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  1. Do NOT use a liquid paint remover. Veneer is so thin it will delaminate, if any. You'll have to sand the finish to determine whether it's veneer or birch plywood. Typically, you would see the "end grain" of the plywood (or layers as they may be called) by sanding where two sides meet. To test sand your Heresy's, first try sanding the back side perimeter. If not that, the bottom edge of the side panels. If you see the layers typically associated with plywood, you'll have your answer. I chose each of those locations because they will not be seen by the user.
  2. I agree with moray james; if the claws didn't penetrate the dust cap, don't worry about it, but consider adding mesh grills. Perhaps add them front and back, because the cat may sooner or later figure out the cloth grills are nice for sharpening claws, too! Speakerworks has what you need.
  3. I agree with moray james; if the claws didn't penetrate the dust cap, don't worry about it, but consider adding mesh grills. Perhaps add them front and back, because the cat may sooner or later figure out the cloth grills are nice for sharpening claws, too! Speakerworks has what you need.
  4. I usually see them locally in the $300-$450 range. Here's a current craigslist offering local to me. Here are two reviews I found detailed and honest. Almost make me wish I bought kg4's instead of Heresy's. Review #1 Review #2
  5. ...when you read the obituaries every day to see if your name is listed...
  6. No; they're not mine. If the post belongs in another sub-forum and you can do so, feel free to move it. Funny thing-I just looked at the ad and the seller INCREASED the price $50! So I'll say it again; it's a great deal. Now let's see if they increase the price AGAIN...
  7. I think THIS is an excellent deal. If you're in reach of the central Connecticut area run, don't walk, to buy them. I had a pair once; a tad too large physically for my space, but THE SOUND...
  8. There was an industry article a few years ago mentioning the "partnership" between Klipsch and Chipotle. Until then, I hadn't been to a Chipotle, so I made a special trip just so I could hear the Heresy's. I was extremely disappointed. The restaurant's acoustics are way too live and reverberant, and the lack of any low end or body made me wonder whether the woofers were even working. Good thing they sound much better in a home environment. More recently I visited a Chipotle in another town and instead of Heresy's, they had smaller, Klipsch copper drivers arrayed in the walls. Here, the mistake was they mounted the drivers where they could be reached by "sticky fingers" and a number of drivers had dents or creases.
  9. Yeah; I didn't put that in my original post so as not to clutter it. I had tried lamp cord and you're right; it's all copper. I just didn't like the insulation as it didn't offer the suppleness of speaker wire.
  10. I needed some speaker wire. I'm not into the esoteric stuff; just some copper wire, thankyouverymuch. So I go to BOTH big name hardware stores and the speaker wire they sell has ONE CONDUCTOR MADE OF ALUMINUM! Are they really that desperate to make a profit that they must skimp on this stuff?
  11. The price you pay would be influenced by your skill level in repairing the damage.
  12. I think I found the source of my mysterious voltage. I unplugged all my stereo equipment from the wall and STILL measured a voltage-and 60Hz line frequency! I took a length of speaker wire roughly 15 ft. long, and the width of my room, from subwoofer to amp, and laid it along the floor. I put a voltmeter across the wires at one end and immediately read an AC voltage in the 0.XXX range. Then I set the voltmeter to frequency and it picked up line frequency-60Hz! So I held the wire up in the air, in free space, and the frequency went to zero. But when I laid the speaker wire down, near the 220V outlet for the airconditioner, which sits adjacent to the subwoofer, the voltage and frequency appeared. Mystery solved! I suppose I could perform one more test and lay the wire down near the 220V outlet, connect it to the subwoofer, and see if I hear the rumble, but I have to run to work. Thanks for the replies!
  13. Sounds like your 3-way switch is not wired correctly or, properly speaking, the 3 lights that are supposedly connected in parallel with the 3 way switch are correctly wired. (it makes no sense to design that as a series circuit so if one light failed, they all would fail)
  14. My first thought when looking at the photo is, a quick and "cool" looking repair would be to put metal corner protectors on over the damage. If you could find them in antique brass, bronze, copper, or black, I'd think that would look attractive and not take a lot of time. If you choose to perform more extensive repairs please post photos as I'd be curious to see the process and results. Reading Dave A's response, which was being posted while I was writing mine, made me think of my Heresy's, which I bought used. I just noticed a little over a year ago that a side panel was coming unglued from a top panel. I don't know whether it was due to age or mishandling, but I merely removed the drivers and flowed Gorilla Glue into the joints, holding it all together with a cheapo fabric band clamp from the hardware store. Worked like a champ.
