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    XMC-1 xpa-5 xpa-2 crown xls 1502
    2 WO32 subs 1 THTLP sub
    Jamborees front with 402 horns on top

    Cornscalas rear
    Crites csc-1 center
    Pioneer H-R99 8 track
    technics dual cassette rs-tr555
    Sony 300 CD juke box player
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    AKAI gx280d-ss RTR
    Sansui turntable
    Emotiva XPS-1
    Benq W1070
    Favi 120" motor screen

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  1. totalcomfort

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    K691 was a great upgrade IMO.
  2. totalcomfort

    best diy subs to use with this setup

    How much space do you have? Some great horn designs out there but they tend to be on the large size.
  3. totalcomfort

    K-402 Test Drive

    There’s magic in the 402, took me a little while to get mine dialed in, but when you do it is a different level of music.
  4. Nice set up, another vote on the RTR, love mine.
  5. totalcomfort

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    I really want the Rams to win, but don't think they can.
  6. Need to come to the gathering and check it out. It is one of the coolest and weird feelings .
  7. totalcomfort

    Cornwall III or Forte III, help me choose

    Forte 3 hands down, Have owned several pair of Cornwalls and loved them very much. After hearing the forte 3 in hope I was sold.
  8. totalcomfort

    BS from PS Audio Paul McGowan

    No longer have a engineering staff?? Somebody been lying to @Chief bonehead for a long time!!! This guy is stupid, maybe he should do research instead of talking out of his bottom side!!!
  9. totalcomfort

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    Money sent for me and the wife.
  10. totalcomfort

    Got me a "new" pre-amp

    Congrats!! Very nice.
  11. totalcomfort

    DFW -- KLF-20s in Zebrawood

    I just drooled all over my key board!! NICE
  12. totalcomfort

    Center channel list?

    I agree on get the best you can, center is a big part of your HT.
  13. totalcomfort

    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Have heard these in his garage they rock, great guy to deal with and good friend. Steal for the price!!!!
  14. totalcomfort

    Heresy III’s on the way!

    Congrats , sure you will love them. Owned a couple pairs thru the years. Always thought of them as the little speaker that could play way above its size.
  15. totalcomfort


    Missed last year that sucked, me and the wife will be there. Got a new camper just for this event.