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  1. Same here.. My battery in the One is out. Anyone know how to open up and replace it?
  2. @Alex_San Thanks for your input. I’ve heard(!) great things about the PrimaLuna amps, especially in combination with Klipsch Heritage speakers.. I guess it’s as one must always do, audition with the gear (in this case the Amp) before buying. 😁
  3. Hi community members. First post from me so just a quick presentation before the questions.. Huge music fan (rock, metal, folk, prog, electronica and more). I own approx 700 vinyl records and my NAS is filled with my CD-collection as FLAC-files (approx 3200 albums). I’m also using TIDAL streaming service. Current setup: Naim Audio: Supernait 2 (amp), NDX (streamer/DAC), Ovator S-400 (speakers), Stageline (RIAA). Turntable: Pro-Ject 2Xperience with Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge (MC). At the moment I’m just owning one(!) Klipsch product, namely The One wireless speaker. However I’m very interested in the Klipsch Forte III:s after reading and watching reviews on them. Now to my questions where I’m hoping your expertise can give me some guidance: 1. Anybody using Klipsch with amplification from Naim Audio? The “Naim sound” is very much “in your face” (which I love). Therefore I’m wondering if it can be “too much”? 2. Any rumors about any Forte IV on the horizon? 3. Is it possible to purchase the special edition grilles separately? I’m thinking the ones that came with the matte black Fortes SE. Thanks in advance.
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