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  1. Oops. Don't know the third.
  2. Greg Lake and John Wetton.
  3. I have to apologize, I didn't realize the posting of the video was meant to be the answer to the question. As shown above, dirtmudd answered correctly!
  4. No, not Jeff Beck.
  5. No, not Hendrix.
  6. No. Not Jimmy Page.
  7. To my knowledge, this one was not.
  8. Who sent one of their guitars to the original Hard Rock Cafe in London, seeing they had one of Clapton's hanging up, with a note saying "mines as good as his!", thus beginning the memorabilia collection of the HRC.
  9. 1964, Washington D.C.
  10. Sorry, I have no idea.
  11. Craig Frost
  12. How far you have to turn up the master volume control will also be affected by where the level control for each individual speaker has been set, either by you or an automatic setup program.
  13. The LFE channel is a completely independent channel and acts independently of your subwoofer crossover settings in your AVR. The LFE setting on the AVR sends the content of the LFE channel to your subwoofer based on the frequency you have it set at regardless of and independently of your subwoofer crossover. The LFE channel can have content up to 120hz. That is why it should be set at 120hz. Setting it lower potentially "throws away" LFE channel content.
  14. Moving the sub crossover higher actually does the opposite, makes the subs work more, the towers less. The bass below the crossover is moved to the subs. And the LPF for LPE setting in the AVR should always be set to 120hz. I believe you were linked to an article earlier that explains why.
  15. The better way would be to set the fronts to small, and leave the crossover at 40hz. That should turn on the subs. LFE+main is not recommended by Audyssey, as it tends to make the bass boomy. Dynamic EQ acts as an automatic loudness control, keeping the bass in balance at the lower volume levels where your ears are less sensitive to bass. It automatically decreases as you increase the volume. When I use Audyssey, I find it helpful.