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  1. The manual says it's a 3/8 x 16tpi threaded insert. Your bolt is the wrong thread.
  2. Heresy placement

    I've found the high end to be strong enough that locating the tweeters at ear level was hardly necessary. In fact, I turned DOWN my treble control, which I usually leave flat. Also, if you raise the speakers, you'll lose some of the bass as the woofers distance themselves from the floor. Even with solid stands to supposedly couple the speaker to the floor, I've heard diminished bass levels. It was even obvious when I experimented with 6.5" woofer bookshelf speakers, moving them from stands to the floor.
  3. Which speaker is appropriate for my room??

    I hate blocking windows, regardless of the view. As long as the Klipschorns don't extend beyond the wall termination toward the bay window or if you want the K's bad enough, then get them. Otherwise I think it will look odd. Or I'd choose a speaker that either sits below the window sill (probably bookshelf speakers on stands, combined with a subwoofer tucked into the corner), or will tuck into that narrow wall on each side of the bay window. Sometimes you have to compromise and work with the layout you have. Probably not the answer you want to hear, but food for thought.
  4. Resurrecting Macassar Ebony Fortes

    Those things look impressive. Your labors were worth the result. As to imparting a sheen to them, try a paste finishing wax. Minwax makes one and you'll find it at almost any hardware store. It applies and polishes just like car wax, except repeating the process intensifies the result-they get glossier. If the result is not what you were looking for, you can remove the wax with mineral spirits, although I don't know whether it will remove your underlying finish as well. Test in a discreet spot first.
  5. I suggest you take the day off from work and go to some of those "promising stores". As an alternative, perhaps you could make a request on this forum for Texas members that might let you audition their Klipsch speakers in their homes. Or, I checked craigslist.org for the Houston area and see several of the Heritage series models for sale. You could ask the sellers to audition their speakers, perhaps for some compensation. One seller of Cornwalls in the Houston area specifically asks to call if you "want to hear them". I hope you'll post again once the room is complete; I'd be interested to hear what you did and whether you're satisfied with the sound.
  6. What has happened? I wan

    If you own your "LaScalla's " "as if there were my child", you'd know how to spell your child's name. ''. And a preamp can't blow a tweeter; it doesn't put out any power. You sure you don't mean "amp" or integrated amp? You're going to hate my suggestion but here's what I'd do: replace the blown tweeter and swap speakers left vs. right. If the same speaker blows, it's the cross over. If the other speaker blows the tweeter, you've got an amp problem. My vote is the amp.
  7. Hurricane Donations

    As a "plus", Wells Fargo Bank is offering a convenient means of donating. I went to my ATM today and the Welcome screen had an option to donate from any account directly to the Red Cross, emphasizing that 100% of the donation would go to the Red Cross. That was enough to convince me to donate. Making it easy to do was a bonus.
  8. CD Lens Cleaners

    Anybody buy one that has fixed their problem? I have a CD player that's exhibiting peculiar behavior-it'll play about the first minute of a track, any track on a CD, on any CD, and then jump back as much as 1 minute, and repeat. I don't have any Repeat type programming engaged and besides, that programming usually clears if you shut a player off/on. So before I send the unit to repair, I'm thinking of trying a CD lens cleaner because it's cheap. Am I wasting my money? Which one should I buy?
  9. La Scala Splits Restoration

    What the OP is looking for are BAYONET STYLE, PANEL MOUNT fuseholders. Google that and you'll find what you need.
  10. Removing Smoke Smell

    I was gonna suggest the same thing-electronic cleaner or contact cleaner. Flood it with spray and let it evaporate thoroughly. Sunlight is also a good disinfectant; now's the time of year to let is bask in the sun for an entire day. That may help.
  11. Help! Very low sound out of RS52II

    To test the speaker wire: Disconnect the wires which run to one surround, at the receiver/amp end. Short the ends together at the speaker end (no speaker connected at the speaker end). Use a voltmeter and measure resistance; it should be very low; less than 5 ohms. As an alternative, you could attach a 9V battery to either end of the leads with jumper wires or something creative, and measure the voltage at the other end. Should be close to 9V DC. That will prove the wiring is sound.
  12. My klipsch Subwoofer wont turn on

    On the receiver, make sure the "LFE ATT" setting is set to "0" and not "OFF". Manual, page 41. Using the speaker buttons on the front of the receiver, make sure "SP-B" is NOT selected. Manual, page 20.
  13. RP-280F Lacking Bass

    Since the 160's seem to be putting out more bass, can you relocate the 280's to the position the 160's are in, just for test purposes to see if their bass output increases? If it does, then you'll know it's the media room that's the problem and not the AVR or the speakers.
  14. La Scala Splits Restoration

    I can't answer to all the issues, but I will make suggestions on some. Regarding the paint removal OF THE DRIVERS: You'll have to use a paint stripper. Try the "safer" strippers first; those that are environmentally friendly, such as Citristrip Safer Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel. Brush some on the hidden side of the horn as a test and see how it reacts; sometimes multiple applications are necessary to remove multiple coats of paint. They sell plastic paint scrapers that would be perfect to scrape the softened paint off the drivers without scratching the horn. Try the paint stripper on an inconspicuous part of the cabinet such as the bottom, to see if it raises the grain of the wood. If not, apply the Citristrip, and after using the plastic scraper to remove the bulk of the white paint, use a pad of #1 steelwool, in the direction of the grain, to remove the paint. The full strength strippers that contain methyl chloride may be too strong for the plastic. If the Citristrip reacts with the backside horn plastic, then I would give up on removing the paint and just try to sand smooth the existing finish. Paint on the cabinets, as you've seen, looks like crap. Use spray paint. Spray paint will preserve the look of the grain better than a rolled on finish. Don't use a brush; as you can see the results... Of course, the litmus test on the drivers is to play music through them. As long as sound is coming out of the driver and there are no usual buzzes or sounds, you're good, as are the crossovers. You could put a voltmeter across the speaker terminals and measure the resistance of the driver. It should be within 1 or 2 ohms of what's stamped on the driver. Oh, and you better post photos of the finished speakers!