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  1. I may be in the market for these, just not yet. I know another forum member is selling as well. I'm closing on a townhouse to move in August so finally no more renting in an apartment building (so i can finally get a SUB!!!!!) so i'll have a dedicated basement/theater and looking for something like these for livingroom 2 channel music (and for the mains of a small 5.1 system for casual viewing)....just not yet. But if they're still around, considering me incredibly interested. My home office is south NJ, i could do down, rent a car,s wing by you, and drive back up with them (or pay for shipping if you're willing to when the times comes... )
  2. buy a speaker wall mount like monoprice has and you can then angle them. my RP500s only have a keyhole but i was still able to use that and angle the speakers towards the sweet spot.
  3. yes there's a port, but if you used these as up firing atmos the port would be on the speaker below, so mounting by the wall would be no different. there's small rubber feet on the back that gives it a little space. I used some cheap monoprice mounts and also slightly angled them down from about 10-12ft up. Because the mount hole is higher up, i turned the mount upside down figuring gravity would make the speaker want to spin. (i can explain separately if needed). The mounts have the speaker stick out like 5 inches from the wall so angled down the bottom of the speaker (since it's a longer speaker) rests along the wall. i don't think these will fall, however, they are large and unwieldy....but have been working great so far!
  4. Any way you can exchange the 140s for the 500sa? You could set them to "surround" and use them as surrounds and then later if you wanted use them for atmos as heights
  5. i'd put them at #2 using a mount you can angle slightly, this way it seems like the sound is coming from a higher area. Unfortunately these only have keyholes. I did this method with some success, this is as high as i could get with my ladder. They keyhole makes things difficult. Also because the bottom is so long you can only angle it so much. I used some cheap monoprice mounts. haven't done my rears yet. i put the switch to the surround setting and i think i have these at 80hz.
  6. I have 2 up top in the front as "heights" using the "surround" switch but when i did my audyssey setup i set them as top (not height). i think i'm using 80hz for them.
  7. +1 on the RS7s if you're selling, let me know!
  8. Just a suggestion, i moved my RS7s to the rear for a 7.1 + atmos system and they sound great during atmos. If you wanted just keep them if you're getting new side channels anyway and you can put them in the rear (if you have room)
  9. I use the 8012 for my RF7s. Hooking up 4 rp500sa's this weekend for 11 7.4 atmos. Love this receiver, HUGE upgrade over the old denon's (came from a 4308)
  10. I'm in boston, if you need i'm selling my Denon 4308 receiver if you're looking for something basic to start with.
  11. I upgraded to a Marantz 8012 to get some Atmos action (and also because i was able to get a good deal), so I am now parting with my Denon 4308. This has been an absolute beast in my system since the day i got it (original owner). If you're running up to a 7.1 system this thing will power any klipsch system. This powered my 2 RF7s, RC7, 2 RF35s, and 2 RS7s and never got warm to the touch! Comes with both original removes and audyssey calibration Mic. I can try and find the manual (not sure if i still have it, but it would be available online). Has a Phono Turner for record player and 4 HDMI inputs as well. (note this will not pass the new 4k/HDR formats as far as i'm aware) But for a 1080 TV and gaming and blu-rays this will run absolutely anything you throw at it. One of the last great Denon receivers that was built in Japan. It's been 10 years and only a few of their new flagships are still produced there. Any question feel free to ask me. this unit is in perfect working condition. I'd rather not ship, so locals only for now (unless we work something out). I'm located in the northeast (Boston area) Quick Hits: 140 watts x 7 channels Wi-Fi and Network capable Ethernet network port HD Radio and XM ready tuning Dolby® TrueHD and dts-HD™ Master Audio DDSC-HD digital Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuitry Expanded HDMI v1.3a ports with Deep Color, xvYCC, and SACD support Pure Direct mode & Advanced AL24 Processing Multi Channel DENON LINK III, enabling high-speed, high-grade digital signal transmission Audyssey MultEQ XT Auto-Setup/Room EQ https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avr4308ci
  12. I was seriously considering last years models from that site as well when I was shopping. For the price point, the 7011/7012 over the new ones, i was losing maybe 1 or 2 new features but saving a ton of money. The ONLY reason i went with an 8012 is i found out my brother's company gets a discount from D&M and is available to direct family as well. But i highly suggest the idea of cutting the price in half getting a 1 or 2 year old model (if there's no new features you absolutely need). For the price savings you could even do the 7703 processor and use the difference on an amplifier. Since i was doing atmos the price of multiple amps put that out of reach for me, so the 8012 made more sense to have a one box solution (and enough power to drive Klipsch without issue). If i had more demanding speakers i'd have to consider differently running all of them from a single box.
  13. I've never used a Rotel, but always heard they sounded cold with Klipsch. I can definitely attest that my new Marantz receiver brings out a whole new beast in the mid-range from my old Denon
  14. I started another thread but didn't get much response, but would be relevant here. I've had my RF7s for 10 years and while i wouldn't want to spend any money to upgrade or change to the RF7s i was wondering what mods people have done to these to "freshen" them up. Does any maintenance after 10 years need to occur? If i wanted to upgrade the xover how much would that be? What other mods can be done? Should the small cheap monster cables inside be replaced and better connected (mine seem to fall out now occasionally) What about the foam insulation inside if it's been shifted around? Just looking for people's opinions and history on what's been done. i'm extremely happy with these speakers and my setup, but if i can tweak here and there for minimal additional cost i'm all for it!
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