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  1. schwock5


    Are these biwire? Also what's the gauge?
  2. so i was not able to find the exact match but bought a few.to try out and so far 1 set has worked. putting the other in the wall tonight. i had to use shears to cut off the 4 rings that hold the 4 wings in place so it could extend further and used the longer screws and so far so good!
  3. Can you advise what screws you used? Can't seem to find matching screws in the longer length so wanna see what worked for you
  4. if my marantz receiver has "pure direct" mode would moving to an integrated tube vs just a tube amp just add more "tubiness"?
  5. with a HT bypass though, doesn't the tube amp have to be on at all time then? that can't be good...... i could see that being fine for a SS integrated for home theater, but seems problematic to run it through the tube amp powered on all the time, unless i'm missing something?
  6. for the black ice integrated, would that need a separate pre-amp for the turntable?
  7. i won't be able to swap the cables since the receiver will be in a cabinet and hard to access and the tube will be on top of the cabinet. so was looking into a switcher to bring it all within reach next to the tube amp. there are some where it switches if it detects a signal automatically, but not sure what would happen if i was listening to the tube and accidentally turned on the marantz? one that was remote controlled would be nice to program my harmony with some delays
  8. i was looking at something like this as well
  9. any recommendations for the switch box? i see a lot of different ones floating around, but haven't seen a lot of reviews/comparisons
  10. Hey all, there's a lot of information in this tube section to go through, but had some straight up questions to start with if anyone can chime in or point me to some specific threads that could help. I've been a straight receiver/SS amp guy since i've gotten into this hobby since i've always been a mix of HT and music, but now i'm starting to get some urges i'd like to explore. i'm tube "curious". There's no way for me budget or space wise to setup a dedicated 2 channel system. My music is always integrated with the home theater. Current mains are the original RF-7s, but looking to upgrade in the future to the RF-7iiis or Cornwall IVs as the next evolution. once my basement is done in a few weeks and the system re-setup i'd like to start exploring tubes potentially. questions below: 1.obviously i don't wanna use a tube amp full time for TV/movies as it would be too much mileage. So to integrate tubes, i was looking around and saw a few products where you can connect 2 amps to a switcher and output to 1 set of speakers. Using a switch like this i could connect my receiver's Front L/R speaker out (or if i had an external SS home theater amp, those speaker outs) to this switcher, and then using a zone 2 pre-out to a tube amp connect the speaker outs to this switcher and essentially be able to swap back and forth for HT/music. main zone woulds be HT and zone 2 use the tubes for 2 channel. am i missing anything on this setup, anyone use these sort of product before, does it degrade quality a lot? 2. If this solution works, seems strange to use nice cables when in the beginning path you have a separate short section to this switcher, any advice? 3. using this setup, i guess the next question would be, would there be a big difference between using a straight tube amp vs a tube integrated? essentially using the receiver i could use my turntable and cd player through the receiver to a tube amp, but technically i could run the analog out of the cd player and my turntable into a tube integrated and run it that way using the switcher method described above as a pure "analog" stream (obv disregarding cds are digital). but at least from the outputs of each source. what are the benefits/cons? Thank you if advance, and let me know if there's any questions i can answer to help pinpoint where to go from here.
  11. well, maybe hold onto the 7s in case you want to revert back and then i'll take the cornwalls? too bad with covid, we should have a meetup sometime. i'm in somerville
  12. lol. the only reason i'm hesitant is because what i really wanted to do was upgrade my original RF 7 to cornwall IVs. seems like we got the same upgrade path. how to you like them compared to the 7s? music, movies, or both?
  13. Uh oh, looks like someone is selling some rf7iiis right around me too, that would be a slight upgrade 😉
  14. Thanks all, maybe can get a little more info on xo upgrades. Subwoofer is coming soon. basement dedicated room in new house is almost done!
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