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  1. Thank you for the advise everyone I really appreciate it and will definitely take those suggestions into consideration. I haven’t built yet, still designing. Now looking into the best way to soundproof the shared wall. I’ve heard good things about Smartblocks - anyone have previous experience with Smartblocks?
  2. Hi all - brand new to this forum, but looking for a little advice. I got into Klipsch a few years back by buying the RF7-II, totally fell in love with the Klipsch sound..... love hifi but also love it loud. Wanted something a little more musical so purchased a pair of the forte iii and couldn’t be happier.....until a couple weeks ago when I decided to build a dedicated audio room. Now that the possibilities are endless, I was thinking a pair of jubilees would be the ultimate. I am planning on a 17’ x 23’ x 10’ and think the jubilees would open up nicely with that space. Does anyone foresee any issues with my current gear or the room size/shape with a new set of jubilee’s? I’ve emailed Cory (thorough EBay) but am still waiting on a response. Thanks in advance! My gear: NAD M10 DAC / streamer Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated amp/preamp Klipsch Forte iii speakers (2) JL Audio E-112 subs Transparent audio (plus level) Speaker wire Interconnects Power cables
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