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  1. Hang on there. We are still working on the amps. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Madman, the buyer of the tube amps had to rethink things, so both are again available. Packing was $65 and shipping was 168 for the amps plus the DB MC stage (which is also available). I imagine the shipping to Chattanooga will be less than Helena MT!
  3. If you'll Paypal the amount to me at evanpyle@att.net I'll hit you up for shipping after it's sent.
  4. Carl, the MM stage is still unclaimed, as is the RS input box. Also the Onkyo AV receiver and the Adcom GFT 555II tuner.
  5. Okay the CJ sold (ironically to "CJ" via PM) And the tube amps and the DB step up are also gone.
  6. Okay, hatrack. If you'll Paypal the actual amount, I'll get them shipped and message you back with shipping and packing costs.
  7. Hmmm, I'm having trouble resizing the Adcom. I guess I can email the pic to interested parties.
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