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  1. I usually see kg4's going for $400-500. At $200, that's theft. Your neighbors are gonna hate you.
  2. I paid much more than $500 for my Heresy II's in 9 out of 10 condition. For $500 I'd jump on those. As for a compatible subwoofer, I can't vouch for any Klipsch subs, but I bought an SVS SB-1000 to match, because it was a sealed unit just like the Heresy's and I like the tight, response of an acoustic suspension sub.
  3. What I've learned from selling on Craigslist is, the smart and safe thing to do is leave the money in the car. Go inside and size up the situation. If you feel comfortable, then excuse yourself to go out to your vehicle to retrieve the money. Another tip: Run your dollar bills through a copier. That way, if you are robbed, you'll have the serial numbers and if the police get lucky they'll find the matching numbers in the seller's possession. What I don't understand is DizRotus telling the seller he'd offer $XXXX "cash". Do people actually sell on craigslist using OTHER than cash? I know they list cryptocurrency, but I couldn't imagine anything other than cash. Another tip for safe transactions: Many police departments advertise their public parking lots or lobbies as Internet Exchange Locations. They'll post a sign on the building or in a particular parking spot. Most PD's have surveillance cameras on their buildings, and we presume police department parking lots to be a safe exchange location, so you could take advantage of that. There are several where I live. I usually stop in and tell the dispatcher why I'm there and that I'll be waiting in the parking lot for the other party. Never had a problem. Usually, if I make the suggestion to a prospective buyer/seller, they take the suggestion as proof I'm a trustworthy individual and wind up coming to my condo as a result.
  4. MSRP for those speakers was $1800/pr. . Drive them with anything. Unless you hear them distorting or clipping, you have plenty of power. They are SO efficient (102dB/W/m) that you could drive them silly with 10W/ch. . If you want to spruce up the finish, get some Watco Danish Oil in ebony and, wipe it over the damaged/spotted surfaces. Follow the can directions. They'll look practically new.
  5. Exactly. The Quartets I had were more efficient, and obviously played lower than my Heresy's. I couldn't tell you what "imaging", "accuracy", and "detail" sound like, but I'd say other than the efficiency and low end limit, the Quartets and the Heresy's sounded the same.
  6. Even though the sale was lost, I still have to cast my vote! Quartets definitely outperform Heresy's. I didn't keep mine because they were physically too large to my eyes in my environment. But they played louder and lower, and still had the "horn sound". And I would definitely pay $500 for a pair; I paid more than that for a pair of Heresy II's. Good luck finding another pair. And to rub it in, I purchased my Quartets for the insanely low price of $250!
  7. What's wrong with your original setup? The way I see it from the photos, you ALREADY have 4 feet on each leg; it just so happens that they "share" one leg. I don't see where you'd gain anything from building external walls. Your bass limitations are due to your room dimensions, not the position of the Klipschorns, and I don't imagine building external walls will improve things.
  8. I would take it to a professional and ask their opinion. When you say "real wood", do you mean "solid"? I didn't think Klipsch used solid hardwoods for their Heresy's. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Without removing and replacing the veneer, your only option is to build up wood putty on the corner then sand it to recover the sharp corner. Veneer is VERY thin, so the potential to sand through it while shaping the corner is a real possibility if you're not careful. Then there's the issue of staining/oiling the repair to match the veneer. You could practice this repair on a scrap of 2x4 to get an idea of how it works and if the result is satisfactory to you. You could cover the corner with one of those metal corner protectors used on commercial speakers. To make things look uniform, you could install those pieces on all four corners on both speakers if that doesn't offend your aesthetic sensibilities. Some of those corners are furniture grade and would look attractive on a home speaker.
  10. 1. You're already a Klipsch fan. 2. You have a large space to fill, and have the room for a large speaker-lucky you. 3. You like dynamics and impact. Get the LaScala's and try hard to wipe the smile off your face.
  11. You may not be able to use the pre-out connections, with or without a splitter. If the pre-out connection provides only a constant level output and not one that is volume-slaved, then it won't work as the input level to the sub will not follow increases in the receiver's volume control. I found this out the hard way. Your solution, like mine, was to use the "B" speaker level outputs to connect to my subwoofer. Therefore, you'll need to choose a subwoofer with speaker level inputs. One drawback to this approach is, your main speakers will still be fed a full-range signal. If you were hoping to send a high-pass signal to your speakers, you'll have to buy outboard high-pass filters and put them in line with your main speakers. That's what I did with my Heresy's.
  12. Can you post a photo of your equipment's connections? That would be a great help and the forum would likely solve your problem in a jiffy.
  13. "The price for the new? 400-550 dollars street price in the end of 80’s." Click on the link for the complete reference. FYI, insurance companies will usually only pay a non-depreciated/current replacement cost if you have an Actual Cash Value clause on your insurance policy. It could be called a Replacement Cost, or something similar. Check with your insurance agent, as you pay extra for that non-depreciated/replacement cost coverage. Since I had such a clause, when my bike was stolen they paid the current market price to replace the bike; all I had to do was provide a valid estimate from a bike shop. Using the quote above and the average price ($475) and 1990 as the ballpark date, the kg4's would cost $915 in today's dollars.
  14. Don't throw out the baby for the bath water. Get the amp repaired. Here's a place on eBay that specializes in Klipsch sub amps. Report back if you try them and you're successful. I can't help you with a diagnosis, but I would suggest driving it through the speaker level inputs to see if the problem persists.
  15. I think that's called a DIN connector and there's really no standard pinout on them. I'm not aware of any adapter for that connector so I believe, unfortunately, you won't be able to hook up the computer sub to the powered speakers.
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