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  1. 2 full sets klipsch mcm1900's

    Post in the for sale forum, will get more views. Glws
  2. Crown xti 1002 questions

    Thanks just what I was looking for!
  3. Horn Loaded Car Sub Boxes?

    I have 2 Wo in my den and they sound great but will not go real low. I tried one in my truck with good results. I then built a auto tuba and tried it in my truck, go with a tuba. It will shake your truck a part with that little 10" driver. Liked the WO but the tuba wins hands down in a truck imo.
  4. Crown xti 1002 questions

    Just ordered a pair for a active setup on my front mains, need some help on the remote turn on. I have a XMC 1 that has the trigger outs but not sure how to adapt these to the crown amps. Anybody point me in the right direction?
  5. OPPO owners fess up...

    Tried it a few times , never had any problems but just to slow using it that way. I just use my PC.
  6. 78 B Style Khorns - South Arkansas "SOLD"

    Have heard these in person ,as a matter of fact I road tripped with him to get them. They sound great and @rockhound is a great guy to deal with. Glws
  7. Refinish on K402??

    Thanks , that is what I was thinking. Just going for a very light coat of semi gloss black. Didn't know if the paint would react with the fiberglass and plastic in the horn
  8. Refinish on K402??

    Just got a pair of 402 horns, they have a few minor scratch's and could use a little refinish to get them looking great. Was thinking about a very light buff with steel wool and painting them. Is this safe and what kind of paint should I use? Would like to use a semi gloss paint if I can.
  9. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    Emotiva XMC-1 great sound and all the features I need.
  10. 2 Channel Pro Gear Recommendations

    Guys I heard this set up in person, it is just scary in that room. VERY little power and it was a awesome experience . Those horns play much bigger than their size, and that sub could be used as a weapon in that room. Bass was tight and controlled and those horns were crystal clear and sounded much bigger than their size. @rockhound next time your close we going to jam a little with the new 402's.
  11. Pony Express strikes again!

    You owe me a drink at the next gathering. Thank you for helping me make my 402 dream come true.
  12. Sub for Jubilee's

    I have a set of pretend jubs ( jamboree bass bin with K 402 on top) and my thtlp blends very well. Sounds like my mains are the only thing running, very tight and quick bass just like the jamboree's, but with a ton of output if you need it.
  13. Dsp help and advice needed

  14. Dsp help and advice needed

    2x4 HD