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  1. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    Still looking.
  2. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    Correct, Four, or more... Thanks, looks awesome, but I'm looking for stock in a wood veneer. Thanks for letting me know though and glws. I would actually prefer stock Cornwalls (I or II) personally in a pretty veneer, just since that's what I grew up with from birth. Those are a nice find though; thanks for sharing.
  3. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

  4. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    They do look nice; thanks for the link.
  5. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    That was indeed the definition of an epic fail. You are absolutely correct, I definitely wish that I would have kept those. The last part was just cruel. lol
  6. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    Thanks for the insight, I had Cornwalls for 19 years and I'm simply looking to grab a couple pairs again for nostalgia mostly.
  7. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

  8. hybridamp

    WTB: Cornwalls - Kentucky

    Still looking.
  9. hybridamp

    Klipschorns & Lascala center Channel (For Sale)

    Wow, those colors would match my listening room perfectly since that is what my wife decorated it in. Very well done. I don't have proper "corners" in that room though to serve them justice.
  10. hybridamp

    Cornwall NoVA

    They do look nice.
  11. hybridamp

    Raw Birch Cornwalls In Warrenton, VA

    That is a very interesting site; thanks for all the info about it guys.
  12. hybridamp

    Raw Birch Cornwalls In Warrenton, VA

    Do you guys have pretty good luck using that estate sales website?
  13. hybridamp

    Chorus ii $800 Wilmington NC

    I think those Walnut Lacquer are beautiful, hopefully someone here got them.
  14. hybridamp

    Chorus ii $800 Wilmington NC

    There is a pair in black finish near me for $750 on CL, but like you said, that finish is so boring to me that I keep holding out for a nicer veneer.
  15. hybridamp

    Minty Cornwall II / South Chicago Suburbs

    Ah, if I was just a little bit closer geographically.