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  1. No longer for sale!
  2. No longer for sale.
  3. No longer for sale.
  4. No longer for sale.
  5. No longer for sale.
  6. No longer for sale.
  7. No longer for sale.
  8. The AU-5900 is no longer available.
  9. I would like to clear $400 for it. My asking price will cover the first $50 of the actual shipping cost. If it’s more, the buyer will be responsible for the extra $. If less, I will refund the difference. Thanks
  10. For those who care about such things, like me, here is the DC offset readings for both channels. The amp was on approx. 30 minutes before I took the readings. My multi-meter is not state of the art but pretty accurate compared to more sophisticated meters I have used. I would say the output stage is petty healthy, at least as far as DC leakage.
  11. Looking at the serial numbers, the “DB” I believe translates to Decorator Birch. Which should mean they came without grills and in unfinished birch. My 72 decorators had the grills tacked to the baffle. Yours also have the logos on the baffles which also indicate they originally had no grills. I’m sure the marble tops were owner applied but a very cool addition. No plant rings on the tops of those beauties! Awesome speakers, GLWTS.
  12. I have a restored/re-capped Sansui AU-5900 amplifier for sale. The work was done in June of this year by a very good local tech. It sounds great and works flawlessly. Cosmetically the faceplate and knobs are in excellent condition. There are a few blemishes on the top and sides. It's rated at approx. 50 watts per channel and drives my Chorus II's very well. I'm only selling it due to being all in on a HH Scott 345 tube receiver. I would like $450 for it plus shipping and packing via FedEx ground. Local pick-up in Redding, CA is always welcome. I am willing to meet within a reasonable distance for the right deal. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask Thanks, Mark
  13. I guess I neglected to post that the RF-7’s were sold locally. They were replaced by a pair of these!
  14. I had a LK 72 a few years ago and really liked it. It was virtually mint with the gold color face plate and original wood case. If memory serves, it was basically the kit version of the 299. Can’t beat those big a** transformers! It had some work done to it but needed more in the power supply. At the time I was in a solid state mode, damn hobby, so I sold it to a friend of mine who is a very good tube tech and still has it. There may be a time where I will try to pry it away from him. It’s sitting on a shelf in his shop, well covered, but he hasn’t done a thing to it. I don’t think he’s even played it. That is one great amp you have there!
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