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  1. Just saw this... https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-grill/6477057832.html
  2. Klipsch Forte II Walnut No Longer For Sale

    That's great! Had a similar awakening, recently, after decades of drinking nothing but slurry... One forgets what clean water tastes like. Drink deep. Thank you, PWK.
  3. Klipsch Forte II Walnut No Longer For Sale

    I am interested. Price?
  4. I'm not affiliated with listing in any way... but you don't see this everyday... so, here it is: https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/ele/d/tv-tubes/6371581955.html
  5. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    I (briefly) flanked my computer workstation with Cornwalls (keeping them at appropriate levels); bystanders would have been confused by the juxtaposition of scale. The sound, seated at my workstation, was luxurious. I had to look over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't going to be arrested. I have now restored their place(s) in the living room. I am at peace.
  6. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Congratulations on the new purchase! Very nice setup. Beautiful. My day just got better.
  7. One of several sources I have, is a laptop connected to an integrated amp. The laptop supports outputs of USB, analog (3.5mm) and HDMI. I tried them all. It took me a while to discover the benefits of using the HDMI. I got an HDMI "audio extractor" from monoprice and the results, for me, were immediately apparent (~$40; pulls HDMI digital from the laptop and delivers analog through RCA). At this point, I cannot imagine using anything but the HDMI. I realize a system of parts is just that--and your results may vary. Others on this forum have used the same extractor with success. My understanding (limited, I'm sure) is that HDMI and USB are different animals--designed to meet different requirements; and, are by no means interchangeable when it comes to carrying audio signals.
  8. Those cabinets are gorgeous. I'm not in the market, but best wishes with sale. Very nice.
  9. Heritage speaker terminals...

    ^ USNRET, Thanks for the invite. Sounds like a great time. I'm in a circumstance where any destination over 300 miles may as well be in the other hemisphere. However, would very much like to make it. I think the words "... by their fruits" speaks pretty damn well of those bearing PWK's legacy.
  10. Heritage speaker terminals...

    ^ USNRET, thank you. They are certainly curious little posts. They look so deliberate. And then there are the four, surrounding holes, and the raised fins (to isolate the lines?)... ?... These little terminal assemblies have a lot going on. Its nice to know you can take these speakers apart and put them back together again. So much stuff is made anymore that has to be discarded when it fails because you can't take it apart and fix it.
  11. Newbie question, --this is going to be obvious to a lot of people, but I have never come across anything that explains it. What are the curious little threaded posts that sit just above the terminal screw heads on a v.1 Heritage Klipsch? Obviously, anything connected to these taps into the signal--but what is the intended purpose? Seems like whatever it is, later banana-style terminals must have made it unnecessary--(?).
  12. Empty Klipsch Heresy cabinets - $75 (Frisco, TX)

    I wonder what other tell-tale signs might speak to their being originals, or not? IF they are originals--the thought that PWK may have been walking through the factory as those were being assembled is pretty cool--I'd take that over a "better" condition knock-off any day. But, that's just me. To say I'm eccentric is probably an understatement. I've never seen the inside of Heresy's before. Those strips of wood that frame the rear opening--does anyone know, is that typical? My CW's don't have anything like that. (I realize now, that I want those empty carcasses to be originals--I'm rooting for it; but, they may not be!)
  13. Empty Klipsch Heresy cabinets - $75 (Frisco, TX)

    I am curious about this. Does the motor board, pictured below, have the "check outs"?... Just curious. This one looks like a similar vintage, with the velcro dots, pneumatic hole pattern and rear mounted horns...
  14. wtd: 60th anniversary Klipschorn.

    Who's Rodney?...