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  1. Now it is Saturday for cryin' out loud! Where are your Khorns already? 😁
  2. Yes it has spikes, but I like it just the same. I know there are nicer all wood racks such as posted above. This ship has sailed, and it's much better than before. Can you dig it? Right now I have the 2245 hooked up, it sounds terrific!
  3. I will also have room for my old but very nice Marantz 2245. So I can just switch the wires between it and the Yamaha to change things up a bit.
  4. They will all be on their own individual shelves now. It is gonna be good.
  5. Thanks guys. All good advice and appreciated. I will look into doing modifications in my setup. Edit: I ordered a VTI BL series extended height audio rack, black frame & caps, 4 cherry shelves.
  6. Currently I have my cd/dac sitting on top of my integrated amp. My laptop sits on top of the dac. I was thinking this is best, to prevent dust from filtering down into the amp thru the top vents. But I notice things get a bit hot on top after a longer listening session. Can this be harmful to the dac? Should I reverse things? Then the laptop would be right on top of the amp vents. At least there is an air gap of almost an inch the way I have it now.
  7. Yes on vintage receivers! Here is my Marantz 2245, with a new case made in Berlin.
  8. Can you move them into a bigger room? That room is too small for Khorns.
  9. If you would consider solid state, I am very pleased with my Yamaha A S2200 integrated, along with a Yamaha CD S2100 cd/DAC, with a laptop on top of that streaming Tidal. Simple yet satisfying. The higher end Yamaha units are wonderful.
  10. pringlere, what did you decide on?
  11. Very cool setup man! It's nice to have what you want. I see you play guitar too. Listen or make...it's all good! Congrats!
  12. Congrats! What will you drive them with?
  13. Get the Forte III's and enjoy your favorite music at the level of excellence and excitement you deserve! Incredible, breathtaking speakers. Your ceiling is low, but your room is deep. I say go for it! They are tall, so stands are likely unneeded, but you could add them later if so desired.
  14. Anyone have a chance to side by side these? I am curious as to what the differences might sound like. I have a pair of minty CHII's that have new Crites crossovers and Ti diaphragm tweets, which I am very pleased with. I don't find them lacking at all.
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