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  1. Clearly, fuses are the unaddressed, weak link in the audio chain. Has anybody performed A-B comparisons between fuses? Where can I find these fuses for sale; I'd like to read the ad copy. 😃
  2. Tell a man there are a billion stars in the sky and he'll believe you. Post a sign that says, "Wet Paint" and he'll have to touch it to see for himself. That's why.
  3. If there's nothing wrong with the RP280's I'd say do nothing. If you're looking to experience the Heritage Line, get the Heresy's and use your existing sub. You'll save some money, and dip your toes into a horn mid-range/3-way speaker.
  4. That requires having an electronic reader of some sort. Not me. And I'm sure a lot of poorer people don't have them as well.
  5. "The Watergate Girl" by Jill Wine-Banks. The memoir of the only woman on the team which prosecuted the Watergate burglars. "A Warning" by Anonymous (A Senior Trump Administration Official). " A behind the scenes portrait of the Trump presidency from the anonymous senior offical whose first words of warning about the president rocked the nation's capital." Problem is, with the pandemic the libraries are closed to the public and inter-library book loans can't happen. So browsing the shelves is out and if it's not in the local library's catalog, I can't get it. I have to reserve it at the local library. They notify me when it's ready for pickup. I have to call them when I arrive at the library where they will walk out the front door and place the books on the passenger seat. When I tell them "That ain't gonna work; I don't have a cell phone so how am I gonna call you when I arrive?", I get dumb silence, a "hold on" and after a wait they figure it out. It's happened to me multiple times. I think they're discriminating against people without cell phones. Just for that I'm gonna go tear down some statues...
  6. You're out of warranty. I would do a search for authorized Klipsch repair services and send it there. There is an eBay seller who markets repair of Klipsch amps. Don't know if they're authorized. Many good reviews. Might be worth a shot.
  7. Please report back to us as to whether you hear a difference between the replacement and the working tweeter, and your opinion of the difference in sound, if any.
  8. They were experimental versions. 😃 Due to their rarity, they command a very high price.
  9. Tell the wife to redecorate the room instead of trying to modify the speakers. Go for that "steampunk", "goth" or heavy metal look. She can start by painting the walls and ceiling black. Tell us how that idea goes over with the wife. 😀
  10. I'd caution against the use of stripper. Veneer is very thin, and the stripper can penetrate and possibly soften the veneer's adhesive. To the OP: A very well done job. They look better than new.
  11. I'm with willland; I had nothing but a positive experience before and after the sale with SVS. As far as your scratches go-did you buy a sub from their "outlet store"? Assuming it was used, and described accurately, I would expect scratches. As for the cord, send 'em a photo and I'll bet they'll ship you a new one. Or as willland suggested, just buy a cord and be done with it.
  12. A minor point: You only need to disconnect ONE woofer lead from the crossover to measure the resistance. Done this way, you won't accidentally re-wire the woofer out of phase with the other woofer. Also, you could put a voltmeter, set to AC Volts, onto the screw terminals going to the woofer. As you play music you should see the number bounce around. As you increase the volume, your meter reading should increase. If you're not sure what looks like a properly operating crossover, compare the suspect speaker to the working one.
  13. Well then, if you crank your Heresy's at night you'll wake up all the cows!
  14. I live in CT and can do the measurements suggested above. Feel free to PM me.
  15. With a voltmeter you can measure the DC resistance of each driver. Disconnect the leads to the speaker paying attention to which lead goes to which terminal. You should see a resistance of between 4 and 16 ohms. If you don't get a reading, or the reading is less than 1 ohm, the driver is bad. To test the crossover, again use the voltmeter. Remove the driver and connect the voltmeter across the leads. Set the voltmeter to A.C. volts. Play some music. As the music plays the reading will bounce all over the place, responding to the music, but the number will be within a range. Increase the volume and the number will increase. If all that happens, the speakers are essentially working. Whether you succumb to all this "must replace the capacitors" debate is up to you.
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