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  1. Can someone share Jon contact information? I would like to build something similar and i`m looking for plans
  2. Thanks for your reply I don`t like how digital systems sound and i will never use D-class amplifier or DSP Prefer fully analogue system - reel/lp - low power tube amp, passive crossover and high sensitivity speakers So, in your opinion, any of these drivers will sound bad in this application? there are many system using tad without EQ, volti audio uses passive crossovers with bms 4592 I hoped i could build a better version of klipsch forte or a cheaper version of tad 2401 This is what i have now: pair of faital 15pr400, pair of radian 950 and 2 faitals hf10ak
  3. Good day Sorry if i missed with forum I have k402 with radian 950 driver 950 is good but just a bit too bright for my taste and it can`t be used in two-way even with Be diaphragms, so i`m going to replace it. As i know, the best option for k402 is tad, but it`s too expensive for me, so here is my options: 1)B&C DCX50 it will be not true two-way, but still better solution than separate 2 drivers with horns 2)Faital HF20AT maybe you can recommend something different (except bms drivers, i don`t like how they sound) thanks in advance with best regards, Andrew p.s. passive crossover will be used
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