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  1. The Klipsch spec sheet shows the lowest frequency response on the 3 & 4 to be 38hz. The Forte 1 & 2 - 32hz. That said, I am in no way knocking any Forte version. I am just suggesting, wouldn't it be great if the Forte got down to 32hz again? forte-brochure.pdf Forte-IV-Spec-Sheet-v01-1.pdf
  2. Good video! Hopefully the V will return to the 12" passive. No shame in admitting it was wrong to switch to the 15 incher. A real head scratcher as to why they did that in the first place, knowing it lessened the impact of the low end. Edit: The II version also got down to 32hz...my bad! Guess maybe it was more about the woofer than the passive?...šŸ˜¬
  3. I was reading a thread on a guitarist's forum regarding audiophile definition. I may be an "audiophile", but I am not totally convinced. One of my friends say I am. I don't study specs, read audiophile magazines, and I don't have super high end cables. I surely am a "hi-fi enthusiast" though. One poster with a history in home audio sales defined it well: "I have often hypothesized that there is a "Hi-Fi" gene. Either you have it, or you don't. An audiophile most definitely has the gene. When exposed to really good playback of music they like, people with the "gene" experience an emotional, physical and aural stimulation well beyond what people without the gene do. For me, hearing my first good component system was like taking a new drug. I had to have my own system! I wanted to feel the bass, and hear with clarity the midrange and treble. Not just any system could do this. Hence the hunt for equipment that could. Although audiophiles can and do get burnt out on often what can be a compulsive hobby, for the most part they have a lifelong interest from time of exposure, until late into adulthood. Due to health, money, or space constraints, they may not necessarily be active with the hobby at all times, but the appreciation of good sound never goes away. In the 70's, it was "in" to own a component stereo, so it became a mainstream purchase. The decades after have seen a development of the quality of mainstream audio playback. Now an iPhone with earbuds or Bluetooth table radio satisfies many of these same people who used to own a good hi-fi system." Makes a lot of sense to me. For example, no one else in my family gives a damn about listening to my system, or even knows how to fire it up with Tidal. Sometimes I come home, and the wifey is listening to music on a DirecTV music channel, thru the soundbar. The bug bit me at age 17, when I was lucky enough to listen to my friend's dad's McIntosh separates into Klipschorns. I was stunned! Flabbergasted! As soon as I could afford it, I bought a decent component system. Back then, there were only 2 things that really mattered to me: my car, and my stereo. I do have 3 or 4 buddies who have the "hi-fi gene". Sadly, I don't know a single woman who has it.
  4. Listening to its sibling, my A-S2200, as I write, thru my Chorus IIs. Quality time with Junior Brown! You will be pleased with the Yamaha/Heritage pairing. I sure am šŸ‘Š
  5. You may be right. However, I had my Forte 1's for 30 years, and had no issue with the stock woofers. But please explain, if possible, why then did Klipsch switch out the passives from 12's to 15's? Are you suggesting that switching out the passives had no negative effect regarding getting down to 32hz? Could it be that they did it (raising the bottom hz) on purpose in order to push us towards K Horns, since that was/is the only other Heritage model that gets that low?
  6. I had Forte 1's for many years. However when I bought them new in 1988, it was from some outfit in NYC, and they shipped me a mixed pair; not consecutive serial #s. Plus the grill covers were slightly different. One was black, the other a green/brown. I didn't even catch it for many months. as my apt was rather dark. I was just thrilled with the sound. A few years ago, I scored a mint pair of Chorus II's. I sold my Fortes to my good buddy (he loves them for sure). I did play them side by side before he picked them up. The Forte's went deeper (32hz), but the Chorus's have a wider, fuller overall sound. I am happy with them, but there are times when I miss the Forte's. There are several tracks by Jeff Beck (Declan and Suspension) that really gave me goose bumps thru the Forte's, when turned way up, that just isn't happening with the Chorus'. The floors of my house (wood floor over a raised foundation) would become extensions of the lowest notes, and it sounded and FELT so good, that it would take me briefly to a higher emotional plane, sending shivers thru my body... hard to explain, lol. Rather like a spiritual high. I somehow was thinking the Chorus II's would be able to duplicate that experience for me, since they are bigger, but sadly, it is not so. Has to do with my room too. The Forte's now at my buddy's crib are not able to duplicate the same experience for me, due to his room. It seemed odd to me that Klipsch came out with the later versions of the Forte, that did not dig as deep, and they knew it. The 12" rear passive was the secret sauce. They should've kept with the original design, with the 12" passive, and just upgraded the squawker and tweeter. Maybe the Forte V will go back to that?
  7. Weren't the winners announced on March 12? I haven't heard a word. Guess I am not a lucky winner.šŸ˜‘
  8. Which model of speakers do you have?
  9. I recently added the Lokius 6-band EQ, and am happier than a puppy with 2 peters! It is placed between my Yamaha CD-S2100 cd/dac and my Yamaha A-S2200 integrated, using XLRs into the balanced inputs & outputs, in all the units My speakers are Chorus II's w/Crites x-over and TI 'phragms. This is an astounding upgrade, that has me wondering " why didn't I do this before?" The ability to tweak the tones to your desired tastes is the next best thing to butter on bread! Schiit is affordable, quality components made here is the USA. My Chorus II's are leaving me slackjawed and totally stoked. Any other Schiit fans here?
  10. Thread revival. I am so glad I scored my HP-3's before they vanished from the marketplace. I have over the past months upgraded my hi-fi, to higher end Yamaha components, and very recently added a Schiit Lokius 6 band EQ. I don't have a headphone amp (yet), but my A-S2200 integrated has a headphone jack, and this is how I am enjoying my HP-3's. The Lokius is fantastic for dialing in your desired tones. If you love the Heritage sound, these are like K-horns in your head. Very balanced, smooth, deep, lively cans. Over at the HeadFi forum, they love 'em. Too bad Klipsch discontinued them.
  11. I think sometimes the wives are the ones complaining about speakers being too large. And sadly, a lot of husbands cave in. Only the strong will survive.
  12. I got one of the new Serial 1 e-bikes a few months ago. It is fabulous! Pedal assist, CVT transmission, belt drive, internal wiring, gets me off my duff. Not cheap, but either are our speakers.
  13. Micah's dad is my best and oldest friend. In the late 60's, another friends' dad had a McIntosh/Klipschorn setup that was our introduction to quality hi-fi, and we both heard it for the first time together, and were flabbergasted and dumbfounded right from the get go. How could an album sound so live and real?? Needless to say, the passion for high quality music reproduction has been prominent in our lives ever since. Last year, Micah introduced me to DAC and streaming music, I was so old school, I hadn't a clue. I owe him a big thanks for that, and I know he must be super pleased to have scored these Forte 2s. It can be a small world, eh?
  14. I believe my friend Micah from K.C. bought them. A young man who is a true hi fi enthusiast, same as me...but I am not young anymore!
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