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  1. @ClaudeJ1 – I am just curious, your personal experience pretty much runs the gamut regarding subs... I am curious about the LAB 12, 18' tapped horn (Danley was involved in the early drawings that circulate the Web, I think; have I got this right? and its DNA seems to cross with the DTS10 and 20). It seems conspicuously absent from the thread, above... I sense I may be missing something. Also, there seems to be some agreement that a tapped-horn is misplaced with LaScalas... why is that? [As an aside: I just finished my LAB 12 this past week... and, although I am enjoying it--because it is the only horn sub I've ever had--I am in no position to make comments about how it might compare with other designs]
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  3. If it were me, I'd be looking at a "french cleat" of some sort. Reason being, in addition to being secure--you could mount the cleat to the plywood back with a minimum of damage/alteration to the cabinet: If you ever removed the cleat, there would only be two, relatively small screw holes left in the back (not a big deal). Just a thought. You might do a quick search to see how different people are implementing this... Its dead simple, and works. I'm sure there are many other ways to do this--just my two cents. Obviously, everybody will have their preference.
  4. I would be interested in seeing photos of the trashed cabinets--if they still exist. Don't know your location, but I might be interested.
  5. Ad went up 17 hrs ago. No affiliation.
  6. No affiliation. The ad reads horn "cabinets" but they appear to be complete.
  7. Looks like there might be a pair here--ad posted yesterday:
  8. Endo


    A man went to the Doctor, concerned about his wife’s hearing. “Go back home and say something to her,” the doctor suggested. “Tell me how close you are when she hears you.” The man went home and saw his wife in the kitchen, cutting carrots. From 15 feet away, he said, “Honey, what’s for dinner?” Nothing. He walked halfway to her and repeated the same question. Nothing. Concerned, he stood right behind her and asked again, “What’s for dinner?” She turned around and exclaimed, “For the third time, beef stew!”
  9. My bad. I thought I'd read everything twice... and I still missed that. Still wondering if anyone can speak to Lab 12 in THTLP. vs. Lab 12 in the 'Lab12 Tapped Horn'. The boxes are about ~300 c.i. apart from each other and THTLP has a larger mouth despite its being shorter overall. Just curious.
  10. What driver were you using in your THTLP when you saw these numbers?
  11. ^Am really looking forward to adding this to my system. Thank you all, for the responses!
  12. ^ It must be the camera angle that makes his ears look horn-loaded.
  13. Yeah, that was my impression, then I stumbled across this on Bill's website (in the Forum) about using the LAB12 with the Tuba HT. Looks like the man himself (?) I imagined him taller. . Link to thread here...
  14. Now I'm contemplating Fitzmaurice's 'Tuba HT' - low profile version... I'm not a guy who can modify, test, and tweak a speaker design... Reading through posts on this forum, I happened on to a link to Bill F's website. Turns out he's got a design that uses the same driver that ALREADY approximates the dimensions of my 'unfolded' horn and fits my available space). Hmmm. Here's my question: Does anyone here have opinions about the Tuba HT coupled with a single LAB12? Comparisons? • The LAB12 has already shipped, so that's a given • also ordered: Lepai with TPA3118 (PE currently has it marked down, for those interested) I'm not finding data on the Tuba HT with a LAB12 (as apposed the 15" driver). Would love to hear from those who've been down this path before? Thanks in advance.
  15. yeah, I realized my mistake... and immediately took it down. brain-dead.
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