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  1. This is crazy, never realized so many iterations of H1.5. Mine are same as H1 save K53, K52 plastic midrange horn. The cabinet is all plywood with the floating thinner 5/8" plywood back. The crossover is E-2 internal on a board. The K53, K52 plastic midrange horn is rear mounted.
  2. Seldom see such a troll. Is it really that hard not to ?
  3. Or the Radio Shack...I pretty much spent all my free time there back in the day.
  4. Tube traps, the more the better. Then you may get some bass delineation....
  5. Outside surface of midrange horn....
  6. Yes, self confessed. Double coat of KILMAT 80 mil. Pretty blown away by the difference. Theorize the mass added greatly altered the resonance of the unflanged horn.
  7. Been awhile since I tweaked so I matted up my horns. Very happy for now until the next one.
  8. Um, recordings don't have to suck to sound better.... Unless one has first hand experience, I would be hesitant to dismiss so quickly. Every improvement to my sound started with exposure to a new idea or approach. Yes, my first response was usually "That's crazy".
  9. Your 1 to 1.5 lbs of stuffing per cu ft is "correct", is quite a large range, and will result in a tight fit, heavily stuffed cabinet. From the YouTube videos I've watched, only a heavily stuffed cabinet will yield the desired effect: a slight lowering of the bass roll off point.
  10. Small rooms are a challenge. Jmeader is on to something, room treatments will yield best return. Speaker placement is crucial and free, but takes a lot of time to zero in on your preferred spot. Um, My take on placement is contrary to all above: As far from all walls as reasonably possible, toed in 35 to 45 degrees. Heresy suffers from compact low profile, the angled risers try to address this.
  11. Eh, We all like what we like and this may change, evolve over time. All the Heritage speakers are of a certain standard, one can not really go wrong with any model any vintage. But working one's way through the line, one realizes the compromises. Agree current La Scala is very large, heavy, and expensive, Cornwall may better place to start and does have deeper bass.
  12. Yes, Manufacturer's self published specs will tell you all you need to know.... Best of luck with your quest.
  13. My take is Dolby easily dominated the tape noise reduction domain being first and also Dolby tapes still playable on non Dolby decks, especially car stereos. Dbx was superior performance but never really caught on as a dbx encoded tape not so playable on non dbx deck. As for reel to reel, they were usually quiet enough without noise reduction, cassette not so much. And digital soon became more widely available soon after dbx 228 and dbx cassette decks hit the market.
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