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  1. Great looking TT, I am happy for now with my Regga but a matt would be an instant sale to me. Much nicer than what is on my TT.
  2. I own and use a range of Klipsch, my Fort'e speakers are in use constantly serving duty as media speakers in our TV room. They are awesome and they sit angled into the viewing space, about 8 inches from the wall to the center of the passive. They were my first Klipsch and they have further fueled my acquisitions
  3. I bought his book Audio Reality when it was still being published. On delivery it got soaked by rain, even totally distorted by water as it is, it still is highly prised. In it he publishes the schematic, parts lists etc for several of his designs. I keep threatening myself to build some of them, ..... someday.
  4. Those are fun speakers, I bought a pair for my son when he was in the Navy. He was the envy of the building. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks, he contacted me off the board but I could not remember who it was and I checked here and there was a PM from him to me that was recent, thus this thread. Thanks again.
  6. I didn't expect a simple question to turn into ..... opinion biased debate. IDK, my browser never showed that this post dropped more than about halfway down the front page, perhaps my browser is setup different than everyone elses, I need to check into that. I never saw that comment, even in other words, from Al. interesting if true. It seems to be a simple driver issue not a defective product but IDK, that is why I asked here. Sooner or later I suppose a call to CS is going to happen to get an answer as the question here is generating more heat than light. Another question from a customer just 7 posts down from mine at the time I write this has been up for about a month also without a reply. It is a first time poster with what seems to be bluetooth issues that are legit. IDK. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159361-image-one-bluetooth-sync-issues/
  7. I sent you a PM a few days ago.
  8. Late to the discussion. I first heard Khorns in 1977, dreamed about them for decades and finally got a used set last year. I am listening to them near field with a 45wpc push pull tube amp and a very nice tube preamp. I could not be happier. Yes there are many hot rod ways to go and Jubes are fantastic. At 59 I have chased the dream of always looking in someones back yard and wishing I were there (the grass is greener etc) Do your research, make a choice and enjoy. The biggest lesson I have learned is once you find something that makes you very happy, STOP LOOKING LOL
  9. No and I don't know how you took that meaning from what I posted. Often things like this are easily and quickly fixed and if it is an issue for one person, likely there are more out there and to have a simple repair if that is what it is, easily searchable, that will help more people than just the person with a problem.
  10. No, no phone call. In the past, I have seen many issues addressed in the forums. I have Khorns and tube amps on my game system so it was not a huge priority but not a reply at all seemed odd. I have cycled through all the modes on the base station. When the USB is plugged in I get an error that an unknown thing was plugged in and no drivers were found. I have used Tosslink and USB. I can hear side tone in the headphones but no audio from the computer. I have cycled through all the audio outputs on the computer (win 10) and no joy. I am guessing that the key may be drivers for the USB connection.
  11. Congrats on both the speakers and the wife! My wife can't tell any difference, I ask her how she likes the sound and the most I can get is "it's loud" but she lets me do what I want anyway LOL, Enjoy
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