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  1. VPI. Made in America and great customer service.
  2. I value your opinion, this just confirms what i've heard from others even more!
  3. I suspect, there is a level of him needing to being aware of his brand and business interests rather than visiting a strangers house to listen to a pair of speakers. Being a person who is very cautious but also very open with letting people come over to listen to these diamonds in the rough, the video aspect and consequences never crossed my mind. Talking about pro gear that requires a "special knock" to the right person is probably counter productive given his scope of talking about residential gear.
  4. Indeed..... Perhaps i wasn't wearing deodorant that day and he wanted to get away from me! lol
  5. Don't get me wrong, every conversation we have had, he has always praised Klipsch and Roy. The last conversation i had with him just threw me for a loop.
  6. I have met Steve on a number of occasions. During our conversations he has said he has yet to hear them but wanted to. Every occasion I have met him, I have made an open invite to comedown to my house ( 2 hour commute) for a private session. Each time I offer this up, he has insinuated that he wants to be chauffeured and wined/dined before he even considers. Last time we spoke brought the offer up again and he said he doesn't consider the Jubilee as something worth listening to because it is a Professional Speaker.... Perhaps his YouTube fame is getting to his head.....
  7. Do you really need all 4 of those TAD drivers!?!? lol I'm still on a quest for a nice clean pair for a reasonable price!
  8. Have you even done a blind test between a passive k402 system and k402 system utilizing DSP? While i understand your feelings having been there myself, you're leaving a lot on the table. As far as I know, the only passive I'm aware of that can be purchased for a Faital driver ( HF200) is from Crites... Good luck with your quest! ( Just a FYI, those radian drivers you're using are quite good, i know many k402 owners who use them w/wo BE and are pleased with them.) Erik
  9. Have not heard of or used this product.. Double wall, and mass will be your friend..
  10. I built a dedicated soundproof listening room for my Jubilee / 1502 combo. dimensions are 14'w/20'l/8.5'H You'll need 4 channels of amplification and a preamp that has precuts ( preferably XLR) Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Erik
  11. Hey Klipsch family! Call out to all veteran Jubilee and Khorn owners. Have been toying with the idea idea of moving my Jubilees from the short wall to long wall. What are the pros and cons of doing so. In doing so I think this will force me to move my seating position against the back wall. Any issues with this? Room is 14’x20’ Thanks, Erik
  12. Small world! Digital & Vinyl but more of a vinyl rig... Hybrid System, Tube Preamp, and SS amps... Active and yes I enjoy both!
  13. I'm in 19363 ( oxford, pa) we could possibly make something happen if your up for the road trip.
  14. I would have to agree with Chris. Lowering the 402's and applying a fractional order crossover was a game changer and I do not see myself changing back. Since learning how to utilize the fractional order crossover concept I have also applied this to my 1502 subwoofer as well..
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