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  1. Endo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    This sounds like a great reason to buy the best one can afford in high-efficiency, low-distortion (fully-horn-loaded) speakers; --so much the better if you can find them at a discount. The impression I get, is that first-watt theory, and the almost direct-function existing between increased power and increased distortion, remains an almost arcane bit of info--when I would expect it to be much more commonly understood. I'm more than a little surprised the marketing folks at Klipsch don't make more of this as a selling point... High-quality sound at low volume levels is a game changer. Magic. [Edit] Oh, btw... Schu, nice purchase!
  2. Endo

    First time Klipschorn owner

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever (not to mention the music those will produce). Congratulations on what looks like a truly wonderful purchase! High point of my day, right here.
  3. ^Of course not... 'fluid dynamics' is far more accurate.
  4. Seller has now put these on Ebay... down from 2k, now a starting bid of $999. Too damn far for me. Might be an opportunity for somebody... Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Klipschorn-Shorthorn-Corner-Speakers-Pair-from-1960/292616348377?hash=item44214b22d9:g:5k8AAOSwqbVbL6Qc
  5. Endo

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The good stuff never gets old...
  6. ^ Thank you, dtel. Ooops... didn't know about the other post: I'm gonna follow that thread--not this one. Can you delete my post? (Except for Shu's comment, of course!--that made me laugh). Thanks, endo
  7. video: I won't be getting rid of my horns any time soon... But interesting. I know the approach has been around a while, but still... thought others might enjoy it. You might want to skip the first 15 minutes. --At 15 minutes: He starts running the sweeps --27 minutes: Freq. response comparison --32 minutes: The setup explained; and music played These may not be high fidelity--but makes one wonder about other applications...
  8. @PrestonTom Yep. I think you missed it--I mentioned it in the first line of OP.
  9. Perhaps worth mentioning: another method for cutting circular openings, (as long as they aren't too big)... It requires a drill press--and I realize not everybody has one--but for those who do, it might be an option to consider . I've used jig saws, routers and this drill press cutter--and this is my preferred method; especially when I want a clean, sharp edge (in natural veneer, with minimal to no tear-out). Your results may vary, depending on what the wood grain is doing. I have found the chisel tip of the cutter to leave a very nice, finished edge, similar to a quality forstner bit. This particular model cuts as large as about 4 3/8" inches (have used it in the past for oddball sized driver openings). A nice advantage: the cutter slides in its mount for tweaking to any size circle (within range, of course). The holes I've made with this are clean, and don't require any clean-up or sanding. I have been following this thread with an interest in modifying my own pair super heresy's. Many thanks to @ClaudeJ1 for sharing! ... I appreciate how much time and effort must have gone into figuring all of this out.
  10. Endo

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    I want to hear a pair of these. Very curious about what's inside. Thought it might be nice to have the CL images posted here, for future reference.
  11. Endo

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    On Nov. 10, 2017: This same reviewer posted a YouTube video, sincerely asking the question: Do high sensitivity speakers sound better at louder volumes than low sensitivity speakers played at the same volume, given adequate power... ?? (He wasn't just doing this for the camera; he actually did not know). Nobody gets it right all the time, but this is embarr•••ing. Moreover, his "favorite all-around speakers"? Magnapan .7s; with freq. response 45k–22kHz and sensitivity of 86dB/2.83v... ? Would these, then, be "audiophile", I wonder? (whatever that means). And why? "Who is this, that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?" –JOB 38; Anybody else see the irony?... His words about the Heresy are, uh... heretical.
  12. Denver CL https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-kpt-904-cinema/6596023310.html $?! nice...
  13. ^Thank you. Appreciate the feedback.
  14. Simply curious. How might this sound? Would like to compare--but don't want to destroy anything by doing something stupid. Is this in-series, or parallel? Seems like series. I'm no electronics expert, by any stretch--just a music lover. Have been trying to educate myself--but I still don't understand it. Found these diagrams and they got me to thinking something like this might be possible...
  15. I have run this question past two very knowledgeable forum members/amp builders, and cannot resist the temptation to post it at-large, in the hopes that someone may have relevant experience and/or knowledge. This may be a crazy idea, ... but, in the spirit of exploration, here goes: •What happens when the two channels from a stereo amp--each carrying identical inputs--are run in series (as a single signal)? For instance, are the Ohms additive? Do a pair of 4 Ohm outputs combine into a usable 8 Ohms? What is the worst that can happen? For clarification, please see attached picture...