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  1. Bump for a great vintage amp. I know it doesn’t have the pretty lights of the Marantz receivers or a tuner section of course. However, it sounds every bit as good, maybe better, than the similar power receivers at a bargain price. I personally think the asking prices for unrestored 2270’s, 2275’s etc. are getting crazy. But, if they are selling???
  2. The work was recently done by a very competent local tech. All the electrolytic's were replaced with quality modern caps including the filter caps. Other suspect parts were replaced, controls cleaned and lubed. I will include the old parts with the sale. It's rated at 75 watts per channel. It works and sounds great! Cosmetically, it's in excellent condition. I'm asking $500 for local pickup in NorCal. I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance of Redding, CA for the right deal. Shipping is an option for $600 which will included packing and insurance, PayPal plus the fee. Thanks!
  3. Wow, They went fast. Unusual for the tight wads here in far Northern California. I’ll bet somebody from The Bay Area snagged them.
  4. https://redding.craigslist.org/ele/d/redding-klipsch-chorus-2/7138097696.html Rare to find for sale in this neck of the woods.
  5. I have a beautiful pair of Heresy II's that were acquired from the original owner. The cabinets are virtually flawless, one of the grills is not quite as tight as the other. They are not consecutive serial numbers and obviously have different wood grain. The drivers are in excellent condition and they sound great, no issues whatsoever. They are for local pickup in Redding, California 96002, about 140 miles North of Sacramento on I-5. Social distancing will be adhered to. I'm asking $400 for them. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank You!
  6. This receiver is no longer for sale. Thank you
  7. Here are some additional pictures. If interested members would like more, please don't hesitate to ask. I will include the original parts.
  8. I have a completely restored Sansui 7000 receiver. It’s rated at 70 watts per channel and has cap-coupled output. This receiver will really wake up your horns! As close to a “tube like sound” that a SS piece can get IMHO. Everything functions perfectly, nice cosmetic condition and all the button labels are present. The work was done by a very competent local tech. I’m asking $500, which is firm, for it plus shipping from Redding, CA. PP friends and family or buyer pays the fee. I will post more pics later today. Thanks!
  9. Well, they look stock to me and no serial stamped in the back of the top panel? Maybe the Belle’s were not stamped?
  10. As far as I can tell, yes. I'm going over to his place now to get a closer look at them. Thanks Tom
  11. A friend of mine picked up a pair of 1978 Belle's in Walnut oil, very nice! The tags on the back read 2S699 and 2S700 however, the serial numbers are not stamped into the back of the top panel? I thought all Heritage model speakers of that era had the serial numbers hard stamped into the birch plywood. Are the Belle's an exception ? Just hoping the tops were not replaced or............ Thanks
  12. Thank you gentlemen! Sale pending............
  13. I am sadly selling my Cornwall II's, mid 80's vintage. They are early with the round terminal cup and crossovers on a board attached to the inside back panel. I got them from the original owner who took excellent care of them. He was a rug collector and always kept two of his smaller rugs on top of the speakers and nick knacks on the rugs. They started life in birch raw but now have a beautiful cherry finish. The drivers and crossovers are stock originals and they sound great. The grills are in excellent condition with the badges. Cosmetically, they are virtually mint but have one very small veneer issue on the top back of one speaker( see pic.) I hate to sell them but there are other priorities. Local pickup in Redding, California, about 3 hours North of Sacramento on I-5, that way potential buyers can inspect and audition them. I am willing to travel a bit for the right deal. I'm asking $800 cash for them. Thanks, Mark
  14. Bonzo


    Thanks but that a bit more than I want to spend. My wife keeps reminding me that Christmas is coming and, with six grandkids, it’s getting a bit expensive. GLWTS
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