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  1. Nice rack, only seen a few better and they were 2 legged.
  2. Ecm motors suck, more junk to go wrong. By a standard 1/3 hp 825rpm motor. Little change in wiring but nothing hard. I never replace them with ecm motors unless it is warranty. If you get the motor pm me will send u a wiring diagram.
  3. Not what you want to hear, but the main reason they don’t sell to just anyone is that people that don’t know what their doing wire stuff wrong. Then they bring it back and want a replacement. I own a HVAC company and see this all the time, customer does more damage trying to fix it than what the repair would have cost from a contractor. Not saying you don’t know how to do the job but help you understand their point of view. Good luck there are companies that will sell to you online, will just need the correct info.
  4. Crown Xti series , easy to use software and plenty of power.
  5. Pm me your number will tell u what u need to do
  6. Always lightly grind then sand any new cast iron I get, then polish the crap out of it until slick. Use grapeseed oil to season with, takes a little longer to get it seasoned good, but is nonstick when your done and it stays seasoned!!
  7. About to head that way
  8. Per forum rules you must list a price, welcome and sad too see you have to part with them.
  9. Plan on taking Wed off to pack up camper then leave late Thursday morning. Talking about weight, I have to watch my wife she thinks if it fits it ships. Tried to explain gross weight rating to her, she don't get it. She tries to pack way to much
  10. Great job, I like it. Sometimes u have to step outside the box (pun intended), did some different cornscala’s that I very much enjoy.
  11. Slow and steady, get a few friends
  12. totalcomfort


    Why are the fire crews not doing anything??
  13. I play my deck at least monthly, makes you appreciate how far we have come in audio. Love when kids friends come over, they are like that’s cool lol
  14. That rubber shelf liner stuff works great and is cheap.
  15. I did a DIY paint job on mine and they turned out good, but if I had it to do it again I would have a pro do it like @rockhounddid his. I think they turned out better than mine.
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