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  1. Are these LaScalas?

    Those are "La's". The top, "Scala" part is missing.
  2. Gotta Look at Your Phone in 5:00 Traffic?

    Wait a minute; you mean the at fault driver admitted to checking his phone for the time when the accident occurred? Whatever happened to lying? It's what every guilty driver does.
  3. SOLD! Heresy II's or kg 4.2's, Meriden CT

    I sold the kg4.2's to forum member Charlie Hustle, and will be keeping my Heresy's. That makes TWO happy people!
  4. Opinions on Heresy ii

    I didn't think of that-good suggestion, jimjimbo. Place your ear directly in front of the tweeter to confirm they're working. Get the risers if you can. They're usually available on eBay, or HERE. Heresy's sit low, so the tweeter and squawker should be aimed up. If you're not fussy, don't worry about it. Heresy's can tear the room apart in volume, but the bass doesn't go that low; most bookshelf speakers can match them. If full range reproduction is a concern to you, pair the Heresy's with a subwoofer. My main speakers are a pair of Heresy II's and they are The Bomb!
  5. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    Assuming you're talking about the Forte III's in your list, go ahead and wipe them with lemon oil if you want. The effect is only temporary. Watco Rejuvenating Oil is another popular option.
  6. There's always somebody who tries to ruin the conversation with common sense...
  7. ID HERESY's please.

    What a great find! I say go for the refinish job, and don't forget to post pics of your project. I wouldn't bother with replacing the outside terminals. Crimp spade lugs onto your speaker wires and I'll bet you change your mind.
  8. ID these, if possible

    Another vote for Forte's or Quartets. The presence of the small base extension and the lack of the plastic trimmed grill of the kg series are the key visuals.

    Considering your costs and labor, do you expect to make a profit when they sell? That's a sincere question and not a dig, as most used Heresy's sell in the $400-$500 range and I can't imagine selling your re-veneered Heresy's for that little.
  10. Identify a speaker model and age

    HERE'S another data point. This pair of Chorus I's have been on Craigslist for close to a year, and the seller has repeatedly dropped the price, starting closer to $1k. From the tone of the seller's description, I believe they're well aware of what they're worth on the market and has priced them rationally, even when they started at the $1k point. So to rephrase what has already been said: If you want the Chorus speakers you're looking at, you might want to arm yourself with some completed listings from eBay and scour Craigslist nationally and show the seller more realistic prices. Maybe they'll accommodate you.
  11. Klipschorn or La Sacala or...

    Very wise advice. As an alternative to new speakers which may not match the performance of his Cornwalls, and due to his hearing concerns, I recommend he invest in an equalizer instead of new speakers. He can then "voice" the speakers to meet his tastes while keeping all the beloved qualities of the Cornwalls.
  12. Klipschorn or La Sacala or...

    If you're sincerely on a budget, get the LaScala's and a SEALED subwoofer, such as an SVS SB-1000. I suggest a sealed subwoofer as you'll want a tighter bass attack which is a signature of a sealed sub. You can often find LaScala's on the used market as well. I think you'll find the LaScala's a "fun" speaker to listen to, but you've been spoiled by the low end of your Cornwalls, so don't be surprised about the lighter bass of the LaScala. Just don't condemn them off the bat; pair them with a subwoofer, first. I looked at the specs for the B+W 604 and find they spec their low frequency limit of 30Hz at -6dB. Since we don't know what the slope is, it's tough to compare it to the typical -3dB point of Klipsch speakers. I'm inclined to think they don't play very low at all.
  13. kg4 woofer repair

    Ebay HERE. And, it's simplyspeakers.com!
  14. KG 4s any good?

    What you've read and heard about the kg4 is true. The price is very reasonable. Buy them and you won't be disappointed-the forum never steers people wrong!
  15. 'eff the looks; they sound loud just standing there!