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  1. Listen for yourself, you are a critical listener and nobody can tell you how they will sound. It’s personal. Very personal.
  2. Interesting, was this impression from a brick and mortar store or in your own invironment ?
  3. That is a good deal. Is it "Gray Market" ? I see you paid for a 3 year warranty and I believe the unit comes with a 3 year warranty in the U.S.
  4. Has anyone compared with their own ears the A-S 2200 with the A-S1200 ? I know the 2200 has a balanced in and a different material is used in the feet supporting the unit. Are there any other differences likely to affect sound quality ? I'd be powering a pair of Heresy IV's , are either of these integrateds a good match for the IV's.
  5. My room is 13 x 15, I have Heresys on the floor with a sub. They sound great and really rock the room at hi levels. They also are very nice sounding at low levels.
  6. I have a SVS SB 3000 in my system too. So it is a 2.1 system. The sub adds grunt to the bottom end for Pipe Organ music and such but he HIVs really project very good bass on their own. As mentioned I use a pretty average amp and my room is 13 by 15 with one end of the room being open to a hallway.
  7. I am. I’m 63, listen to Jazz, Classical and Rock. Not necessarily in that order. CD’s are my primary input source. A Yamaha networked receiver is my amplification. The Heresies are played at all volumes and sound great to my ears. I’m a TV editor with 40 years experience and my hearing is still good due to keeping the volume reasonable at work. We use Genelec (sp) monitors at work.
  8. I’ve had my Heresy IV’s since early may and love the hell out of them. If you own them how do you fell about them?
  9. My fave too. It’s all a time and space thing, where you were when it captured you.
  10. Originally the metal feet still had black paint on them when the riser was spray painted at the factory, however "Sticky little rubber thingys" still will not adhere to the feet when the paint was scraped off. I will give the felt pads a try as I have some around the house. As to "Now begins the debate over strong vs. weak coupling of the speaker enclosure to the floor." by Edgar , Let the discussion begin ! Or continue as it may be.
  11. My Heresy IV's arrived with some "Sticky little rubber thingys" to use for sound isolation when placed on a hard wood floors. These "Sticky little rubber thingys" don't stick too well to the base of the speaker which has metal feet which are close to flush to the wood riser. Every time the speaker is moved to adjust toe in, the "Sticky little rubber thingys" come free of the speaker. Not a defect, just a pain in the drain. Any good ideas for an alternative to "Sticky little rubber thingys"? Other than that, the IV's sound great and I am very pleased with them.
  12. I use a SVS SB 3000 with my Heresy IVs. Used for music only. A great combination.
  13. Let be the first to say “Welcome to the Forum “. I’m a Heresy IV guy so I can’t help you with your K-Horn question. I’m sure a more knowledgeable person than I am will help you soon.
  14. I have a pair of Heresy IVs that I'm driving with a Yamaha R-N500 receiver. I am looking at the new Yamaha A-S1200 integrated amp as an upgrade. I have heard that the Heresy speakers will be much improved with better electronics. What kind of improvements should I expect, head turning or subtle? I listen to a variety of music styles from CD with a quality CD player and have a SVS 3K sub woofer along with the Heresy IVs.
  15. I am interested in the A-S1200 to pair with some Heresy IVs. I have heard the A-S1200 described as "forward" in the upper mid and lower treble by "Zero Fidelity" in a recent review. I know the A-S1200 lacks balanced outputs ( which is not a big factor for me) but is very similar to the A-S2200. Does anybody have experience with the new Yamaha line of integrated amps and the Heresy IVs ?
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