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    Corvette restoration, winemaking, a little home remodeling
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    Main system- Modified K-Horns. Cary SLP98P-F1 preamp, Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod amp, Shanling T-100 tube output cd player, Ampex ATR 700 RTR, Oracle Premiere Turntable w/Jelco TK-950 arm, Koetsu Black cart. All tube equipment populated with expensive vintage tubes! Second system- Frazier 7 speakers, Oracle Delphi Turntable wJelco SA-750 arm and Ortofon 2M Black cart. Pioneer TD-1050 RTR, Pioneer Elite universal disc player, Latino ST-120 amp with vintage Tung-Sol 6550 tubes. Also have another Pioneer RTR and another Ampex RTR, a pair of RF-5 speakers, a bunch of cd players , a cassette deck, receivers, Oppo Blu-ray, boxes and boxes of tubes, and a pair of Epik Empire subwoofers just in case

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  1. Dave, the room is looking great! I'm gonna have to make a road trip to check it out when its all done.
  2. "enhances the electric and magnetic conduction of your system". Wait, what? I have to conduct magnets through my system now? What kind of magnetic conduction do I get through non-ferrous metals? So many new things to worry about.
  3. I enclosed the backs of my K-Horns about 10 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I used 3/4 inch angle aluminum to mount my boards. I went with 1/2 inch plywood instead of 3/4 inch, and never had a vibration issue.
  4. according to his profile page, he joined in 2016 and this is his first post?
  5. I've drooled on the pics of their amps. Does that count for anything?
  6. i put a heads up post on the FUG.
  7. I remember back in '72, I stole a Yes album from the local Farmer Jack grocery store ( they actually had lp's for sale everywhere back then).When I took it home and played it, I thought it was the worst thing I had ever heard. The LP was Time and a Word. I bought a remastered copy of it last year to add to my Yes collection. BTW, that is one sexy looking table!
  8. I always looked forward to Jacksonbart's comments. I always wonder what happened to him.
  9. I read some reviews, and everyone seems to really like it. A couple of things to consider-it's a heavy cartridge, and it tracks at a little heavier weight than most carts That should help with surface noise. It has a fine line nude stylus, which will help get more detail out of the record. It is a low output moving coil , so you will need a phono preamp made for a mc cart, or a seperate step up transformer. Sounds like EAT makes one that would probably be a good match. I think if you bought the whole EAT package you would be very happy with the sound, and wouldn't need to upgrade.
  10. You know I like Oracle turntables, but the Origin has a unipivot tonearm, which I'm not familiar with. Also, to change from 33 to 45 rpm, you have to move the belt to a different pulley, while not necessarily difficult, can still be a pain. It also doesn't have the famous suspension system as their more expensive tables, which can be a problem depending on where you mount the table. On a concrete slab like a basement, it wouldn't be a problem. I think I would rather buy a used Oracle Delphi MK 2 for the same price.
  11. you need a phono preamp, which will use RIAA equalization to make the records sound right. All records are "encoded", and have to be decoded by a phono circuit, along with proper amplification of the signal. If you use a low output moving coil cartridge, you will also need a step up transformer (SUT).
  12. I was thinking for your current set-up. Just to see what they sounded like.
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