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  1. Some review said the KLF-20 had better bass definition than the KLF-30, and something for certain is that bass players like 10" woofers in their cabinets for a reason. The punch of the 10" is used in most all bass cabinet makers when they aren't using the common 15". You almost never find a 12". If you do it's something old and didn't last long in production. Some bass players use a cabinet with eight 10" woofers only. I did a dirty comparison of one KLF-30 beside one Chorus II (both stock with obvious age), I like the KLF-30. The bass definition stood out to me. The horn is positioned a little too high as others have said. The KLF-20 is a shorter cabinet, I believe and if so it's probably about the right height. But my room is also small. With upgrades to the Chorus II x-over and tweeters of both I might change my mind, obviously. Comping some 20s against 30s would be nice to do.
  2. A new one from Klipsch is available and is $144. Not really interested at that price either. At least it's there if someone wants one. I'll pass.
  3. Still would prefer a replacement horn body. Just need the body, not the driver. Projects are piled high right now.
  4. I saw that thread. It was nonsensical because the seller said he was a "reputable" seller but then asked $350 for it. I disagree. I didn't even pay $200 for this pair of Chorus IIs. EDIT TO ADD. Klipsch Support responded with an available KD-16, which has the rubber surround, priced at $144. I might have bit at $98, but there's a $50 home repair in my future.
  5. I wouldn't expect an original KD16 to have much life left. Have you got personal experience in what Klipsch currently offers for the KD16?
  6. What was the mod and is it somewhere in the technical section?
  7. The Simply Speakers kit won't work for me then, being pleated. My replacement KD16 from the mid 2000s has a rubber surround.
  8. Is the surround pleated or rubber? You got the entire recone kit?
  9. Thank you. I emailed that request weeks ago. I got a response a couple weeks later that they're working on replying to a back up of requests. Nothing since then, though.
  10. It fits back together well and cleanly. We've been discussing a repair method in the General forum under Broken horn, ever seen ths happen?
  11. I'll check. We're not a big market but shipping is doable. I think adding the fiberglass would be a good idea too.
  12. Looking for a passive radiator, preferably with a rubber surround (instead of pleated) since my other speaker has the superseded part with a rubber surround. A pleated surround version could be considered, though.
  13. Anyone have an unused horn body available? The plastic horn body is what 'm looking to obtain.
  14. Ok. Good thinking. This weekend I'll power them up to make sure them work. I think I'm going to screw through the ring too, the top side for certain. If I can find a tight fitting sleeve to slide over the ring, that'd be great. Customer Service is so far behind right now I'm sure it'll take a few months to get a part.
  15. I'm not surprised. And with the weight of the magnet hanging off the back... A replacement horn body is needed. Until then, something to suspend the weight of the magnet would be helpful, after gluing and even a banding clamp around the outside...
  16. I had the right timing today at the thrift store. They just put out a set of KLF 30 on the floor. But when I pulled the grills there was no driver in the mid range of one of them. They handed me a screwdriver to pull a woofer and the mid range was laying the bottom of the cabinet still connected, which is better than missing. Betting it was a moving accident. It's been a month of Klipsch. Found the Chorus II, then last week I found some KG1 for $60. Today, these. Haven't tried them out yet.
  17. Thanks, all. And thanks for the follow up on the Forte style usage. A temp repair to get by will be attempted. The catalogue I mentioned is actually the Klipsch webpage where the Forte images are located under the Heritage offerings. The rear view shows a rubber surround used. My radiators share the "KD-16" designation, but the rubber surround one has a 7 digit part number too and an apparent date of 01/04/08. The pleated one just says KLIPSCH KD-16 and "9310" which I'm guessing is an original date, but maybe it's a part number? No other markings I noticed. The Simply Speakers images show a pleated surround so I'd have to do both. A rubber surround version will satisfy my ear. I'm just running a Carver receiver for now. There's a Hafler preamp and a Rotel amp around somewhere. Anyone know which phone number is the correct one for parts ordering? I see 544-7724 for order from Klipsh.com, P: 317-860-8100 / 800-544-1482 Klipsh headquarters and P: 317-860-8100 / 800-544-1482 for the Indianapolis Engineering location.
  18. Hello, all. I just got a set of Chorus IIs but the passive radiators don't match plus one is torn. Any advice on how to approach them? Are these 1994s? The serials are consecutive. I got 2 Chinese made Synergy S2 with these Chorus IIs. The intact one has a rubber surround, while the torn one has folded paper fiber surround. EDIT: I pulled them and they're both marked KD16. The rubber surround one is probably a replacement and looks like it has what is probably a date on it 01/04/08. I located a 2018 thread that says the Forte III version fits tightly. I wonder if the Forte III from Klipsh (if still available) is a rubber surround? EDIT: it looks to be a rubber surround by looking at the online catalogue. I sold some Cornwall IIs in Walnut(?) several years ago and found some LaScala club finish for a friend, both in the 90s. Klipsch will work for me.
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