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  1. in my opinion / history any TV stand where you'd put your center channel in it would make it too low and you'd need to angle it up and most times there'd be a coffee table in the way. Put it on top of the stand and mount the TV just high enough to come over it. Move the speaker right to the end of the stand to prevent reflections off the stand itself. If you even want get a TV mount that extends and move the TV away from the wall to the end of the speaker so it's "floating". This will also make the TV seem bigger and provide more envelopment. I do this with my 75 inch
  2. I may be selling mine if you're interested. Not sure about the sensitivity but they worked very well for atmos when I had high ceilings and mounted them
  3. I may be selling my 4 RP500-SAs, let me know if you're interested!
  4. Hey All! So for years i've been in an apartment with my system, but now i'm finally closing on a condo with a basement where i can have my dedicated theater! Can't wait to crank this to reference level and have a subwoofer! Looking for the community's help in accomplishing this. Not sure if this should have been posted in "architecture" or not, but figured i'd start here. Gear wise there won't be many changes. (see current gear in signature) I recently purchased 4 RP500-SA's for Atmos since my loft had 12 ft ceilings, but now that it will be a basement with lower ceiling i'll be looking to sell/trade these for some in-ceilings (let me know if anyone is interested). wish i knew i was buying a house before getting these! are the CDT-5800 C II in-ceilings overkill for atmos? Also is this recommended for them? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001I1Q16C/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=AKR88PAWTQVN2&psc=1 Beyond that i will finally pick up a subwoofer. Given the room size and budget currently looking at the SVS PB3000 since it has the app support and EQ and i'd like to play around with REW at some point. Probably check out the isolation feet as well if anyone has any feedback on those. At this point i'm looking to get a few contractors (and have a local Hi-Fi shop coming as well) to look at the space and advise and give an estimate. If anyone has any advice on that process, estimated cost given the below (this isn't a huge whole basement, but a small section), or anyone in the greater Boston area that could help or recommend, send away! I already have a good idea of the layout, but really need the room finished.(framing since just concrete, sound proof isolation, dry wall, ceilings, electric, flooring, etc). The 1st floor is kitchen/living room, so there is a floor separation between the basement and bedrooms, but i'd like to reduce noise and vibrations since it's connected to the neighbors as well. I've uploaded the preliminary room specs / layout, but really need budget advice, what to look out for, or anything others have come across int heir process that could help me. There's a water heater i'd like to move to create more space (but could be put in a closet), and currently there's an HVAC duct below the beams that would really lower the ceiling, so i'd like to somehow move that as well. Also will run a dedicated 15a line to the room (20a seems excessive since klipsch are easy to drive, room is small, etc) Currently don't need to build the bar or even paint, that can be done in phases, but need the bare bones in for now.
  5. I may be in the market for these, just not yet. I know another forum member is selling as well. I'm closing on a townhouse to move in August so finally no more renting in an apartment building (so i can finally get a SUB!!!!!) so i'll have a dedicated basement/theater and looking for something like these for livingroom 2 channel music (and for the mains of a small 5.1 system for casual viewing)....just not yet. But if they're still around, considering me incredibly interested. My home office is south NJ, i could do down, rent a car,s wing by you, and drive back up with them (or pay for shipping if you're willing to when the times comes... )
  6. buy a speaker wall mount like monoprice has and you can then angle them. my RP500s only have a keyhole but i was still able to use that and angle the speakers towards the sweet spot.
  7. yes there's a port, but if you used these as up firing atmos the port would be on the speaker below, so mounting by the wall would be no different. there's small rubber feet on the back that gives it a little space. I used some cheap monoprice mounts and also slightly angled them down from about 10-12ft up. Because the mount hole is higher up, i turned the mount upside down figuring gravity would make the speaker want to spin. (i can explain separately if needed). The mounts have the speaker stick out like 5 inches from the wall so angled down the bottom of the speaker (since it's a longer speaker) rests along the wall. i don't think these will fall, however, they are large and unwieldy....but have been working great so far!
  8. Any way you can exchange the 140s for the 500sa? You could set them to "surround" and use them as surrounds and then later if you wanted use them for atmos as heights
  9. i'd put them at #2 using a mount you can angle slightly, this way it seems like the sound is coming from a higher area. Unfortunately these only have keyholes. I did this method with some success, this is as high as i could get with my ladder. They keyhole makes things difficult. Also because the bottom is so long you can only angle it so much. I used some cheap monoprice mounts. haven't done my rears yet. i put the switch to the surround setting and i think i have these at 80hz.
  10. I have 2 up top in the front as "heights" using the "surround" switch but when i did my audyssey setup i set them as top (not height). i think i'm using 80hz for them.
  11. +1 on the RS7s if you're selling, let me know!
  12. Just a suggestion, i moved my RS7s to the rear for a 7.1 + atmos system and they sound great during atmos. If you wanted just keep them if you're getting new side channels anyway and you can put them in the rear (if you have room)
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