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  1. hybridamp


    I am tempted to replace my Pro-ject RPM with it, but just bought an amplifier so probably should resist to keep the wife happy.
  2. Exactly, Florida, Texas and California seem to be where the action is. There is a pair in Henderson, KY, but condition isn’t what I am looking for: https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/222331418784525/
  3. Crap, were these close to us? I totally missed this alert, but do need another pair of Cornwalls...
  4. How are these still here! I would definitely grab those RF-7 if you were closer (34hrs).
  5. Wish I didn't live all the way across the country. Love the RF-7.
  6. They are beautiful, I love the maple finish, if you weren't all the way across the country I would have tried to buy these from you already!
  7. If only it had been closer I would have grabbed it. 😥
  8. Those matte black Forte look great, they are still available?
  9. Agreed, plus those are the closest to me geographically that I've seen for sale in a long time.
  10. Indeed, wish I had checked the forum earlier. I just need one more pair, well, maybe a couple, then I should be good, maybe.
  11. 9 hours one-way, I guess that might be manageable, I may have to contact him. Edit: Never mind, the listing is gone. 😭
  12. I was always more of the class clown rather than a contributor. I can put that note above on my used running shoe real fast though if you want to see a quick example, but I felt that might be in bad taste. My point is that for me it doesn't "prove" that the pictured stapler actually belongs to him; photos can lie these days very easily, albeit is a super nice looking used stapler in my favorite color.
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