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  1. Peter P.

    What's Up With the KG SW?

    Yeah; I did contact him when I saw the initial ad and unfortunately he's not interested in shipping. But thanks for looking out for me! Interesting note: The model he has for sale does not appera to have a high/low output (+/- 3dB) switch, as mine does. Those binding posts are different than mine, too. Wonder why/when the changes?
  2. Peter P.

    What's Up With the KG SW?

    You lucky bastid! You described it perfectly; its sound is more suited for music. I love mine, coupled to a pair of Heresy II's. And yes; they're hard to find. I've been searching for a second kg sw for 2 years to pair with kg 2.2's, without luck.
  3. I had searched on-line photos to see if the Promedia had a port, and perhaps I found crappy photos. I stand corrected.
  4. That Promedia subwoofer is a sealed enclosure. If you liked that sound, you should be fine with sealed subwoofers. But I'd see what they use in your nightclubs, because that's the sound you're after.
  5. Peter P.

    Recommendation for Rear Passive Radiators?...

    It's a compromise between where YOU want to place them and the variations in acoustic performace vs. speaker location. The closer you place them, the more bass reinforcement. You may or may not need such reinforcement. Experiment and see what works best for you. I heard a pair of Forte's that were easily 3 feet or more from the rear wall. The bass was accurate, and incredible.
  6. Yuk yuk yuk! Seriously, Klipsch just happened to be lucky this time! Personally, I don't care for ported subwoofers; I tried to be objective in your case and offer logical advice instead of my personal preference.
  7. I would look at what kind of subs are being used in the clubs, ported or sealed, and buy the same type. That way you'll have a similar sound. Note that I expect the nightclubs to have larger drivers, probably 15" or 18", but don't sweat it. And don't buy 2 subs off-the-bat; you may find just one works, and two may be overkill or eat up too much space in the room. If the nightclub subs happen to be horn loaded designs, then just be sure to stick your sub in a corner to approximate the effect. Better than nothing. I'll vote for ported subs for your application as sonic accuracy is secondary to replicating a nightclub sound. You'll be fine.
  8. Peter P.

    Dollies for Big Box Heritage Klipsch

    Dolly bases are a brilliant idea. Building a skirt around the dolly to hide the wheels is even smarter still. Good job.
  9. Peter P.

    Adding a sub

    Thanks for the correction. I knew there was a firm, calculated value.
  10. Peter P.

    Speakers as "invisible fencing?"

    You can purchase custom cut metal grilles cut to fit any size speaker. I'd buy a pair of those and spray paint them whatever color your wife wants.
  11. Peter P.

    Adding a sub

    If I'm not mistaken, adding a sub (assuming it's a duplicate) to the existing sub will only add 3dB of level; hardly detectable. I think John A's suggestion to move the sub into a corner is a good, free experiment. I'd relocate it to where those knick knacks are on either side of the screen. Try facing the driver into the corner rather than into the room. That room looks like is part of an open floor plan. That sub will need to fill the open floor plan volume, rather than just your viewing area. For test purposes, you could try locating a second sub in the adjacent area.
  12. Peter P.

    Free 1975 klipshorns

    Congratulations on a great find! Don't leave them on the concrete long; they'll absorb moisture from the concrete and eventually damage the wood. Separate the cabinets from the floor with either metal or plastic dropcloth.
  13. Peter P.

    Heresy II - how'd I do?

    How did you manage to pull off that $100 heist?! Were they displayed inside somebody's trench coat? Meth addict in need of cash or little old lady's need to feed the orphans?
  14. Peter P.

    Identify these Heresy. SN171y737

    Those are a non-veneered finish. Others here will know better than I, but I think those H1's were raw birch plywood.
  15. Open the case and see if there's an internal line fuse, usually located near where the AC cord enters the case.