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  1. I have recently purchased Mcintosh Ma5200, I use it with my Heresy III and the combo is awesome!!!
  2. What do you mean with super harsh? They are bettet or worst with stands? Thanks
  3. Hi Bubo! I'm from Milan. Thanks for your tips: I'll try to use Ikea "Lack" table under my Heresy's 😉 Now I'm trying also old KLF30's: wow! What blows!!! They are different than Heresy's: more punch, more involvement, maybe less quality in medium frequencies. Both amazing speaker, with pro and cons: what are the best I guess depends especially from kind of music you listen to.
  4. I got McIntosh MA5200: what terrific combo with my Heresy's III!!!! They seem completely different loudspeakers: more punch, more low frequencies and a larger sound: very good! I can only imagine with an higher McIntosh, but at this moment I like this! 😉
  5. What do you mean with "caps"? Crossovers?
  6. Which one would give best improvements? Should I buy both? Thanks a lot
  7. ok, damn good, but in this case I would need a pre. Can I use my Oppo105 like a pre?
  8. I have KLF30 and I think they sound very good, especially with pop, rock and live music. I think they need a powerful amp, no little SET tube amps, in my opinion (unless you listen only to jazz and acoustic guitar). I wonder if it would be better to upgrade some components: it would be advisable, in your opinion? Where do I start? Tweeters? Thanks!
  9. What Primaluna model? I see Primaluna haven't passthrough or phono-in: is that correct? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone from Italy, I have a pairs of Heresy III and KLF30. I'm thinking of change my actual amp (Sugden A21SE) to upgrade with a more complete model (with phono-in and main-it to link it with my HT amplifier). I'm fascinated with historic brand like Accuphase, Luxman or McIntosh. For my budget, for example, I might buy Accuphase E350 or McIntosh MA5300. What your thoughts? Thanks! Cheers
  11. Hi guys, in your opinion, wich amp would better matching with my Legend KLF-20? I'm undecided between Mastersound 300b PSE and 845 Compact. I listen every music genre, except hip-hop, dance. Actually I have an EL34 Single Ended amp: it sounds very natural with acoustic music, but isn't good with rock and hard rock, in my opinion. Thanks
  12. My room is about 100 square foots, I listen 9 foots away from my speaker. My budget is 2,000 euros (abuot 2,600 USD). I really like Unison Research little SE amp (for example Simply Two Anniversary: http://en.unisonresearch.com/371/simply-two-anniversary/). What do you think? Ralph ps sorry for my poor english, I am an italian Klipsch fan! ;-)
  13. Hi guys! Just picked up a pair of Klipsch KLF-20 (I love them!) and would like some info on trying a tube amplifier for these. What kind of tube amp do you recommend? EL34 or KT88? Push-pull or single-ended? I like rock music (no metal): progressive rock, classic rock, etc... (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Police, etc..) Also I love female voices (Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Tori Amos....) Thanks, Ralph
  14. Hi, I use my fantastic Klipsch Heresy III with amplifier Cayin A55T (KT88 tubes) and an old Meridian 506 cd player (16 bit). I would buy a modern cdplayer and I've a doubt about that: is better a Marantz cd6003 or Cayin CD50T? someone have heard one of these cd palyers with Heresy? Thank you!
  15. Hi, I'm an owner of Klipsch Heresy III: they sounds amazing and I like them! Next week-end I'll have a chance for listening a second-hand pair of Klipsch KLF 20. In your opinion, what is the best for listening moslty rock music? (Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, etc.) Thank you
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