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  1. I don't know that I should put the tech's name on this thread but his initials are JD.
  2. I have an Apt Holman preamp that was also restored but by a different tech. For those not familiar, it is well known for its performance and excellent phono stage. It was designed by Tom Holman, the TH of THX, back in the early 80's. Performance and sound wise, it and the Tandberg are a toss up in my opinion. I do have the matching Apt Holman amplifier so I kind of want to keep them as a set, at least for now. I also have a Acurus L10 line stage as well as others. Just a bit preamp poor right now.
  3. I am in Redding, CA about three hours North of Sacramento.
  4. I have a fully restored Tandberg 3002A preamp made in Norway. Restoration was done about a year ago by a tech in San Diego CA. I have the documentation on all that was done. I can provide more details to potential buyers. It performs flawlessly and sounds great, especially the MC phono stage. Works great with both SS and tube amplifiers. It even has a dedicated headphone amp with volume control. It comes with the original detachable 8' power cord. Cosmetically, it is in excellent condition. I just have too much stuff and I'm trying to thin the heard. It will be professionally packed and shipped via FedEx ground. I would like $450 for it plus shipping. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!
  5. Bonzo


    I have put these back up for sale and lowered the price to $500 cash with local pickup only. Thank you!
  6. Bonzo


    Due to unforeseen family issues, I'm putting this ad on hold. Thank you
  7. Bonzo


    I just sent you a message. Let me know if it doesn't go through. Thanks
  8. Bonzo


    Oh, I'm a bit on the fence about parting with my beautiful Chorus I's but, for the right offer...
  9. Bonzo


    As I mentioned in my first post, I am willing to drive a bit for the right deal. I have friends and relatives in the Sacramento and SF Bay Area and I'm overdue for a visit.
  10. Bonzo


    TTT I didn't think I would have to ask this on The Klipsch Forum but, please, no low ball offers... I have additional pictures for serious buyers. Thank you!
  11. Bonzo


    I have a very nice pair of stock Forte II’s in oak finish. Cosmetically the grills are very nice, drivers and passives have no issues. There are a few veneer imperfections but all minor. They work flawlessly and sound awesome. I bought these on a whim but, three large pair of speakers is one pair too many. I live in Redding, CA about three hours North of Sacramento. I’m asking $500 cash. Thank you!
  12. Changed my mind. The Forte II’s may be available after the holidays.
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