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  1. I had a LK 72 a few years ago and really liked it. It was virtually mint with the gold color face plate and original wood case. If memory serves, it was basically the kit version of the 299. Can’t beat those big a** transformers! It had some work done to it but needed more in the power supply. At the time I was in a solid state mode, damn hobby, so I sold it to a friend of mine who is a very good tube tech and still has it. There may be a time where I will try to pry it away from him. It’s sitting on a shelf in his shop, well covered, but he hasn’t done a thing to it. I don’t think he’s even played it. That is one great amp you have there!
  2. According to the specs I found on the new Tung-Sols, they are virtually identical to the original Westinghouse tubes. I am confident they will fit just fine. I did have a friend of mine test the originals and, as I suspected, they are usable but pretty weak. My friend is making a big order to Antique Electronic Supply at the first of the month so he’s going to add a quad of matched Tung-sold to it. Be interesting how this Scott sounds with fresh power tubes.
  3. My thought is that they will not last forever. I think that, value wise, it makes sense to retire them while they still have some life. From what I’ve read, the new production tubes are getting better so I don’t foresee much of any sacrifice in sound. It is very rare to have a vintage tube amp/receiver with the original power tubes that actually still work. I think the value of that out weighs what little, if any, difference in how it sounds and/or performs.
  4. From one hair lip dog to another, thanks. I am leaning toward the Tung-Sols.
  5. So, this may be a topic that has been discussed previously but times change. I'm just looking for suggestions for a new quad of 7591A's for my Scott 345 receiver. I'm relatively certain the tan base, Scott labeled Westinghouse tubes in it are original. I have read positive things about the new Tung-Sol's. As I recall, there were some height issues with the ones from EH and the new ones will have to fit in the cabinet. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Here's a pic of the current 7591's.
  6. Nice, hope the sale goes through for you. I was tempted until I stumbled across a mint pair of RB-5 II’s on the local CL. GLWTS!
  7. I have been doing quite a bit of listening to the CII’s with the Scott and Sansui. I will say the Sansui is no slouch by any means. The tech who restored it did an excellent job down to gutting the filter caps and re-stuffing them. My one complaint is it can be a bit hot on the top end depending on the recording. It does have excellent control of the woofers and presents a very accurate mid-range. Oh, it’s rated at around 50 watts per channel. The Scott definitely gives the CII’s a warmer sound but with punch. Not quite as good control of the woofers but some of that I’m sure can be attributed to tubes. It does have more of a vintage SS sound the other tube gear I have used such as The Fisher 500c. This is the last tube receiver Scott made. I do think the mid-range and female vocals are more pleasant to listen to with the Scott. They are more similar in sound that not. The advantage of the Sansui is it doesn’t have the added issues with vintage tube gear. That and no tuner section. The Scott, being a receiver, obviously has more tubes, components, wires etc. I will rarely use the tuner mainly because most of the stations here suck! Another caveat is my turntable is busted, beyond repair. I just can’t make any final decisions until I spin some vinyl. Time for me to do more listening.....
  8. Thanks billybob and I will report back.
  9. Well, I ended up selling the RF-7's. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. The Chorus II's and the Scott 345 were delivered today. I forgot to mention that this is my second go around with this gear. I sold them at different times, they were never together in my system, to a good friend of mine. He did enjoy them but decided to move on and offered them to me. I was only too happy to get them back. I had the Scott restored in 2012 and the C II's have Bob's ti domes. The C II's sound amazing with the Sansui. I will fire up the Scott tomorrow morning and see what happens. I know it will need a fresh quad of 7591's but the originals still have some life. Be some fun times, hopefully, tomorrow! Here's some pics.
  10. The blacksmith had to hammer forge the housing out of iron and the diaphragms were boiled sheep's bladder. Other than that, they are the same...........
  11. Interesting combination of components. I assume there is some type of dividing network in that box or at least a capacitor? I think that compression driver is rated down to 800hz which is probably a stretch. Do you have a multi-meter to check the DCR of the driver and woofer?
  12. Frank Sinatra, Sinatra at the Sands. Count Basie and his Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones. Steely Dan, Aja +1, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULjCSK0oOlI Hey Al!
  14. Good to hear I'm not the only one wanting to make things simple and just enjoy the music and the gear that makes it happen. Now, about that busted turntable I have to replace, UGGGH!
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