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  1. This is my exact feelings after hearing them at the gathering.
  2. Open water 1 when I was in the army, got to dive a bunch in the Red Sea, when I was stationed over there. Spent a lot of time in local lakes when I got out. Not been in 20 years just lost interest.
  3. If in good shape buy them, one of my favorite Klipsch speakers. Enjoy them before you start messing with them.
  4. Another Emotiva fan boy, you can get some good deals on used stuff, and the warranty transfers. Saw a xmc go for 1400.00 the other day on their forum. UMC can be had for a song now, some had problems but I never did. Loved mine good sound for a pre/pro. The XMC is in another league compared to the UMC though.
  5. What is that saying?? Imitation is a form of flattery? Just funny they copy so many things Paul did but can NEVER do what Paul did?
  6. 50.00$ and I will pay shipping
  7. It will be worth the wait, hang in there!!
  8. That is a speaker felony charge, he should be sentenced to 4 to 6 yrs of listening to Bose cubes.
  9. No experience with the AA but have used plenty of his other xovers. I think he builds some of the best no BS xovers out there. He only uses what he needs to get the correct sound, best bang for the buck going imo
  10. I have always loved the Cornwall, but heard the forte III at the gathering. The new mid horn was awesome, if you were going to change forte III is the way to go imo.
  11. They were playing them in the break room at the gathering, they sounded very good
  12. 10 watts should make her the most popular room on Friday nights. You will have that rule changed in days. Then all the Bose people will complain they are being discriminated against.
  13. You will not be disappointed!! I promise.