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  1. Please ignore the subs, they are going away. I included a second picture, it shows exact outline of the left speaker tucked in corner, the way the front baffle aligns with that width, its firing well in front of me, Id have to tow them out alot to get it to work no?
  2. Sorry guys, ok. They are in good shape best I can tell seeing as Ive never seen a pair in person before......lol. Made in 2000, so verified they have the AK4 crossovers, the problem I have is he cant really demo for me, and I am reluctant given my room layout because of how things are. I think it would be an easy thing if he had them setup but he doesnt....best I could do is just test that they work.............im very reluctant to do that given how much work its gonna be to get these into my home. My room is 14" wide by 24 feet long, they have to go on short wall. Now, I have corners there, well at least along the short wall I have a wall that goes all the way side to side on the 14" width. The long wall is tricky. On the left side its semi open, there is a short run of about 28'" that begins from the corner, and then opens to a large living room........Ive been told, no problem, as long as you have something there to bring the bass forward you will be happy. However, the problem is with seating. I can move seating up a few feet in either direction, but the position of the speakers as it stands on the short wall seem to fire at an axis of a few feet in front of my listening position. Only way to have the speakers fire "behind" me which from what I understand is best for imaging, that I cant do unless I move the couch up to almost a "near field" experience............what do you guys think? I have read so much stuff and maybe thats half the problem, too much information?
  3. Hello everyone, i recently found some AK4 Khorns that i’d like to buy but problem is I’ve never actually heard before. I have heard their smaller counterpart in the Heritage line namely the Fortes and heresy’s, but wondered if i need to hear the khorns after falling in love with the sound already. If anyone has a pair in the san diego area and wouldn’t mind a short audition i would be highly appreciative! Thanks
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