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  1. Looking for a 655vxi for parts, or a 660 or 665 in any condition. Not sure what the going rate for these is, just a fan of HK stuff! Will be running some forte II's I'm in Saint Paul, heading to Chicago this weekend and Kansas City the following weekend. Thanks! Adding some background - I found a 655vxi that I really like, but can't get the DC offset to stabilize. Still working on it but I'm poking around in the dark at this point. Found one on ebay for about $100 shipped, I could swap parts between them but still a risk that I won't end up with a working amp. With the money I have into it, wondering if it would be better for my sanity to cut my losses and put that $100 towards something else and wanted to see if anyone had something similar. Or potentially another solid integrated, like a Luxman R-115?
  2. I check CL all the time here, can't believe I missed these...
  3. So that's where all the speakers went... 😀 Would be interested to hear what you have for crossovers after the buyer is set up with theirs. Mine are stock with new caps from Crites.
  4. I'll say they are interesting, but that's so much veneer it's a little much for me... I'm trying to think of what I would do but they just scream early 80's and should be sitting on brown shag carpet. The bottoms are cool, but if you tone down the tops they are still overwhelming. Maybe if the stain was darker, or a more subtle grain pattern so it didn't look like a kaleidoscope.
  5. Shoot, that's a little far, would be interested in the TD160. Good luck!
  6. Congrats! Chiming in to say those look incredible, I love how they make the speaker components a visible statement. You should post more pics!
  7. Also have the SW-10 sub for $125. Look nice. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-ii-speakers/6723773147.html
  8. iaRIVR


    Had an item posted WTB in the garage sale, got a note from a member that joined 36 minutes before saying he knew someone that had one and gave me their email. Reached out and they asked to pay via western union and ship to a house that's currently for sale... I won't post details in case it turns out to be legit but never seen that before. Mods feel free to move, people might be more savvy than I am but just a friendly reminder to be careful.
  9. I might! Thank you. I'd like to wait a little and see if anyone has a bronze, although starting to think that's not likely. I'll let you know.
  10. Putting a feeler out to see if anyone has one laying around. Don't mind if it's used, even well used. I have the 2M Red, for the blue I just need the stylus. Feel free to PM if have one. Thanks, Mike
  11. Also had a seller respond to my craigslist post- I have a pair with drivers in excellent condition and fair cosmetic condition on the cabinets. Sides and back are good but tops are not. Everything works perfect. $600 firm. Zimmerman location. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/wtb-klipsch-forte-ii/6700850237.htm TV I can put you in touch if you're interested.
  12. No worries, and completely agree about securing the sale and factoring additional costs. I had a line on a set in Iowa through Craigslist, don't know that happened but I had a bad feeling I would drive 5 hours and no one would be home. Would much prefer to buy though someone here if possible.
  13. Noted! I would make that drive for the right pair. I'll come to Wisconsin if you decide to part with the forte's
  14. rplace- at the moment unfortunately yes, that would be about 17 hours for me. I probably should have been a little more specific, beyond 5-6 hours the cost of gas alone is going probably going to make it too expensive. Thanks though.
  15. 314carpenter- that sounds awesome, guessing those Chorus IIs will be harder to come by. There's a pair in Michigan but that would be a haul around the lake. If you have any leads please keep me posted.
  16. Hi All- Started off on this site asking for help finding a pair of KG4s and getting a great set. They are fantastic, but looking for something a little bigger and clearer. After a lot of research, for my setup and conditions settled on the forte ii. Will be pairing with an HK 430 I just restored and somehow managed to not mess up too bad. Any cosmetic condition is fine as long as the work, prefer stock but open to anything. Willing to drive fairly far, I was planning to drive 5 hours one way this weekend for a pair but they disappeared. Appreciate any leads and thanks! Mike
  17. I saw those should have jumped on them. Holding out for Forte or Chorus hopefully.
  18. I've got a craigslist search alert for Klipsch in minneapolis, if I see anything I'll post here.
  19. Found a pair! I posed on AK as well and someone had a nice pair with the Crites ti diaphragms and crossovers recapped. They sound nice!!
  20. I do have the manual, and the post by Dennis is very helpful. I've been piecing together little bits and tips everywhere I can find.
  21. Thanks Tarheel! Yeah I'm trying to figure out what to replace, and with what types and such. Too much info! Everything is in little bits and pieces, I'm starting to get it figured out I think. Excited to get my new KG-4s sounding great. Anyone else done an HK430? Any insights on what you used and ended up replacing?
  22. Hi Pat- Bringing back an old thread but did you end up recapping? I'm about to do one and planning to use your list, did you end up making any changes?
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