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  1. lascalas very little bass

    As much as I don't want to admit it, I have to agree. My bookshelf speakers went down to 50Hz. When I replaced them with Heresy II's and their 50Hz lower limit, I ignored the numbers and naively thought they'd play lower. Yeah well; they SEEMED to if you played them loud. However, when I connected a measly little passive kg sw subwoofer with its 38Hz low end to the Heresy's, it was a whole different ballgame. I had no idea what I was missing until then and it wasn't some artificial, equalized bass. The LaScala's will no doubt have some bass-like qualities, crack the sheetrock at high levels, and will work well with music that doesn't venture below its cutoff, but once you compare them to something that covers more of the low end of the spectrum, you might change your way of thinking.
  2. Klipsch RP-280f boomy base

    Obviously, the speakers' rear facing port is part of the problem, as is the position of the speakers and how they're interacting with your room. Lets pick this apart. Rear facing port: Can't do anything about that. If they're new speakers, perhaps you can get your money back and try a front ported design, front passive radiator, or acoustic suspension. Same thing if you trade them in for a passive radiator design. It may be you're better off with a sub/sat system with hopefully more flexibility in smaller footprint subwoofer's location to alleviate the boom. Position of the speakers: Since you're limited by your room's configuration, I would say JUST FOR THE SAKE OF TESTING, move the speakers away from the wall 1 foot at a time to see if there's improvement. If there is, at least that will tell you it's a viable solution and that at least THERE IS A SOLUTION. It's just that you can't work it and at least you'll know it's not a flaw in the speaker. Room interaction: Smaller rooms will increase bass response (read: bass levels). Your room could also have "nodes" where certain frequencies are reinforced, to the detriment of other frequencies. To test this, temporarily imagine your speakers are subwoofers. First, you're going to move about the room while playing material that causes the boominess. See if you hear it more so in some locations vs. others. I like telling people to stand tight up against a corner of the room so they understand how and where these nodes might appear. Next, if you can, try placing the speakers at your listening position (much like experimenting with subwoofer positioning) and move about the room, even crawling along the floor with your head inches off the floor. It may reveal to you that your speakers' original position is the problem, as you've reversed your position-your speakers vs, your listening position. The tone control suggestions offered are very good ones. I'll go one step further: If you turn down the bass control and it cures your boom, then I recommend you get an equalizer which will separate the low frequencies into several bands. You may be able to tame just the boomy frequency while leaving the rest of the bass spectrum intact. In fact, there are many subwoofers that come with outboard analyzers/active filters that measure room response of the subwoofer and apply filtering to the largest offending node. This is proof that maybe all you need is a little sound shaping to cure your ill. Perhaps you can borrow an equalizer to test, or buy one cheap on eBay or craigslist. Report back if you're successful in taming your problem, and if you've decided to sell your RP-280F's at a ridiculously low price. Forum members would be all over that!
  3. Heresy Pair for sale Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    I see Heresy I's go for $400, +/- $50, closer to $400, on craigslist. Occasionally I'll see them offered at $500. eBay is a great source to see what Heresy I's are selling for. Hope this helps. (Addendum: When considering eBay pricing, factor in shipping costs as people will do as well when they bid.)
  4. Kg3’s worth an upgrade?

    My advice exactly. Don't fix what ain't broken. I've only been following Klipsch for a couple years and from all I've read, the kg3 far over-performed for its price and therefore was an extremely popular speaker. If sound's coming out of the drivers, don't mess with them; enjoy them.
  5. Speaker wire jacket with 3 pairs of wire

    23 gauge wire has roughly 20 ohms of resistance per 1000ft. Typical 16 gauge speaker wire is 4 ohms per 1k. I'm using numbers based on solid conductor wire. I don't think Cat. 6 cable is meant to handle the current a speaker requires. Fortunately, looks like USNRET found just what the O.P. needs. 16 gauge wire is considered good for runs up to 100ft. .
  6. Chorus ii - missing passive radiator magnet

    Keep your eyes on eBay. Lots of Klipsch speaker elements come up for sale. I just looked and although there are none up for sale now, the situation changes daily. Be patient.
  7. Klipsch Forte

    I think $550 would be a fair price. Once you hear them and wipe the stupid smile off your face, you'll think it's a bargain. As to the damage JMON sees; the cheap remedy would be some wood putty, sand it smooth, then just spray paint the bases black. If you want to go advanced, then you can replace the veneer but remember; these speakers are supposed to be a bargain.
  8. New Cornwall iii's. Caring for finish

    Cherry will darken or redden with age and exposure to light. Give it some time then check the bottoms and I'll bet you notice a difference.
  9. Heresy II Signature Edition

    They definitely aren't Heresy's but it looks like Heresy's that had sex with something else. The woofers aren't Klipsch. The bottom speaker's tweeter isn't Klipsch. The bottom squawker looks like the lens in the driver is missing (look at the differences between the very centers of the drivers.
  10. lascalas very little bass

    I'm gonna hazard a guess as to why the O.P. says there's a lack of bass from his LaScala's. That room looks like a converted garage, because I see a garage door on the left. Then I assume it has a concrete floor, and perhaps concrete walls as well. And it looks like quite a large volume room. The concrete floor isn't going to vibrate like a wood joist floor can when excited by bass waves; too much mass. Same with the walls. I'd definitely try to place the LaScala's in a wood framed room, just for test purposes, and see if they perform better. I'm not suggesting to permanently move the speakers but just to prove a theory. I had a kg sw subwoofer in my roughly 600 sq.ft. concrete floored/walled basement and it augmented my twinky satellite speakers well. Perhaps a subwoofer is the O.P.'s best solution. Yeah, I know what you're saying-what could a subwoofer do that the LaScala's can't? Well, just humor my theory for a minute and try it out, please!
  11. lascalas very little bass

    The room the speakers are in has more of an effect on the speakers than you think. Your room's dimensions or surfaces can be nulling or absorbing the bass frequencies in your room.
  12. New question: Subwoofer location

    Oh, I didn't know you had 2 children in the house. In that case, definitely point the ports toward the wall. Otherwise, Hot Wheels cars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or homework papers ("Teacher, the subwoofer ate my homework!") will likely find their way in the ports...
  13. New question: Subwoofer location

    There's no hard/fast rule for which direction the ports face. You will find facing the ports toward the wall increases the bass much like horn loading does. The distance the port is from the wall will affect the amount of bass reinforcement. Position it to achieve the bass level and response that sounds best to you.
  14. Support Help

    Try contacting Klipsch through THIS LINK. It worked for me when I had a question that couldn't be answered through their web site support.
  15. New RP-280F or Used La Scala's?

    If you buy the LaScala's, don't forget to post back with your review of them!