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  1. The action/setup you've described doesn’t sound like bi-wiring. It sounds like what you're actually doing has the effect of wiring the speakers in parallel. See slide 10. https://cie-wc.edu/Series_Parallel_9_14.pdf
  2. No. Unless the objective is to improve the bottom line for wire manufacturers and retailers.
  3. Not getting around well these days so I'll have to beg off. Have a blast y'all.
  4. You're killin' me! 😉
  5. Blows my mind that these are still available. I wish I could bring another set of speakers into this house without my wife kicking me to the curb. GLWS!!
  6. These probably won’t last long. 🙂 GLWS
  7. Sounds like fun. I'll have to pass though. Ripped up my knee recently so I'm pretty immobile. Maybe next time?
  8. This is what its like to be broke and have a great pair of speakers for sale right in your neighborhood. GLWS!
  9. Fascinating read, thank you for that. Does this describe the reason that the "Reference Series" and most of the newer, later-day speaker designs from Klipsch have been two - way designs - even though they're not fully horn loaded?
  10. whell

    Cornwalls in MI

    Yeah, I think $1200 is a BIG TIME wish in this case.
  11. Don’t know the sound signature of either amp. Which sounded best to your ears? That’s the best guidance.
  12. Interesting journey, Rick. The RF-7's left here a number of years ago. They sounded great at your place but I never felt like I could get them to sound right here, particularly after the system was "banished" to the man-cave downstairs. I had, within the last couple of years, rotated in some older, smaller Klipsch speakers, and an "econowave" design made popular over at AK. I've also acquired some decent tube gear over the last few years and decided it was time to retry a more modest version of the Reference line. To that end, I'd heard the RF-5's a number of years back and decided that if a pair ever came my way they'd find a home here. So, the "5's" are here, and playing through a EL84 - based amp, they sound just right to my ears.
  13. You want pix? Here's pix (please excuse the photographer's sucky skills). Gotta love the Bi-Black-Belly-Button Klipsch Reference line.
  14. Sounds like a fun job. Hard to believe someone actually gets paid to do that. I’m wondering if that site is an elaborate prank.
  15. Thanks to @kevinmi for letting me stop in today to check out his RF-5's. They came home with me and are now getting warmed up in the man cave. Getting warmed up with Peter Wolf's "A Cure for Loneliness" CD. My listening area isn't great, but they're sounding quite nice right now. Once my little flea-watt tube amp gets warmed up, things should start dialing in nicely. Thanks again Kevin!
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