?? Input really appreciated. The Lyngdorf is actually winning comparisons when compared to NAD M10 and Naim Atom... Tnx!!
  4. What kind of speaker cables do you use? Naca5 recommended by Naim? Very interested!
  5. Just for my reference : - you clearly prefered the 590 since better bass and; - the EVO300 was a clear step up from the Luxman SQ? - the 590 was another step (up) from the EVO 300? Pls confirm, this helps!
  6. I tried to find info about the SQ n150 also, very difficult. I hope some users can reply!!!! It's marvelous!
  7. or skip surround (like many of us did) and enjoy the sound of the screen via 2 beautiful boxes 🙂 For me all the hussle isn't worth it (anymore) and trust me, i have been there...
  8. Just back from an audio store to listen to PL 300i compared to 400i. This (unfortunately) on Dynaudio's Contour 20. As for a tube amp they are not so overly 'gloomy' as some. Fast and nice. Maybe a bit bright on the Dynaudio's, I hope this improves with my Klipsch Heresy's IV? Switching from the 300 to the 400 : Sound character is basically the same. With the 400 having clearly more control and slam. The Dyns are something like 84db. So I guess on Klipsch it doesn't matter if you have the 300 or 400. Built quality very nice! Aiming for the 300 now. Then the search for amp is over and I can search for a DAC to go with my Bluesound Node 2i 🙂 Never ending hobby (and I just escaped 8 years ago from the Naim virus 🙂).
  9. I am sold on tubes. Today was invited by dealer to listen to some amps. This on CW's and new out of the box H4's. Tried the Line magnetic 211 and 845. As for the speakers; CW's superb but so happy with my choice for Heresy IV in my small room. They are great with tubes! The 211 with EL34 must be the cheapest tube amp available but it was great. Those voices, the guitar strings amazing. Maybe I was missing some 'slam' with heavier music (Green Day in this case) but overall just great. The 845 is overall more 'refined' and maybe a bit 'smoother' (like a super El34...) and man I loved the 845 tubes!!!!!! 3 times as expensive though. Tubes are so much fun! regards!
  10. Fido, can you describe what the KT150's did compared to the EL34's?
  11. Anticipating the arrival of my new Heresy IV's I dream to own CW's one day 🙂 Congrats. Tell us your system and how they sound!!
  12. I can end my search then and search a new house first ;-0
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