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    Music - (listening, writing, performing, guitar) motorcycles, aviation, photography.
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    Yamaha A-S2200 integrated amp, Yamaha CD-S2100 cd/DAC, Schiit Lokius EQ, Klipsch Chorus II's. Marantz 2245

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  1. Klipsch HP-3. Sadly, out of production now. I love mine!
  2. Here is my A-S2200, CD-S2100 (w/DAC), and Schiit Lokius tone control unit. All use XLR connects. Speakers are mint Chorus II's.
  3. I have a A-S2200 integrated, so no experience with the 5000's. The upper end of Yamaha is Japanese high fidelity arguably at it's finest. Very happy with mine, and while it is not quite top of the line, it's close. The 5000's are not too common, as it's too expensive for some of us. But somebody out there must have them! Did you pull the trigger?
  4. Happy Yamaha A-S2200 owner here! This is a high end Japanese unit that never fails to satisfy my hi-fi jones. Mine replaced a vintage Marantz 2245. It is paired with mint Chorus IIs. XLR connects is a nice feature. Highly recommended...and they come in silver!
  5. "Theme For A Movie That Never Happened" by Eric Clapton. Instrumental acoustic guitar with an orchestra behind him.
  6. No experience with Bryston. I have had the A-S2200 (90 wpc)for several years. No issues. I rarely can get it up 1/3 power. Very clean, solid and punchy bass, and I hear nuances I never did with my old Marantz. XLR connects. It has a lot of positive reviews. I added a Schiit Lokius tone control unit for further enhancement. With VU meters and silver...it's a winner!
  7. Kevin, I have a great CD player, the Yamaha CD-S2100. It has an internal DAC, plus XLR connects, comes in silver or black. It is upper level-ish Japanese high fidelity. I love mine...in silver of course. My friend has a Schiit Freya+ tube preamp, it punches way above it's price point. It also has XLR connects and comes in silver or black. USA made. I also have 2 Schiit Modius tone control units, also have XLRs. it is the icing on my hi-fi and head-fi systems. Just a friendly recommendation.
  8. Curious if this will be a 2 channel or home theatre system? Also what is your budget for the preamp and cd player?
  9. DAC - Yamaha CD-S2100 (internal) Amp - Yamaha A-S2200 integrated. + Schiit Modius tone controls Speakers - Chorus II. Head-Fi system: Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC Schiit Modius tone controls Schiit Jotunheim headphone amp ifi Zen Stream Klipsch HP-3 headphones... Streaming Tidal...sounds fantastic!
  10. Just got a new Camaro LT1! It absolutely adds the excitement factor to the driving experience. Love it!
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