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  1. Jim, the story is told of the Rolling Stones delivering their mobile studio to Hope (late 70s/early 80's) in order to have a pair of Belles installed by the factory. Can you speak to this–and do you happen to have any photos of the installation? Thanks, Endo
  2. Lots (and lots) of speakers set directly on the floor. Seeing water damaged speakers, with high-water staining across the exterior cabinets and screens is not unusual. Some people place components on the floor, but I don't see this as often as speakers... I typically see other components on a rack, shelf, cabinet or something... so, there is that difference. But while we're on the subject, PWK did write down his other reasons for avoiding MDF: One, in particular, was the ability of an edge to hold a mechanical fastener. Something to consider; especially with larger, heavier speakers.
  3. no affiliation. Central Missouri... https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/warsaw-1972-klipschorn/6931998466.html
  4. I am willing to bet this guy laid groundwork for the needed relationships... approaching corporate with a formal request, nicely asking for a tour (maybe an agreement of some kind?). Perhaps if you wrote a letter to the "right" people, explaining your background and intentions--you might get similar access (or better). Edit: I came back and re-read this – tone is ambiguous: might sound to some like I'm being mean-spirited (did not mean to be). My intent was to make a helpful suggestion. I recall, back in the '70s... some guy in NYC walked around the streets with a tape recorder slung over his shoulder--a complete poser--telling women he was writing a book about sex, what women want (or something like that... it was false pretense). Anyway, my point being the microphone/intro got complete strangers to open up, divulging personal stories; people who normally would have never considered sharing with a complete stranger. Crazy. I think his decision to write a book came later; anyway... we're all creatures of human nature. [Aside: I do not condone willful deceit]
  5. I think this very cool, considering it was among the original performance requirements--along with efficiency and distortion. The spirit of PWK continues to reverberate in the Universe.
  6. How might this type of thread be different if it were happening during an age of real men? EDIT: I'm being serious.
  7. I drink boxed wine, roll my bike through stop signs, and disapprove of children having unsupervised access to MP3s.
  8. The way I read this, the author's point isn't that general agreement exists among listeners–but, rather, agreement exists between accepted specifications and their resulting sound quality; in other words, the specifications and the sound quality for other elements in the chain are, generally speaking, not at odds with each other the way they sometimes can be with power amps (the premise of the article).
  9. Would that be "long term reliability" ... or the other thing?
  10. Is there anything to this idea of break-in, ... Do fresh new caps get better with use?--I don't know about this.
  11. I am in no-way knowledgeable (trying to learn), but ran across a cap comparison that's seems pretty exhaustive... Its largely subjective material--but having such a wide range of product lines reviewed in a single place, with some semblance of consistent baseline across the spectrum creates a kind of utility, I think, even though one may disagree with some of the content. The panelists also make a distinction between power and network applications, and complimentary pairings, which I found helpful. Here it is: http://www.laventure.net/tourist/caps.htm#AAA
  12. Don't see this everyday. Looks like a time saver for those exploring new driver configurations. Thought someone here might be interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pioneer-SF-850-Electronic-Crossover-Network-Untested-As-Is/303151428509?hash=item46953bb39d:g:jmkAAOSwq8tc1vxC
  13. ^^ There was an early II, and a much later II -- similar nomenclature, different variants, and decades apart from each other. [Edit] It was an "Ask the Historian" post (5/17) that clarified this for me.
  14. Well, the new 2uF and 5uF AudioCap PPT Thetas are in, the boards look like this: I've been listening to them for three days: First, comparing one channel w/updates against the other without (my amp lets me play either channel through both L and R). Then, with both boards updated, I compared the CWs against the Belles (done simply to satisfy my curiosity as to their differences). At this point, I feel pretty confident in saying @geoff. was on-target about my particular situation. Thanks, again to all who helped me navigate through this.
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