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  1. hybridamp

    '77 Cornwalls $700, Milwaukee

    Agreed, plus those are the closest to me geographically that I've seen for sale in a long time.
  2. hybridamp

    '77 Cornwalls $700, Milwaukee

    Indeed, wish I had checked the forum earlier. I just need one more pair, well, maybe a couple, then I should be good, maybe.
  3. hybridamp

    '77 Cornwalls $700, Milwaukee

    9 hours one-way, I guess that might be manageable, I may have to contact him. Edit: Never mind, the listing is gone. 😭
  4. hybridamp

    I know you guys like the crazy posts

    lol; love it.
  5. hybridamp

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    I was always more of the class clown rather than a contributor. I can put that note above on my used running shoe real fast though if you want to see a quick example, but I felt that might be in bad taste. My point is that for me it doesn't "prove" that the pictured stapler actually belongs to him; photos can lie these days very easily, albeit is a super nice looking used stapler in my favorite color.
  6. hybridamp

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Nice idea, but most computer savy people could easily insert a note like that into any photo.
  7. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    The search continues...
  8. hybridamp

    KG 2.2 $125, Lexington KY

    Good to know, I can stop thinking about them every time I'm in town trying to avoid temptation.
  9. hybridamp

    KG 2.2 $125, Lexington KY

    So awesome to see stuff nearby! Just not something I need at the moment unfortunately. If you check his other listings he has some parts like K-22 woofers and K-55V driver, as well as a KG2.2V Center Chan. Did you see the Forte II also in Lexington Woofers & Tweeters? If it hadn't been for the corner damage, I would have had to checked those out (no affiliation of course): https://lexington.craigslist.org/ele/d/lexington-klipsch-forte-ii-floor/6793707910.html
  10. hybridamp

    Emotiva A-100 amp for $135 Buy It Now

    Nice find; that went fast.
  11. hybridamp

    CL: RF-7 (Tampa)

    That CL post is toast.
  12. hybridamp

    Overkill 18" sub??

    That van looks great inside; cool story behind it also. My lights still dimmed even with the caps, alternator, and dual batteries. The Dakota Digital gauges that I had in the dash displayed current draw and the voltage sensed at the amplifier terminals so as the amp current neared 100A the voltage still dipped significantly, this was at idle of course, that amp I ran @ 1ohm rated at 1400w RMS: This was the vehicle's exterior: Not sure how I got so off topic, apologies to the OP as I strolled down memory lane. lol.
  13. hybridamp

    Overkill 18" sub??

    I believe the marketing at the time was that it would help with instant reserve energy for peaky bass hits during normal use. I received them as part of a package deal where the seller threw them in the deal for no additional cost since he didn't need them anymore so I went ahead and used them, but didn't notice any difference with them.
  14. hybridamp

    Overkill 18" sub??

    Sounds like we had similar setups, my front-stage amp was the only other amp I used also. I averaged 148.8 dB at the front window dB Drag with that modest system and with disconnecting and removing the front-stage amp for competitions I was in lower power classes running only the sub-amp. Later they changed to a woofer count based classification system so the one amplifier didn't help me as much then, but that is when I stopped competing anyhow. I did have two capacitors also, forgot about those, but not much help really, here was a better view through the plexi at the amps with blue neon on at night: