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  1. Thank you very much for picking up the ball and running with this, looking forward to learning more and discussion of various approaches.
  2. Thanks, Edgar, for the excellent link. Any discussion of differences, similarities of bass traps vs. tube traps appreciated.
  3. If you want it done right, often times you have to do it yourself. I can barely solder, unfortunately, and will be trying to remedy that someday. I hounded a friend to solder in my new Solen caps, and I was able to resolder wires on the transformer taps. I hope to upgrade the wire on the crossover someday when I'm feeling brave and or bored.
  4. Thanks for all the pictures and posts. Fully well agree Heresy suitable alternative to LaScala, especially if given a little help and TLC.
  5. I highly recommend replacing internal speaker wiring to the same as external speaker wiring. I noticed total internal wiring crossover to 3 drivers of my speakers is about 10 feet, the same as the length of my external speaker wiring. I find a change of one or both of these lengths to make a significant difference in the tonal quality of the sound and and the image quality.
  6. Best of luck with your project, hope they start squawking soon. I remember when I had LaScalas with K55Vs. One of the mid drivers kind of went bad: It made a distorted sound, but only on one particular song, always at the same point. It put me on edge, was always listening for the noise. Had the Heresy 1.5 sitting around unused, picked them up and never plugged them in because LaScala. So I think, hey there should be K55Vs in there, let's look. Well the Heresy 1.5 was a transition year from I to II, and had the K52, plastic horn. Boy was I disappointed. Later, when I started using the Heresy 1.5, grew to appreciate the K52, it was not as hot or in your face as the K55V, as others here have noted.
  7. Fully well agree with Chris and others room acoustics so very important to the sound and very often overlooked or addressed at all for casual listeners. Also agree set up can take some time to dial in, it seems every week I reset my speakers, then start nudging them around depending on how I hear that day. Could be earwax, though. I hear the secret word this week is bass traps, look for it.
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