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  1. There is one for sale on audiogon. 795.00
  2. By the way, that’s how I’ve been listening to them. Bass cabinets on speaker A and the bookshelf speakers on speaker B.
  3. The woofers don’t have a brand that I can see. These numbers are on the back of the magnet. 15DPHH8A 67-75Q8. Those last two are hard to see and might be something else.
  4. I Have the RA-1570 in my main two channel system. I have used it with Chorus 2’s, Quartets, and currently RB-5’s. I’ve also used it with some B&W’s. It has worked very well with them all. I love the features it has and the power. It makes those power hungry B&W’s sing.
  5. Title pretty much says it all. I traded for these a few years ago, but never really used them. They look rough, but seem well constructed. They don’t have Klipsch woofers. When I got them I was disappointed by the sound. When you put a bookshelf speaker on top, like in the picture, they sound pretty good.
  6. I bought a little tube amp from them. Everything went smoothly. The amp works great.
  7. Now, to argue against my original claim that cheap stuff can sound good, I put the little amp into my main system. It it replaced my Rotel RA 1570. An integrated that I really like. The appj amp gives up some details, especially at high volume, but brings bass and midrange lushness to the music. The RB-5’s like it.
  8. I recently bought a little appj mini watt tube amp for 100 bucks. It took a month to come in. While I was waiting, I thought about what kind of speakers to pair with it. I looked at Parts Express. They had the B652’s on sale for 30 bucks a pair. Throw in an old DVD player as my source and I figure I’m out around $150. This setup sounds way better than you should expect for the price. Obviously, it gives up room dominating sound and low bass, but in a near field environment it is very satisfying.
  9. Second owner here. I had them for around five years. They are simply the best speakers I've ever heard. If you listen to acoustic music they are without peer in my experience. If you listen to classic rock and have a big enough sub,or subs, you can recreate a concert level music experience. I now have a pair of Chorus II's and a pair of RF-83's. Both great speakers. Both have more bass. But, if you want clarity, precision,and dynamics, get a pair of these. Plus, they look awesome. My reason for selling was to try something different. I still miss them.
  10. Sold!! Rockhound has some new toys. His sweet chorus 2's have a new home as well.
  11. For Christmas my youngest son moved to the basement, taking over his brothers room, who recently married. After he moved, he wondered aloud to my wife, if I would get him a stereo setup. Now my wife knew this could start an avalanche of new speakers and equipment, but she told me anyway. Hallelujah! I was needing a project. My plan was to find a pair of Kg 1 or 1.2's. No problem. Two weeks of watching eBay and they were on the way. Then I bought a new stereo receiver at Amazon and voilà, a system was born. Sounds good too. My older son was checking out little bros setup. He mentioned an old emotiva preamplifier setting over in the corner. I started wondering if I could put together a second system. I pulled out the emotiva, an ancient rotel amp, a spare DVD player, and my RB 5's and boom, second system. Also sounds good. In the meantime, I found some SB 3's for 100 bucks. My son took those. I also found a pair of B&W bookshelf speakers which I put in the second system. Now I had the kg' s and rb's to spare. So, I went digging around in the junk pile. Out came a Sony combo DVD player/ receiver. It quit playing DVDs, but still plays cd's. Third system. Sounds decent too. In the midst of all this, I bought a new Rotel integrated and a new Yamaha CD player. I figured it was time to join this century and get some technology in my system. My wife was right about the avalanche. Once it all comes in I'm going to have 4 systems. I need some of you guys to tell your stories, so I can assure my wife it's not just me. Thanks in advance.
  12. The Chorus 2's are racking up the votes. I need to find a pair.
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