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  1. Prior to applying a coat or 2 of clear coat - what grade of sandpaper should I use to clean up the unfinished birch cabinets? Or is there another way of finishing these you would recommend? thanks.
  2. personal experience: The stock caps in a H2 are perfectly fine - no reason to change them unless you're changing the values in the crossover - 90% chance they are still measuring just fine. The Crites crossover offers no difference for most H2 owners. For all the hot air regarding recapping, I have 2 other pair of speakers that are 45 years old and the original poly caps still measure to spec. It's the paper in oil caps that are most vulnerable, but the poly caps don't drift nearly as much as you would think based on what you read in the forums.
  3. I see the 2 nuts under the board, but I don't think they actually fasten the speaker terminals??? thank you!
  4. Thank you! You gave exactly what I was looking for. baseline and adjust from there. I really have no experience with this stuff, but my ears are in pursuit of optimizing the mid range for low volume listening. If this crossover does that (magically)I will be very happy. Only one way to find out, which is why i thought this crossover offers something thoughtful that could be valuable.
  5. i do not have a schematic & I think the autoformer settings adjust the db levels? please advise.
  6. i understand that you can attenuate (is that the correct word?) the squak / tweeter. That seems very interesting to me, especially in terms of optimizing the balance at lower listening levels, but i guess no one thinks the way i do, and has little explore/discover with this flexible crossover. Hooray for Heresys!!
  7. I talked to him before I posted here. I'm more interested in what the experience of the end users vs. the engineer.
  8. I'm feeling committed to this pair of Heresy II's i found used recently. For those that have experience with the ALK universal economy crossover upgrade - does anyone have some guidance to share that will help me optimize / tune these? How have you specifically tuned the crossover & what was the sonic difference?? I'm holed up all winter, so would like some guidance as I play with these. Thank you & Happy New Year!
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