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  1. I am doing some tests with Heresy with an entry-level sub Velodyne. I initially had a hard time with setting crossover and volume. However once I've found the better balance I'm very much appreciating the result: amazing voices and great spaciousness with good bass (only when it is required). I like it very much! 😘
  2. In your opinion what is the best solution? Normally Klf's have better bass, better punch and great capacity to fill the room with sound. Heresy's on the other hand have more clearity and amazing voices. Can Heresy + sub give me the benefits of both?
  3. I have space, I have a sub BUT I haven't a pre-out on my 2 channel amplifier.. 😭 I use my sub only with HT amplifier.
  4. Please could you tell me how do you link Velodyne to Heresy's? I own Heresy III: what amazing speaker!!! The best with female voices!
  5. I used in the past various amps: tubes (300b, EL34, 845) and solide state. Sometimes, for some kind of music, was better an amp, some others time another one. Nowadays I run my Heresy's III with a McIntosh MA5200 (100wpc) and, in my opinion, I reached a perfect balance: warm sound, clearness and, when needed, very dirty ROCK! 😎
  6. the first one bought few weeks ago (ex-demo) from a dealer. The second bought three years ago from a Klipsch fan 😉 Also original boxes are different.
  7. Hello everyone, I have two set of Heresy III. They are apparently identical, but rear labels are different: In your opinion what are the differences ? (if there are). Thanks,
  8. First of all, I would like to thank all the participants in this thread. the guy who sells LaScalas lets me listen to them only if I buy them: I'm sorry but this is not acceptable to me: I don't buy anything if I can't try before buying. Now I will search a shop in which I can listen them. I live in Italy and it isn't so easy to found a shop where I can found them. I'm a bit more careful about my choise: I love my KLF30's and there are wonderful with the music I love. Maybe I should buy something with more bass than Lascalas (Cornwalls? Fortes?) So I'll let you know when I get to listen them. Thank you againg for your useful advice. 😘
  9. Hi to all! Near my house there is a boy that he's selling his La Scala's (1st series) I have KLF30's (I love them!) but I am very, very curious to ear these legendary loudpeakers that I never heard. In my room (about 410 fs) I would place them at the corners, far from listener about 12 feet. I can't try them in my room (too big, too heavy...). My favourite music genre is rock, blues, acoustic, famale jazz singers... So I should proceed with this purchase? I would get a big improvement, in your opinion? Thanks
  10. And what were your favurite? You had all Klipsch that I woild like to try! 😍
  11. With my KLF30's I'm trying toe-in 50 degrees (crossed about 3 ft ahead of me): what surprise!!! Great details, great stage! Finally the dog of Roger Waters's Amused to Death is where it should be 😅
  12. I got to listen to Forte II's: great speakers! I really like their richness on high frequences and the reality on mid. I was only a bit disappointed about low range: they lack bass! How is that possible? They should have more bass than my KLF30's (they start from 32hz vs 36hz KLF's) Maybe they was placed too far from rear wall? (about 3,2 ft)
  13. Hello! I have for many years KLF30's: I love them! Next Saturday I'd like to go to my dealer to hear a couple of vintage Forte II. What differences could I expect? Thanks
  14. In your opinion new diaphragms require some break-in period?
  15. I bought them today! I'll let you know about improvments, after replacing. Thanks to all for your tips! 😘 Ralf
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