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  1. I'm inclined to agree with Shakeydeal. If the OP follows the suggestion to move the LaScala's two feet from the long dimension back wall, he'll be sitting very close to the speakers. While there may be less speaker separation if placed along the narrow wall, he'll have plenty of space to move them away from that short wall while sitting a good distance from them. I'd suggest putting the speakers on dollies during testing to make them easy to move around, then remove the dollies once you're happy.
  2. Not to be a Klipsch fan-boy, but Edgar is right; the JBL retails for $15k-$16.4k a pair. The Cornwalls are $6.6k a pair. The Cornwalls are more efficient; 94db vs. 102dB. The JBL's are real poseurs in this regard! And the Cornwalls weigh less, so they're easier to move around! I personally think the Cornwalls look more attractive for the home environment. The JBL's are described in the factory literature as a "studio monitor". Not exactly elegant in your livingroom.
  3. It's a complex problem and there is no ONE individual or group to blame. And there is no SINGLE solution. And the problem is not just in large cities, but in medium and small cities, too.
  4. Can you try your shellac on a sacrificial piece of similar veneer or wood? That way you can tell whether the shellac will match, without discovering on the speaker itself. Also, does shellac change color with time? It may match better as it ages. Lastly, how about placing SMOKED GLASS or mirrored tops on both speakers? You'll protect them and the smoked glass/mirrored glass will hide the imperfections. I'm sure there's a glass shop that could hook you up with something nice.
  5. Why not first test your technique(s) on the BOTTOM of the cabinet? Test on a small area to see what works, THEN repair the top.
  6. Another vote for SVS customer service. They answered my pre- and post- sale questions quickly and in detail.
  7. Watco Danish Oil. Choose your color. Stupid easy to apply. It retains the grain and feel of natural wood, but causes the grain to "pop" visually. Poiyurethane finishes are so tacky. Here's a weight rack I finished, as the bare boards looked bland. The finish was either Walnut or Mahogany, I forget. Looks a bit darker in person, but you get the idea.
  8. I'm gonna have to start driving by more churches...
  9. Pics or it didn't happen. 🙂
  10. Thanks. Hard to believe it was a speaker cable, but there you have it.
  11. Since you've got your hands on a voltmeter, try this: Play some music or interstation white noise from your FM receiver. Set your voltmeter to AC Volts and connect it to the terminals of the working speaker. You'll see as you raise the volume that the number on the voltmeter goes up. Leave the volume at a reasonable level. Now connect the voltmeter to the suspect speaker and verify voltage is reaching the speaker. Then connect the voltmeter leads directly to each speaker driver, right next to the speaker magnet. While the number may vary for the woofer, mid, and tweeter, you should see something that goes up as you increase the volume. If you do in fact see something AC Volts at the K-53 but hear nothing, the K-53 driver is bad. If you see no voltage, then the crossover's mid-output has a bad component.
  12. If they work and the cabinets are in presentable condition then yes, $500 is a very good price. Your pictures don't show much of the cabinet so its hard to tell how clean they are, which affects price. Prices for used Heresy's of your vintage have been rising which I don't understand because as they get older I would expect prices to DROP. Locally they're selling for $700-$1k, which I think is absurd.
  13. I realize the speakers are painted, but you could try Murphy's Wood Soap. It's mild enough to not harm the cabinets.
  14. Part of the business I work for installs equipment in public safety vehicles; police cars, fire trucks, etc. Our chief installer has the Snap-On truck stop by frequently for tool purchases, and so on. So today, the Snap-On truck stops by and the agent tells Anthony Snap-On is having a raffle which you can enter if you've purchased from them recently. Anthony picks #20, the agent draws the raffle and Anthony wins! It's a Klipsch The Three II ! I've never used such a toy so I asked Anthony if I could try it out. While I'm not savvy with smartphones, I was able to get my work phone to connect via Bluetooth with little problem. I was easily able to play the music files I keep on the phone for equipment testing, and the sound was impressive. I could see where this would make a good kitchen or bedroom system. Congratulations Anthony; you scored!
  15. This was going to be my suggestion. But my first thought was, if the cabinet need reinforcement, the PWK would have put some in there!
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