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  1. Bonzo

    Heresy I $350

    The “Laser Badges” are a plus as well.
  2. To make a short story long, I recently picked up a restored Kenwood KA-7002 integrated amp, circa 1971, from a local tech. It was pretty much dead when he got it. After we made the deal and kind of in passing, he said this amp does not have a speaker protection relay. He said of the three schematics he found on line, all showed a speaker protection relay under the bottom plate. The only speaker protection is two 1A fast blow fuses prior to the output. Not thinking much about it, I took it home. After some further inspection, I noticed it did not have a serial number. There was a place for the serial number on the back panel tag but no number. I removed the top and bottom panels and took some photo's. One of the Kenwood guys over on AK who owns and restores 7002's, noticed the heat sinks were aluminum but not painted black as are all the examples he has seen. Kenwood advertises the speaker protection circuit in their literature for this amp so you would assume the units sold to the public had it. There were no holes in the chassis to indicate the circuit was removed and no numbers stamped on the chassis either. On the right side of the chassis under the heat sink, hand written in black ink is "No 1." It was his opinion that this is possibly a prototype and/or certainly not intended to be sold to the general public. How cool is that! It does sound great through the Heresy I's but has a couple of minor quirks. There is a little noise through the tweeters but can't be heard more than a foot away. Kind of like most vintage tube amps I have owned. Running more than one set of speakers at a time reduces the volume a bit on both. Both speakers are 8 ohms and I only plan to use one pair at a time. It does have a very good phono stage, better than my Marantz 2238b. That's my story for now. I am thrilled to own it. Here are some pics. On the lower left of the last picture, you can see the two fuses and two stickers which read, "1A (6 x 30) SCHURTER." Just thought I would share. Thanks for reading!
  3. Her husband is a lucky man! I wonder if she would talk to my wife???
  4. I did a bit of an A/B with the I’s and the III’s today using my trusty Marantz 2238b. I have to say, I was expecting a bit of a no comparison moment. But, in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!” The 41 year old veteran H I’s can hold their own against the punk a** kids! I mostly listened to jazz guitar, Earl Klugh, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and George Benson. At times, I found myself liking the more laid back, worn in presentation of the absolutely stock H I’s. The H III’s seem more accurate with tighter bass and more detailed high end. I was expecting more from the III’s but just not that “ah ha” moment I wanted. I am going to give them more time to break in before I do a real critical listening session. It does beg the question, what if I throw a bunch of money and “upgrades” at the original Heresy’s???
  5. It would help to know your location.
  6. Getting them up off the floor really improved the depth and width of the soundstage and improved the overall clarity of the music. The upper frequencies are definitely more defined at ear level which is not surprising to me. So far, I am very pleased with the H III’s.
  7. I agree, but let the new owner have the option to put them on or not. Or, maybe some nice inserts in the bottom of the cabinets with bolts to attach them, or not. Then you could have the option to bolt on the speakers and provide bolts bumpers on the bolts. Kind of like a lot of companies do with floor standers, carpet spikes or bolts with rubber. Or, just screw four wood screws into the cabinet!
  8. OK, first rant, why are there holes drilled into the bottom of my new speakers??? So I knew going in the risers are screwed to the bottom of the cabinets from the factory. I guess it's because everyone one who buys these $2K speakers are going to leave them on so they don't mind holes, right! Why couldn't they leave that decision to the consumer instead of arbitrarily screwing them onto every speaker? Rant over
  9. It would be cool but, sadly, I don’t have enough room in The Cave.
  10. Well, my friend suggested I keep all four, find some Heresy II's and we could call my place, "Mark's House of Heresy!" Somehow I don't think my wife would approve. I really don't know if I will keep all four, at least in the long term. Today I'm going to remove the risers on the III's and place them on some sturdy 18" tall end tables. See how getting the horns more at ear level works out. I actually prefer the Heresy I's on the funky acrylic 8" stands than on the tables.
  11. Thanks Schu, I appreciate that!
  12. So, due to some snafu's along the way of this journey, I finally got my Heresy III's! They were ordered on Jan. 18th and I thought they were already built at that time but that was not the case. They were well worth the wait. Even though my system has changed drastically since they were ordered, including some 78 Heresy I's but that's another story, I am so far very pleased. Lots more listening to do in the coming days. Here's a couple pics.
  13. Hey, what's in those boxes???
  14. Well, let me say this about that. If the planets align, I will have a brand spankin’ shiny new pair of Heresy III’s in walnut tomorrow. I figure the new Heresy’s will eliminate any want or need to “upgrade” the box stock Heresy I’s that the previous/original owner enjoyed, as is, for 40 years! Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the suggestions and feedback, I do. But, why can’t I just leave them alone and enjoy the way they sound now? If I didn’t like the way they sound currently, I doubt anything I throw at them would change that much. I do like the way they sound and will be leaving them alone, at least for now.
  15. I have been told that sometimes gravity can have an ill effect over time on keeping voice coils aligned in the magnet structure. I guess it’s especially true if older speakers have not been used for some time. That is not been the case with these speakers but I thought it couldn’t hurt. Unfortunately, the cables were not long enough to do a full 180. I really didn’t want to put in longer cables at this time. This would have required dragging out the old soldering iron. Maybe one day I will re-cable them?
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