  15. My amp has the ability to handle 2 channels, A and B. My Heresy's are connected to Channel A; my subwoofer is connected to Channel B. My subwoofer has a Standby Mode; after 5 minutes of no signal, the blue LED turns red. I just noticed today that if I have the Channel B speakers (subwoofer input) turned off at the amp, the subwoofer won't go into Standby Mode, even with the amp turned off. If I put my ear close to the subwoofer I can hear a low level rumbling. So I got the bright idea to put a voltmeter at the speaker leads to the subwoofer and with the Channel shut OFF, I measure 135mV of signal! If I turn ON the channel, the signal drops to essentially 0mV and the subwoofer successfully enters Standby Mode. So why would I measure a signal with the amp shut off AND the channel turned off, but with the amp off and the channel turned on, there's no signal?
  16. I usually see kg4's going for $400-500. At $200, that's theft. Your neighbors are gonna hate you.
  17. I paid much more than $500 for my Heresy II's in 9 out of 10 condition. For $500 I'd jump on those. As for a compatible subwoofer, I can't vouch for any Klipsch subs, but I bought an SVS SB-1000 to match, because it was a sealed unit just like the Heresy's and I like the tight, response of an acoustic suspension sub.
  18. What I've learned from selling on Craigslist is, the smart and safe thing to do is leave the money in the car. Go inside and size up the situation. If you feel comfortable, then excuse yourself to go out to your vehicle to retrieve the money. Another tip: Run your dollar bills through a copier. That way, if you are robbed, you'll have the serial numbers and if the police get lucky they'll find the matching numbers in the seller's possession. What I don't understand is DizRotus telling the seller he'd offer $XXXX "cash". Do people actually sell on craigslist using OTHER than cash? I know they list cryptocurrency, but I couldn't imagine anything other than cash. Another tip for safe transactions: Many police departments advertise their public parking lots or lobbies as Internet Exchange Locations. They'll post a sign on the building or in a particular parking spot. Most PD's have surveillance cameras on their buildings, and we presume police department parking lots to be a safe exchange location, so you could take advantage of that. There are several where I live. I usually stop in and tell the dispatcher why I'm there and that I'll be waiting in the parking lot for the other party. Never had a problem. Usually, if I make the suggestion to a prospective buyer/seller, they take the suggestion as proof I'm a trustworthy individual and wind up coming to my condo as a result.
  19. MSRP for those speakers was $1800/pr. . Drive them with anything. Unless you hear them distorting or clipping, you have plenty of power. They are SO efficient (102dB/W/m) that you could drive them silly with 10W/ch. . If you want to spruce up the finish, get some Watco Danish Oil in ebony and, wipe it over the damaged/spotted surfaces. Follow the can directions. They'll look practically new.
  20. Exactly. The Quartets I had were more efficient, and obviously played lower than my Heresy's. I couldn't tell you what "imaging", "accuracy", and "detail" sound like, but I'd say other than the efficiency and low end limit, the Quartets and the Heresy's sounded the same.
  21. Even though the sale was lost, I still have to cast my vote! Quartets definitely outperform Heresy's. I didn't keep mine because they were physically too large to my eyes in my environment. But they played louder and lower, and still had the "horn sound". And I would definitely pay $500 for a pair; I paid more than that for a pair of Heresy II's. Good luck finding another pair. And to rub it in, I purchased my Quartets for the insanely low price of $250!
  22. What's wrong with your original setup? The way I see it from the photos, you ALREADY have 4 feet on each leg; it just so happens that they "share" one leg. I don't see where you'd gain anything from building external walls. Your bass limitations are due to your room dimensions, not the position of the Klipschorns, and I don't imagine building external walls will improve things.
  23. I would take it to a professional and ask their opinion. When you say "real wood", do you mean "solid"? I didn't think Klipsch used solid hardwoods for their Heresy's. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  24. Without removing and replacing the veneer, your only option is to build up wood putty on the corner then sand it to recover the sharp corner. Veneer is VERY thin, so the potential to sand through it while shaping the corner is a real possibility if you're not careful. Then there's the issue of staining/oiling the repair to match the veneer. You could practice this repair on a scrap of 2x4 to get an idea of how it works and if the result is satisfactory to you. You could cover the corner with one of those metal corner protectors used on commercial speakers. To make things look uniform, you could install those pieces on all four corners on both speakers if that doesn't offend your aesthetic sensibilities. Some of those corners are furniture grade and would look attractive on a home speaker.
  25. 1. You're already a Klipsch fan. 2. You have a large space to fill, and have the room for a large speaker-lucky you. 3. You like dynamics and impact. Get the LaScala's and try hard to wipe the smile off your face.
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