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  1. Dsp help and advice needed

  2. Dsp help and advice needed

    2x4 HD
  3. Dsp help and advice needed

    Got a minidsp 2x4 coming to set up my new 402 horns on top of my jamborees. First time going active and looking for any help I can get. Have a mic and have a VERY basic understanding of REW. So help a guy out with some advice, I want to get all I can out of the 402's they deserve it.
  4. Jamborees get a upgrade

    Found some 402's for them, tuning them now. Great back story on how I found some will post later. Needless to say we have some great forum members on here, story to follow.
  5. FS: Emotiva UPA-2 Amp

    Great amp that plays way above its price point.
  6. How/Where To Purchase Klipsch Pro/Cinema

    ^ what she said.
  7. Long time Klipsch fan. Happy to join the family

    Hate to bust your bubble, but you will NEVER have your system dialed in. This is a sick hobby (passion) just when you think you have it perfect you will have to try that last little adjustment. It never ends!!! Welcome to the rabbit hole it is a lot of fun.
  8. 2 Channel Pro Gear Recommendations

    Yea and thanks for helping out a buddy on some other stuff in this sale. We going to have some fun when we get both systems up and running. Neighbors not going to be to happy!!!!
  9. Forte III

    This is my exact feelings after hearing them at the gathering.
  10. Any divers here?

    Open water 1 when I was in the army, got to dive a bunch in the Red Sea, when I was stationed over there. Spent a lot of time in local lakes when I got out. Not been in 20 years just lost interest.
  11. Cornwall II...should I?

    If in good shape buy them, one of my favorite Klipsch speakers. Enjoy them before you start messing with them.
  12. Pre/Pro that wont break the bank?

    Another Emotiva fan boy, you can get some good deals on used stuff, and the warranty transfers. Saw a xmc go for 1400.00 the other day on their forum. UMC can be had for a song now, some had problems but I never did. Loved mine good sound for a pre/pro. The XMC is in another league compared to the UMC though.
  13. Destination Audio Speakers - Jubilee Lookalikes

    What is that saying?? Imitation is a form of flattery? Just funny they copy so many things Paul did but can NEVER do what Paul did?