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  1. I agree with Bubo, and would recommend the Heresy IVs. May be a bit smaller than what you desire, but it makes the most sense for your room, as it won't need to be close to a wall to be efficient.
  2. No. I am afraid I would make an emotional decision and pull out the plastic, lol. I need to sell some other items that I am not using in order to save up cash. I tend to buy impulsively, so I am holding off for the time being. I am glad you guys are enjoying your awesome Forte IVs!
  3. Going back tomorrow and will do that.
  4. I stopped my Common Wave HiFi near downtown Los Angeles today. Wesley carries the Heritage line. I listened to the Cornwall IVs and K-horns. Wesley, the boss, was very accommodating. I didn't buy anything today, but sure got a good demonstration of what I wanted to hear, thru anything on the floor. He had the Forte IVs there too.
  5. My first Klipsch were Forte 1's, which I ordered from some mail order store in NYC in 1988. They sent me not only non-sequential serial #s, but the grill cloths were different colors. One was a green/brown, the other was black. I didn't even notice for a few months, as my place at the time was somewhat dark inside. And I didn't know or check about consecutive #s. So someone else somewhere had the matching unmatched pair. I kept them for almost 30 years. I sold them a few years ago to my pal, and scored a mint pair of Chorus IIs, this time with everything correct. But the Forte 1s sounded awesome...as do my CH2s, although the F1s went deeper, way down to 32hz.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the Chorus I replace the Cornwall when it was released?
  7. Chorus II slinger here. I compared my vintage Marantz 2245 back to back with my new Yamaha A S2200 integrated. I have a huge respect and sentiment with my old 2245, but the new Yamaha is just a far superior unit. The detail and presence is outstanding. The low end is punchier and tighter. Plus it comes with a remote, and the VU meters are a joy. I'm really pleased with the Yamaha!
  8. Sometimes an invention is perfect right from the get go. The Klipschorn, the Fender Stratocaster, the Victor mouse trap all come to mind. All from someone's genius mind. Very gifted individuals indeed.
  9. We've heard that a the IV version will be out soon. What do you predict the differences will be? I predict they will get it to go down to 32hz again like the earlier versions, still with a passive in the rear. And a return to the PWK badge instead of Forte script.
  10. Sounds like the C4's stirred your soul. Go for it! Hard to deny those big beautiful cabinets look killer, and sound awesome. May your Heritage decision be the right one!
  11. That explains it. But still don't understand how a smaller speaker box gets down lower. Even the Forte II or III don't get down to 32hz. The Forte 1's ...always will be awesome to me. I bought my pair new in 1988. PWKlipschaholic!
  12. I don't have an audiophile ear. I'm just a seat of the pants hi-fi enthusiast. I could be just as happy if I kept my Forte's. I did not notice any big differences in mids, highs, or tonal balance. Like I said, the Chorus' sounded very similiar to the Forte, just fuller. And depending on the source music and amp, the C's can dish out the bottom end with plenty of authority. I believe the F1's go down to 32hz, the C2's down to 34. Correct me if I am wrong.
  13. I had Forte I's for about 25 years before a scored a mint pair of Chorus II's. I played them side by side to compare. While the Chorus had a bigger, fuller overall sound, the Fortes went deeper. My source music was Declan by Jeff Beck, which has some very strong and deep keyboard bass. With the Chorus', my raised foundation wood floor just did not vibrate with the same deepness and authority as with the Forte's, when those low notes were playing. The good news is, I sold the Forte's to my pal, so I still get to enjoy them when I am at his crib. I do love the Chorus's just the same.
  14. I am self employed as a pest management professional. I go to Joe's on a regular basis. Marcus Miller is another client. I have a cool job.
  15. I was eyeballin' various Collings D2H dreadnaughts before I pulled the trigger on the Taylor. The Collings cost about 3k more. Not that they aren't worth it. I guess I will just have to get one a little further down the road. My electrics are from Don Grosh, Doug Kauer, Collings, Brian Monty, Gibson and Fender. Good grief! Merry Christmas!
  16. Actually I haven't. I can't afford the vintage stuff. I drive by there once in awhile. I have a nice collection of more modern premier guitars, mostly electrics. My client Joe Bonamassa has a nice vintage collection though, to put it mildly!
  17. A Taylor 717 acoustic guitar.
  18. I'm not convinced that rap is actually music. Perhaps as an art form, ok.
  19. I noticed while watching the movie (on Netflix) that the soundtrack was killer. By Hans Zimmer & David Fleming. Sure enough, Tidal has it. I love great soundtrack music as an alternative. This really puts your system thru it's paces. Recorded superbly. Enjoy!
  20. Now it is Saturday for cryin' out loud! Where are your Khorns already? 😁
  21. Yes it has spikes, but I like it just the same. I know there are nicer all wood racks such as posted above. This ship has sailed, and it's much better than before. Can you dig it? Right now I have the 2245 hooked up, it sounds terrific!
  22. I will also have room for my old but very nice Marantz 2245. So I can just switch the wires between it and the Yamaha to change things up a bit.
  23. They will all be on their own individual shelves now. It is gonna be good.
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