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  1. Either in good shape or upgraded. Thanks! Found, please ignore ad.
  2. That’s really cool. Bet it sounds fantastic.
  3. Looks cool. What does it do? How is it used?
  4. That’s some sweet looking gear. I’ve wanted a Juicy Music preamp for a while now. Somebody is going to get some nice equipment!
  5. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had first Moderna and will have second this week. I was talking with someone in the medical related field and she said everyone in her clinic drank a lot of fluids (water, Gatorade, etc) the day or so leading up to the shot and the day after. Claimed no one had noticeable side effects. So, lots of fluid may help? I’ll try and remember to report back next weekend.
  6. I got the first Moderna about 2 weeks ago. A little arm soreness and slightly tired for about 36 hours. No big deal. Looking forward to being finished.
  7. Oh, thanks! I’ve been on here a while, but just learning. I appreciate the info.
  8. Tried sending pm, but site says not allowed?
  9. Would these work with Belles? Type AA?
  10. Glad to hear good reviews of this preamp. I just got in on the preorder for the next batch. Long term plan is to have this paired with an F5 powering my Forte II’s.
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