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  1. A little out of your $1k limit but the Yamaha CD S 1000 is a very nice addition to my HIVs. Less harsh than my previous Sony SACD 6 CD player.
  2. I have an 80 watt Yamaha receiver, not integrated mind you. It has the tone and loudness controls. With my HIV's I run it flat and never use the loudness although I'm sure it works fine. I do run a sub so extra bass is not needed from the HIV's. To my taste it sounds great, the HIV's are very efficient so the receiver never gets hot. I'm sure the integrated amp would be a step up. Someday I may try one myself but I love the receivers online streaming and remote control using my iPhone.
  3. I updated speakers in 1992 from some Altec Lansing 2 way model 5s with foam surrounds gone bad to a pair of Klipsch Kg-3s. At the time the smallest horn speaker Klipsch made. It was time to update my speakers again, the Kg-3s are still doing the job but I had a itch to scratch, and I wanted made in the USA. I bought a pair of Heresy IVs and am really glad I did. They are a huge upgrade from my Kg-3s. Long live the Heritage Series.
  4. Yamaha R-N 602 is $599 new. It has much of what you are looking for. You can control many of the functions from your cell phone. I have the earlier model the R- N 500 running my Heresy IVs. It is quite adequate and very versatile.
  5. Subs do help. My crossover is set at 55 with a slope of 24 dB. SVS SB- 3000. Adjust the volume to what you like and enjoy your Heresy IVs
  6. I am thoroughly enjoying them. A great upgrade to my system from Klipsch Kg_3s. They fit my music tastes very well and look great too. The Walnut is light colored and has a golden quality to them which I didn't expect having oiled walnut in the past. Jazz comes alive on these speakers and on any quality recordings while lesser recordings still sound good with the horns having more restraint than my old speakers. Telarc recordings are a lot of fun to listen to for classical music and these speakers are made for Rock. Yeah, I guess I'm happy with them and I've not even broken them in yet.
  7. I’ve been playing some Telarc recordings such as 1812 Overture and Grand Canyon Suite. The cannons and thunder SFX in those recordings will exercise the woofers. It’s a tough job, but I’m up for it!
  8. I’ve had mine 5 days now and love them. I do run a sub because it was there already. They handle anything you play through them with precision. They look great too.
  9. The slap of the cannons is impressive.
  10. Wynton Marsalis Standard Time, Vol. 3: The Resolution of Romance, Cut 1 "In the Court of King Oliver.
  11. I have a SVS SB-3000 sub so I had already done one of his suggestions. I like them on the floor, I tend not to walk around while listening critically. To each his own on his other suggestions of bi-amplification to even out the sound levels of the horns and 12" driver.
  12. I got no advance warning other than " your order has been shipped". I had checked and re-checked with no additional information after the first week. They arrived on a pallet via UPS freight. Delivery took 3 days from Virginia to Maryland. Good luck, they are well worth the wait.
  13. Actually 3 weeks ago. Bought them from Crutchfield.
  14. I ordered mine a month ago and received them two days ago. They were back ordered. Walnut was out of stock first.
  15. A rubber strap diving watch it was! Learned a lesson, minor scratches on the sides. Boy do the Heresy IVs sing loud, proud and controlled. They are a lot of fun and I hear a lot more instruments in songs that my Kg-3s couldn't resolve. Driving them with a SS Yamaha receiver so not expensive electronics and they sound sweet, not harsh.
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