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  1. That's quite the amp. You'd probably do yourself better by getting a good powered subwoofer to help beef up the LS's bottom end.
  2. Interesting. So, any advances in speaker tech that will render tubes obsolete and SS king of the hill?
  3. Even worse: When they say a tube amp sounds just like an SS amp. Yuk!!!
  4. I wonder how those monster RF-7II's would sound with a tube preamp...
  5. Amen and amen. I recently listened to a Mcintosh MC2505, a world class SS amp. It sounded fine, flat, neutral and great loud. But it didn't have the width and depth of soundstage of even my modest ST-70 Series II. It lacks that midrange emphasis and the ringing harmonics of tube amplification. If pressed, I might admit to a bit more definition, but that could have also been the difference between my highly modified but still humble Klipsch KLF-10 two-ways, and a several thousand $ pair of B&W speakers. I think the linearity of tubes becomes less of an issue with a thoughtfully designed circuit, a well-put together system, and the simple desire to listen with your ears instead of with your scope. I will never give up that gorgeous amber glow. Consider me like-mindedly obsessed.
  6. I'm thinking Decware or one of Tube Fanatics designs.
  7. I'm this close to getting a single ended, just to have both sides of tube-ampery: A PP and a SE.
  8. If I remember correctly, the Chorus II's woofer has a cast basket. That looks like a stamped basket. I'm guessing the woofer is not original.
  9. Chorus II. Don't even think twice about it. Chorus II.
  10. I was a mechanic for several years before I went back to school to get my engineering BS, so I completely agree with not wanting to use chemicals anymore. My hands are finally not so callous, cracked and dry. I'm really tempted to try it since your instructions seem so straightforward and doable, I have a everything you mention. And thanks for the offer, like you said, a bit much of a drive but a nice single malt sounds like a good deal!
  11. Wonderful!!! Great idea for the base. I've been thinking of sanding down my black KLF-10's to finish them similarly. Your sanding /stripping job came out fantastic. It looks like a bare oak finish! Can you tell us how you got through the black finish?
  12. I would not use any sort of penetrant. I'd be too afraid of any getting down into the diaphragm area. And if it's a plastic horn, it has a metal insert that is pressed in place which contains the female threads. Penetrant oil will get in between the insert and the plastic and penetrant can soften plastic. Go to harbor freight and buy a set of strap wrenches. And if I was to whack it, it would be light tapping on the horn throat only with a wooden handle or dowel, keeping the magnet assembly steady and stable on a table top on top of a cushion.
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