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  1. Suggest first compare the RCA receiver to the Yamaha M-50, C-65, and then recap ( 4 x 2 uf caps, can be about $20 ). Working well, the Heresy should be voiced more to favor the mid range instead of sound muddy, but can be prompted to have nice punchy bass.
  2. Yes, should work well. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Well, that's a doozy....
  4. While I believe Hemi simply refers to hemispherical head, for me it is just an obnoxious sometimes funny Dodge advertising campaign.
  5. Does it have a Hemi ? Respect for tasteful sedans comes with age.
  6. I guess they just need to add a decimal point to the name, not sure where though.
  7. My experience has been power line conditioning is a necessity regardless of equipment level. I've been able to demo the difference on my room stereo and even on a Sony portable, and on a musician's crappy mid fi room stereo. I chanced across a Tice Power Block, and it works well for me and the other two people I bought them for. There appear to be several different approaches to power conditioning. The Tice is old school massive isolation transformer. Other approaches I've tested are smaller diode types, it seemed to work just as well. The PS audio regeneration approach seems kind of extreme, never heard it. I also agree the PS audio Paul videos are difficult to watch (as are the Gary, GR research ones) even at double speed, those guys can be verbal masturbators at times, but sometimes a little nugget of wisdom can be found.
  8. Planning, hoping to rebuild my crossovers with fancy expensive caps. Things sound very nice now, but I wonder...? And solder up a couple pair of interconnects to match the rest of my wires.
  9. I do not believe it does. One could always raise the tweeter, I just went with what looked about right. Upper frequencies of course are more directional, and I believe the horn lens is more oriented for horizontal rather than vertical dispersion. The tweeter is now right at ear level, I believe that has major impact on the sound.
  10. Was also inspired by pictures of the large format horns plopped on top of various bass cabinets. This is an amazing upgrade well worth the trouble of trying to integrate the various drivers. Will be following this thread closely. My Heresy with the Crites CS top end: JBL D405 on 2380 copy horn, Crites B&C 120 tweeters:
  11. "You just have to be careful." Insanity. But thrilling....
  12. I have to disagree. I also stream from Youtube. Or just play 320 kbs mp3s. Using an external DAC is a significant upgrade. A minimum investment in a Topping DAC has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of music.
  13. Isle Of Man is off the chart. I don't even have the balls to watch it. At least at Pikes Peak, you're going uphill, and half of it used to be dirt.
  14. Racer  X


    Bikes are kewl, right up there with stereo.
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