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  1. Confirmed. The ".4 atmos signal" will be sent to those
  2. for the speaker switch set it to "surround". the "atmos" setting is only if using it in up-firing mode. atmos up firing uses a specific frequency range, so this toggles for that. if mounting them up high pointing down (as i did, set it to surrounds. then from your receiver when you do calibration, set the front to heights or in-ceiling (try both and see if you like one better than the other). this is how i used mine. i'm selling 4 if you're interested in any used as i'm moving to in-ceiling speakers.
  3. use surround (this will enable them to go further down frequency). Atmos mode limits it to upfiring atmos range. I had mine mounted as heights previously. i'm selling 4 if you're interested in any used since i'm moving to in-ceiling. i use a marantz, but denon should be the same, you'd have the option to set the front to heights or ceiling and the rears as upfiring atmos. when mounting the fronts try using both options to see if you like one better than the other after calibration. even though they're "heights" if you set them to in ceiling you may get better results.
  4. width 6.75 inches | depth 12/5 inches i'm selling 4 used if you're interested
  5. I have an old Denon 4308 receiver for sale. Thing was a powerhouse, but i've since upgraded to a Marantz for Atmos. Perfect working condition, i've been the sole owner and it's been used to just drive my Klipsch speakers. Local pickup for now in the Boston area. Comes with the original remotes, manual, and calibration mic. Not sure about price, but looking for best reasonable offer
  6. I'm working on designing my man cave and was looking to use in wall speakers for my surrounds to preserve some space. The side wall of the basement separates my unit from my neighbor. We're looking to sound dampen / sound proof as much as possible. Does installing an in-wall speaker negate soundproofing or what are some things to think about to preserve as much sound transfer as possible? Do klipsch in-walls? (looking at the 5800 for example) require anything specifically behind them to acoustically optimal? Looking for some ideas before finalizing any plans. It's a small room, so i was looking to remove my floor standing rears to preserve as much space as possible. I could mount my RP500sa where the wall meets the ceiling angled down, but i feel this will interfere with in-ceiling atmos i'm planning to do and bring too much of the base layer up high.
  7. well now you got us all curious what else you're unloading and even have!
  8. How come you're selling these? If i had a bigger livingroom I'd be banging down your door for a demo already!
  9. I purchased 4 RP500SAs when i was living in a loft apartment with 12 foot ceilings earlier this year. As luck would have it almost right after putting them up we closed on a condo! I've moved and am building a dedicated theater in the basement with shorter ceilings so looking to use in-wall for the tops now since i no longer have the high ceilings anymore. Looking to sell these 4 or trade for in-ceiling. Ideally pickup in the Boston area but can ship if i have to. Fair offers please.
  10. in my opinion / history any TV stand where you'd put your center channel in it would make it too low and you'd need to angle it up and most times there'd be a coffee table in the way. Put it on top of the stand and mount the TV just high enough to come over it. Move the speaker right to the end of the stand to prevent reflections off the stand itself. If you even want get a TV mount that extends and move the TV away from the wall to the end of the speaker so it's "floating". This will also make the TV seem bigger and provide more envelopment. I do this with my 75 inch
  11. I may be selling mine if you're interested. Not sure about the sensitivity but they worked very well for atmos when I had high ceilings and mounted them
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