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  1. The SB-3K is a nice combo with the H IV’s. I’m still dreaming about the AS-1200. I’ll put in my request to Santa this year.
  2. I own a pair of Walnut Kg 3’s. A nice speaker. I moved up to Heresy IVs last year. If you like them, use them. Nice bass extension with the passive radiator. They were the smallest Klipsch horn loaded speaker at the time of manufacture. There is a nice review of them on the Klipsch website.
  3. And is that official company motto two words, the first word being “Bull” ?
  4. Glad you’re enjoying them. You might hear subtitles in music you hadn’t noticed before. A great all around speaker in my mind and they will play very loud if needed and still sound great. Thanks for the beer tip,I’ll search for it this summer if the border opens up !
  5. The Tibet Almond Stick works ! Simply rub on light scratches and they blend into the surrounding wood surface. Not for deep scratches according to the limited instructions.
  6. I'll be interested in you reaction to the sound quality. And by the way , What do Old Canuck hipsters drink these days? I'm always up for a recommendation for lake time in Ontario this summer.
  7. Welcome to the Forum. Be careful unboxing them so as not to scratch the walnut veneer. Hook them up, open a Molson of your choice and enjoy.
  8. Will do. I’ve got one on order
  9. I guess I will try a Tibet Almond Stick to "help" my Heresy IV's lacquer finish look factory fresh again. As suggested in the Furniture-Care .pdf above. The Heresy IV finish is easily scratched, that is about the only negative thing I can say about them thought. The sound of them is sublime.
  10. I own a pair of Walnut Heresy IVs I believe they are lacquered. They look great but scratch very easily. Definitely not an oil finish.
  11. Zero Fidelity on YouTube posted a review on the Forte IV yesterday and compares it to the III. The review is informative.
  12. Yamaha is a SS amp many seem to like. The new A-S 1200, 2200 and 3200 get praise. Totally analog.
  13. I second the CD-S1000 is very nice.
  14. Go to Crutchfield.com They show the grills to be the same color for black ash as for walnut. They look great.
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