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  1. Yeah, they're very room-dependent, but the main issue is the indirect horn-loading. You don't have air being thrown directly at your chest. What you do have is cleaner bass and, yes, more of it. Try walking around your house with some bass heavy material at a good volume. You'll find places, possibly in other rooms, where you'll realize there's lots of bass being put out. Could you try them on the long wall?
  2. TheEvan

    Low cost air fair

    Flying within Europe on budget carriers can be stupid cheap. My daughter and a friend flew from Cologne to Copenhagen a few weekend ago for TEN Euros. Yep, about $11 US. The light back was a pricey 35 Euros. Cheaper than driving.
  3. I don't believe him. Collaborated with PWK? Not on that.
  4. Gosh, those Khorns look absolutely perfect!
  5. Frank, may I suggest you re-post your question about crossovers in the Technical/Modifications section? My daughter is in Maastricht teaching British literature at the university there.
  6. I can't believe I'm answering on a thread I posted on years ago...after being off the forum for some years, but here I am. As to cartridge choice, I still think the M97xe will fit the bill. It's neutral, warm & present. My listening runs to mostly acoustic, naturally recorded stuff, mostly classical. P.S. Baton Rouge traffic sucks more than ever.
  7. Geez! And wowie! The CW's are great...in the hands of my son.
  8. That looks incredible. Serious that it had a 3rd arm? What was it? And what will mount on the remaining two. That Tri-planar is supposed to be super.
  9. Just great. They are clean and flawless performers...part of my son's system.
  10. Evan, With all things being normal other than the problem you mentioned, it is for sure anti-skate related. I have a SL1200 and have replaced the tonearm and other parts easy to work on let me know if you need help. Will do, Mr Canyon. I'm going to be brave and tackle this...very slowly & carefully!
  11. It's my son's TT. Poor thing has suffered some abuse. Anyway, with tracking force and anti-skate applied,it wants to drift hard to the right...hard enough to fall right off the record & platter. It seems to calm down when getting toward the label. So it must not be a binding tonearm wire, right?
  12. Just the other day I saw I guy texting while driving.... A MOTORCYCLE!
  13. Quick! Which one is NOT Maasai? (These are from Matebete, Chimala, Mbeya, Tanzania) The above is my friend Eliakim Kurupashi
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