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  1. In my Onkyo TX NR3008, in both Pure and Direct, there is no output to the subwoofer. I cannot remember it actually saying that anywhere in the manual, but I read it in a review and naturally confirmed it. So I listen in Stereo, subs crossed over at 40hz. Because I cross the subs over so low, there is very little difference in Stereo, Pure and Direct on most music. I do not use Audyssey. My Heresy's measure 3-6 db down at 40hz in my room. Their bass on music sounds better to me than my subs.
  2. I think Audyssey clearly defined their goal. My opinion on whether or not they have reached it was previously stated.
  3. Mine varies. Upper 30's on a very quiet late night. Low 50's daytime, outside noise, HVAC on.
  4. Anything such as the versions of Audyssey that are included in AVR's, that has been found so hard to use successfully by it's primary customer base and that has spawned volumes of pages with "tweaks" to it's implementation in order to "trick" it into successfully doing what it was designed to do, is a failure in my opinion.
  5. I was referring to 2 channel stereo. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  6. Audyssey does provide more "air" when engaged listening to my Heresy's. While doing so, it seems to flatten the dynamics, and I think, make the Heresy's sound more like just any other speaker. To me they lose their "Klipschness". Yet without Audyssey, the Heresy's still provide a wide, spacious stereo image (and airiness) when the recording calls for it. Maybe Audyssey is "correct". Maybe not. My ears prefer what the Heresy's provide unadorned. Also, I think flattened frequency response correlates with flattened dynamics. Flattened dynamics sounds less like "real" to me. Which may be why PWK worried about flat frequency response only after efficiency, low distortion and controlled directivity?
  7. Very sad news in my house. My wife and I have been fans since 1973. My daughter is too, since she was born in 1986. My second favorite band after the Beatles. Best live rock and roll band ever.
  8. I prefer my Heresy 3's without Audyssey. They seem to lose some dynamics with it on. I also had to move the subwoofer trims up a bit after turning it off.
  9. Congratulations! Thank goodness it worked itself out before anyone tried to convince you to upgrade the crossovers!
  10. Oops. Don't know the third.
  11. Greg Lake and John Wetton.
  12. I have to apologize, I didn't realize the posting of the video was meant to be the answer to the question. As shown above, dirtmudd answered correctly!
  13. No, not Jeff Beck.
  14. No, not Hendrix.
  15. No. Not Jimmy Page.