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  1. Thanks for all input and help. I tried an identical amp and hooked it up straight forward and it worked great. Turns out it was a bad amp all along! I’m in process of getting it exchanged for another.
  2. The sub is the rsw-5802 in-wall. I’ve tried all the inputs on the back of the RSA with the rca connectors. I use the banana connectors for the speaker in the speaker out. I’m using the test tone function in the receiver to see if sound comes out and I’m not getting anything.
  3. The amp has a frequency knob and a volume knob. The volume knob is set to the middle
  4. I have the rca cable connected to the sub out on the receiver and to the lfe in on the amp. Then the speaker out, red and black to the sub.
  5. Yep, I have the sub set to on or yes. I’ve tried satellite and tv for sources. I have all speakers set to small.
  6. I recently installed a home theatre system all klipsch reference series in wall and in ceiling along with a reference series center speaker and in wall subwoofer and RSA-500 amplifier. For the life of me I can’t get the sub to work. I had an older onkyo receiver that I couldn’t get to work so I bought a brand new Yamaha aventage rx-a1080, hooked up all the wires and tried again and nothing out of the sub. All the other speakers work great and I’ve tested the sub using the wiring in the center channel and noise came out but I can’t get anything going through the amp.
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