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  1. Turns out that I have two issues. A bad left channel on my new Rotel Amp and possible crossover issue with woofer issue on one of the Heresy II's. I hooked up an older Sansui to the speakers and had the same issue(s). Connection cables were all fine. Tries other speakers on the Amp and poor left channel sound/volume. Anyone know of any experts in the SF Bay Area who can work on these speakers? *(Will give it a go if not.)
  2. I will move on to the multimeter and testing the woofer. I have heard wiring can come loose over time, connections can degrade, is this likely?
  3. I have changed cables, put on new high quality connectors on new cable and tested those as well.I have not opened up the speaker box as yet. I will check them again by switching them to the other speaker.
  4. Hello, I have a set of Klipsch Heresy 2s. I am getting less sound from one of the speakers. New cables, checked them too, and new AMP. I am on the West Cpoast and there are no nearby repair locations for these. Just wondering if there are any solutions I can complete myself. Can do basic soldering and use a multi-meter.
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