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    Corvette restoration, winemaking, a little home remodeling
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    Main system- Modified K-Horns. Cary SLP98P-F1 preamp, Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod amp, Shanling T-100 tube output cd player, Ampex ATR 700 RTR, Oracle Premiere Turntable w/Jelco TK-950 arm, Koetsu Black cart. All tube equipment populated with expensive vintage tubes! Second system- Frazier 7 speakers, Oracle Delphi Turntable wJelco SA-750 arm and Ortofon 2M Black cart. Pioneer TD-1050 RTR, Pioneer Elite universal disc player, Latino ST-120 amp with vintage Tung-Sol 6550 tubes. Also have another Pioneer RTR and another Ampex RTR, a pair of RF-5 speakers, a bunch of cd players , a cassette deck, receivers, Oppo Blu-ray, boxes and boxes of tubes, and a pair of Epik Empire subwoofers just in case

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  1. That Fraker guy gets pretty beat up on another forum.
  2. I spent 24 years with General Motors, the last 13 building trucks. I bought a brand new 2014 GMC Sierra with a Sticker price of $41,500. I have had 7 recalls and 2 "recommended" issues to be resolved at my expense. At 30,000 miles, it decided to intermittently drain the battery. Dealership solution is to swap out parts until the problem goes away. I can't conscientiously recommend buying a foreign truck while drawing a pension from GM, but.....
  3. If available I'll take: Deep Purple-Who do we think we are-$8.00 Dire Straits-Making Movies- $8.00 Donovan- Sunshine- $4.00 Commander Cody- $5.00 Chicago Transit- $4.00
  4. Very interesting read. Although most of it is way to technical for me, I get the gist of what the author is saying. It has always been my belief that the music you hear far outweighs the specs printed on paper!
  5. Install solar panels on the roof and a windmill in the back yard and you'll be all set.
  6. If you have enclosed backs on the K-Horns it should sound fine. Earlier versions would have to have them added.
  7. I have a pair of Klipsch AW-650's that really rock!
  8. kevinmi

    Tubes vs. SS

    I find if you back flush it by running it through the output jacks first, you get a cleaner sound.
  9. I have almost the same identical size room that my K-Horns are in. Unfortunately I cannot put them on the long wall, so they are in the corners of the short wall. I have them toed outward, so they are not snug in the corners. The backs are sealed, so I can get away with it. Not the best setup, but I can get a pretty decent sound out of the room.
  10. I might have worded that wrong. Maybe it's a natural disaster. Anyway, the Gov is looking for Federal help.
  11. 60 and rainy again in MI. Governor is trying to get a National Emergency declared because the farmers can't get the corn and soybeans planted in the fields. I have not had my A/C on yet this year, but my furnace came on this morning!
  12. I just got an email from tube depot today. They have vintage Tung-Sol 6550 tubes and Mullard 5AR4's on sale. Not cheap, though.
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