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  1. I wouldn't expect an original KD16 to have much life left. Have you got personal experience in what Klipsch currently offers for the KD16?
  2. What was the mod and is it somewhere in the technical section?
  3. The Simply Speakers kit won't work for me then, being pleated. My replacement KD16 from the mid 2000s has a rubber surround.
  4. Is the surround pleated or rubber? You got the entire recone kit?
  5. Thank you. Another question: do people use plywood for bracing or plank? The dining room is gonna be a little more messy soon. I paid $131 for these speakers at a thrift store.
  6. Thank you. I emailed that request weeks ago. I got a response a couple weeks later that they're working on replying to a back up of requests. Nothing since then, though.
  7. The back is loose on one of mine, the one with the broken horn body in the other thread. What's the method to remove the back (and front) without damage? The front is not loose yet. Doing a quick A/B to compare the Chorus II bought a few weeks ago, I liked the KLF-30, but was just profiling one song; The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies Shakin' the Blues, which has well mixed, well defined drums and an articulate, technical drummer.
  8. It fits back together well and cleanly. We've been discussing a repair method in the General forum under Broken horn, ever seen ths happen?
  9. I'll check. We're not a big market but shipping is doable. I think adding the fiberglass would be a good idea too.
  10. Looking for a passive radiator, preferably with a rubber surround (instead of pleated) since my other speaker has the superseded part with a rubber surround. A pleated surround version could be considered, though.
  11. Anyone have an unused horn body available? The plastic horn body is what 'm looking to obtain.
  12. Ok. Good thinking. This weekend I'll power them up to make sure them work. I think I'm going to screw through the ring too, the top side for certain. If I can find a tight fitting sleeve to slide over the ring, that'd be great. Customer Service is so far behind right now I'm sure it'll take a few months to get a part.
  13. I'm not surprised. And with the weight of the magnet hanging off the back... A replacement horn body is needed. Until then, something to suspend the weight of the magnet would be helpful, after gluing and even a banding clamp around the outside...
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