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  1. Not having the skills myself, I would have the crossovers tested. If the components are still within specifications, I would leave them alone. My understanding is that it is entirely feasible that the crossovers could still be in spec. I am also aware that opinions on this vary widely. And discussing capacitors can be contentious at best. I would not just arbitrarily replace them.
  2. Assuming everything is working to spec, please resist the urge to “upgrade” these. Original condition this nice deserves to be left alone.
  3. There are a lot of good things about forums such as this one. The one universal bad thing with forums is that someone will find fault with anything/everything.
  4. All original Belle’s that you have owned since new!? Do not tamper with PWK’s design unless something becomes obviously defective would be my recommendation! Consider me envious.
  5. Assuming that you have the space for them, in terms of being able to place them fairly wide apart and some flexibility in toeing them in, I would buy the Cornwall’s. And I would cross them over to the sub very low at 35-40hz or so.
  6. With apologies to the late Gordon Gow of McIntosh for basically stealing this, if your amp has a “voice”, it’s broken. 😂
  7. How about contacting the folks in the Klipsch Professional Department? They are known to have a Bonehead who probably can help.
  8. Some on the forum, including some Klipsch folks, should find this book to be a little light reading. 1000 pages. According to the table of contents there is a bit in it on that PWK fellow. http://www.hornspeakersystems.info/
  9. Keep the speakers. Build a new shed! 😂 Just do the best you can to place them high up in whatever you have for corners, angled down into the listening area. I don’t think inverting them will matter with no solid surface available above the woofer.
  10. When the man who designed the speakers says to place them on the floor in the corner for best performance, you should. The ceiling is simply the floor, upside down. So, inverted in the corners would be the correct answer, IMO.
  11. I suspect that PWK is livid. Everything bad he envisioned happening in having others review and measure his speakers seems to have transpired with this review. He felt that all speakers were corner speakers. Yet his very own legendary corner horn speaker was both reviewed and measured without proper corner placement. IMO Klipsch should be embarrassed for allowing this sorry excuse of a review to have transpired.
  12. Prepare to learn just how far down the rabbit hole these guys will help you fall! 😂
  13. My recollection of my mid 80’s Khorns was a specified bandwidth of 32hz to 17khz, +/- 5db. It could have been 35hz though, my memory is not great.
  14. Is it possible that the 8ft. length refers to what the length of a straight horn would have to be to reproduce the lowest Khorn frequency, and not the actual length of the Khorn’s path?
  15. Could you be any more disrespectful? I hope everyone at Klipsch ignores you, as they should.
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