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  1. At least it was easy to diagnose!
  2. You opened up the back and let out the 1985 air?! They'll never sound the same...
  3. I'm gonna question whether it's possible your speakers are too "acoustically large" for the small room. You may not be able to sit far enough away from them for optimal results. I think your room dimensions, the exposed hardwood floor, and the room openings are a bigger factor than you imagine. With all that escaping air, I question how much positive effect any room treatments will have.
  4. Spikes won't do squat for bass; don't even bother. Neither will fancy cables. It's the new house with the new room with the VAULTED ceiling. Your best bet is to mount the couch 10' off the floor where you were on the ladder. Seriously; the acoustics of the room are doing something to cancel the bass. First thing I'd try is to place the speakers against the adjacent walll, JUST AS AN EXPERIMENT. If you notice a change then it's a speaker placement issue. If not, then it's the room shape and dimensions. For the next experiment, place the speakers in a room with no vaulted ceiling and see what happens. I think the speakers aren't pressurizing the room because something is happening caused by the vaulted ceiling or other room dimensions. Another experiment you should try is to stand tight with your head backed into a corner of your room. In fact, try this with all 4 corners. As you listen to your music you should hear the bass reinforced when standing this way. It's merely to show you that bass response can vary greatly depending on your listening position, as you discovered when on the ladder. If I may recommend an excellent CD for testing bass frequencies in your listening environment-seek out a copy of Boston Acoustic's Rally Bass Collection. The Collection consists of 3 discs with each disc focusing on a particular type of bass sounds. Disc 1's tracks focus on "Extension, Attack, and Musicality". Mostly a lot of low bass cuts from the Neurodisc catalog. Disc 2's tracks from Rykodisc's catalog were "selected for testing detail, musicality, and transient response". Disc 3's tracks from Windham Hill artists presents "Well controlled bass... to make sure your system is in balance".
  5. The number and placing of "house" shoes in front of the speakers can be critical for proper imaging. Sometimes you'll even hear differences depending on whether you place a left or right shoe between the speakers. Boots sound different than shoes; sneakers absorb their own frequencies. I hope Adam will show us the finished speakers after his restoration job.
  6. What's missing from the sound of that speaker-bass, midrange, treble, or all three? I refuse to believe all three drivers are being impacted by a bad crossover as each element is driven in parallel from the input terminals on the crossover. I suspect maybe one driver or one segment of the crossover is bad.
  7. They make Optical to RCA converters. Cheap, too. HERE'S' just a sample. That may make your life easier.
  8. I'll say the LaScala's will play insanely louder than the Forte's without breaking a sweat. But they won't go as low. Choose your weapon.
  9. Okay, I get it- you're using the headphone output on the TV to feed audio to the receiver, and you're using a splitter cable to turn the headphone output into a stereo input. I believe the typical maximum output level on a CD player is 1V. I also believe the typical turntable cartridge output is typically vastly lower; about 1mV for moving coil cartridges and 3mV for moving magnet cartridges. Headphone outputs I believe are in the 1V range. Your TV's headphone output is easily overdriving the phono input into distortion, hence the noise you hear. You have to plug the TV's headphone output into an input such as the CD, but you will control your listening volume with YOUR RECEIVER, once you set the headphone volume output to a level that doesn't produce distortion. Most TV's should have a pair of audio out RCA jacks which would provide an adequate level for your receiver and you can use the CD, Tape, or AUX inputs on the receiver. If you've already got junk plugged into those jacks, you should be able to buy a switcher box to connect two devices to one input on the receiver. As to the 10% less audio in one channel; I wonder whether your TV has menu settings to adjust left-right balance, perhaps separately for the TV's speakers vs. headphone output. Either way, verify both are set to center. Report back with your results.
  10. Please clarify-is the sound distorting REGARDLESS of the source (tuner, phono, CD, etc.) or is it just the "Samsung TV headphone OUT through the Phono input"? If the latter, how are your generating an output signal through the Phono input?
  11. Why not just step down from 12 to 14 gauge the last few inches to the speaker connector? Make a pigtail with male/female connectors of some sort to make the transition. A few inches of a different gauge wire, and the associated hardware, aren't going to make a whit of difference with regard to performance.
  12. Ask me that after I've eaten a bowl of chili.
  13. I saw a picture on an older craigslist ad where a seller mounted his LaScala's from the ceiling in his bedroom, so I see no reason why it couldn't be done. However, I think you're going to lose bass even if you invert the speaker. The tactile component of the bass frequencies will couple to the ceiling, not the floor. Since the floor is more directly coupled to the listener, whether seated or standing, they experience a different type of bass. And I'm gonna hazard a guess that the midrange and tweeter were designed to not be so close to a room boundary. Signal bounce may cause some unusual results. Perhaps rig up a temporary mount such as a tall platform, to see whether it works, before drilling holes and such.
  14. What more reason does he need-sounds no different then president T-rump. (the lower case "p" was deliberate ;-) )
  15. You should ask the wife to dust behind your equipment when she's done washing the dishes. But ask her from a distance so you have a better chance to avoid flying objects.