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  1. Mick the cat and Penny her best friend.
  2. My wife and I are retired and she volunteered at local no kill shelter so we’ve ended up with 6 dogs, 2 are York’ys, the only male is a sweet pit bull and 3 are.the ones no one would adopt. To many to post pics and it’s impossible to corral them for a pic. We’re blessed to have a large enough fenced in area so dogs don’t harass locals poultry and livestock. Also 4 cats and all is harmonious. We say the shelter pets fell into a honey hole when they came here. It is a chore though to spread the attention and affection evenly among so many. Thank the Lord for this season of life in our lives. I wish you all the best. PS: Also I noticed before I returned my Lascala's to service with my B&W 606 bookshelf speakers the dogs didn’t mind my music but they don’t like to hang around while playing through the Klipsch. And it’s not a volume thing, unless I’m recording I don’t listen to music loud. Never really have. Just an observation.
  3. Marvel, sounds like you are a very blessed man. I hope you do keep up with your friend as I just this past summer had friends from summers oh 75-76 come visit , met my fam stayed two days and we talked non stop it was as those 40 years never happened we picked up where we left off now we talk, text at least once a month. I don’t have many OLD friends left. And music is that bridge that’s joins me back to those times. Certain songs bring back flash’s of my past in clear detail. I’ll shut up now Marvel. I do wish you the best for you and yours. Happy thanksgiving Marvel.
  4. Ceptorman I don’t have stands or hook enough to display them all. But just for you Ceptorman a truly amazing site. This is my friends collection. I just couldn’t get them all in with cases open. But name a classic: he had it. More pics than I can post here. this may be common for some of you guys and I knew Keith all my life but never saw all he had until he died. They were in different rooms and closets through out two houses. Plus PA speakers mixers, he didn’t have kids and he was an only child. All his instruments were classics old strats LP’s, Gretchs, Taylor, Martin,he was my friend from 74 our first working band till he died, dozen of bands in between. If you want Ceptorman I’ll post some of my favorites he had.
  5. KT I’m blown away by your family’s story, beautiful man. I wish y’all all the best my friend. By the way, your symbol or your id is a bass guitar with split pickups? Burnt orange in color? And thanx for your support Shakey, as square as I am cool sounds good to me!
  6. KT, I’m blown away by your family’s story, I wish you and yours all the best my friend. By the way, your KT88 identifier is that a split pickup bass? Burnt orange?
  7. I’m happy for you Nicky, and wish y’all the best, npersonally I can’t conceive of life without her. Well boys,here it is my ugly instant HD shelf system, first used by roommates and I back in pre marriage apartment living days. It was beefy enough to hold that Heavy Crown DC 300,IC 150a preamp and a few albums. I know its ugly and industrial so says my wife but whats a boy to do? Nearly all accessories are there, spread out and easy to find. Open holes in cinder blocks are storing new strings, several foot pedals, replacement pick ups and shelves hold all stomp boxes, guitar synth…….feel free to hammer me. How bad does it look? You won’t hurt my feelings “probably”. Like I told my wife, it serves a purpose. And got rid of three boxes lying on floor. So what y’all think? The boxes on floor by cheap cd rack are now neatly posed on cheap brick and wood shelves. Last pic shows present state of right wall under guitar rack
  8. Nicky, that’s all I do these days is listen by my self but it’s still enjoyable I’ve been married 43 years and my wife enjoys music but she’s put up with me and my music since we met. She’s a saint.
  9. KT I would have loved to have afforded the c22. I think that’s esthetically my favorite preamp. Mercy I spent so much time looking , reading and almost pulled the trigger on more than one. You and your quad is no different than my wanting another Dual 1229. I loved that turntable. Someone posted some pics of a friend of his stereos in a beautiful house and equipment. I think he said they visited and listened to music. But it made me think back to the 70’s when that’s all we did socially was visit friends and listen to music. I miss those times, I got turned on to some great music I may not have found otherwise.Do any of you guys still visit friends and listen to music? Since my friend Keith died I doubt if I ever will again. Please excuse my droning on. Good evening.
  10. Right now space is a a major concern. After I clear space out of corner and slide left speaker in that corner I’m thinking of adding more shelves between windows. There I’ll stack several boxes of effects Roland guitar synth, spread out so I can see what’s there, all the stomp boxes, do-dads and parts with one shelf designated for telescope accessories. I’ll try to take a pic of my recording corner and with that you’ll have seen entire room. Any suggestions about anything y’all see , equipment placement, furniture placement anything y’all see that you think might help sound experience or studio efficiency would be appreciated. Thanx for reply’s and for taking interest. Also what do y’all think of me using my B&W 606’s for studio monitors?should they be good enough for play back either through head phone jack of MacBook or out jack or head phone jack on presonusone 4 channel DAC? Right now I’m just using head phones out of line out jack of DAC.
  11. Im 64 this is the rig I’m gonna die with. There’s a few minor upgrades still to be made but I’m satisfied thoroughly with amp and preamp”thanx Classic Audio”. This is my fulfillment listening,creating music and amateur astronomy. You can see the 1986 Celestron C-8. Out of camera is my 11” Celestron XL. With my ruined spine I no longer play in working band but have played bass in our church for the last 27-8 years. That can be challenging and rewarding. I feel I’m one blessed guy. So my remaining years will be spent surrounded by my interest, the best I could reasonably afford. I plan on upgrading turntable to a Duel 1229 like I had back in the day, my nostalgia runs deep! And a blu ray sacd player. A humble little rig within our means. I also enjoy y’all’s community. There’s a wealth of knowledge in this group and you guys have a wicked humor. I will respond on final speaker placement or if I end up moving them to block windows 10’ apart. Again sorry about lengthy message. i added against my better judgement the unorganized half of room. This is a major job sorting this stuff out. The ugly truth! tanx again. Anybody have an idea on how efficiently alphabetize a mass of albums and several thousand cd’s. I’ll think about that task later.
  12. Ceptorman, directly under the guitar rack there’s an Ampeg 50T head with single 15” cab a Mesa Boogie mark5 35 and an Orange ht30 and there’s also a Vox ac50 behind me primarily I use for keyboard. But use with Ric 12 string also. After final speaker placement I’ll spread amps out a bit as I mic each. Right now they’re crammed under guitar rack to save space. I didn’t notice Dixie was in pic. She’s my appendages
  13. Also please excuse the state of disarray. Room is still a work in progress. Thank y’all.
  14. Islander, I posted this this pic to show you the placement of speakers as they sit right now. I’ve got guitar cases and a few boxes I still need to move before I can slide speaker into the left corner. I know I need to face couch to face speakers but my DAC and computer for recording is behind where I’m standing taking pic and as I mic those amps the couch is just too much hassle to get around as I switch between amps and instruments. So couch placement is a sacrifice I have to make. I thank you for for your info and guidance.
  15. Thanx Nickyboy, I’m going to take your advice. I’ve still got stacks of guitar cases and my wife’s boxes still in the way. I’ve got a little more sorting out before I can corner the left speaker. Like you said experiment a little. thanx again.
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