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  1. So last question, where would I purchase a set of k402 horns?
  2. I have spent some time comparing the various beryllium compression drivers that I have and have a friend with the Tads. I have listened to the BMS 4594 the JBL 2446 with Truext diaphragms and the Radians. I am here to tell you that to my ears the Radians just sound better. The Tads are excellent but I think the Radians sound better. They measure very similarly with the Radians having a slight edge in my setup. i can’t wait to find some Klipsch k402’s and a pair of K510’s to start doing some measurements
  3. Looking at doing a Klipsch K402 build for my HT. I have had Hershey’s, La Scala’s and Cornwalls all heavily modded and they were great. Now I am wanting to build something myself from the ground up with active crossovers. I am starting with the K402 horn and am considering compression drivers. I would like to use a Beryllium based driver but I am not sure if I can mention the name of the ones that I have. Has anyone tried a Beryllium compression driver on a K402? Should cross around 800hz or so. Second question is has anybody tried adding a super tweeter to the k402?
  4. My mistake. I didn’t see where this couldn’t be mentioned. Please accept my apologies
  5. Or what does JBL have that is similar in terms of size and performance to the K402?
  6. Has anyone compared the Klipsch K402 horns to anything from JBL? Does JBL have any horns that are comparable to the K402? What about the JMLC300? Any thoughts on comparisons between them or some comparable horns from JBL and the K402?
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