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  1. Get a good DAC between that Chromecast Audio and the amp. The 1/4" plug doubles as a mini-toslink (fiber optic) connection that'll give you 24bit/96Khz resolution.
  2. Truth is, DCR is less important than the impedance of the coil in its position in the crossover. When a crossover is designed, coils are measured in place and the measurement includes any mutual-induction of other coils/components nearby. Variations in DCR or impedance, and even mH and capacitance for that matter, will be impossible to differentiate audibly if values are within about 10% of original. If a coil is close to another coil in the original design, consider that in your 10% range. Crosstalk is the real issue and coils have to practically be on top of one another for it to be an issue. There is an article (the second link I posted) where the guy measures various coil positions, it can give you a fair idea of how coil proximity will raise or lower the overall value. In other words, if you are building a copy of an existing crossover or stuffing new parts on an existing crossover, you'll get real close with just a couple of careful considerations. Here are a couple of links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrVobPkP6fk http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/coils.htm
  3. I think a cap replacement combined with either an upgrade of the tweeters (MAHL) on your Khorns or maybe even a diaphragm replacement will bring back all the life your khorns are missing. Don't mind some of the audio snobs on this forum who want to put down folks for using the equipment they feel like using, and like to throw their supposed wealth around thinking that makes them better able to understand or produce audiophile quality sound. From what you describe, you have everything you need to make good music and enjoy your DJ skills! Do a search for MAHL on this forum or on ebay. Check out the following websites for cap upgrades and diaphragm replacements. https://www.partsconnexion.com/ https://critesspeakers.com/ Do research on this forum and on your khorns to find the values for your caps or for possible mods to the original crossovers.
  4. Oh man, just reading about this now. Did business with him on a few occasions and I was always satisfied. Good thoughts to his family. He will be missed by the audio community.
  5. That's quite the amp. You'd probably do yourself better by getting a good powered subwoofer to help beef up the LS's bottom end.
  6. Interesting. So, any advances in speaker tech that will render tubes obsolete and SS king of the hill?
  7. Even worse: When they say a tube amp sounds just like an SS amp. Yuk!!!
  8. I wonder how those monster RF-7II's would sound with a tube preamp...
  9. Amen and amen. I recently listened to a Mcintosh MC2505, a world class SS amp. It sounded fine, flat, neutral and great loud. But it didn't have the width and depth of soundstage of even my modest ST-70 Series II. It lacks that midrange emphasis and the ringing harmonics of tube amplification. If pressed, I might admit to a bit more definition, but that could have also been the difference between my highly modified but still humble Klipsch KLF-10 two-ways, and a several thousand $ pair of B&W speakers. I think the linearity of tubes becomes less of an issue with a thoughtfully designed circuit, a well-put together system, and the simple desire to listen with your ears instead of with your scope. I will never give up that gorgeous amber glow. Consider me like-mindedly obsessed.
  10. I'm thinking Decware or one of Tube Fanatics designs.
  11. I'm this close to getting a single ended, just to have both sides of tube-ampery: A PP and a SE.
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