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  1. The juicy part of the video is 3:45 to 5:45, his target trace or curve, which has relatively flat downward tilt, about 1.5 db hinged on 1 K, with a prominent bass bump at 300 downward. Thanks, Schu, for posting yet another video of interest....
  2. Relatively flat downward tilt with a bass bump...?
  3. Per Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions: Travis had an interesting relation of this last year: Also, the wikipedia entry has a lot of detail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Trinity_Session
  4. ^^^ What he said ^^^ Out of the roughly 1,000 albums I collected over the years, only two very early pressings (purchased first hand) really stand out as exceptional. Japanese pressings were usually very nice. Not really missing the records now....
  5. I've found the old glass insulators are very cool looking and also make good door stops as well as cable risers. Plus they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, I favor the classic clear squat round ones, also some neat looking green ones. Not suggesting my system is so well resolved that cable risers make any difference, but one can hope.
  6. Spoiler Alert: Danny of GR Research suggests the color of the insulation also has an effect.
  7. Perhaps an allocation of resources towards very large firecrackers pointed towards the moon ?
  8. Probably more for self identification purposes....
  9. Second all comments above. My tube amps sound pretty nice just turned on and believe after 10 minutes or 3 songs they are pretty much fully warmed up. Not much experience with the transistor amps these days, but they seem to take much, much longer to warm up. Like hours. Johnson's Floor Wax was all the maintenance I provided to my self stained LaScalas, very easy and durable.
  10. My computer fears nothing. The external link is a review of the Forte III.
  11. Heard it's much easier to pop a tweeter, you have to work at blowing a woofer
  12. Yes. Call it sour grapes if you want.... I hope I've been clear just my experience with a few transistor Class A amps ( Pioneer M22, Krell at the store ). Anxious to try a low powered SET amp on my Heresy.
  13. Boy, for a moderator, you sure do ask a lot of questions. Believe your answer is in your excellent Mark Levinson example: In Audio, one likes to have it both ways, sometimes at the same time. One would think there are examples of components with few active devices in the signal path with more distortion than others with more....
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