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  1. They are beautiful, I love the maple finish, if you weren't all the way across the country I would have tried to buy these from you already!
  2. Those look great.
  3. If only it had been closer I would have grabbed it. 😥
  4. Those matte black Forte look great, they are still available?
  5. Agreed, plus those are the closest to me geographically that I've seen for sale in a long time.
  6. Indeed, wish I had checked the forum earlier. I just need one more pair, well, maybe a couple, then I should be good, maybe.
  7. 9 hours one-way, I guess that might be manageable, I may have to contact him. Edit: Never mind, the listing is gone. 😭
  8. I was always more of the class clown rather than a contributor. I can put that note above on my used running shoe real fast though if you want to see a quick example, but I felt that might be in bad taste. My point is that for me it doesn't "prove" that the pictured stapler actually belongs to him; photos can lie these days very easily, albeit is a super nice looking used stapler in my favorite color.
  9. Nice idea, but most computer savy people could easily insert a note like that into any photo.
  10. Good to know, I can stop thinking about them every time I'm in town trying to avoid temptation.
  11. So awesome to see stuff nearby! Just not something I need at the moment unfortunately. If you check his other listings he has some parts like K-22 woofers and K-55V driver, as well as a KG2.2V Center Chan. Did you see the Forte II also in Lexington Woofers & Tweeters? If it hadn't been for the corner damage, I would have had to checked those out (no affiliation of course): https://lexington.craigslist.org/ele/d/lexington-klipsch-forte-ii-floor/6793707910.html
  12. Nice find; that went fast.
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