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  1. That's a good plan!!! It's difficult for me to find those Mcintosh in Spain
  2. Sure! I'm from Madrid, Spain.
  3. Hello! First of all, my apologizes for my english. I'm going to be a new owner of a couple of Forte III and I am looking for THE AMP. I've tried ss (Rega, don't remember which one) and valves (Unison research S6) and I LOVED the valves. I listen a lot of 70's rock and jazz and I think that Forte and valves are the perfect marriage. Luckily I have a high budget, I am looking the new Copland CTA408, or some Luxman... but I don't know if it is a good idea that my first valve amp is high end. What do you think? Should I start with a small one, keep the money and learn for the future, or "carpe diem" and go for the best I can get today? Thank you very much!
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