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  1. I am embarrassed to say that I completely missed the fact that the wall from the left corner doesn’t extend out 4 feet. My understanding is that the corners need to extend out uninterrupted for 4 feet for the Klipschorn bass horn to work properly. The couch in the photo negates the right corner as well, if that is where it stays. My apologies.
  2. Paul Klipsch advocated all speakers to be be placed in corners, toed in at 45 degrees, and to fire in front of the listening position to achieve a stable stereo image over a wide area. The Klipschorn does this by design. He would also have advocated a long wall placement, but your 14 foot short wall should suffice. Look up his Dope from Hope paper where he discusses proper speaker placement for the best stereo image. And good luck!
  3. I believe DTS Neo 6 does that for the three front channels, but perhaps synthesizes the rears a bit differently. I sometimes prefer listening to it instead of listening in stereo. It doesn’t seem to mess with the signal much, just anchors the center and adds a bit of spaciousness.
  4. If you currently are only using a pair of Heresy’s in stereo, separate them as far as possible, into the corners if possible, and toe them in enough so that each one fires at the opposite end of your viewing area, or a full 45 degrees if possible. You probably won’t feel the need for a center channel as the “sweet spot” will be as wide as the viewing area and quite stable.
  5. If they didn’t use the components they specified, without disclosing it to you first and getting your approval, I would say yes you did.
  6. It occurs to me that most modifications that are made to Klipsch factory built speakers end up modifying their frequency response and/or bandwidth. These modifications are deemed by many to make the speakers no longer Klipsch. So if I use the room correction software available in my AVR, without otherwise touching my Heresy 3’s, which alters their frequency response and/or bandwidth, have I then deprived myself of the ability to claim I have Klipsch speakers as well? Or do the offending modifications have to alter the speakers physically?
  7. This shows me that whatever ends up being the result, they must be putting a lot of thought into it. Hopefully, for those coming into the market in the near future, the decision to stop the increase holds.
  8. When I bought my first Klipsch Cornwalls in around 1980, Heritage were pricey, but attainable for many. Now Heritage, including Heresy, have gone from attainable to aspirational for many, in my opinion. At 65 and retired on a fixed income, they have become unattainable for me.
  9. Naturally I stand to be corrected if necessary, but while I have seen photos of speakers autographed by PWK, I have never seen a photo of a speaker that showed it was signed by PWK as having inspected or tested it.
  10. My Heresy 3’s are 13 feet apart and toed in to fire at the opposite ends of a 10 foot long couch, which is about 13 feet away from the front wall. Have a 10 foot wide sweet spot where the center image maybe moves a foot from center no matter where you sit on the couch. Benefits everything, stereo music, movies, TV, even when using the center channel.
  11. We are far enough along in this pandemic new normal that there is no excuse for them not to be operating very close to pre-pandemic levels of service. I had an issue with a new TV and everything was handled promptly and professionally via email and resulted in an in home repair. Not once was the pandemic used as a justification by them to excuse poor service.
  12. In my experience, Klipsch Heritage speakers like to be placed relatively far apart. I would keep them in the corner, toed in at 45 degrees. For the reasons I previously mentioned plus to have a realistically sized soundstage width.
  13. Be sure to toe in each Cornwall (at least) so it fires at the opposite end of the couch. Then the stereo image will basically remain stable for everyone sitting on the couch, and the TV sound will be centered on the TV.
  14. Roy is the keeper of the PWK/Heritage flame. In my opinion, whatever he is comfortable with regarding design and nomenclature, we should all be comfortable with.
  15. Also, make sure your Power Mode selector is set to Auto or On. The receiver 1V output may not be enough for the Trigger setting.
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