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  1. You need to come, where else can you eat great food and have a bunch of fun with this quality of people??
  2. Camping in the same spot at Rodney's as last year. Was going to have the whole tent city thing going on till rockhound wimped out
  3. LMAO This thread must die way to many sicko's on this forum!!
  4. Like times 100 !!
  5. Sad story to see someone fall like that. RIP
  6. If you get them we have to have a speaker fest!! I know I bailed on the last road trip, but I will take a day off to go get Khorns.
  7. Sounds good to me I just made a tape with a wide mix, was planning on hitting start and walking away till the end.
  8. Why all the hate on sheep?? Sheep skin has been very useful to me and kept me out of trouble many times!!!
  9. Can't get pic to show up
  10. It may be a while , what with all the encores he is sure to get???
  11. If they are spawning a wacky worm will slay them, will have to try a few colors till you find what they like.
  12. If I run low I will hit you up??
  13. No works just like the home version, you just put it on the stove . Greatest invention for us campers that need there coffee.
  14. 3 pages long and not one comment about my cool coffee maker. Just a bunch of sheep and goats getting all the love I am going to my safe place until I get over this.
  15. How can a post about coffee turn into one about sheep?? Maybe that is why I hang around here so much!!