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  1. Mike, Just finally stumbled upon this post! WOW, those speakers are really beautiful, congrats! Erik
  2. Roy and I have been working on some things... Stay tuned..
  3. Just a TIP.... If you can permanently plug your Xilica into your home router, you can wirelessly connect to it from your laptop. Only thing you need to do is assign it an IP address. Not having to be tethered to a USB cable is so nice...
  4. I'm looking forward to loading the latest revision then walking though the steps again to see the effect on each change. Once i get this other issue straightened out, I'll be all over it... -e
  5. Swap was done last week..... Bonehead reached out personally and we are checking some things... Stay tuned...
  6. This is the first subwoofer I've owned in about 20 years....
  7. Thanks @Khornukopia I have not. "tucking" this sub anywhere is not really an easy thing to do.... But it is one of the things i'm going to be testing PRIOR to completely filipping the room around so the speakers and the subs are on the same wall and so i can get atleast 14' away from the sub.. I am still have my doubts since its current placement is considered 1/4 placement and Roy has mentioned it should be digging deeper. What i'm confused with is if the sub is "supposed" to have a lower frequency response shouldn't that be seen with a sweep when the mic is at the mouth of the horn? When i did a sweep, at the horn mouth, still 30hz fall off...
  8. @mikebse2a3 So last night i DID remove the slight 32hz peq boost on the Jubes. I also applied a high pass on the Jubes at the xover frequency. The end result eliminated the sharp dip at 40hz. I would assume the previous dip was due to the colliding tones from the sub and the jubes. BUT..... Regardless.... I have a hard drop at 30hz.... I am still under the assumption that either my room is tuned to that frequency and things drop off steeply at 30hz at my listening position... OR.... I need to get further away from the Sub allowing it to fully develop.
  9. @Khornukopia Have got some 8" cornertraps on the same end as the sub. These traps also contain a surface membrane to reflect HF waves.... I've heard the insulation bale trick works too.... However, I'm still skeptical that trapping is going to help in this situation. From what i read to tame frequencies below 40hz require HUGE traps....
  10. But what i'm really confused with is how can some people with smaller rooms, smaller subs get room responses down into the teens.. I must be missing something..... ( I would like to stress, i am NOT looking for a response in the teens)
  11. I'm picking up what your throwing down...... I'm at the limits of what my room can actually produce. My seating position just happens to be at a low point and once I get further to that 1/4 wavelenth point I can start to get more gain at that frequency. Long short of things... Sub is working correctly, needs MUCH MORE space to really come alive and to get down to that freq range naturally I need to be sitting towards the back of the room with the sub facing me.....
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