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  1. My take is Dolby easily dominated the tape noise reduction domain being first and also Dolby tapes still playable on non Dolby decks, especially car stereos. Dbx was superior performance but never really caught on as a dbx encoded tape not so playable on non dbx deck. As for reel to reel, they were usually quiet enough without noise reduction, cassette not so much. And digital soon became more widely available soon after dbx 228 and dbx cassette decks hit the market.
  2. Variable L pads for the mid and tweeter go a long way towards adjusting for preferred balance in your room. Not sure why they are demonized....
  3. Countdown to thread deletion started....
  4. Suggest 1.5 amp fast blow, in line on speaker wire.
  5. Play that funky music....
  6. Then you probably have the proper number....
  7. No idea if this USB cable makes a difference, but it looks better than the gimme cable. https://www.amazon.com/Monolith-USB-Digital-Audio-Cable/dp/B07Q8ZD6DN/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3MWN80ZUEQN53&keywords=monoprice%2Busb%2Ba%2Bto%2Bb&qid=1670969760&sprefix=monoprice%2Bus%2Caps%2C128&sr=8-3&th=1
  8. Music from the ceiling is department store sound and unnatural. I prefer my music to originate from in front of me. Believe we are programmed to look towards the sound source for localization.
  9. Tape seemed like a pretty good idea at the time....
  10. @Marvel Awaiting more details: What year for and cost for the Alesis and Tascam DAT ? Did they get much use ? When did things get hard (disk) ? When if did the quality or techniques improve ? My limited take is recording used to be a specialized niche and required a lot of expense and equipment. Then one day it didn't and anyone could make good quality multi-tracks on their laptop. Distribution likewise transformed greatly from single cassettes to cheap CD duplicates (both required significant effort and expense) to the youTube (instaneous and free).
  11. Recently adjusted the alignment of my mid and tweeter, seems my first attempt at this was off by an inch or so. It never makes a difference until it does.
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