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    Corvette restoration, winemaking, a little home remodeling
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    Main system- Modified K-Horns. Cary SLP98P-F1 preamp, Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod amp, Shanling T-100 tube output cd player, Ampex ATR 700 RTR, Oracle Premiere Turntable w/Jelco TK-950 arm, Koetsu Black cart. All tube equipment populated with expensive vintage tubes! Second system- Frazier 7 speakers, Oracle Delphi Turntable wJelco SA-750 arm and Ortofon 2M Black cart. Pioneer TD-1050 RTR, Pioneer Elite universal disc player, Latino ST-120 amp with vintage Tung-Sol 6550 tubes. Also have another Pioneer RTR and another Ampex RTR, a pair of RF-5 speakers, a bunch of cd players , a cassette deck, receivers, Oppo Blu-ray, boxes and boxes of tubes, and a pair of Epik Empire subwoofers just in case

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  1. Are you guys predicting a stock market drop while the market is dropping?
  2. Glad he got in. America needs more artists like him. Now if we could just send Bieber back.....
  3. I thought we had anti-monopoly laws to prevent this kind of scenario.
  4. I am constantly battling sibilance in my system. I can adjust my mid/tweeter up or down until I get an acceptable or at least tolerable level, but usually the highs are too attenuated. Now here comes the interesting part: I have had other people over listening to the system, and when I mention the sibilance issue, they don't hear it. I have concluded that my hearing loss and tinnitus are contributing to the way I'm hearing things. And once I hear it, It drives me batty.
  5. kevinmi


    I have one of these pre-amps, by far the best pre I've ever owned.That is an exceptional price for a preamp that is 5G new. GLWS
  6. The auto bias board is a pain to install as a retro fit. It is best to install it during the initial build.I think the benefits far outweigh the cost of the board.
  7. I have every mod available- the Russian PIO caps, volume control, auto bias board. I am using very expensive vintage Tung-Sol 6550 power tubes. I have had good luck with new production Gold Lion KT-88 tubes and Tung-Sol KT-120 tubes as well. I use different vintage tubes in the front, with Amperex being my favorite. Rectifier tube is a Mullard GZ-33.
  8. I have a ST-120 I built about 9 years ago that I had hooked up to my K-Horns for several years. I actually noticed more bass than with the SS amp it replaced (McIntosh). You certainly don't need all the power of the ST-120 to run K-Horns! The ST-120 amp is super quiet, so it is a good match for sensitive horn speakers.
  9. We've got rain now, turning to freezing rain, sleet, snow later on. I'm in the freezing rain band with an accumulation of up to .87 inch expected. Hoping the power doesn't go out.
  10. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CleanBoxPro?adpos=1o6&creative=5498926344evice1c&m&d=atchtype=&network=s&product_id=CleanBoxPro&gclid=CJPi8rzC5tMCFQsbaQod8loNbQ
  11. I would think that 2" drivers would give you more options. I love my big wood horns with 2" drivers.
  12. I'm going to need a pair of wood horns in the future for a modified K-Horn project I'm working on. It's nice to know you would be willing to work on an individual basis for custom installations. I know I would gladly pay extra for the custom work.
  13. My Ampex ATR-700 RTR's have balanced in/outputs, but unfortunately the rest of the system does not, so I run the decks thru a converter box to se (RCA) connectors.
  14. Did you check out https://www.vinylengine.com/ to see if they have anything on them?
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