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  1. Thank you; to everyone who have a help-reply. With some help from a Crutchfield help-technician; I found the problem is with the Rotel RB-1582 Mkii. -(the Yamaha R-N 803 has a 12v trigger-out; so it worked with the Rotel RB-1582 Mkii) -the Yamaha A-S 2200 has No 12v trigger-out; it wasn't turning on the Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofers -the Rotel-1582 Mkii will not turn-on (when toggle switch is in On-position) if it doesn't receive a 12v trigger-in signal
  2. I have two Martin Logan Dynamo 1600x Subwoofers that haven't been functioning properly since last Friday afternoon. Each subwoofer will not work unless it's connected to the Subwoofer Control App - (when I close the app; there's basically No volume). (the disfunction started when I upgraded to the Yamaha A-S 2200 from the Yamaha R-N 803) Anyone had this problem in the past?
  3. I called Crutchfield; and they told me they have tested the Rotel RB-1582 Mkii under a 4-ohm load. They told me it's: 325-watts per channel. Thanks you; Crutchfield👍
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. I can't purchase another amplifier. (there's No space to place it - and the wife won't allow me to get a 2nd amplifier. My current audio-set-up will due for now. (but I'm listening)
  5. I agree (somewhat). I believe I have my Speakers connected to the AB Amplifier (Rotel RB-1582 Mkii) in the Bi-Amped set-up. - I Don't have the speaker-jumpers installed. (It sounds Clearer/Louder without them. . . somewhat)
  6. Thanks for the info; babadono and Duke Spinner. I have the RF-7 iii (in stereo) connected to the Rotel RB 1582 Mkii. I agree. 200-watts is basically loud enough.
  7. Is 1,000 watts Too much for the RF-7 iii? (if you turn-up the power/volume)
  8. Once again; I've contacted Rotel with NO 4-ohm specifications on their RB-1582 Mk ii amplifier. Their reply: their educated guess - "300 - 350-watts under 4-ohm load".
  9. Have anyone Tested the Rotel RB-1582 Mk ii under a 4 - 2 -ohm load? Thank you
  10. It's somewhat hard to believe that an amplifier company (Rotel) doesn't release/show the 4-ohm specifications of their RB series amplifiers. Thanks to everyone for showing interest in my audio-amplifier question.
  11. MicroMara and babadono; thanks for the help/info. (I'm aware (understand) of the speaker impedance-drops. Yesterday; I've watched many videos on Speaker Impedance-drops (Audioholics videos are best). alright. The Klipsch RF-7 iii Tower Speakers impedance Can drop below 8 - 6 ohms. (yesterday; I played a few bass-tracks. The RF-7 iii Tower Speakers delivered really-nice bass response) - it was 51° in the room. The Rotel RB-1582 Mk ii was Warm but not hot during play-back.
  12. Hello I was watching a video on the Klipsch RF-7 iii Tower Speakers. I believe someone said that the speakers are really 4-ohms. Anyone know if that is basically true? Thank you
  13. Thanks for the help/info; MicroMara. (I basically would have not figured it to be (stereo) 275-watts at 4-ohms)
  14. Hello Does anyone know what the 4-ohm wattage is on the Rotel RB-1582 Mk 2? Thank you
  15. I purchased the Rotel RB-1582 Mk 2 (External-Amplifier) - (going to stay with this amplifier). (everything works; except the DVD-manual) The 200-watts per channel stereo External-Amp gives the RF-7iiis enough power to play them loud (with some bass input). Thanks for everyone's help. (I'll try a tube-amplifier next)
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