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  1. If you want to improve the bass I suggest you an Onix RA125 amplifier: awesome, with good medium and terrific bass!!!
  2. HI Von Hoellert, I'm located in Italy, I had Cornwall 3 for several years. Some weeks ago I heard Cornwall 4 at my dealer: very good speakers, especially in the medium frequencies. The dealer wants 4800 € for difference between 3 and 4: at this moment I think that 4 doesn't deserve this huge difference, but this is a very, very personal evaluation... I like my Cornwall's 3 very much, maybe in the future I'll think about for an upgrade.
  3. Good question! I think the 3s are good for female voices but not very very good. In my opinion sometimes there is a predominant in mid-low frequencies that afflicts typical clarity of female voice.
  4. I see, but the topic is similar, NOT the same 😉
  5. and Cornwall IV? Maybe has the pros of Heresy IV and the pros of Cornwall 3?
  6. Hi all, I have since several years a pair of Cornwall 3; my room is approximately 13 x 25 ft and my seating position is 9’ from the the speakers. I love to listen to female voices: jazz, pop, folk, etc... For this kind of music, in your opinion, which speaker is better? Cornwall III or Heresy IV?
  7. I had several amps in over 20 years: ss, tubes, hybrids, etc... One of the best amp I've tried with my CW is Copland CTA402, a push-pull with 4 EL34s: amazing!!! Very detailed sound and controlled bass, excellent soundstage and realistic voices: I love it! 😍
  8. I have an Oppo 105 since 10 years and I think it's gorgeous! I compared it with several CD/SACD players (even Mc) and it is still my favorite player. I use it with CD/SACD and also with BD (movies and concerts). I can play Tidal with Oppo and maybe I'll buy only a decent DAC to upgrade the internal DAC of Oppo.
  9. You can ear the dog at the beginning of Roger Waters's Amused to Death (amazing album at all, IMHO). This is a serious test for any high fidelity system.
  10. I am doing some tests with Heresy with an entry-level sub Velodyne. I initially had a hard time with setting crossover and volume. However once I've found the better balance I'm very much appreciating the result: amazing voices and great spaciousness with good bass (only when it is required). I like it very much! 😘
  11. In your opinion what is the best solution? Normally Klf's have better bass, better punch and great capacity to fill the room with sound. Heresy's on the other hand have more clearity and amazing voices. Can Heresy + sub give me the benefits of both?
  12. I have space, I have a sub BUT I haven't a pre-out on my 2 channel amplifier.. 😭 I use my sub only with HT amplifier.
  13. Please could you tell me how do you link Velodyne to Heresy's? I own Heresy III: what amazing speaker!!! The best with female voices!
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