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  1. What to do with these??

    Will be using a active set up, crown xti 1002 . Bracing will be installed a little later. That big driver is going to get plenty of support don't want it breaking my 510 . Hope it warms up some this weekend like they are saying, want to get this finished and start on my pretty up project for the 402's.
  2. What to do with these??

    Box built and stained, got to warm up before I can get the shiny stuff on it.
  3. What to do with these??

    How about a new bi amped center channel?? More pics to follow as I progress.
  4. RF7 II $400 Scratch and dent special - Dayton 0h

    Wish it was closer, make a great center for someone in a rebuilt box
  5. It's 2018; what audio gear do you want to buy this year?

    Want to build another long tuba for the back of my room, finish my custom center channel with my 510 horn. Then rebuild my audio rack to fit all my new crown amps.
  6. Jubes hands down , no other choice for me. Cool topic be curious to see all the answers
  7. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    Center channel and crossovers still available.
  8. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    Just a old school junky, love the hiss . Brings back some old memories from high school.
  9. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    Xpa amps are sold
  10. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    Found it on the original for sale thread Faital pro HF200 or HF 20AT
  11. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    They are for the one Crites uses on the 402 horn , forgot which one will find out. I used them with factory 904 and they sounded and tested great. Only reason I am selling them is they will not work with the jamboree bass bins I have. Went active xover with a couple xti1002.